Will Durham Regional Police pull a City of Mississauga on the Ontario Ombudsman –and protect “Joe Mayo”?

August 30th, 2013  

All this drama about Durham Regional Police’s “Joe Mayo” reminds me of my unsuccessful efforts to get the City of Mississauga to hold its “Joe Mayo” accountable —someone using the alias “HyJynx”.

City of Mississauga Security Director Ken Owen confirmed the person responsible for the posts and issue “has been addressed and appropriately handled” so it’s not like he denied that “HyJynx” wasn’t one of the City’s own. The City claimed that they couldn’t identify “HyJynx” to a single individual security guard.

So I filed Freedom of Information on a unique Christmas 2005 incident that “HyJynx” bragged about and up popped a single name. I then shared that with Director Owen with the expectation that he’d now continue his “investigation”.  Silly me…

The City’s “Joe Mayo” has never been held into account.

The similarities between Durham Regional Police’s “Joe Mayo” and my own experiences with City of Mississauga Security’s “HyJynx” are so similar. For that reason I’m eager to see whether Durham Regional Police will also twist itself into a pretzel to protect its Detective-supervisor responsible for the anonymous Twitter account(s).

An aside: I’ve always found that one of the funniest things about the City of Mississauga’s “Joe Mayo” is that its Security bosses bragged about their guards being trained by —and having trained with— Peel Police!

I do owe City of Mississauga’s “HyJynx” a huge thank you however. He provided key insight into why he and his Corporate Security colleagues are so free to abuse (and that includes physical abuse). In an Wed Oct 12, 2005 9:13 am post, “HyJynx “served up some surprising honesty and simply admitted “beacuse [sic] I can.”

Why do police and security guards lie? Easy answer. Because they can!

Because they can.

And for the record…

Why do municipal security guards (and police) get away with abuses? City of Mississauga's "HyJynx" explains "beacuse [sic] I can"

The text:

Postby HyJynx » Sat Oct 15, 2005 12:36 pm

A few PP’s I absolutley hate:

#1: SUCKING YOUR TEETH: If you want to keep your teeth don’t suck them at any LEO.

#2: SPITTING: no respect

#3: calling me “boss”: I ain’t your boss or your Bag Of Shit.

#4: Can I see your ID Please: why my taxes pay your salary, you know who I am…..Yes your one of the hundreds of assholes that think thats funny. So when I give you the ticket you know where your moneys going.

#5: While sitting in a Park on my break citizen says :you know your wasting my tax dollars right now. Me :twisted: Your absolutley right sir, I didn’t realize that I was not allowed to take a break and have some food, are you allowed a break at your work, CTZN: why yes, ME: So should I complain to your boss everytime you take a break?? How about this sir, I’ll finish my lunch since I’ve been working for 8hr’s with out any break, then when I’m done eating I’ll tow your car so you can feel satisfied that your tax dollars are well spent, or maybe I’ll watch you while you use the park and give you a ticket beacuse I can :twisted:

#6: Last one promise… My Taxes Pay your salary: Good, does that mean if you pay them on time this year I’ll get a raise :D

Source: http://forums.blueline.ca/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=1486&start=75

Introducing HyJynx, City of Mississauga protected its "Joe Mayo" and swept his abuses under the rug.

The relevant text:

HyJynx » Mon Dec 26, 2005 8:59 am

“Once we explained that they had each committed 4 offences for a grand total of $3K, well she quit her babbling and left :D

Source: http://forums.blueline.ca/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=6572&start=15


HyJynx » Mon Dec 26, 2005 8:27 am

Actually with out letting on where I work, I have done this before because the client was rapidly become hostile and was going to get violent. So I let him walk beacuse no back up was arriving in time. And wouldn’t you know, the next weekend I ran into him again, same bat time same bat channel. Only this time there were 3 of us vs. him. Lets just say that the Administration of Justice was not the one dragged through the cement :twisted: …er rather mud… yeah the soft squishy stuff :roll:

Never had someone apologize to me so many times for doing something illegal…..ya think maybe the 1K in tags helped :twisted:

Honestly I would never jack someone for that much in one sitting… actually wait I would :twisted:

Source: http://forums.blueline.ca/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3676&start=195

Last. See HyJynx’s “Actually with out letting on where I work”?

Fact is, HyJynx’s Wed Oct 12, 2005 9:13 am post where he wrote, “I have over 500 parks, 11 community centres, 12 areans, 2 marinas and a transit system” instantly identified where he worked!

So. Will Durham Regional Police pull a City of Mississauga on the Ontario Ombudsman and protect “Joe Mayo”?…




City of Mississauga bosses, Jamie Hillis and Cathie Evans lie --and cover up for each other. (And protect their guards from accountability)

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Durham Regional Police finds “Joe Mayo” Twitter account is not Scott Dennis but a fellow police officer.

August 26th, 2013  

Something astonishing just happened —like INCONCEIVABLE.

Back on August 9, 2013, in the article, “Durham detective investigated for tweets against Ontario ombudsman” the Globe reported:

The account appears to have been created with Detective Constable Scott Dennis’s work e-mail address, said Durham Deputy Chief Paul Martin.

Clearly the functional word was “appears” because as it turned out it wasn’t the Reality.

Durham Regional Police Finds "Joe Mayo" is not Scott Dennis but a fellow police officer-detective

What a SHOCK! Who would do this to a fellow police officer?!

DRPS Finds Source of Inappropriate Tweets

26-Aug-2013 15:19 PST

An internal investigation into inappropriate tweets made to the Ontario Ombudsman and a Toronto politician will result in discipline charges against a Durham police officer.

On July 28, 2013 a Toronto City Councillor received a tweet from an account identified as “Joe Mayo,” criticizing her position on the Sammy YATIM shooting incident. On August 8, the Ombudsman of Ontario received several tweets from the same Twitter account prior to a press conference he was holding on the issue.

At the time, the Ombudsman announced that the person behind the offensive tweets was, in fact, a DRPS police officer. The Ombudsman further revealed the name of the officer as “Dennis Scott” and later clarified the name as “Scott Dennis” and disclosed the salary of that officer.

The person behind the offensive tweets quickly shut the account down. DRPS Deputy Chief Paul Martin immediately launched an internal investigation after being made aware of the offensive tweets, even though the tweets were not associated with any official DRPS email or Twitter accounts.

The investigation, conducted by the DRPS Professional Standards Unit (PSU), determined that the police officer identified by the Ombudsman had nothing to do with the Joe Mayo account. The officer, a D/Cst. within the Major Crime – Fraud Unit, was on annual leave and had no idea the Twitter account even existed.

Investigators quickly determined the Twitter account had been opened by a fellow police officer, who created a false account linked to the D/Cst., without his knowledge or consent.

The police officer behind the offensive tweets is a DRPS detective and he will be charged under the disciplinary provisions of the Police Services Act (Part V). A hearing date will be set in the near future for that officer to face the appropriate disciplinary charges. His name will be made public at that hearing. The DRPS will disclose the date, location and charges in advance of the public hearing. The officer has not been suspended; he remains on duty and has been removed from his current assignment.

During the investigation, Detectives with the PSU reached out on several occasions to interview the Ombudsman about the incident, but have yet to speak with him.

DRPS Chief Constable Mike Ewles is deeply concerned about a number of issues related to this incident.

“First and foremost, I am concerned that one of my police officers allegedly used a fellow officer’s information to create a fictitious Twitter account and then use it for such offensive purposes. That officer will be held to account,” Chief Ewles says. “With very few rules and even less accountability in the world of social media, it’s not the first time someone has landed in hot water. Politicians and celebrities are usually the culprits. This is a first for us here at the DRPS.”

“It’s also troubling to me that a high-ranking public official like the Ombudsman of Ontario would rush to judgment and identify any person, without the benefit of some sort of objective investigation and evidence, particularly given Mr. Marin’s experience,” the Chief says. “D/Cst. Dennis is an outstanding police officer who has had his personal and professional life turned upside down for no reason. I look forward to Mr. Marin’s co-operation with that portion of the investigation.”

Anyone with new information about this investigation is asked to contact Sgt. Romano of the PSU at 1-888-579-1520 ext. 4378.

Anonymous tips can be made to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or online at www.durhamregionalcrimestoppers.ca and tipsters may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $2,000.


Editor’s Note
Chief Constable Ewles will be available for interviews in person or by phone on Monday, August 26, 2013 from
3 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. Book via Corporate Communications Director Dave Selby at 1-888-579-1520 ext. 4277


Note: This Durham Regional Police press release just mentions the “Joe Mayo” Twitter account and not the “Scott Dennis @DET3091” and we will try and get clarification on that.

“D/Cst. Dennis is an outstanding police officer who has had his personal and professional life turned upside down…”

Huge huge regrets. HUGE…


UPDATE August 26, 2013. A press release from the Ontario Ombudsman

Statement by Ontario Ombudsman André Marin

Date: 2013-08-26

TORONTO (August 26, 2013) – On August 8, just prior to my press conference announcing an investigation into provincial direction to police services in de-escalation of conflict situations, my office became aware of an abusive Twitter account. The account featured a series of hateful, malicious and bigoted messages personally directed at me.

Within minutes, my office determined that the account had originated in the name of an officer in the Durham Regional Police Service and was identified by his badge number. The tweets lashing out at me – as well as a Toronto city councillor – appeared to have been in reaction to the controversy over a recent shooting by Toronto police of a young man on a streetcar.

I responded to the tweets publicly and included the DRPS Twitter handle, ensuring the police service was instantly aware that one of its staff was attacking public officials. Thus exposed, the account was swiftly taken down.

When the DRPS moved to investigate this very serious matter, I directed my staff to co-operate fully. Just this morning, we set a meeting for Wednesday to have DRPS investigators meet with my senior IT and investigations staff.

I was surprised to learn this afternoon that the investigation had already concluded and that an officer is now facing charges under the disciplinary provisions of the Police Services Act.

Regrettably, it appears that a Durham police officer not only personally attacked public officials on Twitter, but impersonated a colleague in doing so – hiding behind the name and badge number of Det.-Const. Scott Dennis. Both Det.-Const. Dennis and I were duped by this disgraceful, malicious act.

I commend Durham police for taking this matter so seriously, and I will follow further developments in the case with interest.

Also for the record, I emailed Durham Regional Police today:

From: MISSISSAUGA WATCH <mississauga_watch@yahoo.com>
To: “oshawa@drps.ca” <oshawa@drps.ca>
Cc: MISSISSAUGA WATCH <mississauga_watch@yahoo.com>
Sent: Monday, August 26, 2013 2:23 PM
Subject: Regarding Twitter account “Scott Dennis” @DET3091

Hi there,

Durham Regional Police’s recent press release has confirmed that Constable Scott Dennis was not responsible for the “Joe Mayo” @joeymayo12 Twitter account but rather that it was “opened by a fellow police officer”.

I’m writing regarding the second Twitter account, “Scott Dennis” @DET3091 which I consider, given its contents to be far more troubling than the “Joe Mayo” account. And I hope that Durham Regional Police Services does as well.

Can you confirm that the “Scott Dennis” @DET3091 account was also opened by the same “fellow police officer” as “Joe Mayo” @joeymayo12, please?

Thank you,


We’ll advise if we get a response.



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Toronto Police Service Officer Charged in Death of Sammy Yatim. Toronto Sun breaks with “James forcillo charged with second degree murder” tweet

August 19th, 2013  

At 8:57 AM Joe Warmington tweeted “SIU will announce Sammy Yatim – Const. James Forcillo investigation today”

Three minutes later he’s the first to break:

Joe Warmington ‏@joe_warmington 3h

James forcillo charged with second degree murder

9:00 AM – 19 Aug 13

WOW! What a shocker! I did not expect that!

Toronto Sun's Joe Warmington @joe_warmington breaks SIU decision to charge Toronto Police officer James Forcillo with second-degree murder

For the record, this press release from the Special Investigative Unit Ontario:

News Release

Toronto Police Service Officer Charged in Death of Sammy Yatim

Case Number: 13-TFD-181

Mississauga (19 August, 2013) — The Director of the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), Ian Scott, has reasonable grounds to believe that a Toronto Police Service (TPS) officer committed a criminal offence in relation to the shooting death of 18-year-old Sammy Adib Yatim in July of 2013. Director Scott has caused a charge of Second Degree Murder contrary to s. 235(1) of the Criminal Code to be laid against the officer. The incident took place on a TTC streetcar around midnight on July 26-27, 2013.

A warrant was issued this morning for the arrest of TPS Constable James Forcillo.

Because the arrest warrant was just issued, Cst Forcillo has not been arrested at this point. An updated news release will be issued and tweeted as soon as there are any material developments.

The SIU is an arm’s length agency that investigates reports involving police where there has been death, serious injury or allegations of sexual assault. Under the Police Services Act, the Director of the SIU must

    • consider whether an officer has committed a criminal offence  in connection with the incident under investigation
    • depending on the evidence, lay a criminal charge against the officer if appropriate or close the file without any charges being laid
    • report the results of any investigations to the Attorney General.

Monica Hudon
SIU Communications/Service des communications, UES
Telephone/No de téléphone: 416-622-2342 or/ou 1-800-787-8529 extension 2342


Also for the record, the original video of Sammy Yatim’s shooting death.  Uploaded July 26, 2013.

Police shoot 18 year old Sammy Yatim at Bellwoods and Dundas, Toronto

And the enhanced version byTheEditPlayer

Enhanced video – Shooting of Sammy Yatim by Toronto Police Const. James Forcillo on July 27, 2013

A reminder that the Ontario Ombudsman has announced that his office is launching a full probe into the shooting death of 18-year-old Sammy Yatim. What follows is video of Andre Marin’s August 8, 2013 announcement.

Ontario Ombudsman  Announcement – Annonce : Ontario direction on de-escalation – Directives concernant la désescalade

That’s it.

With sadness…


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ROB FORD SAVES HAZEL on fishing trip! Just six days after drunken Taste of Danforth romp! (What a coincidence!)

August 17th, 2013  

Rob Ford Saves Hazel McCallion On Fishing Trip… really?

By now Traditional and Social Media are abuzz about how Mayor Rob Ford “saved” Hazel McCallion during the opening day of the Great Ontario Salmon Derby. You really need to watch the video, “Hazel McCallion lands the big one as Rob Ford and Italo Labignan cheer her on” by Italo Labignan to see “saved” for yourself.

Odd that the actual videographer doesn’t name his video, “Rob Ford saves Hazel McCallion”.  More odd, his YouTube video description also makes no mention of saving. It simply reads, “Hazel McCallion, Rob Ford, Julian Fantino, Walter Oster and Italo Labignan enjoy the day on the water when Hazel lands a HUGE Salmon!” [commas added].

The description failed to mention Toronto Sun’s Joe Warmington in attendance [guy with camera YouTube thumbnail above]. As he was the year before. And likely before that….

Given Rob Ford’s recent public appearance, seen here in the YouTube video Toronto Mayor Rob Ford drunk walking along the danforth! by Adrain Sosa, anyone else think this Rob Ford/Hazel McCallion “fishing trip” was an orchestrated Pity Photo-Op? Especially given that at last year’s Great Ontario Salmon Derby opening day trip, Julian Fantino and Walter Oster had an all-penis crew of many of the usual suspects minus Rob Ford?

It’s clear from his column “Mayor Rob Ford makes catch of the day — Mayor Hazel McCallion” and his first three sentences why the Sun columnist is invited each year.

MISSISSAUGA – It was not just the catch of the day, but the save of the day too.

On Capt. Dolly Erbrecht’s Salmon Express II Thursday, that distinction went to none other than Mayor Rob Ford.

The trophy of the day went to Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion — with a little help from her honourable friend.

Warmington’s “save of the day” “from her honourable friend” reminds me of the white lie people lie just to prop up someone’s meager self-esteem —or flagging fortunes. Add photos of Rob Saves Hazel. Video too. A classic Pity Photo-Op!

Fact is, when you’ve seen how Mississauga political hopefuls latch themselves onto Hazel McCallion like the desperate leeches they are —their campaign literature littered with photos of them with the Mayor—  you can understand why Rob Ford needed a Pity Photo-Op with The Hazel.

It was a Pity Photo-Op all right. And it was Hazel McCallion who saved Rob Ford, not the other way around.

By far the most puzzling photograph in Warmington’s “Ford Saves Hazel” photo series is this one.

  Mayor Rob Ford reads a copy of the Toronto Sun on board the Salmon Express II Thursday, Aug. 15, 2013, as part of the Great Ontario Salmon Derby. (Joe Warmington/Toronto Sun)

Now we-all know what Rob Ford looks like when he’s taking a dump. It takes little in the way of PhotoShop to place McCallion’s “honourable friend” onto a gleaming white porcelain toilet…

I decided to PhotoShop Joe Warmington’s “honourable” Mayor Ford more subtley…

"FORD SAVES HAZEL!" Toronto Sun. "HAZEL SAVES FORD!" Mississaugawatch:  Rob Ford moves his lips to the Toronto Sun.

So. Friday, August 9th Rob Ford staggered bleary-eyed drunk in Taste of the Danforth. Thursday, August 15th, he was on a boat “saving” Hazel McCallion…

Anyone ever bother to ponder why it wasn’t former Top Cop Julian Fantino “saving” Hazel?….

They say people deserve the government we get. Seems we also deserve the MEDIA





Additional Resources

Toronto Sun’s Joe Warmington trip with Julian Fantino, Justin Ciano, City Councillor Mark Grimes (Etobicoke/Lakeshore) et al on Opening Day Great Ontario Salmon Derby 2012.

The Great Ontario Salmon Derby Opening Day 2012


A drunken Rob Ford doesn’t say “blow” but “cologne”. How could Traditional Media miss that?

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Social Media Twitter Chronology: Rob Ford’s “cologne” reported first –and then who tweeted “blow”…

August 13th, 2013  

This Rob Ford “cologne” versus “blow” scuffle reminds me of the quote that if you repeat a lie often enough it will be believed. Just can’t recall who that observation is attributed to. Hitler? Goebbels? Warren Kinsella?… Ezra Levant?

Doesn’t matter. Rob Ford said “cologne” and that’s the truth.

But the Damage is Done.

As of today, when you Google “Rob Ford” and “blow” you get about 643,000 results.  Search for “Rob Ford” and “cologne” and Google offers only about 26,000 results.

Now try and put yourself in Rob Ford’s place —and how you’d feel if “blow” happened to you.

My interest in Rob Ford’s Taste of the Danforth drunkenness was in who started the “blow” rumour and the Chronology of “cologne” versus “blow”.

The actual video Toronto Mayor Rob Ford drunk walking along the danforth! was uploaded by Adrain Sosa on the evening of August 9, 2013.

It turns out that “cologne” was the first word to be identified on Twitter by 9:48 PM same day.

Here’s the tweet:

August 9, 2013 9:58 PM, Ben Spurr @BenSpurr, News writer at NOW Magazine
correctly reports that Rob Ford says “COLOGNE”.

Spurr/NOW Magazine is retweeted just 3 times….

“Blow” was crapped out on Twitter some time after midnight.  On August 10, 2013 at 12:28 AM, Potatowast3 @potatowast3 and Geoffrey Dow @ed_rex “Blogger, critic, ghost-writer” tweeted that Rob Ford says “blow”.

A lesson in Social Media. Twitter Chronology:  Rob Ford's "cologne" vs "blow". NOW Magazine first to get "cologne" right.

News writer at NOW Magazine Ben Spurr’s “cologne” was ignored and thus began the Traditional and Social Media “blow” pile-on… Even now on Twitter, people are spreading the lie that Ford said “blow” —a few are resolute, insisting that’s what they hear, despite being told otherwise.

This morning I tweeted, “Looks like @BenSpurr of NOW generated the First Tweet of what Rob Ford REALLY said. Tweet at 9:58 August 9, 2013. ‘COLOGNE'”

Ben Spurr responded confirming that he’d actually talked to the videographer!

Spurr tweeted:

@MISSISSAUGAMUSE Yes I don’t think he says “blow.” At the time the videographer told me it was “cologne”

8:30 AM – 13 Aug 13

Ben Spurr @BenSpurr tweets videographer told him Rob Ford said "cologne"
Won’t matter though.

A ‘blow’ lie gets halfway around the world before the ‘cologne’ truth has a chance to get its pants on.  —Winston Churchill (kind of)





A drunken Rob Ford doesn’t say “blow” but “cologne”. How could Traditional Media miss that? (35 sec)


ROB FORD as “Brother” puts his arm around the Mayor for a PhotoOp.

“I’m not driving. I’m not driving. Get that away, buddy.. I know, but it stinks, brother. Between you and I, brother… Brother –when it stinks… You gotta… Maybe some cologne. You want some cologne? I need some cologne. [inaudible]. I have it. Seriously.”


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A drunken Rob Ford doesn’t say “blow” but “cologne”. How could Traditional Media miss that?

August 12th, 2013  

I’m sure you’ve heard it by now. Rob Ford was supposed to have offered Taste of the Danforth revelers some “blow”. And you heard that from reputable Traditional Media.

As we were analyzing the video, we didn’t hear “blow” but “cologne”.

The first person we found to report this fully was TheArtfulDodger an online commenter at the Huffington Post. He wrote that Rob Ford said:

“Get that away.. I don’t know, but it stinks… brother brother brother.. Maybe some cologne will.. do you want some cologne.. I’ll get you some cologne.. I have it, seriously..”

TheArtfulDodger’s right. Rob Ford does say “cologne” not “blow”.

HUFFINGTON POST online commenters: Mayor Rob Ford says "COLOGNE" not "BLOW"!

We have a slightly different transcript of Adrain Sosa’s video [seconds 0 through 22] than Dodger does. And we worked up this video complete with transcript.

A drunken Rob Ford doesn’t say “blow” but “cologne”. How could Traditional Media miss that? (35 sec)



ROB FORD as “Brother” puts his arm around the Mayor for a PhotoOp.

“I’m not driving. I’m not driving. Get that away,  buddy.. I know, but it stinks, brother.  Between you and I, brother…  Brother –when it stinks… You gotta…  Maybe some cologne. You want some cologne? I need some cologne. [inaudible]. I have it. Seriously.”



We suspect it’s possible that the “brother” was a tad ripe….

Here’s the point. When Traditional Media sat down with headphones and analyzed the audio and what’s actually happening, how could they miss “cologne”? How could they hear “blow”?!

How could Traditional Media miss that?

Oh wait….



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Sammy Yatim “You’re a fuck’n pussy” + “Police are a Gun Culture” = “How could this happen?” Police board chair.

August 3rd, 2013  

Just an update. An important read.

Globe and Mail, ‘How could this happen?’ Police board chair asks for answers in Sammy Yatim shooting by Alok Mukherjee, Chair of the Toronto Police Services Board.

Mr. Mukherjee writes in part:

Ever since that tragic night when the Yatims lost their son, I have been trying to put myself in their situation. Every time, that leads me to one question: “How could this happen?”

It leads me to this question because of all the effort that I and many other people of goodwill have made to realize a different vision of policing than we had been accustomed to. I can say in all honesty that it has been a significant effort, intended to bring about comprehensive change in the culture and practice of policing. Those efforts, to a very large degree, have been in response to earlier incidents, such the deaths of Edmund Yu and Jeffrey Riodica in police shootings.

Tragedy such as the one that has befallen the Yatims causes profound soul-searching. I very much hope there will be a collective soul-searching on the part of all of us involved with policing, in whatever capacity.

I know there will be no letup on my part until we have an answer to the question, “How could this happen?” I have heard and read the pat, instant solutions that have been offered so far, and I find them wanting or off-base.

Until we have the answer and respond to it with concrete action, the hope expressed in that dedication from 1978 will not have been realized, as far as policing is concerned.

We had better get down to the task quickly and in all seriousness. We owe it to the memory of Sammy Yatim.

I’ve read articles, columns and most important, watched the Sammy Yatim video. The thing is I’m still shocked at nine rounds fired by one police officer into a guy holding a knife in an empty streetcar.

It’s like your most cherished trusted family dog just killed someone with one tear of the jugular. And I can’t get past that.

Fact is, my “memory” of Sammy Yatim is an audio track —his voice taunting “You’re a pussy. You’re a fuck’n pussy.”

But the message that’s left, the one that promises to make sense of it all took me back to Summer 2008 when I had a conversation with a Maui Police officer. I told him that I was researching law enforcement (police/security guards) focusing on their relationships with youth. Youth Crime. Roots of Youth Violence. Guns and Gangs.

And the Maui officer stated the Obvious that I hadn’t thought of before. “Police are a gun culture.”

Sammy Yatim shooting powerful reminder that "POLICE ARE A GUN CULTURE".
I really don’t think that Sammy Yatim expected second 39.125 would ever happen…

UPDATE  August 3, 2013 8:31 pm.

Also want to highlight Toronto Sun’s Michael Coren and his “Let truth triumph: Don’t bash police in the Yatim tragedy, and don’t apologize for them” if for no other reason than he speaks for me. This part:

…I’m not defending criminals and attacking the police — and I am sick and tired of gangsters being described as saints after they are killed. But in this case, it appears the victim was a fool rather than a felon.

The support marches were, naturally, hijacked by the usual coalition of left-wing fanatics, naive zealots, and anti-police thugs. And neurotic teenage girls wanting to be part of a happening.

The boy’s parents, however, have reacted with grace and genuine emotion, and my heart breaks for them. I just pray their last words were loving rather than confrontational and they do not blame themselves.

Let me be candid. A decade ago, I had hardly a bad word for the police. I am afraid my experience since then has not been good. Selective policing, indifference, dishonesty, political agendas, contempt. A minority I am sure, but not so small that you don’t notice.

Michael Coren’s noticed too…





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Sammy Yatim. “Police are a Gun Culture”. BamBamBam in 0.750 seconds.

August 1st, 2013  

Just a quick update. First, the Toronto Police officer who shot and killed Sammy Yatim has been identified as Constable James Forcillo.

Today’s Globe & Mail states that “18-year-old was shot nine times by Toronto Police Constable James Forcillo after the teen brandished a knife on a streetcar Friday night.”

Next, I’ve worked up another video —because I’m still trying to make sense of it all. Once again I analyzed the YouTube video, “Enhanced video – Shooting of Sammy Yatim by Toronto Police Const. James Forcillo” by TheEditPlayer.

This time I focused on the lethal hundredths-of-a-second between 39.125 seconds when Constable James Forcillo fired his first round at Sammy Yatim to his third shot at 39.875.  I’m still astounded. Forcillo’s first three shots were fired in 0.750 seconds. Sammy Yatim could not possibly have known what hit him.

Couldn’t have even had time to ask “What the Fuck?”

0.750 seconds. BamBamBam.

Several years ago I had a conversation with a Maui Police officer. He asked what my interest was in photographing police cars and I told him that there was an entire subculture on the Internet who just love Emergency Vehicles be they police cars, fire trucks or ambulances.

I also told him that I was researching law enforcement (police/security guards) focusing on their relationships with youth. We also discussed the differences between Canadian law enforcement and American. Especially the American fascination with guns.

And the Maui officer gave me the most important insight that anyone ever revealed about police —He said to remember that “Police are a gun culture.”

“Police are a gun culture.”

And that’s certainly been replaying in my head at Sammy Yatim’s expense: “Police are a gun culture. Police are a gun culture. Police are a gun culture….”

0.750 seconds. BamBamBam.

Here’s what I worked up this morning.

Sammy Yatim shooting: Constable James Forcillo fires first three shots in 0.750 seconds.

Last. The TORONTO STAR reports that the Ontario Ombudsman “is preparing to look into whether police are properly trained in de-escalation techniques in situations of potential violence – like the Sammy Yatim shooting.”

Sammy Yatim: Ontario ombudsman considers probe into police de-escalation training

Andre Marin’s office is moving toward an investigation into how police are trained in dealing with potential violence.

Ontario Ombudsman André Marin's office is preparing to look into whether police are properly trained in de-escalation techniques in situations of potential violence - like the Sammy Yatim shooting.


By: News reporter, Published on Wed Jul 31 2013

Ontario’s ombudsman has taken steps toward launching a probe into whether and how police are trained to de-escalate potentially violent situations.

André Marin said in a news release Wednesday that he has asked his staff, to put together, as soon as possible, a “case assessment to determine whether or not an investigation is warranted in the wake of the recent Toronto Police shooting of Sammy Yatim.”





MISSISSAUGAWATCH and Maui Police cruiser, August 2008

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