MISSISSAUGAWATCH to “ROOTS OF YOUTH VIOLENCE” co-author DR. ALVIN CURLING… “Municipalities are a MAJOR Root of Youth Violence”

March 12th, 2009  

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Dr. Alvin Curling, co-author of "Roots of Youth Violence" March 10 ,2009

MISSISSAUGAWATCH VIDEO INTERVIEW with Dr. Alvin Curling, co-author of The Roots of Youth Violence.


MISSISSAUGAWATCH: I have some questions regarding “The Roots of Youth Violence”


MISSISSAUGAWATCH: —and  one of the questions I have is: When your team worked on “The Roots of Youth Violence” from the initial drafting to the final product, did you do any research using Freedom of Information —and specifically, filing Freedom of Information into Schools, Municipalities and even Police?

DR. ALVIN CURLING: Well most of the research that we have done, which we contracted Scott Beaudry (sp?), a renowned criminologist, to do that. We gathered all the documents that were public already.


DR. ALVIN CURLING: About Freedom of Information, I don’t think [inaudible} most of it unnecessary —they were all public documents out there. We just pulled all that together and then presented it.

MISSISSAUGAWATCH: OK, the next question. Are you aware that the 2001 Municipal Act doesn’t require Ontario municipalities to have a public complaints process in place?

DR. ALVIN CURLING: Don’t have to have a what?

MISSISSAUGAWATCH: They don’t —The 2001 Municipal Act doesn’t require municipalities to have a public complaints system in place.


MISSISSAUGAWATCH: —which means that there’s no framework for accountability within municipalities.

DR. ALVIN CURLING: The municipalities do have accountabality, of course. But I presume that in their own way they do. But I’m not quite familiar with what it hasn’t got and what it has—

MISSISSAUGAWATCH: Well, for example, The City of Mississauga, in the 30 years, never had a public complaints system, let alone a formal one.

Video shifts to the MAY 21, 2008 MISSISSAUGA COUNCIL MEETING..

MISSISSAUGA COUNCILLOR PAT MULLIN: But I guess that I’m looking for some direction from possibly Staff if there is something that we could put in place which would be, I guess, a complaint procedure against Staff. And maybe somebody could respond. Or if there’s another way in terms of looking at it.

MISSISSAUGA MAYOR HAZEL MCCALLION: Councillor Mullin, I met with the City Manager this morning. I’ve not seen the report. And I was going to ask  —and I was a little slow in asking, that this report be referred back. To look at the process.

Video returns to March 10, 2009 interview with DR. ALVIN CURLING.

MISSISSAUGAWATCH: And I’ve been filing Freedom of Information for two years on Peel, Brampton, and so on and I can’t find a framework for accountability. And just one more thing? I just want to show you..

This is a 1994 document by Peel Regional Police and it made a recommendation regarding Crime Prevention that said, “Delegates recommend that crime prevention initiatives be unique and tailored to local communities.”


MISSISSAUGAWATCH: That’s 1994. Then it says, “It is recognized that the two existing Crime Prevention Associations are the best vehicle for program development and implementation.” And we can agree with that too.

Then it says, “A process of accountability and evaluation should be built into programs to ensure achievement of goals and cost-effectiveness.” I haven’t found any.

DR. ALVIN CURLING: Is that right?

MISSISSAUGAWATCH: No. So, this is really the question that I have. Do you support, or what are your feelings towards allowing The Ontario Ombudsman full investigative powers into the MUSH sector —Municipalities, Universities, Schools and Hospitals?

DR. ALVIN CURLING: Well, actually, I can’t comment on that really because the fact that you say to give The Ombudsman full investigative authority to investigate a municipality…

MISSISSAUGAWATCH: Right now he doesn’t have that. You know that, right?

DR. ALVIN CURLING: No because he —actually The Ombudsman is The Province, not The Municipality. [inaudible] to the Parliament itself not to the mayor. So that—

MISSISSAUGAWATCH: Oh I know, but I mean… That’s why I’m saying. A municpality that doesn’t want to held accountable?.. you can’t make it accountable. And that’s what I believe to be a major Root of Youth Violence.

DR. ALVIN CURLING: Well… well that’s a view. That’s your view.

MISSISSAUGAWATCH: Well, actually, I’ve got Freedom of Information that shows that municpalities here —they don’t know what each other are doing. They don’t even know share the information with police.

DR. ALVIN CURLING: Well, we talked about sharing that. And lots of that. We talked about each municipality, each community, could share some of their experiences because one municipality is different than the other. You can’t use the solution of one community to solve the other’s problem. So they have their own unique way.

MISSISSAUGAWATCH: Well basically, what I see happening is that they are trumpeting their successes, sometimes inventing their successes and the authentic accountability —and I suspect that’s why you don’t see Youth here?… Because they don’t think this is real.

DR. ALVIN CURLING: Is that right? Well they have to come out even if they don’t think it’s real and come and say it, you know…


DR. ALVIN CURLING: Thanks very much.


VIDEO INTERVIEW ENDS and here’s the video…


(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

Last, Dr. Alvin Curling will be speaking this evening at the Jamaican Canadian Association from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. 995 Arrow Road (Arrow & Finch)


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