Mayor Hazel McCallion, “The allegations you made to me are either True or Untrue” –and a Thank You

May 13th, 2014  

This correspondence was originally sent to Mayor Hazel McCallion by email, March 17, 2014 at 8:30. It was cc’d to Crystal Greer City Clerk, Janice Baker City Manager, Gary Kent Commissioner of Corporate Services, Raj Sheth Director of Facilities and Property Management, Jason.Keddy Manager City of Mississauga Corporate Security, and Councillors Jim Tovey, Pat Mullin, Chris Fonseca, Frank Dale, Ron Starr, Nando Iannicca, Katie Mahoney, Pat Saito, Sue McFadden and George Carlson.

The complaint below in FACTUM 140317 01 against a City of Mississauga Corporate Security guard, has been used with permission and has been redacted to ensure the author’s anonymity.


Dear Madam Mayor,

First, hope you are well.

I already had a feeling about something positive a month ago –February 18th to be exact but I waited until today, March 17, 2014 to write and thank you.

I’ve been researching City of Mississauga municipal governance since May 2006 and I have to say that out of every single day, March 17, 2008 stands as the most important.

As it happened I attended an Audit Committee meeting that day. You, Councillors Dale, Adams and Mahoney were all in attendance.

A matter to be considered was “Proposed Corporate Policy: “Code of Conduct and Complaint Procedure for Security Staff” and part of the minutes read:

“Jamie Hillis, Manager, Security and Operations advised that the process for hiring security officers is stringent and imposes high standards. He described the cross-training provided in all positions and explained that the Training Officer is responsible for identifying training needs, including external training, i.e. police drills and report writing. Mayor McCallion stated that people hired as security officers should be sensitive to the public.”

That’s not a bad summary of the minutes, all things considered: however, Freedom of Information has drawn into question Jamie Hilllis’ claims regarding both the stringency and high standards for City of Mississauga Corporate Security (MissCorpSec) guard hiring.

For example, aside from one course with Peel Police attended by some guards, Freedom of Information could find no other evidence of “external training”.

As for MissCorpSec’s training officer being responsible for “identifying training needs” and report writing, this is the individual I’ve identified as having to share significant blame not just for the City of Mississauga Corporate Security Excel database (especially the Ethnicity field) but also for the written content entered into MissCorpSec’s Special Occurrence Reports (SORs).

But I did say that I was writing to thank you. The minutes correctly record that “Mayor McCallion stated that people hired as security officers should be sensitive to the public.”

Today marks the 7th Anniversary of you saying what I feel is the most important thing you ever said. And for that I thank you!

More specifically, video of that March 17, 2008 Audit Committee meeting shows that you turn to MissCorpSec Manager Jamie Hillis and say, “I hope that the people we hire are sensitive to the fact that we are dealing with the public and we should give them every understanding possible”.

To which Mr. Hillis responded, “Yes. Absolutely.”

Well, between me and the MissCorpSec database there was virtually no evidence of “Yes. Absolutely”.

Then to my surprise on February 18, 2014, I received an email from Raj Sheth, Director of Facilities and Property Management introducing Jason Keddy, MissCorpSec’s new Manager effective February 10, 2014.

Since the name was unfamiliar to me I knew immediately that you listened to me begging for you not to hire a new Security Manager from within. So thank you for that too!

Next. It should be no surprise that I Googled “Jason Keddy” thoroughly. I discovered that among other things he was Security Director at York University when Roy McMurtry (co-author “Roots of Youth Violence”) was appointed York’s 12th Chancellor in March 2008. I took that as a good omen.

I know it’s early but there’s a strong indication that you really did manage to deliver a Security Manager who is “sensitive to the fact that we are dealing with the public and we should give them every understanding possible”.

If Mr. Keddy is as real a deal as I hope, he will no more tolerate a goon in his Security ranks any more than I would.  Time will tell…

Last, I’m going to include an email I received just to explain the degree to which City of Mississauga Corporate Security has negatively affected people’s lives. I include it for those Councillors like Maja Prentice who believe that kids today have no problems complaining to their parents about their rights or how they’ve been treated…

FACTUM 140317 01 begins
Received via email December 14, 20…. 3:08 PM


Today I feel compelled to email you about a family member’s personal experience in relation to a situation that has only very recently come to my attention.  And, upon performing some very rudimentary research on the subject, it didn’t take me long to find some disturbing and maddening information on the internet regarding what appears to be systemic corruption in what I thought was a first-world city, not a third-world country.  Please allow me to relay what I have learned:

My …… lived in Mississauga for … years to attend school. …… lived …………………… ……………………………… …… was a top-notch student (all instructors and school administration would easily vouch for that), and is a conscientious and law-abiding young adult.  …… no longer lives in the city, and has no desire to ever go back …………………… but, this morning (a full year after …… situation arose) …… approached me in tears because of an issue that has been bothering ……  the entire time, and which …… has only brought to my attention now.  …… would often go to …………… after spending several hours on …… schoolwork.  It was during one of these times when …… was approached by a belligerent man claiming to be a security person for the city.  ………………………… ………………… ……, when ……………  ……  was MORTIFIED.  …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… He demanded …… identification, and being completely naïve and terrified, …… obliged by giving it to him.  He told …………… was barred from …… …… for 30 days – with no evidence of any wrongdoing whatsoever!!!  The very, very unfortunate thing was that I happened to be in Mississauga visiting …… at that exact time, and had …… told me what had just happened to ……,  I would have ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… But, again, …… was terrified of what had just transpired, and was deathly afraid to mention it to anyone.

After seeing that many, many other people have been treated in the same way (by researching anecdotes on the internet, as well as coming upon your website), I regret very much that …… did not tell me immediately about this situation.  I would have been in City Hall in no time flat, lodging a formal complaint, but I believe it is futile at this time to bother.  …………, as I said, is extremely conscientious about being a model citizen, and it has been bothering …… for an entire year that …… reputation as such has been unjustly sullied.  …… also is worried that it will leave a permanent record somewhere for ……  Because …… lodged no complaint against the false accusation, I am hoping that this will not be the case.  I believe it would be futile, or even counterproductive, at this time to complain to the city administration over this as, at this point, I would not doubt that they would doctor the documents to lie even further about whatever this individual documented, just to be spiteful.  This is why I consider Mississauga city administration to be no better than some third-world corrupt establishment, when it doesn’t take rocket science to see that there is a problem with what’s going on on their city property by their employees or contracted services.

I don’t know if your “Mississauga Watch” still exists, or if you are still observing this situation there but, as I said, I felt compelled to convey my …… experience with what I believe to be a serious issue of abuse of authority.  My view of the city had degraded during the time my …… spent there as it was, but this has sealed my disgust with …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… evidence existed to support such an accusation, by third-world wanna-be cops. ………………………

FACTUM 110427: Exchange between Mayor Hazel McCallion and MISSISSAUGAWATCH during April 27, 2011 General Committee meeting. MISSISSAUGAWATCH: white. McCallion: aqua.

Mayor Hazel McCallion to MISSISSAUGAWATCH "the allegations you made to me are either True or Untrue" --April 27, 2011

FACTUM 070507: April 16, 2007 email from Mayor Hazel McCallion states emphatically, “it is because the City does not discriminate on the basis of age and ethnicity that there are no records to be found based on those categories. During Emergency Preparedness Week May 2007, MISSISSAUGAWATCH gets first easy access to City of Mississauga Corporate Security vehicles and displays.

Out of curiosity, we went to the City of Mississauga Corporate Security database secured in 2012 to examine the bans/arrests, City guards issued during Emergency Preparedness Week May 2007. The results? Total 6 bans. 5 non-white —4 of which we black. One “black ban” from all facilities was issued for 10 years by a security guard too stupid to spell “harassment” and too lazy to look it up in a dictionary just to be sure. Imagine. A 10-year ban from all facilities, with no legitimate public complaints system to appeal that ban —and you still get to pay taxes…

Emergency Preparedness Week 2007: City of Mississauga's Ethnicity/Age ban stats that week...

FACTUM 051226: City of Mississauga Corporate Security guard “HyJynx” bragged online about physically abusing “a client” along with two other security guards. So not only did City of Mississauga Security bosses lie about keeping race/ethnicity records, they dismissed the MISSISSAUGAWATCH complaint about “HyJynx” as unverifiable. Freedom of Information however, did manage to locate another abusive incident “HyJynx” bragged about and dredged up security guard name, Mike Keter.

Emergency Preparedness Week May 2007. No wonder City of Mississauga Corporate Security guards weren't happy with their first-ever scrutiny!



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CITY of MISSISSAUGA Sunshine List 2014 (Disclosure for 2013)

May 8th, 2014  

Have to say, with the some of the new-for-2013 “Sunshiners” on this list, Freedom of Information confirms that, at the City of Mississauga, Lying does indeed come with its own Rewards…

CITY of MISSISSAUGA Sunshine List 2014
(Disclosure for 2013)

AHMAD MUNEEF Water Resources Engineer $102,976.06 $1,041.42
AHMED NADIR Project Leader, Departmental Systems $119,115.18 $487.05
ALEXANDER WENDY Director, Transportation & Infrastructure Planning $161,275.47 $679.43
AMRING SUSAN Director, Economic Development $145,912.92 $596.70
ANAND DOLLY Management Consultant $104,856.25 $429.42
ANDERSON SCOTT T. Supervisor, Geomatics Information System Support $103,540.26 $423.81
ANDERSON SCOTT W. Senior Project Manager, Rapid Transit & Parking $131,438.07 $893.52
APLIN GLENN Captain, Fire Suppression $108,300.10 $414.12
ARRUDA FRANK Assistant Area Supervisor, Works Maintenance and Operations $106,064.25 $354.96
BADIN SHERYL Supervisor, Capital Acquisition $107,254.29 $423.13
BAGGA SONNY Transit Operator $100,551.51 $362.65
BAIRD RYAN Captain, Fire Suppression $103,088.05 $401.16
BAKER JANICE City Manager and Chief Administrative Officer $259,634.12 $7,938.43
BALCHANDANI RAJAN Manager, Energy Management $121,462.28 $487.05
BANIC SONJA Manager, Corporate Communications $119,115.18 $487.05
BARBISON EDWARD Supervisor, Mechanical Inspection $103,580.75 $424.32
BARRETT MURRAY Captain, Fire Suppression $108,300.75 $414.12
BARRETT STEPHEN Manager, Transportation Asset Management $129,472.20 $784.38
BARTER TOM Captain, Fire Suppression $108,392.19 $419.52
BASTERFIELD MICHAEL Captain, Fire Suppression $108,300.10 $414.12
BATE ANDREW Supervisor, Traffic Operations $107,486.23 $380.97
BEARD DAVID Captain, Fire Suppression $108,299.95 $416.52
BEAUPARLANT MARK Manager, Corporate Financial Services $137,352.85 $545.70
BECK MARGARET Legal Counsel, Municipal Law $142,357.41 $581.91
BEHARRY ROCHARD Legal Counsel, Information Technology $143,103.67 $576.81
BELL DARYL Manager, Mobile Licensing Enforce $104,918.97 $429.42
BENCH MARY ELLEN City Solicitor, Legal Services $199,092.09 $781.83
BERNARDI DINO Captain, Fire Suppression $112,308.14 $419.52
BERNHARD DAVID Fire Captain $108,533.18 $419.77
BEST SYD Captain, Fire Suppression $103,102.13 $401.16
BHASKAR VIJAY Transit Operator $104,235.49 $262.65
BIRD BRIAN Fire Captain $108,801.76 $414.12
BLAIR CATHERINE Emergency Management Coordinator $103,580.75 $424.32
BLAIR JEREMY SCOTT Storm Drainage Program Engineer $108,039.93 $450.33
BODNAR GREG Supervisor, Works Maintenance and Operations $124,286.60 $424.32
BOWSLAUGH ROBERT L. Manager, Facilities Maintenance $119,051.66 $487.05
BOYCE DEREK Manager, Business Planning $136,038.47 $545.70
BOYD MAX Capital Project Manager $119,115.18 $487.05
BOYER DANIEL Captain, Fire Suppression $103,101.20 $401.16
BRADLEY SEAN Captain, Fire Suppression $106,473.94 $401.28
BREAULT BRENDA Commissioner, Corporate Services and Treasurer $166,213.04 $7,218.74
BRESOLIN JAMES Captain, Fire Suppression $103,094.24 $401.16
BREUER DAGMAR Capital Project Manager $120,338.87 $487.05
BRODERICK DAVID Recreation & Parks Manager, Marinas $103,580.75 $424.32
BROWN BONNIE Manager, Business Development Economic Partners $120,614.27 $493.17
BROWN JAMIE Manager, Municipal Parking $115,639.29 $472.26
BROWN ROSELYN Manager, Performing Arts $107,920.31 $423.81
BRYAN DARREN Supervisor, Sign Unit $101,583.31 $424.32
BRYCK HEIDI Internal Auditor $105,630.09 $441.15
BUCKLEY FRANK Manager, Parks Operations $113,781.59 $424.32
BULGER JAMES Captain, Fire Suppression $108,298.85 $414.12
BURKE PAUL Captain, Fire Suppression $108,295.36 $416.52
BURNIE BRIAN Captain, Fire Suppression $105,711.83 $411.48
BURT SUSAN Director, Arts and Culture $165,247.77 $659.43
CALLIGARIS JOSEPH Captain, Fire Suppression $105,682.30 $411.48
CALVERT CLIFF District Chief, Fire $124,136.29 $470.64
CALVERT JOHN Director, Policy Planning $167,631.15 $659.43
CAMERON ERIC Assistant Area Supervisor, Works Maintenance and Operations $109,518.50 $389.64
CAMILLERI TIMOTHY Fire Captain $108,579.75 $414.12
CAMPBELL MICHAEL Manager, Sponsorship & Corporate Development $105,700.18 $70.72
CAMPBELL-GRAVES BARBARA Supervisor, Accounting $103,580.75 $424.32
CESARIO SILVIO Capital Works, Manager, Maintenance and Operations $139,078.32 $562.02
CHALLINOR JASON Captain, Fire Suppression $105,737.90 $411.48
CHAN STEPHEN Manager, Strategic Total Rewards $132,376.54 $541.11
CHAPMAN SHARON Senior Project Manager, Park Development $112,719.04 $460.53
CHIN DONOFRIO HELEN Manager, Planning and Integration $133,017.17 $544.17
CHONG DIANE Project Leader, Departmental Systems $119,115.18 $487.05
CIRELLO JIM Manager, Financial Services $133,103.11 $544.17
CLARK JOHN Captain, Fire Suppression $105,701.67 $411.36
CLARKE JOHN Manager, Traffic Signals & Street Lighting $125,107.09 $501.33
CLELAND MICHAEL Manager, Recreation Services $108,922.62 $446.43
CLEMENT ROGER Chief Fire Prevention Officer $134,327.76 $548.25
COFFEY KEVIN Captain, Fire Suppression $109,535.21 $411.60
COLES SUZANNE Area Manager, Library Services $121,462.28 $487.05
COLSON AMY Manager, Community Services $101,283.72 $415.14
CONNOR JOHN DAVID District Chief, Fire $124,738.62 $470.52
CORBET CHRISTOPHER Captain, Fire Suppression $103,113.86 $401.28
CORCORAN RAYMOND Platoon Chief $136,371.05 $527.16
CUNNINGHAM CRAIG Captain, Fire Suppression $105,756.84 $411.48
CURRAN GAIL Manager, Space Planning $101,583.31 $424.32
CURRY DARRELL Manager, Recreation Facility $112,536.18 $456.96
CUSUMANO LEO Manager, Inspection Services $123,809.38 $487.05
CZAJKA STEPHEN Manager, Information Planning $102,626.61 $420.24
CZYRKA PAUL Fire Captain $108,801.24 $414.12
DA RE JOHN Party Chief, Surveys $106,652.95 $310.59
DAEUBER WILLIAM Project Manager, Traffic Engineering and Operations $119,115.18 $487.05
DAMASO PAUL Manager, Culture Operations $116,364.84 $476.34
DAREDIA SHAMIR Project Leader, Hansen Enterprise Team $110,469.00 $451.35
DAUM RANDY Captain, Fire Suppression $108,280.81 $419.52
DAVENPORT MARK Project Leader, Information Technology $116,818.22 $487.05
DAVOLI LUIGI Captain, Fire Suppression $108,719.98 $401.28
DAYTON HOWIE Director, Recreation $157,241.77 $641.58
DE GOLDARACENA HEIDI Manager, Small Business $106,403.01 $447.27
DE SOUSA JOSE MANUEL Senior Inspector $102,882.01 $330.99
DEAN GEORGE District Chief, Fire $125,985.39 $471.37
DECOSTE STEPHEN District Chief, Fire $121,363.90 $468.00
DEJAK TOM Captain, Fire Suppression $108,302.32 $414.12
DEMPSTER DAVID Captain, Fire Suppression $108,284.82 $419.52
DEVEAU DOUGLAS District Chief, Fire $121,293.95 $465.84
DI MICHELE BRUNO Assistant Area Supervisor, Works Maintenance and Operations $117,564.24 $383.01
DI MILLO IVANA Director, Communications $166,042.23 $659.43
DICKSON STEVE Legal Counsel, Municipal Law $142,477.14 $582.42
DIETRICH ANGELA Manager of City Wide Planning $118,041.71 $487.05
DOCKERAY CRAIG Captain, Fire Suppression $103,120.60 $401.16
DORAN JAMES Strategic Leader, Community Initiative Team $108,596.22 $444.21
DRAPER STEVEN Manager, Information Technology $137,352.85 $545.70
DREMIN HAROLD Manager, Global Business Investments $119,091.89 $501.33
DRONYK GARY Captain, Fire Suppression $105,712.25 $411.36
DUFFY KEVIN Deputy Fire Chief $166,692.48 $5,827.84
DUMASIA FARZANA Project Leader, Departmental Systems $104,820.11 $429.42
DUNN ARLAND Fire Captain $108,337.20 $414.12
EASTON-COSTELLO JENNIFER Manager, Recreation Facility $108,596.22 $444.21
EDWARDS ERICA Senior Buyer, Materials Management $105,621.75 $424.32
ELLIOTT-SPENCER PATRICIA Director of Finance and Treasurer $176,467.06 $708.39
EMICK CRAIG Information Technology Auditor $114,521.06 $487.05
ENG SALLY Director, Internal Audit $167,631.15 $659.43
ENNAMORATO DANIEL District Chief, Fire $122,090.16 $470.52
CATHIE Security Area Manager $101,367.83 $414.12
EVANS DEBBIE Finance, Integrated Budget System Analyst $103,241.37 $389.64
EVANS JAMES Captain, Fire Suppression $110,454.30 $411.36
FARION CLIFTON Building Maintenance Coordinator $109,830.48 $418.20
FARRANT PAUL Captain, Fire Prevention $102,914.45 $411.36
FARRELL CHARLES Captain, Fire Suppression $103,091.22 $401.16
FARUQ OMER Application Developer $100,855.34 $389.64
FENDLEY GLENN Party Chief, Surveys $111,114.87 $310.59
FERGUSON DANIEL Manager of Safety $105,339.78 $422.79
FERRARA FELICE Supervisor, Works Maintenance and Operations $126,160.44 $424.32
FITZPATRICK MARIE Manager, Corporate Marketing/Promotion $102,905.72 $422.28
FLACK PAUL Captain, Fire Suppression $108,300.10 $414.12
FLEMING RANDY Training Officer, Fire $104,399.08 $401.28
FORD COLLIN Transit Operator $104,467.45 $262.65
FRANKLIN KENNETH Site Plan/Service Agreement Coordinator $102,941.07 $408.51
FREITAS STEVEN Financial Analyst $109,631.76 $389.64
FROST MICKEY Director, Enforcement $156,444.03 $639.03
FUDGE JOSEPH Legal Counsel, Development Law $142,477.14 $582.42
FULLERTON RUSS Transit Operator $107,681.90 $262.65
GABANY CHRISTINE Human Resources Business Partner Manager $110,180.69 $450.67
GAFFNEY SHAWN District Chief, Fire $123,859.90 $480.37
GAJEWSKI JERRY Supervisor, Mechanical Inspection $104,969.27 $422.28
GALAMINI DOMENIC Supervisor, Traffic Maintenance $126,760.33 $424.32
GALATI DOMENIC Capital Project Manager $114,103.21 $465.63
GANLY JOHN Captain, Fire Suppression $103,100.76 $401.16
GARNER RICHARD Fire Captain $108,334.93 $414.12
GARROD MARK Captain, Fire Suppression $103,544.96 $396.74
GAUTHIER CAREY Captain, Fire Prevention $105,414.12 $416.66
GILLESPIE SHAWN Captain, Fire Suppression $103,101.80 $401.16
GOLD GRAHAM Captain, Fire Suppression $107,788.89 $401.28
GORAY LALITA Project Manager, Capital Projects $100,040.65 $415.14
GRANT CHRISTOPHER Information Technology Specialist $100,922.62 $389.64
GRAY KIRK Communications Planner $103,580.75 $424.32
GRAZIANO MARIA Database Administrator $114,075.10 $423.81
GREAVES ALBERT Team Leader, Parks $103,245.74 $422.79
GREEN DANIEL District Chief, Fire $122,800.62 $470.52
GREEN GARY Captain, Fire Suppression $105,701.68 $411.36
GREER CRYSTAL Director, Legislative Services & Clerk $165,247.77 $659.43
GRIFFIN AIDAN Supervisor, Geomatics Information System $103,580.75 $424.32
GRIFFITH MARG Project Leader, Departmental Systems $119,115.18 $487.05
GRILLI CAROL Supervisor, Budgets and Financial Reporting $107,183.90 $424.32
GURAK WOJCIECH Project Manager, Capital Projects $105,621.75 $424.32
HADDEN RICHARD Business Advisor $103,580.75 $424.32
HAGAN ANNEMARIE Manager, Museums and Traditions $104,953.38 $424.32
HAGERMAN ALAN Fire Captain $108,364.12 $416.52
HALL ROBERT Training Officer, Fire $103,152.91 $416.77
HAMILTON BRAD Captain, Fire Suppression $103,104.58 $401.16
HAND WAYNE Manager, Recreation Facility $111,869.17 $456.96
HARVEY ANDREW Manager, Rapid Transit and Parking $142,840.01 $725.93
HAZE ANDREW Captain, Fire Suppression $103,242.30 $401.16
HEADRICK DARREN Manager, Departmental Systems $125,372.63 $522.24
HERRIDGE DONNA Manager, Financial Services $137,352.85 $545.70
HICKS BRUCE Captain, Fire Suppression $108,301.47 $414.12
HILL JEFF Fire Captain $106,633.00 $411.36
HILL JOHN Captain, Fire Suppression $108,301.59 $414.12
JAMES Manager, Security $128,807.73 $446.25
HILLS ALAN Platoon Chief $137,923.91 $521.73
HINTON JOHN Manager, Business & Customer Service $126,967.26 $499.29
HOLMES JAYNE Manager, Facilities Planning and Development $140,581.09 $562.53
HOLMES SCOTT Maintenance Project Manager, Maintenance Contracts $109,331.76 $447.27
HOMEVOH ERNEST Transit Operator $100,660.80 $262.65
HOOKE PAMELA Human Resources Business Partner Manager $102,154.00 $419.05
HORVAT CAROL Executive Assistant to the Mayor $105,621.75 $424.32
HOWARD MARK Parks Planner $107,808.29 $387.60
HULME HAL Supervisor, Survey & Inspections $119,362.62 $424.32
HUTCHINSON DONALD JOHN Captain, Fire Suppression $105,993.86 $407.06
HUTCHISON PAUL Assistant Supervisor, Traffic Maintenance $102,566.64 $350.37
IMPERIALE JOHN Manager, Information Technology $137,352.85 $545.70
ING WILLY Project Leader, Transportation Project Office $103,580.75 $424.32
JACKSON ALLEN Captain, Fire Suppression $108,300.10 $414.12
JACKSON JEFFREY Director, Revenue and Materiel Management $165,247.77 $659.43
JACOB ANN Manager, Community Services $103,580.75 $424.32
JAKOBSON MARGARETA Manager, Office Services $105,421.23 $431.10
JAMIESON RANDALL Senior Project Manager, Park Development $122,049.06 $487.05
JAY MARTIN Captain, Fire Suppression $108,298.53 $414.12
JERAJ AL City Surveyor $103,580.75 $424.32
JETHVA REKHA Manager, Information Technology $133,409.71 $545.70
JOHNSON FREDERIC Captain, Fire Suppression $108,301.70 $414.12
JOHNSTON MARY-LOU Manager, Business Development $124,267.71 $518.16
JOLLEY MICHAEL Captain, Fire Suppression $104,055.79 $401.16
KAN LINCOLN Manager, Environmental Services $130,404.50 $532.44
KANAMALA SUNIL KUMAR Supervisor, Transit Infrastructure Management $106,469.55 $424.32
KARADZHOV YASEN Transit Operator $104,787.78 $262.65
KEATING MIKE E. Manager, Transit Vehicle Maintenance $138,465.02 $545.70
KELLY ANDREW Fire Captain $110,782.67 $416.52
KELLY LORI Manager, Strategic Talent Management $135,836.25 $545.70
KENEALY ROY Superintendent, Operational Support $121,272.27 $486.54
KENT GARY CHARLES Commissioner, Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer $178,239.28 $690.03
KERNAN PAUL District Chief, Fire $122,138.16 $470.40
KETTLE HAROLD Technical Specialist $116,272.50 $424.32
KEUPER DALTON INGRID Library Community Development Specialist $103,580.75 $424.32
KHAN JAVED Traffic Signal Contract Coordinator $104,075.81 $389.64
KIRKPATRICK ROBERT Fire Captain $108,317.82 $414.12
KNIGHT MARLENE Manager, Materiel Management $137,352.85 $545.70
KOMOROWSKI EDWARD Maintenance Contract Coordinator $113,900.83 $389.64
KOPAMEES ALAR Captain, Fire Suppression $108,298.38 $414.12
KOZIOL DAREK Traffic Operator Technologist $100,129.37 $342.72
KRAMER THERESA Manager, Community Development $108,596.22 $444.21
KREMER RONALD Supervisor, Infrastructure Services $120,113.54 $482.97
KRISMAN GRANT Captain, Fire Suppression $108,281.70 $419.52
KRMPOTIC JACK Captain, Fire Suppression $103,090.01 $401.16
LADHANI ALIKHAN Project Leader, Information Technology $104,238.25 $0.00
LAING DEBORAH Fire Communications Officer $122,494.29 $411.60
LAING GREGORY Deputy Fire Chief, Operations and Training $166,691.83 $6,133.79
LAMANNA ANTHONY Systems Specialist $116,779.73 $389.64
LAMANNA SABINA Human Resources Business Partner Manager $119,115.18 $487.05
LANGHAM SIMON Project Leader, Hansen Enterprise Team $113,272.19 $462.57
LAURENCE BRIAN Captain, Fire Suppression $108,300.33 $414.12
LAW WENDY Deputy City Solicitor, Municipal Law $162,866.40 $639.54
LECKEY BARBARA Manager of Zoning and Zoning Administrator $111,974.81 $444.72
LEE FRANK Manager, Information Technology $132,836.20 $543.66
LEI GUANG Transit Operator $108,819.01 $262.65
LEVESQUE ROBERT Director, Engineering and Works $128,142.40 $524.45
LIBOIRON ROBERT Captain, Fire Suppression $108,300.10 $414.12
LIN YUNGFU Project Leader, Departmental Systems $119,115.18 $487.05
LITMAN BEVERLEY Manager, Recreation Facility $109,302.00 $446.76
LO FREDERICK Project Leader $101,143.65 $395.76
LOCHNER KEVIN Captain, Fire Suppression $103,099.79 $401.16
LONGMUIR GAVIN Manager, Forestry $111,869.17 $456.96
LYONS STEVEN Firefighter $105,069.67 $366.73
LYTLE DENISE Information Technology Performance Management Specialist $101,583.31 $424.32
MACDONALD DEBBIE Manager, Library Shared Services $121,462.28 $487.05
MACDONALD HEATHER Director, Strategic Housing Initiative and Business Services $165,797.76 $659.43
MACEACHERN DAVID Training Officer, Fire $109,455.73 $419.52
MACKENZIE CHRISTINA Manager, Creative Services $107,662.75 $424.32
MAJCHER LAURIE Manager, Business Improvement and Management Sport Office $131,438.07 $536.52
MAKURAT ROBERT Captain, Fire Suppression $103,102.25 $401.28
MALO STEPHANE Captain, Fire Suppression $103,203.99 $399.18
MANN JOHN Captain, Fire Suppression $111,151.74 $411.48
MANSFIELD DOROTHY Area Manager, Library Services $122,681.08 $500.65
MARCUCCI DAVID Manager, Park Planning $133,409.71 $545.70
MARGIOTTA DAVID Manager, Transit Operations $132,935.21 $544.17
MARINOFF GEOFF Director, Transit $188,162.03 $755.31
MARION DAVID Manager, Geomatics $140,080.01 $572.73
MARIUZ CARLA Project Manager $100,452.47 $410.96
MARLAND RUTH Strategic Leader, Community Initiative Team $112,879.53 $462.06
MARSHALL GREIG Captain, Fire Suppression $108,300.71 $414.12
MARTINO TRACEY Manager, Planning & Administration $109,564.01 $447.78
MASINI IAN Supervisor, Compliance and License $100,560.01 $411.06
MASLIWEC MICHAEL Manager, Financial Services $133,409.71 $545.70
MATHESON SHAWN Division Chief, Training $135,455.33 $538.65
MATTEIS JOSEPH Captain, Fire Suppression $104,233.59 $401.16
MAY HARLEY Captain, Fire Suppression $105,682.87 $411.61
MAZZOCATO BART Captain, Fire Suppression $105,688.83 $411.48
MCADAM PHILIP Captain, Fire Suppression $108,297.92 $416.52
MCCALLION HAZEL Mayor $136,640.92 $1,521.59
MCCUTCHEON STEPHEN Captain, Fire Suppression $108,300.39 $414.12
MCDONALD NEAL Assistant Superintendent, Vehicle Maintenance $101,686.66 $415.65
MCDONALD WILLIAM Captain, Fire Suppression $103,106.21 $401.16
MCDOUGALL JOHN Fire Chief $179,583.42 $3,351.35
MCGUGAN MELISSA Legal Counsel, Municipal Law $112,349.65 $76.16
MCLEAN MARCELL Fire Communications Officer $108,497.31 $371.83
MCLELLAN STEVE Superintendent, Operations $107,069.09 $433.84
MCNALLY MARTIN Fire Captain $108,337.25 $414.12
MCPHAIL DUANE Captain, Fire Suppression $108,302.45 $414.12
MCQUINN MICHAEL Captain, Fire Suppression $102,936.11 $396.74
MCVEETY MARK Captain, Fire Suppression $106,412.90 $406.94
MEEHAN DOUGLAS Manager, Compliance and Licence $128,767.81 $511.53
MEEK KEVIN Captain, Fire Suppression $103,083.50 $401.16
MELVILLE ANDREW Fire Captain $108,364.07 $416.52
MENEZES ERIC Supervisor, Street Lighting $100,813.28 $401.88
MESIH CONNIE Manager, Revenue & Taxation $137,352.85 $545.70
MICHELUCCI ENIO Contract Administrator, Trees $102,217.51 $342.72
MILEDI MORRIS Mechanic, Fire $103,106.20 $401.94
MITCHAM PAUL ARTHUR Commissioner, Community Services $197,788.76 $12,278.52
JULIE Manager, Recreation Facility $101,735.71 $416.91
MONK DAVID Firefighter $100,458.84 $348.12
MONTALBANO LUCIA Manager, Risk Management $123,809.38 $487.05
MONTGOMERY WILLIAM Fire Captain $108,804.72 $414.12
MOORE ALLAN Captain, Fire Suppression $108,307.00 $414.12
MORAES FERNANDO Project Manager, Architectural $120,459.27 $484.50
MORITA DARREN Manager, Development Engineering $107,469.06 $439.86
MORLEY JAMES Manager, Client Services $132,914.21 $543.66
MORTON SAMUEL Transit Operator $100,242.80 $262.65
MOULTON ALAN Fire Captain $108,422.14 $414.12
MUJAWAZ AHMAD Project Manager, Structural $119,115.18 $487.05
MURDOCK WENDY Manager, Recreation Facility $105,494.09 $431.97
MURPHY ANNE Area Manager, Library Services $121,462.28 $487.05
MUSIAL HENRY Fire Captain $108,316.72 $414.12
NADON RAYMOND Fire Captain $108,420.05 $419.52
NASATO PAUL Supervisor, Works Maintenance and Operations $120,814.32 $423.81
NG NORMAN Supervisor, Information Technology Service Desk $123,809.38 $487.05
NGUYEN ANDY Project Leader, Recreation & Culture $101,832.78 $416.16
NIKIFOROS COSTAS Supervisor, Building Inspection $104,969.27 $422.28
NORWOOD STEPHEN Captain, Fire Suppression $108,301.60 $414.12
NUCIFORA GINO Captain, Fire Prevention $108,702.94 $416.52
O’NEILL BARRY Manager, Recreation Facility $108,596.22 $444.21
OAKLEAF KATHY Manager, Community Services $101,579.02 $353.26
OFFLESS KEVIN Senior Inspector $111,409.61 $330.99
ORMOND MARK Platoon Chief $136,365.87 $527.64
OSBORNE BRENDA Director, Environment $129,758.85 $530.40
PALA ZELJKO Transit Operator $103,230.01 $262.65
PALLADINE PAUL Supervisor, Works Maintenance and Operations $125,724.63 $424.32
PALLADINO ANTHONY Maintenance Contract Coordinator $104,886.68 $340.17
PARDY ROGER Captain, Fire Suppression $108,280.71 $419.52
PARISI PAUL Captain, Fire Suppression $105,685.82 $411.48
PARSONS PETER Senior Inspector $115,760.53 $275.57
PARTIPILO JOSEPH Senior Inspector $127,725.95 $330.99
PARTRIDGE JOHN Captain, Fire Suppression $103,102.89 $401.16
PASSFIELD GORDON Captain, Fire Suppression $108,300.13 $414.12
PATERSON EDWARD Captain, Fire Suppression $108,300.10 $414.12
PATON CAROLYN Manager, Corporate Business Planning $110,148.29 $450.33
PAULSON JESSE Information Technology Specialist $108,707.70 $389.64
PAVAN LESLEY Project Manager, Transportation and Infrastructure Planning $119,974.20 $499.80
PEARCE DUSTIN Firefighter $100,022.48 $348.12
PEARCE RICHARD Enterprise Geographic Information System Project Leader $117,274.42 $487.05
PENNY BASIL Operations Supervisor $101,038.67 $413.10
PENTELIUK DAVID Project Leader $105,621.75 $424.32
PERKINS ROBERT Building Services and Operations Supervisor $112,111.09 $389.64
PERROTTA CHARLENE Manager, Prosecutions $107,108.70 $438.60
PERROTTA GIUSEPPE Manager, Transportation Planning $127,812.43 $522.24
PERRY CAROL Tax System Coordinator $116,818.22 $487.05
PETRI MATHIAS Building Services and Operations Supervisor $108,285.95 $389.64
PETRI SUSAN Application Portfolio Coordinator – Hansen $103,047.41 $437.58
PETROSONIAK STEVE Fire Captain $108,807.79 $414.12
PHANEUF PATRICK Superintendent, Transit Maintenance $126,315.07 $501.33
PHELPS GREGORY Plans Examination Officer, Fire $112,125.11 $428.53
PHILLIPS BENTLEY Development Planner $101,508.73 $1,001.64
PICO FERMIN Manager, Transit Business Systems $128,767.81 $511.53
PIETTE LAURA Director, Parks and Forestry $164,331.07 $659.43
PINCHAK JAROSLAW Maintenance Contract Coordinator $100,160.82 $334.05
PIRES PAUL Transit Operator $100,928.72 $512.65
PITU DAN Portal Administrator $102,818.05 $389.64
PITUSHKA JOSEPH Director, Engineering and Works $157,015.35 $604.18
PLUMMER DARREN Captain, Fire Suppression $103,262.31 $396.74
POCOCK STANLEY Security Area Manager $102,105.71 $417.18
POGUE JOHN Manager, Hershey Sports Zone $110,800.53 $452.37
POIRIER EMILE Operations Supervisor $100,560.01 $411.06
POITRAS RAY Manager, Development South $125,398.23 $499.29
POLETTO MARIO District Chief, Fire $121,019.75 $457.77
POTTON MICHAEL Manager, Recreation Facility $100,205.50 $409.53
POWELL MARTIN Commissioner, Transportation and Works $205,583.40 $14,623.25
PRUE DENISE Manager, 311 Citizen Contact Centre $104,205.47 $425.34
RAJA MANJIT Senior Database Administrator $106,725.80 $424.32
RAMER ALLEN Captain, Fire Suppression $103,100.83 $401.28
RECK KIMBERLY District Manager, South $126,748.69 $518.67
REID MAVIS Corporate Manager, Compensation and Benefits $119,115.18 $487.05
REPPINGTON ARON Fire Captain $106,838.23 $401.16
RICHARD PAUL Fire Captain $114,890.12 $416.52
RIDDELL LOUISE ANN Manager, Strategic Healthy Workplace $137,352.85 $545.70
RIDLEY LAWRENCE Firefighter $102,924.67 $366.73
RIVERS DEBORAH Human Resources Business Partner Manager $119,115.18 $487.05
ROBERTS NIGEL Manager, Departmental Systems $127,346.84 $520.20
JODI District Manager, Recreation $114,572.85 $468.01
ROMKEMA MARK Captain, Fire Suppression $103,102.60 $401.16
ROSE DUILIO Manager, Animal Services $108,990.70 $445.74
ROURKE TANYA Fire Communications Co-ordinator $106,536.77 $366.52
ROUSE CHRISTOPHER Manager, Planning and Building Development North $112,690.44 $460.53
ROWSELL JEFF Manager, Information Technology $102,274.77 $419.22
ROY DARRELL Fire Captain $112,346.49 $419.52
RUFFINI LORENZO Manager, Strategic Community Initiatives $133,409.71 $545.70
RUSNOV DIANA Manager, Legal Services and Deputy City Clerk $123,809.38 $487.05
RUTKA DAVID Captain, Fire Suppression $103,101.14 $401.16
SACCO FRANK Senior Inspector $109,366.24 $330.99
SAJECKI EDWARD Commissioner, Planning and Building $205,583.40 $10,192.97
SANDERSON RONALD Manager, Realty Services $138,667.23 $545.70
SAVERY DON Captain, Fire Suppression $108,273.15 $416.77
SAVERY DOUGLAS Captain, Fire Suppression $108,300.10 $414.12
SAVINI EZIO Director, Building & Chief Building Officer $154,375.45 $631.38
SCARANGELLA MICHAEL Captain, Fire Suppression $108,284.62 $419.52
SCOTT BRUCE Supervisor, Geographic Information System Client Support $103,580.75 $424.32
SCRACE DAVID Senior Inspector $113,119.03 $330.99
SHAIKH ABDUL WAHEE Transportation Project Manager $118,018.29 $481.95
SHAO KELVIN Systems Specialist $109,578.53 $389.64
SHAO YIDAN Information Technology Specialist $109,731.06 $423.30
SHARANEWYCH DARIA Manager, Central Children’s Department $103,580.75 $424.32
SHARP EDWARD Manager, Collection Management $105,362.44 $431.12
SHARPE KEN Captain, Fire Suppression $108,299.98 $414.12
SHAW DAVID Captain, Fire Suppression $105,691.15 $411.48
SHEA TREVOR Training Officer, Fire $103,303.99 $396.74
SHELTON JEFF Firefighter $102,541.17 $366.73
SHETH RAJ Director, Facilities & Property Management $159,587.22 $652.80
SHIN DAVID Project Leader, Enterprise Systems $119,115.18 $487.05
SHIRLEY MICHAEL Transit Operator $106,939.66 $262.65
SIMPSON PAUL Captain, Fire Suppression $108,252.85 $419.77
SINGH NAVIN Transit Operator $105,633.14 $262.65
SKINNER MARC Manager, Golf and Food Services $108,759.18 $444.72
SLACK SHAWN Director, Information Technology $166,042.23 $659.43
SMITH DAVID Captain, Fire Suppression $103,200.49 $387.90
SMITH GORDON Platoon Chief $164,544.92 $527.13
SMYLIE JEFF Environmental Engineer $108,990.70 $445.74
SNOW ALLAN Information Technology Specialist $104,820.67 $389.64
SNOW ROBERT Captain, Fire Suppression $108,298.38 $414.12
SOCOL MONICA Technical Business Analyst $110,390.12 $384.54
SONI VIPULCHANDR Transit Operator $106,129.74 $262.65
SOUSA ALCIDES Manager, Traffic Engineering & Operations $134,161.23 $541.62
SOUSA DREW Manager, Employee Health Services $106,642.25 $424.32
SPAGNOLO FRANK Manager, Plan Examination Service $123,809.38 $487.05
SPENCER KAREN Director, City Strategy and Innovation $110,152.71 $456.28
SPERANZO MICHAEL Transit Operator $111,245.45 $262.65
STEFANKA RANDY Maintenance Standards and Permits Supervisor $110,981.89 $389.64
STEINBACH ALBERT Senior Internal Auditor $123,809.38 $487.05
STEWART TERRY Training Officer, Fire $104,382.18 $401.16
STEWART YVONNE Fire Communications Officer $103,111.73 $401.28
STICKEL ROBERT Project Manager, Information Technology $126,907.44 $515.95
STOCK-MACDONALD KARYN Business & Innovation Consultant $104,057.32 $422.28
STOJANOVIC ALEXANDER Transit Operator $100,347.70 $262.65
STOREN JO-ANNE Manager, Community Services $103,580.75 $424.32
STUMPF CRAIG Network Architect $104,995.22 $429.93
SUBIC ZELJKO Capital Project Manager $102,657.17 $419.22
SULLIVAN MIKE Captain, Fire Suppression $112,803.35 $411.48
SULZ-MCDOWELL INGRID Manager, Development Planning Service Centre $125,398.23 $499.29
SZCZEPANSKI STEFAN Manager, Park Development $136,695.66 $545.70
TAGGART MARCIA Legal Counsel, Litigation & Planning $134,382.06 $550.29
TANABE SUSAN Manager of Community Planning $111,008.65 $472.77
TAPLEY TIMOTHY Captain, Fire Suppression $108,295.45 $416.52
TAYLOR JOHN Firefighter $104,871.41 $366.73
TAYLOR MARK Captain, Fire Suppression $108,281.68 $419.52
TAYLOR STUART District Manager, Recreation $135,027.41 $545.70
THOMAS KEVIN Captain, Fire Suppression $103,095.35 $401.16
THORNTON ROBERT Manager, Recreation Facility $109,630.95 $448.29
TIBERIA MARIO Captain, Fire Suppression $105,682.31 $411.48
TIEN SAMSON Information Technology Portfolio Coordinator $119,115.18 $487.05
TIFFIN RANDY Fire Communications Officer $130,386.80 $401.28
TIMUKAS PAUL Captain, Fire Suppression $108,298.38 $414.12
TOMAS FRANK Information Technology Specialist $108,201.69 $389.64
TONER STEVEN District Chief, Fire $119,924.93 $461.29
TOPIWALA HARISH Team Leader, Budgets and Financial Reporting $104,748.43 $424.32
TORRESAN ALESSANDRO Supervisor, Transportation Infrastructure $100,899.92 $405.18
TOWERS CLIFF Supervisor, Parks Operation $102,950.18 $389.64
TRACE JOHN Manager, Garry W. Morden Centre $109,446.39 $424.32
TRAIN MARK District Chief, Fire $121,283.73 $468.63
TRANG THANH Mechanic, Transit $103,034.42 $1,511.61
TRAVISS JASON Fire Captain $105,007.86 $401.16
TRETROP SVEN Information Technology Manager, Mobile Applications and Workforce $133,409.71 $545.70
TRUONG KENNETH Capital Project Manager $121,462.28 $487.05
TUDINO DOMENIC Legal Counsel, Real Estate Law $142,477.14 $582.42
TUNIO ISHTIAQUE Capital Project Manager $118,505.87 $486.18
TURZA STEVE Captain, Fire Suppression $108,280.85 $419.52
TYNDALL LARRY Team Leader, SharePoint Collaboration Services $123,809.38 $487.05
UBA ROBIN Manager, Business Improvement and Management Sport Office $132,822.95 $543.66
UFKES MICHAEL Firefighter $101,984.26 $348.12
UNWIN REYNOLD Captain, Fire Suppression $108,298.43 $414.12
VARCOE CHRISTOPHER Fire Captain $105,590.73 $401.28
VARELA SHELLI Captain, Fire Suppression $105,696.26 $411.60
VASEY MARK Captain, Fire Suppression $108,298.38 $414.12
VERNACE LUIGI Financial Analyst $103,731.45 $389.64
VESEY MARY LYNN Manager, Learning and Organizational Development $114,332.29 $458.49
VUKOVIC ANTUN Head Of Mechanical Division, Fire $115,518.77 $428.53
WAIGHT ELIZABETH Legal Counsel, Municipal Law $142,477.14 $582.42
WALSH BRIAN Division Chief, Fleet, Facilities & Equipment $147,000.16 $587.10
WALSH GRAHAM Legal Counsel, Labour and Employment $137,096.19 $561.00
WARAICH SUKHRAJ Transit Operator $108,185.24 $262.65
WARD ROBERT Captain, Fire Suppression $106,629.88 $411.48
WATERS DONNA Supervisor, Development Area $104,444.25 $424.32
WATTS JOHN Captain, Fire Suppression $104,182.88 $401.28
WATTS TIM Senior Inspector $102,201.21 $330.99
WAUGH MARK Investment Portfolio Manager $109,094.10 $429.59
WAYOW KENDALL Senior Project Manager, Capital Projects $128,352.51 $511.53
WEBSTER BARBARA Senior Internal Auditor $114,440.31 $467.67
WELLS EDWARD Captain, Fire Suppression $108,300.32 $414.12
WHITTEMORE ANDREW Manager, Culture Planning $106,589.99 $436.05
WHYTE CHERYL ANN Transit Operator $100,286.05 $512.65
WICKENS ANDREW Manager, Parks $133,409.71 $545.70
WILLIAMS BRUCE Manager, Fleet $137,352.85 $545.70
WILLIAMS MATTHEW Project Manager $107,885.19 $430.95
WILLOCK SHARON Director, Human Resources $172,998.84 $683.91
WILSON CALVIN Mechanic, Fire $100,953.90 $390.96
WILSON CRAIG Database Administrator $104,267.07 $424.32
WILSON DEREK Captain, Fire Suppression $103,090.03 $401.16
WONG ANN Manager, Financial Services $109,737.03 $448.80
WONG PUI CHEUNG Deployment and Integration Specialist $103,580.75 $424.32
WRIGHT GEOFF Director, Transportation Project Office and Business Services $166,042.23 $679.43
YERXA KELLY Deputy City Solicitor, Litigation, Planning & Development $153,720.29 $639.54
YEUNG SIU Systems Architect $119,115.19 $487.05
YOUNG STUART Manager, Parks Operations $108,796.10 $418.20
ZIMMERMAN GLENN Captain, Fire Suppression $103,104.05 $401.16

For comparison check out our March 24, 2012 blog, City of Mississauga “Sunshine List” 2012 (Salary Disclosure for 2011) plus comparatives (Salary Disclosure for 2010) and (Salary Disclosure for 2006) for the 2011 Sunshine List.

And last year’s City of Mississauga’s Sunshine List Salary Disclosure 2013 (Disclosure for 2012) –and previous years for comparison

And to continue our annual Sunshine List tradition, this continues to be as good a time as any to warn readers that Freedom of Information (as well as video) has confirmed that City of Mississauga Staff LIE. And based on the new additions to the City of Mississauga Sunshine List, Lying certainly has its rewards.

See video for details

Mississauga blogger to City of Mississauga Director of Corporate Security, “CITY STAFF LIE.” (2:27 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

HAZEL MCCALLION QUOTE ON STAFF NON-COMPLIANCE TO POLICIES (AUDIT COMMITTEE 090511) "There seems to be a complete disregard for policy."

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