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Dedicated to Malton –MISSISSAUGAWATCH.CA (non) mayoral address (Lincoln Alexander Secondary School)

October 9th, 2010  

Lots to do so I’m going to make this fast.

What follows is my experience trying to get my mayoral (non) campaign speech across to the audience still hanging tough inside the cafeteria at Lincoln Alexander Secondary School on October 7, 2010 when my turn finally came.

As a strategy I waited until Mayor Hazel McCallion gave her talk—which everyone assumed was the last of the evening. Nope.

I’d been waiting a very long time to talk to the good folks in Malton and especially Lincoln Alexander. And it was Show Time.

I won’t be providing a transcript of the video (they cut the microphone on me because they didn’t know that I was a mayoral candidate and—well, you’ll have to watch). So instead, along with the video, I’ll just cut-and-paste my script.

Dedicated to Malton –MISSISSAUGAWATCH.CA (non) mayoral address (Lincoln Alexander Secondary School)  7:34 min

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)


Hi. I’m unique among the people here because I am *not* running, I’m simply registered. I registered as part of my research into municipal governance and the City of Mississauga in particular. Since January 2007 I’ve spent over $2,000 on Freedom of Information to investigate Mississauga.

The McMurtry/Curling Report on The Roots of Youth Violence states:

“Community Centres and programs run by mainstream social service providers that have facilities are not “youth-friendly” or accessible to youth, particularly Black youth.

“Not youth-friendly”—that’s what I see too.

I have a moral obligation to tell you something.

In 2008 I attended four Mississauga Youth Plan meetings, one of which was held across the street at Malton Community Centre on March 3, 2008. I witnessed a City of Mississauga security guard deny a half dozen black youths entrance into that meeting. A couple of the kids peered through the window to friends inside and gestured that the guard wasn’t letting them in! I’ve got a photograph to prove that.

At this meeting, youth were asked to write up a wish list. Of the four Youth meetings I attended throughout the city, Malton kids were the only ones to write “DON’T KICK US OUT” as a wish.

However, you won’t see “DON’T KICK US OUT” recorded in the City’s official version of the Mississauga Youth Plan!

Here are the City’s Security records for Malton Community Centre January 1, 2006 until September 26, 2008. During that time, City security guards issued 200 bans and arrests!

By contrast, the combined stats for Cawthra, Meadowvale, Clarkson and River Grove show only 22 bans representing more than twice the foot traffic of Malton Community Centre. And no arrests.

People might respond with, “Well, you know, this is Malton –isn’t 200 what you expect?”

So I investigated the City’s bans for the nearby Westwood Mall Transit Terminal during the same period. NO bans—or arrests. Zero.

I don’t know about you but I am pretty sure more people go through that transit terminal in a day than Malton Community Centre.

From what I can figure, of the 200 Malton Community Centre bans/arrests, 48% of them are youth and minors.

Contrary to its own guidelines, the City does not inform parents when a child is banned.  Over the entire City there are hundreds of parents and guardians with no clue of the City’s bans to their kids.

That’s deadly because if a kid returns to property before a ban’s expiry, he is ARRESTED. Freedom of Information retrieved this direct quote from the Director of Corporate Security about the Arrest policy: “…no exceptions. Let them tell it to the judge”.

And that’s still not the worst part.

It’s what Staff and security guards write about you or your kid into their computer system that you have to worry about. The vast majority of people written into City Security’s “occurrence narratives” simply cannot imagine what’s written about them!

And that computer database with stuff written about your kid rides in the front seat console of every one of the City’s Security RESPONSE UNITS.

And how would you like to be the parent of this kid?

Or this one?

If your kid goes to Malton Community Centre I urge you to file Freedom of Information on any records that the City of Mississauga might have on your youngster.

If nothing comes up, great.

If it does? Do not try to fix things up by dealing directly with City Security. They are highly-accomplished liars and I have proof of this. Besides, you can’t remove what these security guards wrote about your kid. But you CAN enter into the records your youngster’s side of the story.

And you can file a complaint—even if it was something that happened back in 2006.

Go to www.mississaugawatch.ca. I will help!

Thanks for listening.



Pic from City of Mississauga Youth Plan meeting held at Malton Community Centre on March 3, 2008. Mississauga Corporate Security guard prevents (black) youth from entering the building.


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