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Mississauga Ward 1 Jim Tovey’s “over-sized cheque” flyer’s 129 Vote IMPACT: Advanced Polls vs Voting Day stats.

December 5th, 2010  

In our November 24, 2010 Blog,  “Mississauga Councillor Calls for Ward 1 Recount –and STATS for Ward 1 Advanced Polls versus Voting Day”, we provided a breakdown of the Ward 1 voting results by polling station. A reminder that Ward 1 challenger Jim Tovey won that election with just 129 votes more than Incumbent Councillor Carmen Corbasson.

We also reported that “Bottomline, Councillor Corbasson was ahead in the Advanced Polls and lost support on Voting Day” and also introduced a deceptive flyer distributed to all Ward 1 residents by Jim Tovey and his supporters.

Advanced Poll Day 1 and Advanced Poll Day 2 occurred on Thursday, October 14 and Friday, October 15 respectively. These two Advanced Polls were Citywide, included all wards and were held at theMississauga Civic Centre – The Great Hall.

According to the Mississauga News voters wishing to cast ballots on Advanced Polling Day 3 (October 16th) and Day 4 (October 17th) would do so in their own wards (Port Credit Secondary School and Mississauga Senior Centre).

We’d mentioned that on November 25th, a reader emailed a copy of Jim Tovey’s flyer and said that the flyer/card was “dropped off  Sat. before election day.  I understand ward 6  also  got one…” We can confirm that Ward 6 (Ron Starr) and Ward 11 (Luz Del Rosario) also sent out “over-sized cheque” flyers.


If the reader’s tip is correct and Jim Tovey’s supporters distributed this “over-sized cheque” flyer the Saturday before Monday October 25th Election day, Tovey’s flyer went out on October 23rd. And that raises an obvious question.

Did Tovey’s “over-sized cheque” flyer have any effect in defeating Incumbent Councillor Carmen Corbasson in this 129-vote squeaker?

While we can never say for certain whether Tovey’s “over-sized cheque” flyer made a difference of 129 votes, it is instructive to examine the total percentage support for both candidates at the Advanced Polls (October 14, 15, 16, and 17) and compare that to the Ward 1 post-flyer October 25th, Voting Day results.

These data below show Carmen Corbasson led by the time the Advanced Polls closed on October 17th with a total support of 50.93% to Jim Tovey’s 47.39% with 1,129 people in Ward 1 casting advanced votes. A reader states that Tovey’s “over-sized cheque” flyer was distributed Saturday, October 23rd. Monday Voting Day shows a drop (-2.74%)  in support for Corbasson in favour of a  2.60% increase in support for Jim Tovey.

Final results, Jim Tovey won 49.71% of the votes and Carmen Corbasson 48.48%. A difference of 129 votes out of a total of 10,554 ballots cast.

As always these data and results are preliminary and should readers find an error, we’d be most appreciative that you please let us know!

So we present these data converted from the City of Mississauga’s Official Election Results PDF file. Sorted by percentage support for Jim Tovey.

Ward 1 Councillor race, sorted by percentage support October 25, 2010 and Advanced Polls comparative
“CC” is Carmen Corbasson, “JT” is Jim Tovey. “Mayor” is Hazel McCallion (RED for emphasis)

                                      Ward 1 (Sorted by JT %)

Poll Polling Locations          Voters  Council   CC   JT  Mayor   HM     CC %    JT %   HM %

 010 Miss Long Term Care            10       7      0    7      6     5   0.00  100.00  83.33
 002 Kenollie Public School       2716     865    340  520    855   559  39.31   60.12  65.38
 011 Regency Retirement Res        108      38     17   21     38    24  44.74   55.26  63.16
 006 Queen of Heaven Sep School   5525    1633    723  875   1621  1256  44.27   53.58  77.48
 004 Forest Ave Public School     3355    1009    468  520   1026   747  46.38   51.54  72.81
 007 Lakeview Golf Course         3372    1104    524  567   1108   784  47.46   51.36  70.76
 005 Mississauga SrCentre         3351    1018    487  504   1032   780  47.84   49.51  75.58
 009 Westacres Public School      2359     943    488  447    946   628  51.75   47.40  66.38
 003 Port Credit SecSchool        4002    1316    685  596   1320   929  52.05   45.29  70.38
 008 ISNA Elementary School       2091     790    433  348    802   588  54.81   44.05  73.32
 001 Riverside Public School      2660     702    377  306    706   558  53.70   43.59  79.04

 015 Miss Sr Centre - Day 4                245    102  139    245   189  41.63   56.73  77.14
 014 Miss Sr Centre - Day 3                299    159  135    296   200  53.18   45.15  67.57
 017 Port Credit SS - Day 4                258    132  121    258   203  51.16   46.90  78.68
 016 Port Credit SS - Day 3                244    137  104    243   194  56.15   42.62  79.84
 012 Advance Poll Day 1                     51     25   25     52    36  49.02   49.02  69.23
 013 Advance Poll Day 2                     32     20   11     30    14  62.50   34.38  46.67


     Advance Poll Day 1                     51     25   25     52    36  49.02   49.02  69.23
     Advance Poll Day 2                     32     20   11     30    14  62.50   34.38  46.67
     Advance Poll Day 3 TOTALS             309    157  146    310   239  50.81   47.25  77.10
     Advance Poll Day 4 TOTALS             276    157  115    273   208  56.88   41.67  76.19

     Advance Poll TOTALS                  1129    575  535   1124   836  50.93   47.39  74.38
     Voting Day TOTALS                    9425   4542 4711   9460  6858  48.19   49.98  72.49
     Support Change                                                      -2.74    2.60  -1.88

     TOTALS                      29549   10554   5117 5246  10584  7694  48.48   49.71  72.69





Video: “Mega-builder” Harold Shipp warns MISSISSAUGA Councillors. Councillor Carmen Corbasson responds” (3:50 min)

(Click here to go directly to YouTube)


VIDEO INTRODUCTION speaking AGAINST a judicial inquiry. “Mega-builder” HAROLD SHIPP:

If I were sitting there among you, Ladies and Gentlemen, who serve on our Council today, I would be wondering what my position would be one year from now when an election is held and how many of you might have a chance for re-election —IF you proceed with the action you are contemplating now.

MISSISSAUGAWATCH whispers into camera:

Now that’s a threat. Isn’t that interesting..

DIP TO BLACK (to signify later in the meeting).


Councillor Corbasson…


Thank you Mr. Acting Mayor and I will be brief. Um, let me first say that this isn’t an easy time for any of us around this table just like it’s not an easy time for you. I don’t think we take comfort in any of the decisions we’ve had to make of late. But notwithstanding, we are elected to make some tough decisions and I think that’s the type of comment you’re gonna hear around this table today.

I am not at all overwhelmed by the number of people who showed up, Councillor Prentice. In fact, I’m surprised there wasn’t more.

And I’ll tell you why I’m surprised because we all know Madam Mayor is loved, admired and respected. And I for one moment am not going to take away that from her. For me, she has been a role model in many many ways. We both started here in the City in 1978 and I’ve learned an awful lot from her.

I— my biggest difficulty is, and I hope you can understand and appreciate that when we have in-camera sessions, we are privy to certain comments and information that the general public is not.

For me, the in-camera session on the judicial inquiry opened up more questions than it answered.

I— that Madam Mayor didn’t declare one Conflict of Interest for a 17-minute or a 17-second, whatever it was, I have no problem with that.

I do have a problem that official government documents got changed with no satisfactory explanation.

I do have difficulty that any member of Council, doesn’t matter if it’s Madam Mayor, or me, or anyone else, can have off-site meetings, with a landowner, who has an interest in the City of Mississauga, that is going to financially benefit a member of any one of our families.

That may not be against the Conflict of Interest Act. But in my opinion, I would hope, and it’s my understanding that a judicial inquiry can —and most probably would, depending on their findings —make some very strong recommendations to have either the Conflict of Interest Act or the Municipal Act changed.

That’s simply put, Ladies and Gentlemen, for me —I’m not going to speak, I’ll let the others speak for themselves.

This isn’t about Mayor Hazel McCallion. This is about Governance, how do we improve it. Not only for this municipality, but across the Province. And I don’t know what price tag you put on that. Is it ten thousand? Is it one million? Is it ten million? I don’t know.

But I would like to see this City in particular, and certainly Madam Mayor come out with credibility, integrity and that we all maintain our dignity.

I do thank you for coming out today, Ladies and Gentlemen and I will turn it back to the Acting Mayor.


Thank you…


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One Response to “Mississauga Ward 1 Jim Tovey’s “over-sized cheque” flyer’s 129 Vote IMPACT: Advanced Polls vs Voting Day stats.”

  1. carmen2010 on December 16th, 2010 6:14 am

    The win for Tovey was not a vote in support of Hazel or against Carmen Corbasson who had the guts to force the enquiry. Instead, as always, it comes down to money at voting time. We in Ward 1 didn’t want to be paying the 7 million out of our taxes for the legal bills. Can’t you explore that here in your blog? And our taxes are going up again this year. It’s quite clear that Mississauga city hall has become a stronghold for push politics and not responsive to individuals. City Centre is a Megalopolis and Lakeshore Ward 1 still looks like a ghetto streetscape. Can you explain to me why we got rooked into wasting money on the legal defense?