MYTHissauga, “Friends of Hazel” and more “Friends of Hazel” –a Year in Review. Top 10 MISSISSAUGAWATCH images for 2011.

December 31st, 2011  

Yesterday I listed what I regarded as my Top Ten MISSISSAUGAWATCH videos for 2011. The day before that it was the MISSISSAUGAWATCH Top Ten YouTube 2011 videos based on your view counts.

Today we present our MISSISSAUGAWATCH top images for 2011.

We start with our Number One most important image for 2011.

It was exactly one year ago, December 31, 2010 when Mississauga News online commenter “Prol”, co-designer of the “Friends of Hazel” Rally flyer, left the following comments at the Mississauga News.

Dec 31, 2010
11:11 AM
My New Year’s Gift to Mississauga – and for a litte entertainment on these pages.I have drafted a letter to our new Integrity Commissioner. When I return to my office on Monday, it will be finalized and hand delivered by my partner – a social acquaintance – to Mr. Rust-D’Eye. It will introduce the Mississauga Muse (and all her alias’) to him. I have outlined her activities and highlighted her obsessions. He is being forewarned as to the inevitable avalanche of communications, information requests and demands for attention that will come from the Cuckoo whose husband says is not cuckoo. Of course, the money we are spending on this office will be going up exponentially for the staff that will be required to handle the many kooks expecting the new Commissioner’s full attention. Hopefully, he will be prepared and have some strategy in place early to deal with her in a gentle manner so as not to risk her being committed, which will just cost us even more money. In the letter I explain how she will conclude that any deviation that his office takes from what SHE thinks it should take will be pro

Dec 31, 2010
11:12 AM
Sorry. Ran out of room. To conclude …In the letter I explain how she will conclude that any deviation that his office takes from what SHE thinks it should take will be proof that he is just another “hazelbot” or “liar” or worse. Much worse.

It is because of “Prol’s” online comments that the very next day, January 1, 2011, MISSISSAUGAWATCH began researching all “Friends of Hazel”. Yes. All of them!

The most important thing learned?

That Mississauga Councillors Katie Mahoney and Pat Saito have to know who “Prol” (alternate alias “AV8R”) is! And the biggest (and recent) revelation, is that “Friend of Hazel” Councillor Bonnie Crombie also has to know “Prol’s” identity as well.

So how does one go about researching the “Friends of Hazel”?

I began with the Stop the Judicial Inquiry online petition at

What follows is a convenient cut-and-paste of its 1,624 names.

For the record and to be clear, not all “Friends of Hazel” are on this list. For example, “Friend of Hazel” Victor Oh didn’t sign on. Neither did key “Friends of Hazel” Rally organizer, Betty Merkley. Both are conspicuous in their absence.

Equally important, not all people on this Petition list are “Friends of Hazel”. I suspect that many are like I once was —citizens simply suckered by MYTHissauga’s “Friends of Hazel” hype.

Cancel the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry Now Online Petition

0001.  Phil Green    2
0002.  Cheryl Glassford    8
0003.  Roman Bonk    Frank Dale’s Ward
0004.  Murray Glassford    8
0005.  Rose Moreno
0006.  Tom Woolley    8
0007.  John Ayton
0008.  Scott Wonnell
0009.  Sandy Wonnell    10
0010.  Jacqueline Crawford    Frank Dale
0011.  Manny E daSilva
0012.  Kenneth Wong    4
0013.  Lesia Woloshyn
0014.  Lori Glassford    9
0015.  Debi Sander Walker
0016.  Ann Clay    9
0017.  Mike Webster    6
0018.  Kelly Vestrocy
0019.  Chris James    8
0020.  mark turkiewicz
0021.  carol nolan    8
0022.  Craig Laferriere    2
0023.  Bill Sholdice    8
0024.  Dale Shura    ward 11
0025.  Andra Woolley
0026.  Angela Dempster    Ward 2
0027.  Glen Dempster    Ward 2
0028.  Martha Sheppard    Ward One
0029.  Jim Baggio
0030.  Steve Shura    11
0031.  Julie Desjardins    Ward 2
0032.  karen vestrocy
0033.  winnifred glassford-millard
0034.  Robert Curran
0035.  Debbie Curran
0036.  Greg Keaveney
0037.  Alex Wiecek    10
0038.  Richard Morra    11
0039.  R. Manktelow
0040.  Antonio Marchitello
0041.  Jane Watson    1
0042.  Michele Tateyama    Ward 9
0043.  Karen Hector
0044.  Vida Stripinis    7
0045.  Matrai Geza    Ward 1
0046.  Megan Ramsey    9
0047.  Jeff Wesseling
0048.  Stephen Faller    2
0049.  James Reiach    12
0050.  Oliver Clowe
0051.  Les Lucyk    2
0052.  Mary Stricker
0053.  Judy vanRees    Carlson
0054.  Brenda Barazza
0055.  debbie denison
0056.  Laura Bruce
0057.  Jeff McFarlane
0058.  Carridad DeGuzman-Baggio    7
0059.  John and Lenore Goodwin    two
0060.  John Sabiston    7
0061.  Rino De Campo
0062.  Peter Chilibeck    4
0063.  Tibor Frank
0064.  Jim Thorne    9
0065.  Warren B. Adamson    2
0066.  Jan Woolfrey    1
0067.  John Jameson    2
0068.  Fred Pamenter
0069.  Gail Pamenter
0070.  Wendy Davies    2
0071.  Bill Wittman    2
0072.  Rick Goossens    Ward 1
0073.  Johanna Simons    1
0074.  Mary Sulypka
0075.  Marilyn Fraser
0076.  Laura Geen
0077.  Sandra Gulline    ward 2
0078.  Effie Triantafilopoulos    ward 1
0079.  Bruce M Walker    Ward 3
0081.  William Britt    Ward 1
0082.  John & Rae Rozenberg    Miss. S
0083.  Margaret Wittman    2
0084.  John & Rae Rozenberg    Miss. S
0085.  Mike Coulter    2
0086.  Joan Gulline    ward 2
0087.  Dianne Morgan    Ward 8
0088.  Monica Stanley    eight
0089.  Anna persad
0090.  P H Morgan    Ward 8
0091.  Douglas Stanley    eight
0092.  Grant Oddleifson
0093.  JH    2
0094.  frank banks
0095.  Debashis Sengupta    6
0096.  Ronald & Nancy Schramm    #1
0097.  John and Fran Watson    8
0098.  Louise Royer    2
0099.  Mike Dawson
0100.  KD Edwards
0101.  Lynne Butler    2
0102.  Joan Cabri
0103.  Marilyn Legault
0104.  Philippa Kossuth
0105.  Bob Braun    5
0106.  Carol Tabata    8
0107.  Vernon Zelmer
0109.  Paul Vanin
0110.  Jacqueline Vanin    1
0111.  Peter Danos
0112.  POSLUSZNY Wojciech
0113.  Elizabeth Bedwell
0114.  Frank Carpino
0115.  Fariba
0116.  Jim Bentley    1
0117.  Denzil Faire
0118.  Brad
0119.  Brian Lambie    Ward 1
0120.  Patricia and William Singer    1
0121.  Patricia and William Singer    1
0122.  Matt Rix    7
0123.  Maria Frank
0124.  Grace Ponniah
0125.  David Nash
0126.  jonathan joseph
0127.  Barbara Dextrase
0128.  Roderick Bolton    #2
0129.  Ann Webster    Ward 1
0130.  jeanene luckhart    2
0131.  Juanito Jose
0132.  Sasha Woodbridge    2
0133.  Selwyn Kossuth
0134.  bill parsons
0135.  Brian Cuggy    2
0136.  David Kingsland    1
0137.  Peter Smith    8
0138.  rudy cuzzetto    2
0139.  Janet English    ward 8
0140.  Kerry English    ward 8
0141.  line voided
0142.  John Hart    2
0143.  Sandra Bonk    4
0144.  George DeWolf    1
0145.  Chantal Green
0146.  GERRY WHELAN    2
0147.  Robert Archer    Ward 1
0148.  Margaret K Johnston    1
0149.  Greg Symons    Ward 8
0150.  Jack & Mary Jagt
0151.  Peggy Tyers    9
0152.  martin marges    ward 3
0153.  Linda Fuller    Phil Green
0154.  Jonathan Crombie    Ward 2
0155.  John B. Simcoe
0156.  William Thornhill    2
0157.  gail rutenberg    1
0158.  Rouben Gharabegian    2
0159.  Ian K. McEwen    1
0160.  Bob & Elayne Coldwell    2
0161.  Marlene Yakabuski
0162.  Lori Mason    Ward 1
0163.  teresa mackie
0164.  Norman Rutenberg
0165.  Janice Younker
0166.  Alex Crombie    Ward 2
0167.  Thomas Schnull    1
0168.  GARY ATKIN    2
0169.  James Makcie
0170.  Lana O’Grady    Mississauga South
0171.  Terry O’Grady    Mississauga South
0172.  Greg Smith    8
0173.  Janice Boast    1
0174.  Chris Desjardins
0175.  Barbara Murck    1
0176.  Ed Clay
0177.  Wilma Irwin    Pat Mullin’s
0178.  Carmen Benoit    8
0179.  Tom Gifford    4
0180.  Joyce Bradley    Ward 1
0181.  frances russell    2
0182.  Paul Inglis
0183.  angelo gualtieri    ward 1
0184.  Rick Clifford    4
0185.  Rebecca Clifford
0186.  Gloria Thrasher
0187.  newton d seawright    1
0188.  GeorgeThrasher
0189.  Marion Williamson    2
0190.  Richard Williamson    2
0191.  Amanda Clifford    4
0192.  Patrick Kerr
0193.  Robert Tattersall    2
0194.  Emese Dombovari
0195.  Ralph Passmore
0196.  Mrs. Nancy Dawson    One
0197.  cathy kenedy    1
0198.  kurt maier    1
0199.  Kevin Cowie    11
0200.  katherine munkley    2
0201.  Elizabeth Goobie
0202.  Dorothy McAnally    4
0203.  Gordon Goobie
0204.  Anna Claydon
0205.  Sandra Smale    Ward I
0206.  Teresa Cascioli
0207.  David Brewer
0208.  Sheri Lake    10
0209.  carolyn simpson    2
0210.  Dawn Anastasakis
0211.  Nelson Medeiros    2
0212.  Harris Anastasakis
0213.  Miranda Simone    7
0214.  Luigi Simone    7
0215.  eric simpson    2
0217.  mary pielechaty    2
0218.  Tashane Miller
0219.  Civita Gerolini    7
0220.  L. Dimayuga    9
0221.  Anita Scholtz
0222.  Frank and Oli MacTaggart
0223.  John King    2
0224.  Ewhenia Symaniw    6
0225.  Tasneem Siddiqui    ward 5
0226.  Iftekhar siddiqui    Ward 5
0227.  Rosemarie Passmore
0228.  Geoffrey Fernandes
0229.  Ofelia Rosales
0230.  cathleen Lincoln    Mississauga South
0231.  David Lincoln    Mississauga South
0232.  Robert Johnson
0233.  Rita Shular
0234.  Bryan L Jay
0235.  Colleen Franciscus    2
0236.  Mike Weymes
0237.  Lois Adams
0238.  William Martin
0239.  Jean L. Williams    Ward 2
0240.  Kayleigh Clifford    4
0241.  Carolyn Archer
0242.  Naz Virani
0243.  Barbara Cufino    1
0244.  line voided
0245.  Patricia Shular
0246.  Jeremy Harvey
0247.  Catherine Peterson
0248.  Hannah Woolley
0249.  Colin Tyler    Ward 3
0250.  Terry Coulter
0251.  Susan Webb    Clarkson
0252.  Hubert Casselman
0253.  Diane Kalenchuk    10
0254.  John Kalenchuk    10
0255.  susan Howson
0256.  Paul Fisher    2
0257.  Sandra Washbrook    1
0258.  Cindy Reid    11
0260.  Bob Welling    8
0261.  Jonathan Donaldson    Erindale
0262.  John Johnston    2
0263.  Lorry R. Smith
0264.  Karen Thiffault    Ward 8
0265.  Larry Cufino    1
0266.  Stephen P. Williams    6
0267.  Wayne E Newson    2
0268.  Elizabeth Ann Serotiuk
0269.  Mary Ann Power
0270.  Barbara Pickett
0271.  Laurie Wojcik    2
0272.  Paul Vincent    8
0273.  geoff hollands
0274.  David Wojcik    2
0275.  merle zoerb    Katie M
0276.  Frank Douglas Ball    2
0277.  Laurie Smith
0278.  Blair Migas
0279.  Kevin Howard    2
0280.  Raymond Castonguay
0281.  Billy Saunders
0282.  Christine Wessman
0283.  Shirley Hanlon
0284.  Carolyn A Passmore
0285.  Vera Redmaye    Ward 2
0286.  Joanne Becke
0287.  Delene Lesperance    Streetsville
0288.  Margaret Moore    8
0289.  Lydia Bilyk
0290.  David Dawson    2
0291.  Susan Wilson
0292.  naida mckechnie    2
0293.  joan banks
0294.  Tom Harmen    6
0295.  JOHN YOCOM    One
0296.  Rita Hill    10
0297.  William G. Jeffery    One
0298.  Lindsey Agnew
0299.  John Roe    8
0300.  Michael Archer
0301.  Denise jutzeler
0302.  Arthur J Molasy    1
0303.  Arthur B Molasy    1
0304.  Robert Alden    8
0305.  Lisa O’Reilly
0306.  Pauline Cheung
0307.  Steve Prevdisa    8
0308.  Jeremy Sale    6
0309.  Darlene Cancilla    8
0310.  Kimberly Zita    2
0311.  Paulette Ferreira
0312.  john bishop
0313.  Helder Ferreira
0314.  Hugh Anderson
0315.  Megan Garner    Mississauga South
0316.  Carol Wickham    Ward 1
0317.  Phil Cancilla    8
0318.  Nicola Legault
0319.  Yvette Michaud
0320.  Linda Elliott
0321.  Wendy Webster    3
0322.  Dan Piitz
0323.  D. Glenn Stevens
0324.  barbara mergel
0325.  Ed Jack    8
0326.  Mila Jack    8
0327.  Michelle DeGasperis
0328.  Lauren Archer
0329.  Ray Smith    2
0330.  Jane Rodd    2
0331.  Milton Ribeiro
0332.  Deborah Reed Stephenson
0333.  Karen Campbell
0334.  Linda Sellers    Mississauga South
0335.  John Speck    Ward 7
0336.  Silvia and Angelo Gualtieri    Mississsauga South /Ward 2
0337.  Gordon V. Stewart    One
0338.  Wende Boddy     7
0339.  Deborah Szreier    8
0340.  Dennis Boddy     8
0341.  Joyce Srigley     8
0342.  line voided
0343.  Leroy Collins
0344.  Gloria Stevens    6
0345.  A.. Sutherland    8
0346.  Peter Wood    2
0347.  Janina Empringham    1
0348.  Margaret Stevens
0349.  Wendy Gruner
0350.  Graham Thomas
0351.  Stephen G. Largy    4
0352.  Aidan Houlihan
0353.  Jeff Holland    7
0354.  Caroline Holland    7
0355.  Hendrina Elsing    1
0356.  Linda Civiero
0357.  Michael Campbell    7
0358.  Peter Holness
0359.  Harold G. Shipp    Pat Mullen
0360.  Barbara Stephen    2
0361.  Marco Casale
0362.  Lorne S. Jackson
0363.  Dave Harford    8
0364.  Derek Williams    Ward 2
0365.  Gary Soucie
0366.  George Christou
0367.  Raymond and Patricia Mongeau    2
0368.  Charles Noltie    2
0369.  Charles Noltie    2
0370.  Sandra Smith
0371.  L. Mitchell
0372.  Barbara Gooch
0373.  Paul Gooch
0374.  Judy Ollivierre    8
0375.  Margaret Lyons    8
0376.  Jerry French    3
0377.  Alf Johnston
0378.  Anil Dhawan    6
0379.  Andrew Dhawan    6
0380.  SUE TALMAGE    2
0381.  Carol Ayton    9
0382.  Tim Gray    8
0383.  Glenn and Mary Swanson    8
0384.  Grace Anne Wiley    8
0385.  Janice Ekeland    2
0386.  terry farrell
0387.  Kelly Snooks    8
0388.  Karen Alexander    4
0389.  Roderick J Graham    11
0390.  gary baskerville
0391.  Barbara Baskerville    8
0392.  Lynne Grist    2
0393.  Sami Tibshirani
0394.  Mary Swanson    8
0395.  Glenn Swanson    8
0396.  Laurence Correa    9
0397.  M. Jack    9
0398.  John H. Ferguson    2
0399.  Ashoka Sengupta    6
0400.  Robert Col    1
0401.  Charles R. S. James    7
0402.  Janice A. James    7
0403.  Len McCurdy    8
0404.  Lorraine Schick    3
0405.  Cathy Clark
0406.  jackie monahan    ward 1
0407.  Sherry Brotherston
0408.  Kahy Quart
0409.  Rev.Reg Benoit    Miss. S
0410.  Ken Yetman    2
0411.  Sharon McEwen    1
0412.  Michael Kolesar    2
0413.  Anthony Longo    8
0414.  Ken Smith    2
0415.  Carina Peters    Erindale
0416.  Jerry Power    2
0417.  Heiko Peters    2
0418.  O. Zogala
0419.  Kelly Fanson    1
0420.  Paul Elias    7 (Nando Iannicca)
0421.  Tom Cooney    3
0422.  Betty Jo Parent    Ward 8
0423.  Ray Wark
0424.  J Boddy     8
0425.  Gwen Boddie    8
0426.  WEB    8
0427.  Gord Dunn
0428.  Donna Rohrer    6
0429.  John Craig    8
0430.  Brian R Webster    3
0431.  Ken Cosman    Ward 1
0432.  Angie Bozzo    Ward 1
0433.  Helen Cosman    Ward 1
0434.  rick thiffault    K Mahoney
0435.  Robert Perrotta    South Mississauga
0436.  Ruby Perrotta    South Mississauga
0437.  Helen Kubisewsky    Pat Mullin
0438.  Lynne Cramer    9
0439.  Don Cramer    9
0440.  Margaret Race
0441.  Norm Alexander    4
0442.  S. Griffin
0443.  Phyllis & Barrie McLeod
0444.  Brian Seaman    8
0445.  mike wylie
0446.  William Fluhmann    2
0447.  Muriel Kowal    2
0448.  Edward Kowal    2
0449.  John Robichaud
0450.  Joy A. Jackson
0451.  Grant & June MacPherson    ward 2
0452.  Susan Seaman    8
0453.  Lynn Konowal    8
0454.  Michael Tousignant    6
0456.  Robert Wheeler
0457.  Donald AC Stewart
0458.  M. Diane Stewart    Ward 7
0459.  Linda Thomas    6
0460.  Susan Shepherd    8
0461.  Randy Thompson
0462.  line voided
0463.  line voided
0464.  Susan Adams
0465.  Les Houle
0466.  line voided
0467.  line voided
0468.  Melanie Nicholson    Ward 8
0469.  line voided
0470.  Michael Nicholson    ward 8
0471.  Cheryl Carver    8
0472.  Fred Samuels    8
0473.  Nancy Samuels
0474.  Shawn Vanin
0475.  Lorne Spark
0476.  Senka Pehar
0477.  Christina Scicluna    9
0478.  Richard Alon    6
0479.  Amanda Dhawan    6
0480.  Peter Sereda
0481.  Judy Ariola
0482.  C.A. Robichaud    1
0483.  Steve Bennett    11
0484.  Peter Walton    8
0485.  Beth Watkins    8
0486.  cathy hollister
0487.  Dave Baker    One
0488.  Alan L. Johnson
0489.  Sergio Cecchin    10
0490.  Margaret Madill    10
0491.  Cliff Silveira
0492.  Lisa Fonseca
0493.  Terri Silveira
0494.  h stevenson
0495.  W Michael Whitney    11
0496.  Angela D    8
0497.  Lauren Moore
0498.  RON MCKENNA    2
0499.  john hanley
0500.  Barry F. H. Graham    3
0501.  David Thompson    3
0502.  Chantal Cossette
0503.  Jacques Fleurant
0504.  alexandre cossette-fleurant    #9
0505.  Audrey-anne Cossette-Fleurant    #9
0506.  william cossette-fleurant    #9
0507.  Betty Cooper    8
0508.  Bill Coyle    Ward 1
0509.  steve bennett
0510.  Larry Steinman
0511.  Gordon Coyne    K. Mahoney
0512.  Ron Moss    2
0513.  Bonnie Burgess
0514.  Jack McGurn    8
0515.  Bob Stockden    11
0516.  Pat Kelly    4
0517.  Jean-Claude Cloutier    8
0518.  Nancy-Jane Price    One
0519.  John Dekker    Pat Mullen
0520.  Patricia Dryden    2
0521.  Shirley Speck    7
0522.  Nati + Paul Beese    2
0523.  Janko Drljevic
0524.  Milinko Drljevic
0525.  Anka Drljevic
0526.  Guenter & Sigrid Stueven
0527.  line voided
0528.  line voided
0529.  line voided
0530.  line voided
0531.  line voided
0532.  Robert & Micky Webster
0533.  line voided
0534.  line voided
0535.  Marilyn Smith
0536.  Sandy Vellinga    3
0537.  line voided
0538.  Kathryn J Willamson
0539.  Janaya Bennett    11
0540.  Robert Backus    Ward 2
0541.  Gail Backus    Ward 2
0542.  Judy McInnes    Erin Mills & Eglington
0543.  Lane Steinhauer
0544.  Lin Yeomans    6
0545.  S. James Hand    Ward 2
0546.  Etienne Green    War 2
0547.  Kevin larrett    9
0548.  Julie Larrett    9
0549.  Donna Urquhart    8
0550.  Douglas Brown    2
0551.  Darwin kealey    Ward 1
0552.  M.B. Cosgriffe    8
0553.  James Peirce    3
0554.  Deepayan Sengupta    6
0555.  Janine Bennett
0556.  Ken Szreier    8
0557.  Maureen Peirce    3
0558.  Jeff Lewis
0559.  Hugh McFarlane
0560.  Susan Martin-Margeson
0561.  Ann McKenna
0562.  Doreen & Ross Moffat
0564.  Gord Crymble
0565.  Erik Moll
0566.  Betty Moll
0567.  Judith Arndt    2
0568.  Yvonne Bolton
0569.  Janet Rockwell    Mississauga South
0570.  Dana Murray    Ward 10: Sue McFadden
0571.  Olivia Craigie    4
0572.  David Street    3
0573.  Maria Procopi
0574.  John Muirhead    3
0575.  Andy Schmaus
0576.  Mary Ann Schmaus
0577.  Danene Conte
0578.  Frank Conte
0579.  Belinda Robichaud
0580.  Margaret Barton
0581.  Bill Truax
0582.  Jackie Cronin
0583.  joanna Truax
0584.  Maureen Aucoin
0585.  Terry Kirsch    11
0586.  P. Gamburgo
0587.  Pat Thompson
0592.  Peter Kimball
0593.  Stephen Dasko    1
0594.  Donald Arndt    2
0595.  Beverley Bleackley    2
0596.  Nikki M. Ross    9
0597.  Ian C. Ross    9
0598.  Barbara and Ken Bevis    Ward 8
0599.  Cindy Finley    2
0600.  Linda Venditti
0601.  J. Goodwin
0602.  Katherine LeBlanc    2
0603.  Dorothy Jamieson    7 Nando Ianicca
0604.  David LeBlanc    2
0605.  Henry L. Fetz
0606.  John and Helen Smith    2
0607.  Gerald Farrell
0608.  Elizabeth Hoefkes
0609.  George Anzai    2
0610.  Betty Anzai
0611.  Joyce McGurn    8
0612.  Paula Smith    7
0613.  Lydia Pejsa    1
0614.  Barbara Rathlou
0615.  john white    10
0616.  D.P.KENNEY    2
0617.  Ken Cummings    1
0618.  Tom Cahill
0619.  Ian Crook    2
0620.  Horst Steinfels    Lorne Park
0621.  JoAnn McEachin    Lorne Park
0622.  Phil Poeta     george
0623.  Joan Leon    ward#2
0624.  Joan Leon    ward#2
0625.  Jerome F. Haug    304-4100 Westminster Place
0626.  erin milovsky    Perrish
0627.  Alexander Lim    2
0628.  Dayna Shura    Ward 11
0629.  Mary Lou Bonnici    5
0630.  Stephen Black    10
0631.  Claudia Shadursky    1
0632.  Frank E. Puskas
0633.  Ken Nastuny
0634.  Robert Benz    4
0635.  michelle mills
0636.  Karen Benz    4
0637.  Diane Nastuny
0638.  Dan Mills    2
0639.  Joan Noble    7
0640.  Les Pejsa    Mississauga South
0641.  Colin Perry    1
0642.  Michel Compagnion    10
0643.  Allan Harder    9
0644.  William Koopman    2
0645.  Eydie Koopman    2
0646.  Colin McQueen     ward 2
0647.  Joanne McQueen    ward 2
0648.  Jack & Julie LaFontaine    2
0649.  John and Gloria Viscardi    3
0650.  Jacqueline Hodge
0651.  Robert Kidney    1
0652.  Eileen Kidney    1
0653.  Melissa Kuhne
0654.  Genevieve Friedmann-Compagnion    6
0655.  Rishi Narale    10
0656.  Liesa Cianchino    2
0657.  Enzo Cianchino    2
0658.  Mathew Cianchino    2
0659.  Scott Ellis    6
0660.  Stephanie Cianchino    2
0661.  Michelle Cianchino    2
0662.  Han Chou
0663.  Steven Leavens
0664.  Jorge Kuhne
0665.  Dorothy Harner    ward 6
0666.  Nicole Harner    Ward 6
0667.  Kristen Harner    Ward 6
0668.  Elaine Murphy    1
0669.  Brian Luckie    8
0670.  Rubacha Jadwiga & Ryszard    6
0671.  Eulah Bent    10
0672.  Bryan Bent    10
0673.  Marc Cookson    2
0674.  Sheila D. Smith
0675.  Joan Paulin    11
0676.  Sharon Hobin    8
0677.  Linda Vezina
0678.  William F. M urphy
0679.  Deborah Rudack    8
0680.  Marilyn Maurizio
0681.  Sante Maurizio
0682.  robert herlihey
0683.  Marius Lihet
0684.  Mary Anna King    (not sure) Webb Drive
0685.  Susan Kovic     Streetsville
0686.  Anibal Neves
0687.  Josko Kovic    Streetsville
0688.  Helena Stahls
0689.  Terri Mullin    Ward 10
0690.  Tom Burnie    3
0691.  Maureen Newport    8
0692.  Linda Brown
0693.  Hugh Brown
0694.  Judy Pfeiff
0695.  Radmond Cassanova
0696.  Enid Cassanova
0697.  Jane MacKenzie
0698.  Johann and Jocelyne Kilian    3
0699.  George Habib    8
0700.  Debbie Powers
0701.  Julian Symaniw     ward 6
0702.  Clare Quinlan
0703.  Teresa Babineau    8
0704.  Jim Harries    11
0705.  Liliana Incerto
0706.  Thomas Frizzell    7
0707.  Ivar Grimba    Pat Mullin’s
0708.  Jean Gerrard    8
0709.  Edward (Ted) Jurgens    8
0710.  John Gerrard    8
0711.  Irene Puddicombe    Eight (8)
0712.  Moira Higgins    Eight (8)
0713.  Glen and Judy Grant
0714.  Glen and Judy Grant
0715.  Phillip Nance    one
0716.  Christine Simundson
0717.  Marg McCuaig
0718.  Lew Silecky
0719.  Frank O’Brien
0720.  Ken McCuaig
0721.  Kim Tuckett    8
0722.  Angela Wildman    2
0723.  Debra Valevicius    Mississauga South
0724.  Edward Valevicius Sr.    2
0725.  Genevieve Bennett
0726.  joan johnston
0727.  Jane Baggetta    1
0728.  Leslie Small    2
0729.  Lorraine Clark    Mississauga South
0730.  Cliff Kivell    Mississauga South
0731.  Bill Doherty
0732.  Vitor Manuel Pereira    10
0733.  taylor farquharson
0734.  lyell farquharson
0735.  Peter McKee    1 Port Credit
0736.  F.R.Bishai    4
0737.  I.S.M.Bishai    4
0738.  Thomas A Lennard    8
0739.  Cathy White
0740.  Linda D. McClennan    Ward 6
0741.  Gary P. McClennan    6
0742.  Ann worobec
0743.  Grant Russell    Ward 9
0744.  Michael Pothier    4
0745.  Randall & Catherine Pilon
0746.  Catherine Hillcoat
0747.  Bertha Pothier    4
0748.  Michelle Napier
0749.  norma buendia    9
0750.  Alan Tilson    11
0751.  Ann Tilson    11
0752.  Lori Weedon    1
0753.  Tony & Tracey Pignatiello
0754.  John Briers    10
0755.  Marlene Briers
0756.  Glen Grossmith    WARD2
0757.  Linda Jamieson    2
0758.  Michael J Duggan    2
0759.  Janis Mianowski
0760.  Marion Brennan
0761.  Brian Gardash    11
0762.  Gladys Gardash    11
0763.  Ed Jamieson    2
0764.  Michael J. Sunter
0765.  mary millard
0766.  Colleen McKee    6
0767.  H. D. McGregor    1
0768.  D. McKee    Six
0769.  David Marshall
0770.  Jane Matthews    2
0771.  Sal Badali    Mississauga South
0772.  william haslam
0773.  StephenBlack    10
0774.  Inger Bhattacharya    1
0775.  donna.payne
0776.  Janusz Misiszek
0777.  Dorota Misiaszek
0778.  George Milan
0779.  Heywood Jablowme
0780.  Ashish Dobriyal
0781.  Binita Dobriyal
0782.  Luise Cox    3
0783.  Warren Goodyear    8
0784.  Karen Goodyear    8
0785.  Laura Goodyear    8
0786.  Mark Alexander    11
0787.  norman smith    Ward 2
0788.  JoAnne Duggan    2
0789.  richard yeomans    6
0790.  Patricia Burt
0791.  Lynn Sammut    8
0792.  Henryka Olejarz
0793.  Wanda Witkowski    3
0794.  Ken Miller
0795.  Regina & Klaus Krueger    one
0796.  les olejarz    7
0797.  Ralf Witkowski    3
0798.  Tony Vettese
0799.  Leonard Eng
0800.  Jennifer E. Eng    9
0801.  Filomena Eng    9
0802.  Christopher J. Eng    9
0803.  Connie Bairos    Two
0804.  Blair Kidney
0805.  Patrick Mendes    10
0806.  Rick Pike    9
0807.  Carol Berry    6
0808.  Clive and Patricia Dunstan
0809.  Michael Teng    6
0810.  Alan J. Davidson
0811.  Franca B. Davidson
0812.  Betty Hunt
0813.  Peter Simundson
0814.  Stephen Strachan    10
0815.  Lori Hughes     Pat Saito
0816.  Larry Evans
0817.  Paul Simpson    9
0818.  Anne Manchur    ? Hurontario and Kingsbridge Gdn.
0819.  M. E. Jane    7
0820.  Gaetane Urevig    8
0821.  Marc Villett
0822.  JACK BUDDIN    8
0823.  Mr. & Mrs. Dahab
0824.  Paul Duncanson    Eight
0825.  Robert Lamey
0826.  Ryan Lamey
0827.  Veronica Hodgson    2
0828.  Dan Smith    8
0829.  W. Dahab    3
0830.  Robert Soproney    2
0831.  Barb DeAngelis
0832.  Domenic Tenuta
0833.  jamila
0834.  DONNA SKIRROW    6
0835.  Meera
0836.  Nora Reynolds    11
0837.  Ana Dutra
0838.  Marianne Di Lullo
0839.  Patterson Brown
0840.  Ann Loranger
0841.  John Dunn
0842.  line voided
0843.  Lindsay Miller
0844.  Cathy Welling
0845.  M. Jane Lindsay    1
0846.  shauna butchereit
0847.  Lorraine Sobaszek
0848.  John and Maria Cabral    7
0849.  Mike Hodgson    9
0850.  Tony Francioni
0851.  line voided
0852.  line voided
0853.  line voided
0854.  S. Rodrigo    11
0855.  Nina Palerma    7
0856.  John Outram    1
0857.  Lilian Outram
0858.  I M Condorman
0859.  Walter Marshall    Three
0860.  Anthony & Deirdre Warren
0861.  Michael Rix    2
0862.  Michelle Rae    Ward 2
0863.  Alice Fahey
0864.  joseph m micallef    ward 10
0865.  Marlene Ryan
0866.  Margaret McGrath
0867.  John Bolton
0868.  raisa mikovich    2
0869.  vijay Patel
0870.  Rajiv Shah
0871.  Leslie Gomba    9
0872.  Leslie Gomba    9
0873.  Lisa Morra
0874.  Arne Pfeiff
0875.  Susan Ross    3
0876.  Ruth Burrows
0878.  Harvey Ewing
0879.  Mary Ewing    5
0880.  virginia spagnuolo    mississauga east
0881.  natale spagnuolo    mississauga east
0882.  rachel spagnuolo    ward 5
0883.  rebecca spagnuolo    ward 5
0884.  Y. Rodrigues
0885.  Helene Bharti    11
0886.  Colomba McAlary    9
0887.  Joanna Gill
0888.  Tony Raso    9
0889.  Karen Raso    9
0890.  Arthur Hinchliffe    9
0891.  Roy Jackson
0892.  Amit Mohla    11
0893.  Dana Grimble
0894.  jude joseph    ward 11
0895.  Simon and Arda Vandenbroek    2
0896.  Donald E Sheehy, CA*CISA    3
0897.  Rod Karpf    9
0898.  Barb Fumerton    9
0899.  Margaret Vannest    One
0900.  Rita Bharti    11
0901.  Sharwan Bharti    11
0902.  Margaret Nieminen
0903.  John Jovanovic
0904.  Jiwon Jovanovic
0905.  Marilyn Rose    4
0906.  Stuart Rose    4
0907.  R. Verdon
0908.  Susan Verdon
0910.  dagmar svec
0911.  Ian Locke
0912.  K. V. Pinto    5
0913.  Otis M. Ford    5
0914.  Connie E. Ford    5
0915.  Adele Conte    5
0916.  Edward Shoesmith
0917.  Bonnie L. Roberts    8
0918.  James E Roberts    8
0919.  M.A. Hardwick
0920.  Howard Russo    6
0921.  Patricia Russo    6
0922.  Mr & Mrs M. Guindi    3
0923.  Catherine McNevan
0924.  Donald McNevan
0925.  Angie Anderson    4
0926.  Diane King    Mississauga South
0927.  joan covert    3
0928.  Scott Galbraith
0929.  Kaitlin Strachan    10
0930.  Zachary Strachan    10
0931.  Benjamin Strachan    10
0932.  Sabrina Ahmed
0933.  Mr & Mrs David Mac Donald
0934.  Justin Feeney    10
0935.  Islay Yake
0936.  Donna Schmalz
0937.  Marion Schmalz
0938.  sauleha zubair
0939.  April Mattinson    6
0940.  Ellen Andersen
0941.  Else Marie Andersen
0942.  Carrie DaSilva
0943.  Ivor DaSilva
0944.  marie nakhla
0945.  Sherry Irwin
0946.  Paul Ljubanovich
0947.  Gloria Paris    2
0948.  Roisin Young    6
0949.  Lavan Puvaneswaran    3
0950.  Kent Newell    3
0951.  David Franklin    not sure (credit valley hospistal)
0952.  Ida Pawlikowski    9
0953.  Tolias Peter     ward 4
0954.  Jenny Kouretsos    ward 4
0955.  peter tolias
0956.  Rob McVeigh    9
0957.  Bev McVeigh    9
0958.  Elizabeth Gale Richter    Ward 2
0959.  john Archibald    9
0960.  Natalie Halff
0961.  Riaz Qazi
0962.  Harold Peace    9
0963.  Dipti Rach
0964.  Deborah Barnett    8
0965.  Eva Kryzaniwsky    3
0966.  Joanne Poirier
0967.  Debbie Thomson    Ward 8
0968.  Steve Thomson    Ward 8
0969.  Angela DiLegge    Ward 7
0970.  Brian Thomson    Ward 8
0971.  Carol Thompson    1
0972.  Victoria Cesario    4
0973.  Warren Saldanha
0974.  Peter Tolias
0975.  Jenny Tolias
0976.  Mary Villamagna    meadowvale
0977.  Fred Devellano
0978.  Darshani Sagar    Ward 10
0979.  Rob Gill    5
0980.  Janet Clare
0981.  Marion Morewood    1
0982.  Jack Sloggett    1
0983.  Jeannine Chisholm    1
0984.  Thomas Schmaus    8
0985.  Peggy Jackson    5
0986.  Wendy Hradsky    L5N 2K9
0987.  Kathy Ramsay    2
0988.  R D Ramsay    2
0989.  Bill McDowell
0990.  joan mcdowell
0991.  Pat & Wayne Anderson    1
0992.  Aleksandra Dobranowski
0993.  Anita Duggan    9
0994.  Jean O’Gorman    8
0995.  Bill Orr    3
0996.  Maria Salajko    4
0997.  Branko Salajko    4
0998.  George Stockwell    11
0999.  Patricia Brown    8
1000.  Lou Vernace    7
1001.  Louis Macerola    one
1002.  Elizabeth Macerola    one
1003.  Julia Macerola    one
1004.  Martina Macerola    one
1005.  Rob Bezaire    11
1006.  Sylvie Schmaus    8
1007.  Dennis McCann
1008.  Stephen Culmone
1009.  R mann
1010.  Kim Warburton    2
1011.  Maureen Lanois    2
1012.  Michele Isabella
1013.  Linda Patterson
1014.  Albert Koops    10
1015.  Jo Lewis
1016.  Lynn Fluhmann
1017.  Percy Elliott    Ward 8
1018.  Jeannette Elliott    Ward 8
1019.  Peter Leeney    2
1020.  Lois Bond
1021.  M. Golias    Ward 5
1022.  MJ Golias    Ward 5
1023.  Ronnie Lau    1
1024.  tom golias
1025.  Graham Burrage    Ward 10
1026.  Harolyn Hussain     8
1027.  william i smith    2
1028.  Daniela Giansante    7
1029.  Ron Murphy
1030.  Patrick Vincent
1031.  Tom Mrsic    3 Maja Prentice
1032.  Mary Mrsic    3 Maja Prentice
1033.  Joseph Yousef    L5M 0J6
1034.  Mariam Wassef    L5N 0A5
1035.  Marc Gagne    1
1036.  Carola Jaque
1037.  Gary Baskerville
1038.  Christine Denny
1039.  Peter Spiliotopoulos    11
1040.  John Murray
1041.  Ryszard Rolka
1042.  Bevan Terry
1043.  Art Snooks    8
1044.  Angelik Spiliotopoulos    11
1045.  Marianne Campbell
1046.  Richard Scott Campbell
1047.  Christine Tartaglia
1048.  John Tartaglia
1049.  Tasia & Harry Patrinos
1050.  rita sacchetti    #2
1051.  Dan DiPoce
1052.  John Moore    11
1053.  Peter Harding    8
1054.  Adam Snooks
1055.  Trina Moore    11
1056.  Brenda Astri Haywood    ward 3
1057.  debbie young
1058.  Tracy Taylor
1059.  Mary Napier    8
1060.  Ken Holmes
1061.  Heidi Ellis    8
1062.  Karen Becke
1063.  Tom Guerriero    8
1064.  Paul Becke    8
1065.  Christopher Becke
1066.  Linda Hooper    8
1067.  Robert Hooper    8
1068.  Marianne Baker
1069.  Sherif Ragheb
1070.  Sheref El Sabawy    6
1071.  John Nessim
1072.  sam ghobrial
1073.  adel soliman
1074.  Marlene Condotta    Ward 9
1075.  Judy Soucy    8
1076.  Lawrence Yeung    5
1077.  Michael Nashat
1078.  Gina Golias
1079.  alok dobriyal
1080.  Peter Willson
1081.  Denise Florin    9
1082.  Jim Hogle    8
1084.  Maggie Selim
1085.  Loredana Lihet
1086.  Nagy Shaker
1087.  Sandra McKay    8
1088.  Jacek Zielinski    4
1089.  Betty Smith
1090.  Jane Walks    south/east (Lakeview)
1091.  Robin McKay    8
1092.  Matthew Cross    5 – Eve Adams
1093.  Teresa Mruck
1094.  line voided
1095.  line voided
1096.  Tara Connor-Lee    9
1097.  Ed Lee    9
1098.  albert franco    7
1099.  Luigina Franco    7
1100.  Domenico Gerolini    7
1101.  Sabrina Simone    7
1102.  Vanessa Simone    7
1103.  Brian Payne    9
1104.  Nicole    20
1105.  Jia guo Jiang
1106.  Jia Qin Wang
1107.  michael ellis    9
1108.  Bojun Chen    0„2
1109.  Mingxiu Zhai    0„2
1110.  Linda Hooper    8
1111.  Dave Airey    Ward 3
1112.  Irene Tse    11
1113.  Teresa M. Hubacheck    2
1114.  Heather Napier    8
1115.  Walter Oster
1116.  Emad Ghattas
1117.  Essam Kamel
1118.  Jeanne and Tony Collings    3
1119.  Said Attalla
1120.  Lisa Mustard    Ward 11
1121.  Katrina Markes    8
1122.  Peter Highfield    ward 8
1123.  Gregory Markes
1124.  Manal Kelada
1125.  fayez shenouda
1126.  erene keleany
1127.  Maria Joao Plaza    10
1128.  Lawrence Mak
1129.  William Crawford    2
1130.  Jonathan Leung    8
1131.  Vivian Victoria Ng
1132.  Sally Dobie
1133.  Heather Andrighetti
1134.  James Matthews    2
1135.  rosa MacPhatter
1136.  Peter and Maria Markes
1137.  Antonio Vidal    9
1138.  Linda Gordon
1139.  Mohab Ragheb
1140.  shirley ng
1141.  Ray Patrick
1142.  E. Maxemous
1143.  Peter Cheng
1144.  Ken Choi
1145.  Beata Ungureanu
1146.  Irene Cheng    L5V 1G9
1147.  Ralph Edward Bergey    8
1148.  Meghan Goldie
1149.  Lori Goldie
1150.  Calvin Kavanaugh
1151.  Debbie Kavanaugh
1152.  Carmen Hiles
1153.  W. F. Waters    Ward 2
1154.  Peter Erratt    Ward 2
1155.  Cindy Dodson
1156.  Marion Grossman    Ward 2
1157.  Milton Grossman    Ward 2
1158.  Lisa DeFrancesco    2
1159.  Janice bell
1160.  Barry Matthews    2
1161.  Loretta Marshall    2
1162.  Margaret Matthews    2
1163.  Katrina Matthews    2
1164.  J. H. Maclaren    2
1165.  Donna Eggertson    2
1166.  Jason Rozon
1167.  Deborah O’Brien    ward 2
1169.  HelenMaybee
1170.  Maxwell Milligan
1171.  E. Ruth Kitcchen    2
1172.  Howard D. Kitchen    2
1173.  PETER RUITER    2
1174.  Tom Goldie
1175.  E. Thomsen    W 2
1176.  Robert John Craig    2
1177.  Mary-Rose Treasurywala    2
1178.  James H. Latimer    Ward 2
1179.  Doris Hart    2
1180.  Muriel I. Latimer    Ward 2
1181.  Arthur Sam Handley
1182.  Noreen Paxton    2
1183.  G. Sobie    Ward 2
1184.  Joseph Sobie    Ward 2
1185.  Ian McKay
1186.  Alicia Sciriha
1188.  Larry Marsden    2
1190.  Hazel THE GOD McCallion
1191.  Helen Seto and Ken Kan Hai
1192.  Peter Schurmann    2
1193.  Adi M.Treasurywala    2
1194.  Wilma Wall    2
1195.  Suzanne Schurmann    2
1196.  Jean Kwan
1197.  Ray Haines    two (Pat Mullen)
1198.  Fred Michalek    2
1199.  William Howitt
1200.  MARCI SANDERSON    two ( 2)
1201.  JOAN HOWARD    two ( 2)
1202.  RONHOWARD    two ( 2)
1203.  EDWARD SANDERSON    two ( 2)
1204.  Sara Mody
1205.  Kenroy Campbell
1206.  Kirsten Joyce
1207.  L. Macdonald    2
1208.  Marie C. Lodge    2
1210.  Joanne Jaworski    2
1211.  Paul Jaworski    2
1212.  Paul Jaworski    2
1213.  Henry Jaworski    2
1214.  Henry Jaworski    2
1215.  william g stemshorn
1216.  Brian Cummer
1217.  john mckee    2
1218.  Trish Miners
1219.  Mary Jane Geddes    Two
1220.  Rodney Reichstein    2
1221.  Mary-Jane Reichstein    2
1222.  Scott Harvey    ward 2
1223.  Deborah Harvey    ward 2
1224.  Kathy Bell    2
1225.  Don Bell    2
1226.  Victoria Duynstee    2
1227.  Eugene Duynstee    2
1228.  Pamela Duynstee    2
1229.  Dean Vasilakos    Ward 2
1230.  Albert Fong    2
1231.  Linda Fong    2
1232.  Bodo and Helga Thormeyer    Pat Mullin
1233.  anne & joe olexa    2
1234.  anne & joe olexa    2
1235.  Paul Neziol    2
1236.  Maggie Bras
1237.  Audrey Lightheart    2
1238.  Helen Mou
1239.  Michael Mou
1240.  Scarlette Chan
1241.  raymond wong
1243.  Norm Dale    2
1244.  Harry Tam    11
1245.  Alice Tam    11
1246.  Brian C. Bernet    2
1247.  Lina
1248.  Jenny Dale    2
1250.  Rudolf Tung    7
1251.  Bill Burrows
1252.  William Russell
1253.  Roger E. Beaulieu    Ward 4
1254.  Pam Briggs-Jude    1
1255.  Mr.Russell Connolly    2
1256.  Marsha Beaulieu    Ward 4
1257.  Melisa Ricciardi    Ward 10
1258.  Marco Ricciardi    Ward 10
1259.  Morna I. Bernet    2
1260.  Andre Mak    0„2
1261.  Adelina Wong    0„2
1262.  Teresa Mak    0„2
1263.  W J Tourgis    Mullen
1264.  Gus & Alice Spiliotis     2
1265.  Ivan Sack    Ward 2
1266.  Kenneth.B.Foxcroft    Ward 8
1267.  Linda.G.Foxcroft.    Ward 8.
1268.  Anne Kulpa
1269.  Helen Chan    8
1270.  Sharon Seto
1271.  Michelle Seto    6
1272.  Susan Seto
1273.  line voided
1274.  Hoy Seto
1275.  Garry Seto
1276.  Ken Seto
1277.  Garry Jenkins    9
1278.  Michel Wilson    2
1279.  Lorna Kay    2
1280.  Robert Kay    2
1281.  Richard A. McElwain    2
1282.  Catherine Choy
1283.  Dan Cormier    2
1284.  Shawn Cormier    2
1285.  Phyllis Ghany    2
1286.  John Ghany    2
1287.  Thomas Chau
1288.  Andrew White    2
1289.  Fanny Chan
1290.  Farida Lila
1291.  Gloria Finnimore    2
1292.  Petra Scheller    Ward 2
1293.  Edith Scheller    Ward 2
1294.  Scott McNabb
1295.  Alan S. Fair    Ward 2
1296.  Alex Cheong    8
1297.  Ruth Vendryes
1298.  michael josselyn
1299.  Andrew Bell    2
1300.  Campbell Tourgis    2
1301.  Diane Tourgis    2
1302.  Francis Kwok
1303.  Agnes Kwok
1304.  Diane Richardson    2
1305.  Brian Richardson    2
1306.  Tom Clancy    Ward 2
1307.  Frances Clancy    Ward #2
1308.  Jane seto
1309.  rebecca shum
1310.  Michael Foley
1311.  Elizabeth Anderson    2
1312.  Gordon James Anderson    2
1313.  Amy Brabant
1314.  Cheryl Hughes    2
1315.  Yee Seto    10
1316.  joseph camilleri    2
1317.  Isabel Gomes    2
1318.  Peter Grimley    2 (Two)
1319.  Allan & Catherine Thomson
1320.  Eric Smith    Ward 2
1321.  Frank Roelofsen
1322.  Brenda Smith    Ward 2
1323.  Lynn J. Babcock    2
1324.  Krystina and Stephen Holinski    2
1325.  Muriel Wright    5
1326.  Bruce Wright    5
1327.  Ron Sinclair
1328.  Barbara Sinclair
1329.  Baninder Grewal
1330.  Baninder Grewal
1331.  Bruce Lees    11
1332.  Charles Barclay    5
1333.  Ann Barclay    5
1334.  Rick Codlib    5
1335.  Vera Etheridge    5
1336.  Wendy Davis    2
1337.  Jeanie Seto
1338.  Ken Leonard    ward 2
1339.  Clarissa Stevens-Guille    Mississauga South
1340.  Abel Kashani    Mississauga North
1341.  Donald Mcnevan    2
1342.  Ross Morrison    2
1343.  Elizabeth C Morrison    2
1344.  P R Knubley    2
1345.  M M knubley    2
1346.  M M Knubley    2
1347.  Alan Gray
1348.  Jeanette Gray
1349.  Donna Foley
1350.  Paul Gierszewski    2
1351.  Sue Gierszewski    2
1352.  Victoria Greenwood
1353.  Todd Greenwood
1354.  Katherine Hill    2
1355.  lea hill    2
1356.  Mohsmmad Hassan Kashani    Ward 4
1357.  Neshat Banou Kashani    Ward 4
1358.  Yuk Chun Wong
1359.  Christopher Chan
1360.  patricia woodworth    2
1361.  mike and Debbie Bruce
1362.  Mark McCarren    5
1363.  Thom Seto
1364.  jim Siman
1365.  Marcia Kall    2
1366.  M. Catherine Morison
1367.  William G. Morison
1368.  Anneke Corriveau
1369.  Philomena Roelofsen
1370.  Diana Stevens-Guille    2
1371.  Peter Stevens-Guille    2
1372.  Linda Soucier
1373.  Manuela Neto    1
1374.  Robert Wordham
1375.  Joanne Wordham
1376.  Luz Beatriz Vergara.
1377.  David Belcher    10
1378.  Jean Czieslik    2
1379.  Jean Czieslik    2
1380.  Winfried Czieslik    2
1381.  Edward J. Clarke    2
1382.  Michel Bittar
1383.  Janine Bittar
1384.  Lynda Cowan    10
1385.  Michael H Heenan
1386.  Tina Bernard
1387.  Elizabeth Francisco    1
1389.  Sharon Hirtle
1390.  Wendy Seto
1391.  Troy Goddard
1392.  Gordon Crawford
1393.  Colleen D’Souza    2
1394.  Oswald D’Souza    2
1395.  carolyn goddard
1396.  Marlene Anderson
1397.  George Anderson
1398.  Peter Keenan    2
1399.  Jean Keenan    2
1400.  Brenda Broadfoot    8
1401.  George Moore
1402.  Nancy Filippi
1403.  Susan McGonigle    2
1404.  Mr Ken Yoshida
1405.  Debbie Martin    8
1406.  Cliff Napier    8
1407.  Tam Pham
1408.  Thanh Le Pham
1409.  Kaitlyn Napier
1410.  Eva Liebermann
1411.  George Liebermann
1412.  Brittany Ellis
1413.  line voided
1414.  pat ward    6903 hickling crescent, Mississauga
1415.  Gary I. Jackson    One
1416.  Harvie Dennis    9
1417.  Enn Martin    9
1418.  Shirley Stanton
1419.  SBurian
1420.  mark grossman
1421.  Barbara Grossman
1422.  John & Christine Says    2
1423.  Monique Leblanc
1424.  Mark Grossman
1425.  Mary Canade
1426.  Tony Canade
1427.  Brian Andrade
1428.  Dave Martin
1429.  Donna Seto
1430.  Chimkai Ng    11
1431.  John Policelli
1432.  Elizabeth Girouard    9
1433.  Gregg Byfield    9
1434.  Verna Dennis
1435.  Gail Martin
1436.  Peter J. Cunningham
1437.  Susan Nip
1438.  Vicki Marrack
1439.  Peter Marrack
1440.  Carol & Bob Baxter    Lorne Park
1441.  Jane Dobie
1442.  Sue Prior
1443.  Roberta Vice
1444.  Pat Hammerton    10
1445.  Lynda Rose    Mississauga South
1446.  Darko Naumovski    Ward 1
1447.  Cindy Guyon    Ward 7
1448.  Arn Kashino    Ward 8
1449.  Alice & Guy Launay
1450.  Jeffrey Hand    ward 9
1451.  Anna-Liisa Myatt    2
1452.  Raymond Myatt    2
1453.  Miko Nissim
1454.  Bryan Gladman    11
1455.  Lily Soliman
1456.  Maureen Russell
1457.  Barry Metcalfe    1
1458.  Alverna Metcalfe    1
1459.  Elaine Chan
1460.  Cally Ly
1461.  Chloe Chan
1462.  Taylor Chan
1463.  Amany Seleim
1464.  Shery Takawy
1465.  Ray & Alevia Healey    8
1466.  Richard Peters    4
1467.  Vince Lavorata
1468.  sami naguib
1469.  karoleen naguib    koko
1470.  Pauline Mikhail
1471.  Adel Daoud    9
1472.  Hany Philips
1473.  Nader Fam    Streetsville
1474.  Traiz Zaki
1475.  Sami Mikhaeil    11
1476.  Maggie Megaly    9
1477.  Andrew Sidrak
1478.  Hoda Kamel
1479.  Mary Kamel
1480.  Mona Kamel
1481.  Nader Kamel
1482.  Shawky Iskandir    10
1483.  Hanan El-Mankabadi    11
1484.  Nardine Hanna
1485.  Adel Tadros
1486.  Adel Khalil
1487.  Kirsten Ritchie    10
1488.  Nabil Messiha    4
1489.  Mina khalil
1490.  Mary Khalil
1491.  samy
1492.  Madonna khalil
1493.  Carol Khalil
1494.  Nany
1495.  MICHAEL KHAN    5
1496.  claire tawfilis    we love our mayor Hazel Mc callion our city is the best because of her
1497.  Carl Korneli-Fry    1
1498.  Bob Gladman    11
1499.  Lyn Gladman    11
1500.  Nader Rizk
1501.  Francis Fernandez
1502.  Jane Aziz Youssef
1503.  Hany Eltalawy
1504.  Rafik Morcos
1505.  suzan Awadde Alla Ghattas
1506.  Anastasia Seifert
1507.  Ayman Ayad    4
1508.  samer
1509.  hany Elsonbaty    10
1510.  Donald Edmondson    4
1511.  Nicole Zardo    4
1512.  Maher Zaytoun
1513.  Ramy Elaasar
1514.  JoAnn Drennan    1
1515.  Salem Yousef    4
1516.  Diane Edmondson    6 – unfortunately
1517.  Margaret Moon    6 – unfortunately
1518.  Mike Neary    Ward 3
1519.  Jonathan Vezina    2
1520.  Nasser Mikhail
1521.  Michael J. Fisher, Barrister and Solicitor
1522.  Bruno Brucker    Missisuaga South
1523.  Mrs L Howard    2
1524.  Laurie Smithies
1525.  Laurie Smithies
1526.  Mabel Edith Smithies
1528.  Richard William Smithies
1529.  holly huang
1530.  A. Thompson    1
1531.  Vivek Viegas
1532.  kay SHOHET
1533.  helen SHOHET
1534.  Mamdouh Armanios    6
1535.  john smith    8
1536.  Magi Armanios    6
1537.  Peter Armanios    6
1538.  Huili Yin
1539.  rick carroll    5
1540.  Sandra Falcone    1
1541.  Maureen Kolapak    5
1542.  David Christian    Ward 1
1544.  David Loughlin-Ross    2
1545.  Doreen Seddon    2
1546.  Paul Ingoldsby    2
1547.  Mona Cederberg
1548.  Kelly Carriere    6
1549.  Joan Wells    2
1550.  Caitlin Lusk
1551.  George Botros    8
1552.  Charles May    2
1553.  Michael La Penna
1554.  Corradina La Penna
1555.  Donald Harrington    2
1556.  I Macaulay    2
1557.  Violet Orton    2
1558.  Andrew zhuang    10
1559.  M Macaulay    2
1560.  larry barber    11
1561.  Jane Youssef
1562.  Baher Soliman
1563.  Magdy Philopos
1564.  Isaac Matta
1565.  gerard a larkin    9
1566.  sahar assaad
1567.  azer el rashidy    9
1568.  Amgad Ayad
1569.  Yan Beilei
1570.  Brook Tyler    2
1571.  Nady Ibrahim    10
1572.  Hugh Francisci
1573.  amal
1574.  AshrafSamuel
1575.  Josephine Bau    8
1576.  Maged Ghoubrial    6
1577.  P Wall
1578.  zhixian ma
1579.  Sameh Nashed
1580.  John Wahba    6
1581.  Dalia Fekri    6
1582.  Rafik Botros    6
1583.  Farid Guirguis    8
1584.  A Youwakim
1585.  G Youwakim
1586.  amir el rashidy
1587.  sherry el rashidy
1588.  May Wong
1589.  Fr Paul Guirgis
1590.  laila ibrahim
1591.  laila ibrahim
1592.  Nadia Habib
1593.  Samar Habib
1594.  Sandy Youssef
1595.  Beshoy Habib
1599.  Susanne Sweatman    2
1600.  Scott Sweatman    2
1601.  Gayle Else    11
1602.  Arthur Else    11
1603.  Bill Carty
1604.  Sandra :ee
1605.  Mei Lan Leung
1606.  effat hanna ibrahim    ÿ
1607.  HANA, ADEL FAHMY    4
1608.  Sandi Laing
1609.  Peter Laing
1610.  Douglas & Carol Daer
1611.  Gladys Lafferty    2
1612.  line voided
1613.  Magdy Nashat
1614.  Hanna Takla
1615.  Charles Barrett
1616.  Robert Brown    2
1617.  Jane Brown    2
1618.  Carol Burns    9
1619.  Ingrid Enhagen    two
1620.  Donna Valiquette    2
1621.  Ashraf Salib
1622.  tawfilis    keep our mayor mississauga will die without her
1623.  hani
1624.  Linda McGregor



"PROL" (other alias "AV8R" confirmed) online comments at the Mississauga News December 31, 2010


Once again the “Friends of Hazel” play prominently.

On February 12, 2011, I paid $350.00 for Hazel McCallion’s 90th Birthday Bash mega-party that saw Sheridan Campus named after her —the very-same campus location she fought so hard to have her son’s lucrative hotel-condo extravangaza built on instead!

“Friend of Hazel” Jim Murray pays tribute to the MYTHissauga Mayor.

Jim Murray, senior vice-president J. J. Barnicke's Mississauga Office, organizer of  Hazel McCallion's 90th Birthday $350.00-a-ticket Party.


In March 2011 we learned the degree to which the Mayor’s Gala was, as Councillor Nando Iannicca put it, just a “fete for the City’s elites. And at the end of the day for every dollar that came in, eighty cents was consumed.”

More research reveals how bogus the Community Foundation of Mississauga is and that “raised millions of dollars to support the arts, culture and heritage” can mean not a single penny has actually gone to Mississauga’s arts, culture and heritage” but simply into the Community Foundation of Mississauga’s management fees!

Freeze-frame "McCallion-backed Ron Starr (left) and Councillor Nando Iannicca" from video "Hazel McCallion Mayor's Gala Scandal: MYTHissauga "raised mmmillions of dollars"


I stumbled upon these images of Stephen Harper and Mississauga Ward 5 Councillor Eve Adams purely by accident while Googling. It shows Ms. Adams in her Conservative blue dress-necklace campaign ensemble posing with the Prime Minister on August 17, 2010.

Was it this MiWay occasion when Stevie approached Eve to run Federally for 2011?…



Man did I enjoy the discovery of this “Starr’s on the Credit” 2008 video! True the video is from 2008 but someone Tweeted the URL in 2011! And what a find!

The Number 5 image for 2011 is this freeze-frame as Ronnie Hawkins tells the assembled “Starr’s on the Credit”party-ers, “Folks, I’d like to tell you that it’s an honour to be here meetin’ all you old timers again. Most of you were going to jail before she took over. Now you’re all rich. Whatta girl”.

I’ve been calling these MYTHissauga hacks “crooks” for years so it was gratifying to have music legend Ronnie Hawkins agree with me!

Ronnie Hawkins quote about Hazel McCallion, "Folks, I'd like to tell you that it's an honour to be here meetin' all you old timers again. Most of you were going to jail before she took over. Now you're all rich. Whatta girl"


On May 28, 2011 I bought a 2006 black Dodge Charger RT, aimed it at Mississauga City Hall, parked right behind a City of Mississauga knob unit and flicked on my RT’s custom Oracle lights!

This pic is simply this gearhead’s way of announcing that my car’s penis is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay bigger than the limp-dimple on the white 6 cylinder knob-dumpster with Police Envy.

City of Mississauga Corporate Security KNOB UNIT and MISSISSAUGAWATCH 2006 Black Dodge Charger R/T


What can I say? I’m so PROUD of this inspired cartoon middle-finger salute!

Imagine! ****ing off on a bogus Trade romp to Brazil so you can delay the release of the Judicial Inquiry report until after the Ward 5 by-election. And the Commission letting you!

Hazel McCallion: Mississauga Judicial Inquiry Report "Updating Ethical Infrastructure"


“Friend of Hazel” Katie Mahoney’s 2010 Financial Statement was finally released.

Michael Nobrega, CEO of OMERS (Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System) and former city manager, David O’Brien, an OMERS Board of Director and trustee of the McCallion family trust both contributed the max of $750.00. Both testified at the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry and what performances they were!

Councillor Katie Mahoney was the only councillor to testify at the Inquiry and of what little she could remember, managed to corroborate Nobrega and O’Brien’s version of events. A remarkable feat considering that David “I don’t remember, I don’t recall” O’Brien remembered even less than Mahoney!

My only remaining question is did Nobrega and O’Brien donate before or after Mahoney testified on June 15, 2010?

Mississauga Councillor Katie Mahoney's 2010 Financial Statements reveal both Michael Nobrega and David O'Brien donated $750.00 (maximum allowed) to her 2010 re-election campaign.


“Friends of Hazel” Fran Rider (President, Ontario Women’s Hockey Association, Diane Kalenchuk (Sales Rep. Royal LePage Realty Plus) and Betty Merkley (RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc) sit with Pat Anderson (Chair, Mississauga Waterfront Festival) as they await the Commissioner’s Judicial Inquiry report.   October 3, 2011.

"Friends of Hazel" Fran Rider (President, Ontario Women's Hockey Association, Diane Kalenchuk (Sales Rep.  Royal LePage Realty Plus) and Betty Merkley (RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc) sit with Pat Anderson (Chair,  Mississauga Waterfront Festival) await th


I visited OCCUPY TORONTO and St. James Park about a half dozen times. I loved it there and shot hundreds of images. I’ve selected this one as the most important because it echoes something that Councillor Nando Iannicca warned us about back in 2010.

“All animals look at each other differently when watering hole dries out”

OCCUPY TORONTO sign HUNGRY? EAT THE RICH! (October 15, 2011)

Prediction for 2012?

MYTHissauga: Guaranteed to Get Worse!



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Year in Review: Police, Firefighters, more Police –and Hockey MISSISSAUGAWATCH Top Ten YouTube videos for 2011

December 29th, 2011  

A MISSISSAUGAWATCH quick year in review. Our Top Ten YouTube videos for 2011 based on your view counts. Police and Firefighters scored even bigger than hockey.

Here we go.

NUMBER ONE video for 2011. Uploaded May 14, 2011.

Peel Regional Police 2011 Dodge Charger (Police Day, May 14, 2011) (1:26 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

NUMBER 2 Uploaded May 14, 2011.

Peel Regional Police Dodge Charger with special focus on INTERIOR (Police Day, May 14, 2011)  (3:38 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

NUMBER 3    Uploaded June 7, 2011.

“Starr’s on the Credit” 2008 video of Mississauga elite partying removed from the Net. Why? (6:58 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

NUMBER 4  Uploaded July 11, 2011.

Hana, Maui Hawaii Fire Department (highlighting two beautiful fire engines)  (2:27 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

NUMBER 5  Uploaded April 14, 2011.

Hazel McCallion Mayor’s Gala Scandal: MYTHissauga “raised mmmillions of dollars”  (10:11 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

NUMBER 6   Uploaded June 1, 2011.

St John Sea Dogs Defeat Mississauga Majors for Memorial Cup WIN! Special Thanks to ROGERS  (3:08 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

NUMBER 7   Uploaded July 5, 2011.

Maui, Hawaii Firefighters and Police respond to Lahaina July 4th blaze that destroys house  (9:01 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

NUMBER 8   Uploaded June 3, 2011.

Peel Police 11 Division Jail Cells 11 Division (May 28, 2011 High Definition)  (4:30 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

NUMBER 9   Uploaded May 14, 2011.

Peel Regional Police Tactical Unit: Guns, GUNS, GUNS and RAPPEL. (Police Day, May 14, 2011)  (4:50 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

NUMBER 10   Uploaded May 23, 2011.

St John Sea Dogs overtime goal against the Owen Sound Attack (May 23, 2011)  (7:28 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

Those were the viewers’ Top Ten for 2011.

YouTube lists 174 MISSISSAUGAWATCH-produced videos for 2011. Tomorrow I’ll share what I regard as my Top Ten vids.

And always, always remember…

GRAFFITI MISSISSAUGA, "Dont Be so quick To judge; you only see what I choose to show."


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Mississauga Civic Centre Christmas Eve 2007, “Celebration Square” Christmas Day 2011 and Nando Iannicca’s Lessons of a Beer Fridge

December 26th, 2011  

Today, a bit of history of the Mississauga Civic Centre —including insight (sadly) into the Human Condition.

This YouTube video is a compilation of three separate video clips:

  1. Footage from the Mississauga Civic Centre WebCam showing what the old Mississauga Civic Centre looked on Christmas Eve 2007.
  2. April 29, 2009 video of Councillor Nando Iannicca urging support for the renovation of the DownTown Square and
  3. Footage from the Mississauga Civic Centre WebCam showing yesterday’s Christmas Day 2011 activities at the newly-renovated Mississauga Celebration Square.

Mississauga WebCam: Old Civic Centre Christmas Eve 2007 and “Celebration Square” Christmas Day 2011 (7:28 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)


Councillor Nanda Iannicca, Mississauga Special Council meeting, April 29, 2009

—because, Madam Mayor, you’ve spoken to it in very stark, correct political terms. And I think you’ve outlined it beautifully.

And I’m going to take a different tack. I’m going to be very abstract with my councillor-colleagues right now. So please indulge me. Because I want to talk about a beer fridge.

Cuz I hope this brings the point across that I want to bring in.

And the beer fridge I’m talking about was the concept that won a professor a Nobel Prize. And you may know the movie that speaks to it. It was “A Beautiful Mind”.

And the professor from the United States, who won an award for Economics from Nobel because he explained the theory of Enlightened Self Interest. We all have Self Interest. But the smart ones in the crowd know what Enlightened Self Interest is.

The analogy he used, and I won’t here today, related to the uh, favours of a lovely woman. We won’t talk about that. We’re going to talk about a different example that social scientists have used. And it was a beer fridge. True story.

What they did was they took a beer fridge and they put it on the dormitory of a university campus. And they took a bunch of folks just like us. Said, you all sleep on this floor. At the end of the hall, here’s a brand new beer fridge. And we, Molson’s, Labatts —pick one, are going to stock it with beer. Every. Day.

And we’ve done a count. We’ve got more beer in there than twelve people could possibly drink in a week!

But we’re going to stock it with that much and there’s only one condition. True story by the way. That at the end of the night when we come to restock the fridge, so long as one bottle is left, we’ll fill it to capacity. You get another thousand bottles.

So if you only drank two hundred, we put two hundred back in. You drank nine hundred, we put the other nine hundred back in. If you drink nine hundred and ninety-nine and there’s one, we’ll put nine ninety-nine in.

But of course if there’s none, the game is over.

Lasted one night.

The fridge was empty at the end of the night.

Mayor Hazel McCallion, Mississauga Special Council meeting, April 29, 2009


Councillor Nanda Iannicca, Mississauga Special Council meeting, April 29, 2009

True story.

Because what people pursued was Self Interest, not Enlightened Self [Interest].

They say, Hell, it’s here now. I’m going to throw it under my bed now. At least I end up with a hundred beers. At the end of the day, nobody got any more beer.

That, dare I say, is exactly what is happening here. For the reason the Mayor touched upon. This is the program we’ve been given. These are the rules of the game. I didn’t say it at Council but I will say it now. Because there’s a fallacy of understanding here.

I don’t want to pick on the noise walls but I will use that as an example. “My residents don’t want the Downtown Square. They prefer noise walls.” Fact of the matter is they don’t. It’s an unassailable fact —if, Councillor Prentice, with the greatest of respect, I were to come in your community and talk to your people who benefit from the noise wall, of course, they’d rather see a noise wall instead of anything in the Downtown Square. Just like they’d rather see a library over there.

My residents don’t want me to support a Downtown Square if it otherwise leads to the improvement of the parkette next door to their home.

But if you walk in and say, “Hold on, hold on. Not everybody’s getting everything. You may not get the parkette next door to you —that person over there might instead get a sound wall.” What are they going to say?

Well, the rest of the city is going to say, to hell with that, build the Downtown Square. At least I benefit from that!

Dare I say in your own wards, if you were putting in sound walls or a parkette, the residents that immediately benefit, will say it’s a great idea. But take me into your wards. Take me in any ward and have me talk to the community that lives furthest away from your sound wall. Say, “Hi, you get a sound wall down there. And those people, “What do I get?” Well you get the privilege of paying for it. “Well do I get my parkette?” Nooo.

Well, what’s Plan B? Well we can do the Town Square for everybody.

Well do the Town Square, what am I, stupid? Do you not all see that? It’s self-evident.

The more fundamental point is the Mayor’s: These are the rules of the game. They’re going to pick a project that ma— And Councillor Prentice —Councillor Saito has just said, “They don’t think that way”. That’s the point —they don’t think that way. They’re thinking in terms of their Self Interest, not Enlightened Self Interest.

If we’re thinking along the line —well, Councillor Saito, I think they hold us to a higher standard. If what we are practising is Enlightened Self Interest in getting some of this pool of funds, what the Mayor has said is absolutely true, I think without question.

Here is your list. What’s the one big sexy one. What’s the one that makes the most sense to us? Because God forbid, I don’t think they’re just thinking of Mississauga. I think they’re thinking of a whole country. And a little bit of pathway lighting, I don’t think it turns their crank. I don’t think they’re terribly excited about something like that.

So at the end of the day, unless you think we’re all going to end up with some “beer”, we’re going to end up with none of it. And at the end of the day the decision will be what will give us more bang for the buck that we think we’ve shared the wealth with an entire community.

It is a project like a town civic square that might do it, or a waterfront project —that makes sense. Or the Chappell property —it’s kind of our High Park.

But if you start divying up into little pieces, and say give us all a six-pack, nobody gets any “beer”. I don’t know how much more self-evident I can make it than that. The Mayor said it better than me.

At the end of the day, Madam Mayor, I don’t know what Plan B is —I think it’s yours. Put them all on the list. Let’s see what shakes down. I don’t want to argue against sound walls. I think Councillor Prentice has said it all along. Sure I’m willing to give them a try.

But at the end of the day you’ve got to look at it from the eyes of the Federal Government. Like it or not, these are their rules. Let’s do something that’s going to meet with success because the last piece of the puzzle is this: under Enlightened Self Interest, if we get the funding for the Town Square —civic rehabilitation and all the other things that relates to it, that are greatly understood I might add, by definition, the life of our 10-year capital budget, it opens up funds for other things.

It’s taken —my example, why would I take my kids to Disneyland next year if my grandparents or their grandparents are going to take them on their own time? I’ll save that money and do something else with it. That’s what will percolate down. Otherwise no one gets any “beer” it seems to me.

So Madam Mayor, it is what it is. It’s going to be a decision out of our hands. Let’s hope we get our fair share. But I think to put something simple, clean and neat before the Federal Government is our greatest chance of doing. This parochialism will kill it for all of us in my opinion.

Thank you, Madam Mayor.

Music: Blue Danube as Civic Centre WebCam feed shows Christmas Day 2011 activity at the newly-renovated “Celebration Square”.


Mississauga city hall  civic centre hockey
Playing hockey after the official tree lighting ceremony at Mississauga Civic Centre on November 24, 2006


Mississauga Web Cam – Live!

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Peel Regional Police, Mississauga Fire Department and Peel Ambulance Services respond (again) December 21 2011

December 21st, 2011  

So I’m driving to run some errands for my parents and danged if I don’t hit on another accident attracting all manner of Peel Emergency Services. Video features Mississauga Fire Department, Peel Ambulance Services and a Peel Police officer who looks like he’s been swallowed by two Mississauga Transit buses at the 2:12 minute mark!

Peel Regional Police, Mississauga Fire Department, Peel Ambulance respond (again) December 21 2011 (3:31 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)


MISSISSAUGAWATCH driving south on Erin Mills Parkway, December 18, 2011

It is Wednesday, December the 21st, 2011. Actually it’s Winter Solstice Eve, and I’m going south here on Erin Mill Parkway heading towards Burnhamthorpe and there’s clearly been an accident. Or something.

And let’s hope it’s just a fender-bender.

I suspect that Erin Mills is closed. Yeah. And we’ve got ambulances and stuff.

They want us going around pretty fast. So I’m going.

MISSISSAUGAWATCH parked at gas station east side of Erin Mills Parkway, December 18, 2011

I doubt we’re going to be able to videotape long.

Let’s see what we got here. Got Emergency Services. Ambulance. There’s a Mississauga Fire Truck —probably auto extrication. And —another ambulance here. Soon as the ambulances come then you know that —well, let’s hope that it’s just precautionary.

Okay. I’m going to try from a different angle.

The police officer is still there directing traffic. I feel sorry for the police officer. There’s just one there right now.

Turning camera off.

Okay I just moved to a slightly different angle and I’m wrong. There’s actually two Peel Police cars. There’s one over here. And one over on this side.

I’ll just pan out a little bit. He’s getting them through pretty well.

I do not like that police officer standing right there in front of all that traffic!

Peel Police. Part of Peel Region Emergency Services.

And all that officer really has protecting him is that bright yellow jacket.

That guy’s taken off. So I guess they’ve done their thing.

That’s two of them [tow trucks] there. At least nobody is hurt.

The fire engine’s going. Fire truck I should say.

So. Turning camera off.




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Mississauga Fire Department, Peel Regional Police and Peel Ambulance Services respond to fire, December 18, 2011

December 18th, 2011  

From the Mississauga News:

Firefighters rescue woman

Julie Slack
Dec 18, 2011 – 3:25 PM

Mississauga firefighters rescued a woman from a burning townhouse just before noon today.

Peel Police said the woman is recovering at hospital along with another person who was also at home when the fire broke out.

When Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services arrived at 1050 Bristol Rd. the townhouse was totally engulfed in flames. They were told there was a woman trapped in an upstairs bedroom.

Fire crews entered the home and located the victim who was removed from the house and transported to hospital with minor injuries including smoke inhalation.

Firefighters got the blaze under control quickly, but remain on scene.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Here’s what happened after Mississauga firefighters got the blaze under control quickly and remained on the scene. Video features Peel Emergency Services, Mississauga Fire Department, Peel Regional Police and Peel Ambulance Services.

Mississauga Fire Department, Peel Regional Police and Peel Ambulance Services respond Dec 18, 2011 (3:30 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)


MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting from inside car parked on the east side of Creditview south of Bristol, December 18, 2011

It is Sunday, December the 18th, 2011 and there’s a whole bunch of Mississauga fire trucks there. No idea why.

This is Creditview.

It’s rare that you get the trucks —this many all at once.

Let’s go right in there, telephoto.

This is our Emergency Services.

And just to give you an idea of the whole scene, we’ve got pumpers here. That’s A101.

We’ve got Peel Regional Police. Dodge Charger.

Okay. On the bright side, they’ve got it under control. It’s very easy to tell —that they do.

City of Mississauga Fire Department. And a colleague from Peel Regional Police.

Oh. And I forgot to point out they have that as well so a full complement of Emergency Fire Services here.

Hmm. A hose there.

Oh, another police car. Coming in.

Should point out, Peel Regional Police, they’re hiring.

Oh, wait a second. There’s a police officer coming over this way. Let’s see if he’s going to tell me to turn the camera off.

MISSISSAUGAWATCH getting out of the car now parked on the west side of Creditview south of Bristol, December 18, 2011

It is still Sunday, December the 18th, 2011 and I was asked to move. So was the guy in front of me. For better flow of traffic.

And it was really nice. The officer recognized me as the “Mississauga watch dog lady”, (woof, woof) and so —yeah, I can smell smoke. And now that I’ve gotten out and across the street, I can now see where the problem is.

Oh, man.

And we’ve got Emergency Services. We’ve got the Ambulance. This.

Anyway, don’t want to stay too long




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Harper Government’s plan to scrap Long Gun Registry UNANIMOUSLY opposed by Mississauga Council. Retain data urged.

December 16th, 2011  

Let’s get to it.

Today’s video (special thanks ROGERS Cable 10 Mississauga), complete with video transcript.

Harper Government’s plan to scrap Long Gun Registry UNANIMOUSLY opposed by Mississauga Council (1:56 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)


Motilall Sarjoo, President, Brampton-Mississauga & District Labour Council,  Mississauga Council December 16, 2011


Mayor Hazel McCallion, Mississauga Council December 16, 2011

I have a motion I’d like to read while you’re here to deal with it.

Moved by Councillor Crombie and seconded by Councillor Dale. Councillor Dale is on our Police Services Board. So he knows the support of Peel Regional Police.

Whereas on October 25, 2011 the Minister of Public Safety —woweee, that’s quite a title! “Public Safety”. Introduced Bill Cat[laughs] an act —he might have a conflict, an act to amend the Criminal Code and FireArms Act ending the Long Gun Registry Act and requiring the destruction of the existing information.

And whereas Peel Regional Police, among many other agencies and organizations as well as individual citizens, believe that the Long Gun Registry is an important tool in preserving the safety of citizens —and officers, in their day-to-day duties,

Now therefore, be it resolved that Council of the Corporation of the City of Mississauga requests the Federal Government to reconsider the proposed legislation, or at a minimum, permit the provinces to retain the information currently in the Registration database.

A letter sent to the Prime Minister, transmitting this resolution, with copies to the MPs, and requesting their support, any response from them as to any action they are prepared to take —on this issue.

You’ve heard the motion.

And I’m going to ask for a recorded vote because the Mayor wants to vote on this.

City Clerk, Crystal Greer, Mississauga Council December 16, 2011

All those in favour of the motion, please stand.

The motion carries unanimously.

Mayor Hazel McCallion, Mississauga Council December 16, 2011

Thank you.


Here is a cut-and-paste from the Council Agenda December 14, 2011 Part 2 at mississauga,ca. You can read Deputy Chief Paul Tetzlaff’s original email to Mayor Hazel McCallion at:

Item I-2


From: Tetzlaff, Paul
Sent: 11/24/2011 11 :36 AM
To: Carol Horvat
Subject: FW: Long Gun Registry Bill C-19

Good morning Carol,

Chief Metcalf has requested that I respond to your inquiry regarding the federal government’s
proposal to end the long-gun registry.

Peel Regional Police believe that the long-gun registry is an important tool in preserving the
safety of our citizens and our own officers in their day to day duties. On a daily basis, we
access the registration database to be forewarned of situations where a firearm may be
encountered, and to identify the rightful owners of firearms that come into our possession. We
are concerned that not only does the legislation end the registration of long-guns on a go forward
basis, it requires the destruction of the existing information.

In the interest of community and officer safety, PRP cannot support the government’s position
on this issue. If the government is intent on enacting the Ending the Long-gun Registry Act, as
it appears they are, at a minimum the provinces should be permitted to retain the information
currently in the registration database.

I have attached a ‘Long Gun Registry Background’ document for your further information.
As an aside, I am meeting with Motilall Sarjoo and members of the Labour Council on Monday
next at 10 AM.

If I may be of further assistance, please feel free to contact me directly.

Regards … Paul
Paul Tetzlaff
Deputy Chief of Police

Item I-2a



On 25 October 2011, the Minister of Public Safety introduced Bill C-19, an Act to amend
the Criminal Code and Firearms Act in the House of Commons. The short title of the bill
is called Ending the Long-gun Registry Act.

The government’s stated purpose of the Ending the Long-gun Registry Act is to ensure
Canadian firearm laws target real criminals and protect the safety of the public. The
proposed legislation will remove the requirement to register firearms that are neither
prohibited nor restricted. In other words, the main objective of the Act is to remove the
requirement for long-gun owners to register their hunting rifles and shotguns. The new
legislation will also require the destruction of existing records, held in the Canadian
Firearms Registry and under the control of chief firearms officers that relate to the
registration of such firearms. Additionally, the purpose of the new legislation is to amend
several sections of the Firearms Act, primarily to reflect the change that registration
certificates will no longer be required for non-restricted firearms.

Anticipated Effect on Police Officers and Police Services

In general, the proposed amendments to the Criminal Code will mean that a failure to
hold a registration certificate for a non-restricted firearm will not give rise to any of the
offences related to unauthorized possession of a firearm. Additionally, since the failure to
hold a registration certificate for a non-restricted firearm will no longer constitute an
offence for unauthorized possession, police will not be able to seize a non-restricted
firearm. Police will want to be alert to any issues concerning officer safety as a result of
this limit on the ability to seize certain firearms when an individual cannot produce a
registration certificate.

It should also be noted that firearms owners will still require a valid firearms licence to
purchase or possess firearms and to purchase ammunition. Firearms owners will also still
be required to undergo background checks, pass a firearms safety training course and
comply with firearms safe storage and transportation requirements for all firearms. While
the long-gun registry will be gone and only prohibited and restricted firearms will be
covered under the registry system, it is clear from the above that certain safety measures,
such as background checks and training courses, will remain in place.

The proposed legislation will order the destruction of all records in the Canadian
Firearms Registry related to non-prohibited and non-restricted firearms. This will greatly
impact police forces as they will no longer have access to such infornation. The repeal of
the requirement for long-gun owners to register will affect police ability to accurately
query CPIC to determine whether a gun might be encountered in a situation. Police forces
rely on the firearms registry search on a day-to-day basis for a variety of reasons,
including officer safety. With the elimination of registration certificates and the
destruction of the firearms records for nonrestricted firearms, many gun-owners will not
be captured in the search and an officer’s ability to rely on such searches for safety
purposes will be significantly diminished.



Item I-2b


Additionally, the new legislation may have negative consequences on police
investigations. The registry assists police officers in their investigations because it allows
them to trace the owners of firearms used to commit criminal offences and identify
owners of stolen firearms. Under the current legislation, when police officers recover a
non-prohibited or non-restricted gun at the scene of a crime, they can trace it to its
rightful owner. This will no longer be the case once the long-gun registry is abolished
under the proposed legislation. The gun registry is an essential tool used by police when
taking preventive action and in enforcing prohibition orders. The registry is used to
ensure that all firearms are removed from an individual’s possession when the situation
warrants it. Abolishing the requirement of registration for long-guns will diminish the
gun registry usefulness to police as a crime prevention tool.

Finally, the licensing process screens gun owners for risk factors and registration holds
them accountable for their guns. These two things taken together reduce the risk that
dangerous people will have access to firearms. As a result of the removal of long-gun
registration, it may very well be that police forces could be faced with an increase in gun
related issues.

What follows is the entire Bill C-19 – Long Gun Registry deputation complete with debate, the motion and voting —21:38 minutes worth. Thanks to MississaugaNewsREEL (and of course ROGERS Cable 10 Mississauga)

Retain Long Gun Registry Bill C-19 existing records, Mississauga Council debate (21:38)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES from Mississauga Council Agenda


Item I-1

From: Motilall Sarjoo
Sent: 11/17/2011 9:39 PM
To: Hazel McCallion; SusanFennell
Subject: Long Gun Registry Bill C-19
Dear Mayor S. Fennell and H. McCallion

As you may be aware, the Long gun Registry Bill C-19, will be tabled in Parliament very
soon for it’s third and final reading. The Brampton-Missisauga and District Labour
Council represents over twenty six thousand members within the Region of Peel.

As President of this organization, I am seeking your support in form of a letter to the
Prime Minister requesting that he understands our quest to stop gun related violences
within our community by keeping the Gun Registry intact.

Please see attached fact sheet and letter to Premiere Dalton McGuinty from Ontario
Federation of Labour President Sid Ryan for further information.

Thank you for your continued support.

Motilall Sarjoo (SARJ)
Brampton-Mississauga & District Labour Council

Item I-1a


The Conservative Government has tabled Bill C-19, an Act to amend the Criminal
Code and the Firearms Act. The Bill would eliminate the mandatory registration of
non-restricted firearms (rifles and shotguns) and destroy all of the data it has
collected so far.

The gun registry is part of a package of provisions established in response to public
pressure following the tragic loss of 14 young women’s lives on December 6, 1989.
By introducing stronger gun control laws, Canada has reduced the amount of
firearm-related violence and death. Now the Conservatives want to take us back 15
years and put the narrow interests of the US-backed gun lobby ahead of the lives
and safety of Canadians.

Let’s get real.

The Gun Registry is an important tool for workplace and community safety.

Police have estimated that they use the registry over 17,000 times a day, and say it
helps them prevent, investigate and solve crimes. Social workers, paramedics,
firefighters and other first responders use the information in the database to help
them keep safe on the job. They need to know when there is a gun in the home or
whether there is a risk of gun violence before they enter a situation, so they can
quickly devise a plan to ensure the safety of workers, clients and patients.

There are currently seven million registered “non-restricted guns”. This category
includes rifles and shotguns, such as the powerful semiautomatic Ruger Mini 14
used in the Montreal Massacre, and sniper rifles, including the .50 calibre sniper
rifle. Rifles and shotguns are the most used weapons in domestic violence, suicides
and to kill police officers. They also figure prominently in incidents of workplace
violence, like the 1999 tragedy at the OC Transpo bus yard in Ottawa.

Gun violence is not only a big city issue. Domestic violence, suicide, and murders of
police officers with firearms occur more often, on a per capita basis, in rural
communities. Women experiencing domestic violence in rural areas report threats
and intimidation using firearms.

A 2010 Ipsos Reid poll showed that two thirds of Canadians support the gun
registry. Even in rural areas, supporters equal opponents. Although they are less
vocal, the vast majority of people living with gun owners, and the majority of rural
women, support the registry.

According to the RCMP, abolishing the long-gun registry would save less than
$4 million per year. The costs involved with destroying the data have not been
identified by the government. The money to set up the registry has already been
spent – what a waste of taxpayers’ investment to simply throw it away.

Item I 1-b


The gun registry helps reduce violence.

Statistics Canada reports that rates of homicide involving rifles or shotguns in 2010
were about one-fIfth of those seen 30 years ago.

Firearm-related suicides have decreased by 43 per cent since the introduction of
stricter gun laws in 1991 and by 23 per cent since the introduction of the Firearms
Act in 1995.

Workers in shelters and child welfare agencies believe that the long-gun registry
helps keep vulnerable women and children safer. Since its enactment, the rate of
women murdered with ftrearms by their intimate partner has decreased by 69 per

Listen to the experts

The Conservative government is fast-tracking the passage of this bill in order
to avoid a full discussion of its implications on the safety of workplaces and
communities. Here’s what they don’t want to hear:

“The registry is a valuable tool that assists law enforcement with investigation,
prevention, tracing, accountability and provided at the national level is cost effective
and consistent across the country.”
-Canadian Police Association

“We treat patients on a regular basis who are suicidal and who are victims of
domestic assault. We know that a long-gun in the home puts both types of patients
at a signiftcantly higher risk of being killed. Since many of these patients come to
the hospital accompanied by police, we work with the police, who use the registry
regularly to determine if the patient has a gun registered in the home. This
knowledge, together with information as to whether the police then removed the
ftrearm, helps us to assess the patient’s safety plan and to ensure that these
impulsive potential methods of injury or death are removed.”
-Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians

“Violence against women is a $4 billion problem in this country. Every year,
100,000 women and children leave their homes fleeing violence and abuse. Longguns
and rifles are used to intimidate women and the threat of a rifle is often a
significant reason that women don’t risk leaving to seek help. YWCA Canada
supports the long-gun registry as a public safety tool as there is clear evidence that
it helps make women and children’s lives safer. Our shelters tell us it is both useful
and needed. Our rural shelters tell us police consult it every time they go to a
domestic violence incident. These are deliberate and speciftc searches for the
presence of firearms in the home. In 2009, approximately 7,000 registration
certiftcates were revoked for public safety concerns. Dismantling the registry is not
in the interests of women living at risk of domestic violence”
-Paulette Senior, CEO, YWCA Canada

Item I 1-c


The best way to protect the data is to save the gun registry.

Some provinces have said that they would keep the registry going in their
jurisdiction if the federal government eliminates it. Some are calling for an
amendment to the legislation to save the data. But the cheapest and most effective
way to save the data is to keep the national registry.

Protect workplace and community safety

The Canadian Labour Congress supports the long-gun registry as an effective tool
for workplace and community safety. Eliminating it will put workers and Canadians
at risk.

Write your Members of Parliament and tell them to listen to the evidence, consider
the impact of this legislation, and oppose Bill C-19.

Item I 1-d


November 10,2011
Honourable Dalton McGuinty, Premier
Legislative Building
Queen’s Park
Toronto ON
M7A 1Ai

RE: Federal Government’s Decision to Cancel the Long-Gun Registry and Destroy the
Registry’s Current Records

Dear Mr. McGuinty:

The Ontario Federation of Labour is opposed to the federal government’s recent decision to
cancel the long-gun registry and, in addition, destroy the registry’s current records. I am writing
you today to call on you and your government to stand with the government of Quebec,
women’s and labollr organizations, physicians and police associations in publicly opposing Bill
C-19 and dernandirlg the Ontario data collected by the gun registry be turned over to

Ontarians know the gun registry has helped save lives. Statistics Canada reports that rates of
homicide involving rifles or shotguns in 2010 were one-fifth of those seen 30 years ago.
Workers in shelters and child welfare agencies know that the long-gun registry helps keep
vulnerable women and children safer. Since Its enactment, the rate of women murdered with
firearms by their intimate partners has dropped by 69 per cent We also know that firearmrelated
suicides have decreased by 43 per cent since the introduction of stricter gun laws in
1991 and by 23 per cent since the introduction of the Firearms Act in 1995.

The gun registry is an important tool for workplace sidely. Police estimated that across
Canada they use the registry over 17,000 times a day Police agencies are very clear that the
registry helps them to prevent, investigate and solve crimes. Social workers, paramedics,
firefighters and other first responders use the information in the database to help keep them
safe on the job. They need to know when ihere is a gun in the home or whether there is a risk
of gun violence before they enter a situation, so they can quickly devise a plan to ensure the
safely of workers, clients and patients.

Opponents have criticized the registry for its “judgement” onaw-abiding Canadian hunters,
alongside its apparent ineffectiveness at preventing actual gun-related crimes. Yet while this
popular rhetoric has debated the rights and day-to-day realities of hunters almost incessantly,
there has been much less discussion as to how the gun registry relates to the rights of women.

Item I 1-e


We know firearms play an important role in explaining the disproportionate number of domestic
violence-related homicides in rural and remote areas. A 2010 report by the VictimNVitness
Assistance Program of East Region, Ontario notes that women in the rural community of GreyBruce
‘reported the use of or threat with a weapon at more than twice the national rate as
reported in the Stats Canada Family Violence Survey”‘. Accordingly, the High Risk Review
Assessment Tool for Domestic/Partner Violence of South Hastings, Prince Edward County,
Ontario lists “Partner has a gun or has easy access to one” as the fourth out of eleven high risk
indicators used to assess the risk of lethality for women living With or leaving a relationship
where there has been past domestic violence’. In fact, almost every region in Ontario, rural or
urban, includes screening for access to firearms in their assessment of women’s safety in
domestic violence investigations. With the registry scrapped, these firearms will become

The facts related to women, firearms and domestic violence have been regularly diminished
throughout the political deliberation of the long-gun registry. Now, with the federal decision
nigh, they appear totally absent. Women’s disproportionate vulnerability to domestic violence
and sexual assault, in particular, means that women’ experience of these crimes in context with
the threat of firearms violence is different than men’s experience of the threat of firearm

I urge your government to consider the needs of women in your assessment and response to
this important issue. In particular, we ask that you:

• In alliance with Quebec’s provincial response, ask the federal government to allow
Ontario to keep the data from the soon-to-be-destroyed federal long-gun registry
• Actively challenge the federal government’s intention to fast-track the bill that will bring
the registry to an end through the House of Commons. We believe that this action is
intended to limit debate on the subject of the registry which, in itself, IS a problematic
• Actively challenge the federal government’s intention to limit debate on the subject of
the registry. This topic requires debate, as public opinion across provinces and
demographics is clearly not unanimous
• Consider how to create enforceable best practices that strengthen the registry’s
compliance measures instead of simply labeling the registry as ineffectual
• Consult with survivors of firearm violence, including those who survived the Montreal
Massacre and survivors of domestic violence. Incorporate their expertise in future
reviews of firearm-related policy and law as was done following the December 6, 1989
• Consult with service providers and advocates that support women experiencing
violence and incorporate their expertise in future reviews of firearm-related policy and

I Kasdorff, Deborah and Barbara Erb, “Serving Victims of Violence in Rural Communities: Chcdienges and Best Practices”,
Victim/Witness Assistance Program, East Region, January 2010,13
High Risk Review Assessment (Domestic/Partner Violence), HART Centre and South Hastings, Prince Edward County, and
DART Bancroft, p. 1

Item I-1f


Though the set-up and maintenance of the registry has a cost, this is small when compared to
the costs of murders of women and children, inquests related to these occurrences and
prosecutions of violent men who use firearms. This Federation acknowledges the financial cost
of the registry as well. We strongly feel that addressing violence against women is indeed a
financial investment, however one worth taking.

Patrick (Sid) Ryan

c.c. Honourable Laurel Broten, Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues
OFL Executive Board
OFL Women’s Committee
Ken Georgetti, CLC President
Andrea Horwath, MPP, Leader, New Democratic Party of Ontario
Tim Hudak, MPP, Leader Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario


Peel Police 2011 Police Package Dodge Charger at Mississauga City Hall Celebration Square

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Mississauga Graffiti report: It’s not graffiti without the police! And the “Bomb It” documentary.

December 12th, 2011  

The MISSISSAUGAWATCH Christmas message?…

“The System is CORRUPT, there is no way to fix it.” Ho! Ho! Ho!

So. Today’s video, complete with transcript.

Mississauga Graffiti report: It’s not graffiti without the police! And the “Bomb It” documentary (14:34 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)


MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting from undisclosed graffiti location in Mississauga. December 2, 2011

It is Saturday, December the 2nd, 2011.

There was a really interesting, revealing documentary on graffiti just a couple of days ago. And I thought now would be a good time to summarize some of the graffiti sites in the City of Mississauga that I’ve been documenting since April 2009.

Most of the material I’ve never put up on the internet either in photographs or in video. And the main reason for that, to be clear, is I know that if any of these writers were to get caught, anything that I might post on the internet would be used against them. And so that’s why I try to keep as much of it as possible off the Net and just primarily for research.

But I thought also that now is the time to start properly reporting on graffiti. And also using parts of the documentary that I saw. I believe it was called, “BOMB IT”.

And I thought one of the best things to do first of all is to come to some agreement regarding terms.

What I’ve done is I’ve highlighted all the terms. I’ve gone through them and these are the graffiti terms that I want to read in, for the record —and see how many apply here at the City of Mississauga. I’ll start with “U” first of all because there’s really an important one.

And it’s “UP”. And Up,

“Describes a writer whose work appears regularly everywhere and who is currently writing.”

So this guy here, “HACR”, is “up”. Meaning his graffiti is “up”. His tags are “up”.

So I guess what happens is as soon as you tag, you’re “up”. That doesn’t mean that you’re an “up” artist as seen regularly. However, “HACR” here is truly “up” because —he’s pretty ubiquitous. You can find his work very small on trucks.

Like for example, right there is a “HACR” on a white cube truck. And also he does rather large pieces like this as well.

So now you know what UP is, let’s go here with the “A”s and “ALL CITY”.

“What a writer is considered to be when he/she is “up”, but this term implies more status than being just “up”. Many people can be “up”, but only a select few can be considered “all city”. Can also refer to a crew instead of just one writer. “

And in the case of “HACR” he’s truly “up”. He’s the prominent writer in Mississauga. And the other one, I would say is quite prominent is “MYOH”. The two are frequently seen together and they’re part of the “OGC” graffiti crew.

So. That’s “ALL CITY”. Let’s go with “BACK IN THE DAY”.


Refers to the “old days”, old school, or when a writer first started writing. Also a hip-hop/rap term.

“OLD SCHOOL”. Let’s see what it says about “OLD SCHOOL”.

General term used to refer to the early days of writing, more specifically, the mid 70s to ’82 or ’83. Also may refer to hip-hop music of this period. Old-school writers are given respect for being there when it all started, and specific writers are remembered for creating specific styles.

[Video clip courtesy of graffiti documentary “BOMB IT” begins]

Graffiti artist “Cornbread”, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I was the world’s first graffiti artist. It started here in Philadelphia and went to Europe, Japan, Africa —you name it it’s there. And all roads leads back to me.

Lorenzo McKray “Cornbread“s brother, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

—as he did, his name just seemed to grow and grow and grow. He just became a household name more or less.

Graffiti artist “Cornbread“, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1971, a friend of mine named Cornelius Hosey got killed.

The newspapers thought the “Corn” was for “Cornbread” and they erroneously announced my death in the newspapers.

I went to the Philadelphia Zoo. I wrote on the concession stands. I wrote on the wall where the monkeys at. Where the lions is at. On the park benches.

I wrote, “CORNBREAD LIVES” on both sides of the elephant.

I got locked up for that.

[Video clip courtesy of graffiti documentary “BOMB IT” ends]

MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting from undisclosed graffiti location in Mississauga. December 2, 2011


Over time, this term has been applied to many different types of graffiti.  It is a name painted quickly with one layer of spray paint and an outline.

Throwups are generally only one or two colors, no more.

[Video clip courtesy of graffiti documentary “BOMB IT” begins]

Graffiti writer “COPE 2”

This is how we do a throwup. I’m going to show all you new jack mother******s out there.

First you do your outline. Then you fill it in. Using a fat cap, which spreads real quick, as you can see. Now I’m outlining my throwup. Take me up to a minute or two.

BOOM. And that’s it, baby. It’s a wrap.

[Video clip courtesy of graffiti documentary “BOMB IT” ends]

MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting from undisclosed graffiti location in Mississauga. December 2, 2011


A certain type of throwup (usually two colors) that is filled very quickly with back-and-forth lines, rather than filled in solid.

So I would think that this —I’ve already mentioned is a throwup. I also think that this likely qualifies as a scrub. Because it says it’s “a certain type of throwup (usually two colors)” in this case white and black.

You can argue that white and black aren’t colours, feel free. And “that it is filled very quickly back-and-forth lines, rather than filled in solid”.

See, it’s done very, very quickly. And likely because we are here in one of the busiest intersections in Mississauga. So when he’s doing this, there’s always a danger of being caught.

So I think that’s a scrub.


To copy another writer’s style. This is considered a no-no and is looked down upon, even though writers often borrow imagery from cartoons and comics.
“BLOCKBUSTER”. Now this I’ve seen.

Big, square letters, often tilted back and forth and in (usually) two colors. Mainly invented to cover over other people and to paint whole trains easily.

I’ve seen BLOCKBUSTERS. There’s a BLOCKBUSTER at . There’s definitely a BLOCKBUSTER that I won’t give the location to at all.

And they can be seen —they can be sometimes ten feet high.

Really, truly BLOCK BUSTER.

 Here’s one. “BOMB”.

[Video clip courtesy of graffiti documentary “BOMB IT” begins]

Graffiti bomber “Ramm-ell-Zee”

We didn’t call ourselves “graffiti writers”. Society called us that.

We called ourselves “bombers”. We were in the military. The military doesn’t do what you guys think. We don’t care about you.

We’re into Killing.


[Video clip courtesy of graffiti documentary “BOMB IT” ends]

MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting from undisclosed graffiti location in Mississauga. December 2, 2011


Prolific painting or marking with ink. To cover an area with your tag, throwups, etc.

A tag is very quick. Four seconds. That’s it.

Very quick and then you’re on to a new area.


Any means employed by the transit authority to remove graffiti from trains. The more modern usage is when any graffiti is gone over or removed from any surface, not necessarily just from trains.

But to be clear. Graffiti artists, including “HACR”, when he puts this up, he’s putting it up because he wants it to be visible. And when it’s visible like that he also knows, sooner or later it’s going to be removed.

This is really interesting.


To beat the competition with your style. Also refers to a really good piece, as in one that “burns”.


A burner is any piece that has good bright colors, good style (often in wildstyle) and seems to “burn” off of the wall.

Now there’s the introduction of “Wildstyle”. So let me read “Wildstyle” to you right now.

“Wildstyle” and I’ve seen these. They’re just incredible.


A complicated construction of interlocking letters. A hard style that consists of lots of arrows and connections. Wildstyle is considered one of the hardest styles to master and pieces done in wildstyle are often completely undecipherable to non-writers.

[Video clip courtesy of graffiti documentary “BOMB IT” begins]

Graffiti advocate 1

Pieces are just, you know, your name done in elaborate letters, whether they’re simple style pieces or wildstyle pieces. You have two-colour blends. You got either shadow or 3-D. You add some designs.  Maybe a cloud, a trim.

Graffiti artist “POSE 2”

There a whole art form is based upon lettering. You know how Jazz, you took Jazz and they broke it from its classical form and flipped it and started adding Bebop to it. And different forms.

We did the same thing with letters.

We took the basic alphabet and stretched it. We took a “P” as you see here and elongated it here. And added extensions here. And just added funk to it. Like we do to everything!

Tracy168, president of the Wildstyle crew

You don’t want to lose the basis of the letter. But you want to lose the letter.

Graffiti artist “POSE 2”

It’s taking your name, your identity and like exaggerating it.

“P” “O” “S” “E” “T” “W” “O”. “POSE TWO”.

Graffiti WILDSTYLE artist

Wildstyle isn’t really a style of letters. It’s a way of life. Okay, let’s get that straight right now, yo.

And I’ve got to give a shot out to Tracy168, the president of Wildstyle crew all the way back in the 70’s

Tracy168, president of the WILDSTYLE crew

So I was Wild. Don’t tell me how to live unless you were willing to die for me. But Style. Class. I respect you. You respect me.

So “WILDSTYLE” combined as one word. Became what I lived like. Became who I am.

It couldn’t be me doing it by myself. It took everybody to believe in a certain way of living.

Graffiti WILDSTYLE artist

And we reflected it in our graffiti. In our letters. That’s how we expressed it. That was WILDSTYLE.

We’d go, “Yo. Let’s go to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge. Let’s do a piece right there.” That’s WILDSTYLE.

Doesn’t matter that the letters are all nasty or you know, flowing with style. No, no, no. It’s my name that’s up on Brooklyn Bridge. You ain’t fuckin’ doin’ that my man.


[Video clip courtesy of graffiti documentary “BOMB IT” ends]

MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting from undisclosed graffiti location in Mississauga. December 2, 2011

Wildstyle is considered one of the hardest styles to master and pieces done in wildstyle are often completely undecipherable to non-writers.

And that is true. I look at them and I’m just —engrossed by the complexity of these murals. And you can see that interspersed with all of the geometry and arrows and interlocking pieces are letters.

And I mean, I look, and I can’t tell really what it says.

That’s how complicated and indecipherable they are.

So. That was “Wildstyle”.

So now we go back —and it’s clear that a “burner” then, is any really good piece that “burns” and just kind of shouts off from a wall.


A loosely organized group of writers who also tag the crew initials along with their name. Crew names are usually three letters, many times ending with “K”, which stands for “kings” or “kills” in most cases. Some crew names are just two letters, some are four, it all depends.

[Video clip of a 2011 Mississauga graffiti survey begins]

MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting from undisclosed Mississauga graffiti research site. October 10, 2011

—and I just want to point out, there’s the first evidence of the “OGC” crew. And that’s the crew that “HACR” and “MYOH” belong to.

“MYOH”. “QUEZ”. “HACR”. Looks like “W” —”LJM”. Those are, I would think, part of the “OGC” crew.

You’ve got the “KTC” crew. “KTC” —huge letters at one time. I suspect they did that with rollers.

[Video clip of a 2011 Mississauga graffiti survey ends]

MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting from undisclosed graffiti location in Mississauga. December 2, 2011

I think that’s one thing that both taggers and graffiti artists know. And that is that their stuff is temporary. The most visible it is, the more likely it’s going to attract the attention and be erased.

So why they do it?

Well, according to the video, “Bomb It”, it’s everything from hatred, hatred of The System. And I mean such pure hatred. Hating everything. Hating everybody —every thing.

[Video clip courtesy of graffiti documentary “BOMB IT” begins]

Graffiti bomber “Ramm-ell-Zee”

We called ourselves “bombers”. We were in the military. The military doesn’t do what you guys think. We don’t care about you.

We’re into Killing.


[Video clip courtesy of graffiti documentary “BOMB IT” ends]

MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting from undisclosed graffiti location in Mississauga. December 2, 2011

There’s hatred for authority. Hatred for Others.

[Video clip courtesy of graffiti documentary “BOMB IT” begins]

Graffiti advocate

Public Property! That’s what we should be writing on! The highways! The buses! The trains!

Public! Whatever is paid for by taxes. Bomb them shit! Hit ’em up!

[Video clip courtesy of graffiti documentary “BOMB IT” ends]

MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting from undisclosed graffiti location in Mississauga. December 2, 2011

But I do want to say that I have had email conversations with taggers and graffiti artists —I don’t know which, maybe both, who actually respect the police.

They respect the police. They don’t call them “pigs” or “cops”, they call them “police officers”. And I found that really interesting. That they basically considered police to be just part of the process.

In fact an important part of the process, saying if we don’t have the potential for being caught by the police, then it isn’t graffiti that we’re doing.

And then the other thing that was really important is they said, the potential for being arrested —the potential for running into police is part of the adrenalin rush.

And the other thing is too, that a lot of these writers, have, just like this glossary said, have a respect for Old School graffiti artists. That they really do have a culture. Admittedly not the mainstream culture, but there is a culture. There’s a —a tradition.

So you know, it’s a fascinating, fascinating world. And it’s so different from, from —from me.


Last. To the writers who left that message at the CathedralS, Hi Back!



Mississauga graffiti "HACR" full moon rising. December 12, 2011

Graffiti Mississauga "FLOWN" and train

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Occupy the Holidays – Brampton Four Corners! Sunday, December 11th – 2 pm. Advocate for Social and Economic justice for all!

December 10th, 2011  

Important meeting announcement from the Peel Poverty Action Group for tomorrow. Looks to be like an OCCUPY BRAMPTON! Hope to see you there!

OCCUPY the Holidays to meet at Brampton Four Corners tomorrow.

Occupy the Holidays – Brampton Four Corners!
Sunday, December 11th – 2 pm
To raise awareness of the impact the 1% has on the 99% of the population.

Meet: at Green Cup Roastery, 15 Main Street North, Brampton, at 2pm.
From there we will peacefully engage the residents of Brampton with our message!

* Bring your Voice and your Message!
* Embrace Love and Community over Consumption!
* Advocate for Social and Economic justice for all!
* Assert our Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms!

View Post on Facebook


Occupy Brampton --Four Corners   December 2, 2011



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BEWARE of TRAPS in Mississauga Code of Conduct if filing complaint with integrity commissioner

December 7th, 2011  

Once again, apologies for taking so long to write a new blog.

For the record, currently I’m in a protracted research phase —doing a lot of reading, studying actually. Also doing a lot of videotaping while reviewing five years worth of audio and videotape relating to City of Mississauga municipal government. And throughout all this, I’ve also have to scour Freedom of Information documents going all the way back to January 2007.

Not fun.

Also, I’m preparing a 3-part video on the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry’s recommendations as they relate the City of Mississauga’s Council Code of Conduct, hiring of an integrity commissioner and other MYTHissauga window-dressing “ethics” initiatives.

Today, the Mississauga News came out with article, Politicians to blame for voter apathy: study.

Some highlights:

The politically disengaged are not as apathetic or ignorant of politics as previously thought — they opt out because they feel the political system has failed them, says a survey of Canadians across the country, including a focus group from Mississauga.

• less engaged Canadians overwhelmingly describe themselves as outsiders. They do not feel they have a voice or any ownership stake in the political system
• Canadians’ dislike for politics seems closely related to a perceived gap between the ideals of democracy and the reality of how they are represented politically
• Disengagement is, in fact, a response to people’s personal interaction with politics and government

“A common theme across the focus groups was that the political system has failed many Canadians in clear and tangible ways,” said Alison Loat, Samara’s co-founder and executive director. “Consequently, political disengagement is a learned response — this is a far cry from the conventional wisdom that assumes the disengaged simply do not care.”

Kendall Anderson, Samara’s communications and project manager, says the research shows most disengaged non-voters start off wanting to be part of the system, but a series of unpleasant experiences ultimately turns them into non-voters.

Love that “perceived gap between the ideals of democracy and the reality of how they are represented politically”. Recall how I warn people about the “vast yawning gap between what Mississauga trumpets versus the behind-the-scenes Reality.” The perceptive reader will see that “vast yawning gap between what Mississauga trumpets versus the behind-the-scenes Reality” simply means “lie”.

Quite convenient for the Mississauga News to come out with their citizen-disengagement article today. Leads in quite nicely to the theme of this video: Our Lying, Deceptive Governments. And how integrity commissioners are just a waste of taxpayers’ dollars. A reminder that I truly believe that “The System is CORRUPT, there is no way to fix it.”

So. The video, complete with transcript.

BEWARE of TRAPS in Mississauga Code of Conduct if filing complaint with integrity commissioner (7:34 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)


MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting from Cooksville 5 & 10 intersection. December 5, 2011

It is Monday, December the 5th, 2011 and I’m parked here at Highway 5 and 10. And I just want to report a little bit, to provide a little bit of an update for you regarding what’s been going on in Mississauga.

There’s so many competing issues for me right now that the best way for me to describe what’s happening is that I feel mired in all kinds of conflicting issues. And mired to the point of paralysis.

And it’s not just conflicting and competing but there’s also this important kind of thinking that I have to do.

It isn’t enough just reading this book, “REPORT ON THE MISSISSAUGA JUDICIAL INQUIRY Updating the Ethical Infrastructure“. You need to think about it. You need to think what the implications are.

So, one of the things that I’m doing is I’m reading this [Mississauga Council Code of Conduct April 2011]. Not just reading but understanding the rules —almost to the point of committing certain things to memory.

And then I go back and I read in here [REPORT ON THE MISSISSAUGA JUDICIAL INQUIRY Updating the Ethical Infrastructure] what Commissioner Cunningham recommended for improving the Mississauga Code of Conduct.

And it’s taken a lot of time, and a lot of pondering —a lot of thinking.

I’m also filing at least one —at least one complaint with the integrity commissioner.

And it’s got to be done right. It’s got to be done right because I got really tripped up in a complaint that I filed against City of Mississauga Corporate Security.

And I need to refer you to the series on nursing homes by the Toronto Star. And they were reporting on some of the horrid abuses at nursing homes including one where a male nurse raped one of the women in his care.

The Toronto Star in that particular article also said that when they reviewed the investigation letters in nursing homes, the actual letter, the resolution letter, was sanitized. And that’s the word that they used: “sanitized“.

And so sanitized that they really couldn’t tell what the complaint was about. Or what they were investigating.

So, they couldn’t for example, determine from the letters whether something dealt with sexual abuse —or physical abuse.

I can tell you the City of Mississauga Corporate Security do the same thing. They sanitize their resolution letters so badly, when you read the resolution letter and then read what the actual public complaint was about, they’re two different things.

And just a little bit of background.

I’d sent an email asking a question through And I got a response that I considered rude enough that I asked for the identity of the individual who sent me the comment. And I repeated my request, for that person to identify himself, over a period of three months.

So I gave the person almost three months to come clean, and identify himself. When he didn’t I filed a complaint.

The individual confessed and by “confessing”, this person knew that he could stop the investigation and that was it. Basically I got a resolution letter that said, yes, the person was rude, he had been spoken with and I’m to consider the matter closed.

The point is, that again, when somebody reads the letter, oh, a person was being rude, it’s been taken care of.

No! No. The individual refused to identify himself!

And when I filed Freedom of Information asking them to follow the trail of where my email was sent, up across the top it said, “Jamie Hillis” —who is the Manager of Corporate Security.

So there’s every evidence, that the person who was hiding anonymously in email was actually the Manager, Jamie Hillis, who’s charged, by the way, with implementing the public complaints process! And the policy.

By the way, I fought that all the way to the IPC, Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commission. And they sided with allowing this individual his anonymity.

It was a mistake that I made —well, first of all, the biggest mistake was I felt now that they had a formal complaints procedure that it would be somehow legitimate. Clearly it wasn’t.

And I keep saying that the City of Mississauga has infinite capacity to pervert. They have infinite capacity to pervert policies, procedures, guidelines, provincial legislation and anything else.

And it’s the same here [with the Mississauga Council Code of Conduct April 2011]. I know for a fact, just because of prior behaviour, that if I don’t file the complaint with the integrity commissioner absolutely according to this [Mississauga Council Code of Conduct April 2011] document —it too will be perverted.

Also just for the record, I don’t believe for a minute that when I do file the complaint —or complaints, with the integrity commissioner, that it’s even going to matter.

Again. The City of Mississauga has infinite capacity to pervert.

And something else. I’ve been talking about McCallion-backed councillors. Tovey, Mullin, Fonseca, Crombie, Starr, Mahoney and Saito. Seven of them.

And just a reminder that [Councillor] Nando Iannicca basically said to all the councillors —and he stood by this. And he said, if you did not vote for the Inquiry, you’re not fit for public service.

[Video Insert begins]

Councillor Nando Iannicca, Mississauga General Committee, November 2, 2011

If you did not vote for the Inquiry. If you do not agree with its findings. And if you are not appalled at what happened, you are not fit for public service.

Acting Chair, McCallion-backed loyalist Councillor Katie Mahoney, Mississauga General Committee, November 2, 2011

Councillor Iannicca, I am going to cut this deba—

[Video Insert ends]

MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting from Cooksville 5 & 10 intersection. December 5, 2011

So you understand [laughs] that three of the four councillors who are going to be “working” on this Code of Conduct and in possibly hiring and making recommendations for Mississauga’s next integrity commissioner are, according to Nando Iannicca, “not fit for public service”.

So that gives me a lot of confidence here!

[Music: Caspian & Grafhic – Matrix Shit]

This thing here with the integrity commissioner —and preparing a complaint, just believe me when I say, it’s got to be done in the right order. And you have to make sure as a citizen that you don’t fall into the traps that are inherent in this [Mississauga Council Code of Conduct April 2011] document.

And here’s an allegation. They were put here on purpose. On purpose.


Councillor Nando Iannicca, Mississauga General Committee, November 2, 2011

If you did not vote for the Inquiry. If you do not agree with its findings. And if you are not appalled at what happened, you are not fit for public service.

Acting Chair, McCallion-backed loyalist Councillor Katie Mahoney, Mississauga General Committee, November 2, 2011

Councillor Iannicca, I am going to cut—


Example of SANITIZED City of Mississauga Corporate Security resolution letter.

Can you tell what the complaint was about?
Can you tell this complaint was against a Security BOSS?
Can you tell from this letter that contrary to Policy, a Security underling “investigated” a superior —and cleared him?

City Mississauga Corporate Security public complaints resolution letter heavily SANITIZED.



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