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Video: Did Hazel McCallion deny the Mississauga News an interview on election night as “punishment” for not endorsing her?

October 27th, 2010  

This blog is dedicated to the Mississauga News.

Just quickly. I want to document one of the many things that happened at Mississauga City Hall (Great Hall) during election night as the results came in.

I was reporting into my video camera when Donald Barber interrupted and said that something was up with the Mississauga News. He’d pointed to a gray-haired man with glasses who I immediately recognized as hanging around the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry hearings —essentially making sure he was within camera shot of Hazel McCallion at every opportunity. (I have other insights into this individual. Unfortunately since I have no audiotape of our conversations anything I write languishes in the realm of his word against mine. So I can’t report on it.)

Anyway. As is my custom now, here’s video of what happened, followed by the transcript. Purely for the record. Seems unless you funnel to the public precisely what Hazel McCallion wants you to…

Did this charmer prevent the Mississauga News from getting an interview with Hazel McCallion? (2:26 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)


“The Mississauga Muse”/MISSISSAUGAWATCH (covering election results inside Mississauga City Hall, “Great Hall” October 25, 2010):

Well, if the phone calls are anything—

Donald Barber (covering election results inside Mississauga City Hall, “Great Hall” October 25, 2010):

We’ve got a situation brewing over here.

“The Mississauga Muse”/MISSISSAUGAWATCH (covering election results inside Mississauga City Hall, “Great Hall” October 25, 2010):

A what?


I had Donald Barber saying it looked like there was an altercation and —but I don’t think so. Because we’ve got the knobs standing sort of, rather relaxed looking. But, it’s interesting —they’re like at every corner.


Donald Barber (covering election results inside Mississauga City Hall, “Great Hall” October 25, 2010):

The short, gray-haired guy who’s making the-uh, he’s getting in the face of the Mississauga News. Telling them to get out of the way. Don’t answer questions. Hazel doesn’t want to answer their questions.

“The Mississauga Muse”/MISSISSAUGAWATCH (covering election results inside Mississauga City Hall, “Great Hall” October 25, 2010):

Which one’s that?

Donald Barber (covering election results inside Mississauga City Hall, “Great Hall” October 25, 2010):

The guy who’s got the roses. There.

“The Mississauga Muse”/MISSISSAUGAWATCH (covering election results inside Mississauga City Hall, “Great Hall” October 25, 2010):


(sees City of Mississauga Corporate Security guard approaching)

Oh, oh. It’s— Don, help ’em (Mississauga News) out.

Donald Barber (covering election results inside Mississauga City Hall, “Great Hall” October 25, 2010):


“The Mississauga Muse”/MISSISSAUGAWATCH (covering election results inside Mississauga City Hall, “Great Hall” October 25, 2010):

Just watch the knobs here.


“The Mississauga Muse”/MISSISSAUGAWATCH (covering election results inside Mississauga City Hall, “Great Hall” October 25, 2010):

Hazel’s whores.


Last, it is our intention to upload to YouTube all raw video of what transpired in the Great Hall, the eve of election night, October 25, 2010 as a historical record. After all, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” (George Orwell). Future Mississaugans need their History.

We simply cannot allow Hazel McCallion and her MYTHissauga sycophants to invent Herstory. At least not unopposed.

UPDATE: October 27, 2010 7:44 pm. Just worked up raw video of the moment Hazel McCallion knew she’d defeated Carolyn Parrish. I offer this footage as a historical record of what transpired on October 25, 2010 at Mississauga City Hall (“Great Hall”) for a Future Mississauga.  (video from camera on to camera off. Censored between 3:16 through 3:18 for obvious reasons.)

I hope the Future gets this YouTube history in addition to MYTHissauga’s Herstory.

Historical raw video record. Hazel McCallion the moment Carolyn Parrish’s defeat is confirmed (6:32 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

UPDATE: October 28, 2010 9:24 am. Just worked up raw video footage again from camera on to camera off. Last video of the October 25, 2010 eve. The results were in. Hazel McCallion had left. The media were packing it up. And it was time to summarize what it was like to be a nobody who took seriously Councillor Nando Iannicca’s challenge, “If you don’t like what Council’s doing, run for office” and run against Hazel McCallion. I confirmed that you don’t just run against Hazel McCallion.

Rather you go up against all municipal employees who live in this city, all the $$$$$$$ backing her from Harold Shipp on down, OMERS (Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System), AMO (Association of Municipalities of Ontario) and “reporters” who just funnel what she says directly to the public (ie: that Global guy might as well work for ROGERS television.)

And I also read from from Tom Urbaniak’s book HER WORSHIP HAZEL MCCALLION AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF MISSISSAUGA (p. 237)

Mississauga City Hall election coverage: Tom Urbaniak’s WARNING when you stand up to Hazel McCallion (7:41 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

UPDATE: October 28, 2010 4:57  pm.

With this next video, I’ve come full circle as a researcher into City of Mississauga municipal government. This video represents closure. Shot with a Canon Powershot SD700 that I still use to this day, the quality isn’t the best.   On November 13, 2006, I covered the Mississauga election returns at the “Great Hall’ Mississauga City Hall knowing very little about municipal government. Not knowing who’s who. Hadn’t even filed my first Freedom of Information yet. Just constantly under the watchful gaze of Mississauga Corporate Security bosses, Joe Cairney and Cathie Evans.

I fell down such a deep dark hole…. and you don’t ever get out!

Hazel McCallion historical record: November 13, 2006 Mississauga City Hall election coverage (5:25 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

Last blog for a while.


The (“Willow trees are strong enough to bend. Never like the oak that lives in fear of the wind”) Mississauga Muse

City of Mississauga Corporate Security: The Misstapo watch over Mississauga News reporter denied interview with Hazel McCallion


The sovereign can no longer say, “You shall think as I do on pain of death; but he says,
“You are free to think differently from me, and to retain your life, your property,
and all that you possess; but if such be your determination,
you are henceforth an alien among your people …
you will never be chosen by your fellow citizens, if you solicit their suffrages;
and they will affect to scorn you, if you solicit their esteem ….
and those who are mostly persuaded of your innocence
will abandon you too,lest they should be shunned in their turn.

–Alexis de Tocqueville



4 Responses to “Video: Did Hazel McCallion deny the Mississauga News an interview on election night as “punishment” for not endorsing her?”

  1. The Mississauga Muse on October 28th, 2010 7:16 pm

    Just FYI.

    McCallion: ‘I’m not angry at the media’

    National Post – Peter J. Thompson – ‎Oct 27, 2010‎

    “In her view, the highest court in the city — that being the court of public opinion — has absolved her and has punished those, or some of those, who were visibly opposed,” Mr. Urbaniak said.

    The Mayor’s public remarks shortly after the polls closed were infused with anger at her critics in both the media and on council, he said, noting this may not bode well for the coming term.

    “If the next few years will be based on the tone that was set… I worry that there will be an unhealthy tone on the council — that the mayor will have little patience for anyone who raises serious concerns or critiques about her leadership or about the direction of the city.”

    Judy Imerson, editorial director at the Mississauga News, says the mayor’s public scolding of local media was no surprise. “With Hazel very much you’re either on her team or you’re off her team,” Ms. Imerson said. “[If] you don’t get along with Hazel, she will do whatever she can to get you out of her path… She is very angry at anybody who gets in her way and anybody who doesn’t let her have full control.

    Read more:

    And comments were once again in the process of being deleted at the Mississauga News. Seems Hazel McCallion’s supporters find everything I write “Offensive” and delete it. That’s how McCallion Inc keeps things to just one message. Seems McCallion’s supporters expect full control of even the readers comments section at the Mississauga News!

    The Mississauga News
    Oct 27, 2010 – 8:04 AM

    Hazel happy to see rival lose

    Oh happy day. Mayor Hazel McCallion was all smiles on election night after learning that her arch rival, Ward 6 Councillor Carolyn Parrish, has been defeated by her candidate of choice, Ron Starr. Staff photo by Fred Loek

    The most telling moment of Hazel McCallion’s anticlimactic election night victory came when the official result for the Ward 6 council race scrolled down a giant screen at City Hall.

    Ward 6 Councillor Carolyn Parrish had been defeated by McCallion’s candidate of choice, Ron Starr. Other than the odd prompt from cameramen, the mayor had been pretty subdued to that point.

    When she saw that her arch enemy on council had been vanquished, McCallion spontaneously jumped up and down, pumping her arms in the air, before quickly catching herself.

    Despite her joy at the prospect of regaining firm control of council, at least one returning councillor says if Hurricane Hazel thinks there will be a return to the days when she ran the city like her own fiefdom, she’s in for a rude awakening.

    “Change has come to Mississauga,” said Ward 7 Councillor Nando Iannicca, referring to the public inquiry into the mayor’s alleged conflict-of-interest in a land deal and the fallout from its testimony. “The increase in voter turnout and her drop in support from 92 per cent to the mid-70s was a litmus test.”

    The inquiry resumes in November and will continue probing how the mayor pushed for a $1.5 billion hotel project led by her son Peter’s company, World Class Developments.

    The hearing is also trying to find out how pension fund giant OMERS got veto power over the City-owned hydro utility, even though OMERS was a minority shareholder.

    The move was rubber-stamped without a council vote.

    McCallion is not used to the type of council she faced for much of her last term, one that challenged her authority, eventually bringing about the inquiry.

    In response to the seven councillors who pushed for the inquiry, McCallion ran a not-so-secret campaign to bring down Parrish, Iannicca, George Carlson, Carmen Corbasson, Sue McFadden, Frank Dale and Eve Adams. Corbasson was defeated Monday by the mayor’s candidate, Jim Tovey.

    Iannicca points out that he and four others still came away with convincing victories and has a message for the new councillors: “If they tell me they’re here to do what Hazel says, I’ll tell them they’re going to be one-term councillors. You’re not going to get a lot of mileage from an exclusive relationship with Hazel — she said this is her last term. You better work with council and do what constituents now expect for the good of the whole city.”

    Even though the mayor’s support decreased by 16 per cent, she still won by a margin of about 69 per cent. In response, Iannicca says: “You don’t always storm the barricade and break through immediately.
    Sometimes you have to take it down brick by brick.”

    Yesterday, Parrish was being asked about her future by those who assumed she would be a candidate for mayor when McCallion steps down in 2014.

    The former Liberal MP and Peel School Board Chair told The News after her defeat that she was retiring from politics.

    In an email exchange with The National Post yesterday, Parrish said she has already been approached by representatives of two different parties to consider becoming a candidate in a provincial or federal election.

    Asked about her political future, Parrish said, “I’m sure there will be something to occupy my time well before 2014. Lots of mileage in this old war horse. We’ll see.”

    Meanwhile, McCallion said she saw a distinct pattern in who won and lost on Monday.

    “The results of the vote had two messages,” she told The Globe and Mail. “Those who were opposed to the inquiry, who called it a witch hunt, won with big percentages. Those who supported the inquiry saw their vote reduced, or lost.”

    User Comments

    The Mississauga Muse

    Oct 28, 2010 7:08 PM

    Apple Orchards, johnny darts in Cooksville Creek and Hurricane Hazel

    I have lived here since September 1953 when my parents brought us to escape a war torn Germany. We rented a tar paper house by Cooksville Creek at the end of Miles Lane (no longer there). I voted for the name “Mississauga” instead of “Sheridan” and voted for Hazel McCallion from 1978 through 2003. I too was evacuated in the Mississauga Train derailment and had the same story that jonstrate973 did about the McCallion’s train-days. Then I read Tom Urbaniak. Seems, Roy McMurtry and senior provincial types have a different story. I’m truly ASTOUNDED that someone would consider Canada’s largest fringe city “one of the greatest in North America”. If for no other reason than the commitment to free speech by those clicking below.


    Oct 28, 2010 6:48 PM

    Apple Orchards and Farms

    Mississauga has come a long way from Apple Orchards and Farms. I have lived here since 1967. Back then a house backing on to Apple wood Hills Park was $58K now is $600K. Thanks to Hazel who was elected mayor in 1978. Then months later I saw and and lived through the 1979 Train derailment. Mayor Hazel was in full control in the biggest peace time evacuation McCallion sprained her ankle early in the crisis, but continued to hobble to press conferences and give the people updates. The city paid me for the 2 days I slept at a hotel and 2 days of clothing including shoes After that I knew who Mayor Hazel McCallion was. To day the city is debt free and has a 3 star credit rating .32 years latter this city is one of the greatest in North America.

    The Mississauga Muse

    Oct 27, 2010 9:45 PM

    @ Therese et al

    Yes, agree. Need to organize. I’m not a leader. After giving my speech in Malton someone came up to me and we talked story a while. I told him that I was looking for a champion. In the meantime I’m really happy with Urbaniak writings. But the observer/researcher is loathe to become the participant. Because you change what you’re observing. Huge reluctance for me to participate in something I was observing but it sure was the right call.

    The Mississauga Muse

    Oct 27, 2010 9:38 PM

    @ Mantis

    You wrote, “FACT: The inquiry itself is 100% unnecessary given that there were TWO LEGAL OPINIONS provided that McCallion DID NOT violate the letter of the law.” Yes, the McLean & Kerr legal opinion failed to record an exchange between Frank Dale and Ed Sajecki regarding Staff “burning the midnight oil” over the weekend to help Peter McCallion’s company avoid development fee increases. Yet their report read like they’d listened to the audio DVD. The second legal opinion concluded the Mayor wasn’t in conflict because Peter McCallion didn’t qualify as her son! (sounds like somethin’ you’d write!)

    Therese Taylor

    Oct 27, 2010 8:56 PM

    @david70 @Muse

    Great link. Just watched a bit. We, Muse, FTT, Philip, ComeOn, Canadians, Uatu, Watcher, we need to organize, if we can. Maybe Muse can help us out, since we can send emails to her, giving our identity and talking about how we can make a difference instead of this idle chatter with Mantis and CR et al.

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  2. 401 on October 29th, 2010 1:06 am

    It’s well known that in the past that if you were on Council there & made any rumblings of going for the mayor’s chair there next term, then you would be taken out just like 2 there have found out …

  3. The Mississauga Muse on October 29th, 2010 8:29 pm

    Hey there 401. Thanks for your note regarding Hazel McCallion’s tolerance for anyone’s views but her Vision.

    Check this pic out regarding someone following Amo Blazy’s campaign workers (Katie Mahoney’s challenger)

    Whoooooooooooooo are you? Who?Who? Who was following Katie Mahoney's competition, Amo Blazys, around

  4. The Mississauga Muse on November 5th, 2010 2:46 pm

    I guess the best thing to do is post this here as a comment.


    TV news and tips for Friday

    Published On Fri Nov 05 2010

    Jon Stewart


    Debra Yeo Toronto Star

    Jon on Top: Jon Stewart has become the top late-night host among viewers aged 18 to 49, according to the Nielsen Co., the first time since at least 2000 that either Jay Leno’s Tonight Show or Late Show With David Letterman haven’t grabbed top spot.

    For the record, Edward R. Murrow is my hero. And so is Jon Stewart. He showed me the way and gave me voice. Satire. The only way to deal with a corrupt, morally-beyond redemption government is to reveal them as they are, through video of their own words and deeds.

    Here’s what I mean by Jon Stewart giving me voice. Here’s Jon Stewart delivering my message to the City of Mississauga!