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Hazel McCallion’s challenger, Ram Selvarajah: “Twenty-two percent of the children in Peel live below the Poverty line.”

September 19th, 2010  

Refusing to vote for Hazel McCallion this round and want to know your choices? At this time MISSISSAUGAWATCH introduces Mississauga Mayoral candidate, Ram Selvarajah as he addressed the Churchill Meadows Ratepayers’ Association on Monday, September 13, 2010. We also present a transcript of Mr. Selvarajah’s speech.


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Mayoral Candidate RAM SELVARAJAH (Churchill Meadows Residents’ Association meeting, Ruth Thompson Middle School, September 13, 2010)

Thank you, John. Thank you for coming out and thanks to the Churchill Meadows Residents Association for putting this together

As you’re aware, this election is a turning point in the history of Mississauga. This year we all a two percent tax increase. It was supposed to be six percent. Of course this being an election year, it was brought down to two percent.

Next year we are faced with a ten percent increase.

Despite all the billions that our Federal and Provincial government are spending, the economy does not seem to be picking up steam. In fact, the unemployment rate is actually growing.

As a city, we have to fight to keep businesses in our city. We have to ensure that the people of Mississauga are taken care of. [inaudible] have not brought forward issues. This year I’m bringing forward issues [inaudible] for your vote.

Twenty-two percent of the children in Peel live below the Poverty line. That is, for every five friends that your children have, one of them is having to go without.  In your class of thirty [inaudible] children, that is six children that [sic] are going hungry.

And this is something that did not develop yesterday —it’s been a growing problem.

Fair Share for Peel identifies that since 1988, we’ve been in a deficit situation for human services in Peel. Currently for this year, the projected deficit is about 300-million dollars. That’s a lot. That’s something that our politicians should have done something about.

Not now, if they’re telling you they’re going to do it now, where have they been for the last twenty years?

The average household in Mississauga has at least two cars. Getting from one end of the town to another is a nightmare. And if you are like myself working in Toronto, getting back and forth is a crazy deal.

If we say we have 63 of the Fortune 500 companies in Mississauga, there is at least 30,000 people travelling to Toronto every day to work.

Since my time is up, there’s a lot of issues, I would like you to come by and visit my table and get more information.

I’ll leave you with one thought.

There is seventeen of us running*. There are seven —six who didn’t bother to show up. There are others that have a one-issue candidates [sic]. One that’s [sic] really saying that the Mayor won’t be able to take office so he’s on stand-by.

There’s another that’s [sic] saying I want immigrants out of Mississauga because that will reduce traffic congestions [sic]. That may be true, but I’m sure you do not—

The Mayor has asked for a Council that she can work with. I’m asking you. Do you want a Rubber-Stamp Council or do you want a leader with a vision?

I’m asking Hazel McCallion, you’ve been a great leader for our city and I admire your [inaudible]. And in fact you’re an inspiration for me to get out of my bed every morning. I ask you, please, put forward your platforms so we can ask. I want you to campaign for this election.

The people of Mississauga need to know what’s in store for them over the next few years.

Thank you.


For the record, MISSISSAUGAWATCH has filed as a Mayoral candidate.


Ram Selvarajah‘s website at

Six running for mayor

Running for mayor. Lisgar resident Ram Selvarajah, 39, is the sixth candidate to officially enter the race for the mayor’s chair. Photo submitted

John Stewart
Aug 24, 2010 – 8:34 AM

The number of candidates running for mayor in Mississauga has reached half a dozen — but none of them is the famous incumbent.

Yesterday, 39-year-old Lisgar resident Ram Selvarajah became the sixth candidate to officially enter the race for the mayor’s chair when he registered at City Hall.

Selvarajah had originally registered to run as a candidate for public school trustee in Wards 9-10, where he lives, but decided to seek the mayor’s chair instead.

He ran unsuccessfully for trustee in his ward in 2006.

“I want to bring trust, accountability and transparency to City Hall,” Selvarajah said in a press release.
The candidate, who is married with two children, owns a degree in political science from York University, where he served in the student senate.  Click here to read the rest of the article at the Mississauga News.

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  1. DeValera on September 19th, 2010 6:44 pm

    Miss Muse – thank YOU for the effort and production of the transcripts. Great to read quickly, terrific to be able to go back and pick up on the inflection.