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Hazel McCallion’s challenger, George Winter: “The Queen of Sprawl needs to be defeated herself —not given a Council of Lapdogs.”

September 18th, 2010  

Refusing to vote for Hazel McCallion this round and want to know your choices? At this time MISSISSAUGAWATCH introduces Mississauga Mayoral candidate, George Winter as he addressed the Churchill Meadows Residents’ Association on Monday, September 13, 2010. We also present a transcript of Mr. Winter’s speech.


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Mayoral Candidate GEORGE WINTER (Churchill Meadows Residents’ Association meeting, Ruth Thompson Middle School, September 13, 2010)

Thank you very much. Thank you very much for coming. It very very important.

My name is George Winter and I’m running for Mayor of Mississauga. Some time I’d like you to go to my website, There I’ve some detailed positions about what I believe makes a livable city.

But let’s not fool anyone.

This election is about Hazel McCallion—the 32 year Mayor of Mississauga. The stakes changed in this election as soon as she asked voters to, quote, “give me a Council that is going to take this city to greater heights”.

Except for the last Council or two, she has had free reign to design Mississauga.  The sprawl that you see is the result of her lack of vision—shopping malls, Big Box stores, traffic congestion.

Her opening up to development of the entire city at one time is the single most catastrophic decision Mississauga has seen. Why did she do it?

To collect developers’ fees so that she could at once create the myth of being tightfisted with tax dollars!

The heads of both school boards protested that they wouldn’t be able to build schools, but she pressed ahead. In my mind, part of Hazel McCallion’s legacy will be those huge signs that we all saw on lots, that the boards of education put, that a school board—er, a school may be built here. But there was no guarantee that they would be built. Most, in fact, weren’t.

As a Peel Board of Education trustee, I sat on a board that sent out a daily convoy of buses. We had 20,000 students crisscrossing the city. If your children were part of that armada, like mine were, then place the blame where it belongs —on the Queen of Sprawl herself.

Dr. Tom Urbaniak, in his excellent biography*, explains how the city was transformed with hardly any protest whatsoever.

Keep the established neighbourhoods happy! They were the ones who voted, while the new residents didn’t. Who had the time to go to meetings? She kept the taxes low while making new residents like you pay developers’ fees folded into the purchase price of your homes (you didn’t think developers were going to swallow the costs, did you?)

She raised the fees for parks and recreation activities because the established neighbourhoods were using them less and less, while new neighbourhoods like yours had young families with young children.  She forced the school boards to keep old schools open in established neighbourhoods, while busing the children of new Mississaugans far from home.

Sound familiar?

That’s why we can’t have history repeat itself. Hazel McCallion calls this an important election.

I agree. Not for the reason that she mentioned. She doesn’t need to have councillors who agree with her. It’s called a Democracy. Use the skills of your Council. Get some new ideas.

The Queen of Sprawl needs to be defeated herself—not given a Council of Lapdogs.

I am running to be mayor of Mississauga, not to witness a coronation and dismantling of all debate.

You know what’s ironic? Some of the people that Mrs. McCallion wants on Council are wearing buttons that say “MISSISSAUGA. ONE CITY. ONE VOICE” Isn’t that what we had for almost thirty years?

George Winter’s Mississauga is ONE CITY. MANY VOICES.

Thank you very much.


For the record, MISSISSAUGAWATCH has filed as a Mayoral candidate.


George Winter’s website at

* Reference link   Tom Urbaniak’s  Her Worship: Hazel McCallion and the Development of Mississauga

MISSISSAUGA NEWS ARTICLE Man running for mayor

George Winter. George Winter plans to run for mayor in the Oct. 25 election. Supplied

Julia Le
Aug 19, 2010 – 8:33 PM

George Winter says he’s running for mayor in the Oct. 25 election.

Winter, a Mississauga resident of 36 years who has served as a Peel District School Board trustee, confirmed today that he’ll file his nomination papers tomorrow at 10:15 a.m. He says his family will be there with him as he officially throws his hat into the mayoralty ring.

Winter, 56, says he’s frustrated with how the City of Mississauga is being run and he wants to bring a fresh perspective to the mayor’s office.
The former secondary school teacher in Toronto says Mississauga is facing logistical problems, including the renewal of aging infrastructure and budgetary demands…   Click here to read the rest of the article at the Mississauga News.


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