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Paul Fromm: “…about the two-ton elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about.”

September 19th, 2010  

Refusing to vote for Hazel McCallion this round and want to know your choices? At this time MISSISSAUGAWATCH introduces Mississauga Mayoral candidate, Paul Fromm as he addressed the Churchill Meadows Ratepayers’ Association on Monday, September 13, 2010. We also present a transcript of Mr. Fromm’ speech.

Video: PAUL FROMM, MISSISSAUGA MAYOR CANDIDATE: An Introduction” (3:19 min)

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Mayoral Candidate PAUL FROMM (Churchill Meadows Residents’ Association meeting, Ruth Thompson Middle School, September 13, 2010)

That’s Paul Fromm and I have to thank you very much for the fine work you did in pulling together this meeting. I also want to honour all the people who are standing as candidates because this is the one time that you get a chance to have a say in your community.

At election time the only way you can have a say is if people run. So, hopefully, we’ll get a wide variety of opinions and emphases and honour all the people who have chosen to throw their hats in the ring.

A little bit about myself. I am a thirty-year resident of Mississauga. I’m a former school trustee in another place. I’m a former educator here in Peel. My present career is kind of two-fold. I, like the previous candidate, I’m a radio man. I have a nightly show and I’m The Midnight Man so I’m up usually pretty late.

A little bit of sense of deja vue. Ruth Thompson Middle School. When I first started teaching in Peel, Ruth Thompson was our —was the school trustee for Ward 3. And when I was in the teachers’ union we were always quarreling. [inaudible] I tended to meet her from time to time socially at Don Blenkarn’s get-togethers for the Conservatives down in Mississauga South back in those days.

So there is a little bit of sense of deja vue.

Other candidates have said and I think there’s a sense here that things are about to change in a very big way for Peel —I mean for Mississauga. For one thing the growth that —we’re filled up. There’s little place to expand. And the years of Mrs. McCallion and the years of rapid growth, maybe some people approved of that, maybe some didn’t. I know I mourn the loss of a lot of the farmland that used to be such a benefit for this community.

Anyway I’ve got one more minute so let me tell you about the two-ton elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about. All the problems that you will hear about —the horrific traffic, the congestion, the overcrowding, all comes back to one thing. Mass immigration. And we’re scheduled to grow by three hundred thousand more people in the next six years.

There’s just no room.

Leadership will mean a Mayor who’s going to be public and go up to Ottawa, camp out on the lawn of the Minister of Immigration and say, “We have to have a moratorium —there just is no more room. With 8.2 percent unemployment, there are no jobs for people. We need a breather to develop —to deal with the situation we have now.

And that’s not to make any unkind comments about anybody here.

Well, I’m used to trying to keep to a deadline so I’d like to thank you very much for listening.


For the record, MISSISSAUGAWATCH has filed as a Mayoral candidate.


Former teacher running for mayor

Paul Fromm. Paul Fromm is the 14th candidate seeking to become mayor of Mississauga in the Oct. 25 municipal election. Supplied photo

John Stewart
Sep 09, 2010 – 8:54 AM

A former Peel District School Board teacher who was fired for refusing to curtail his political activities outside the classroom is the 14th candidate seeking to become mayor of Mississauga in the Oct. 25 municipal election.

Paul Fromm registered to run yesterday afternoon, less than an hour after incumbent Hazel McCallion officially announced she would be seeking her 12th term in office.

“Immigration is the issue,” Fromm said in a press release announcing his candidacy. “It’s the two-ton elephant in the room that the municipal politicians don’t want to discuss. They just want to babble about the supposed benefits of ‘diversity.’”  Click here to read the rest of the article at the Mississauga News.


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