Mississauga graffiti research comparative: Burnhamthorpe April 26, 2009 and (ERASED) June 10, 2011

June 11th, 2011  

As is our custom, here’s the video complete with transcript.

Caveat. I had just begun researching graffiti and viewed this wall as large and extensive for no other reason than I had just begun researching graffiti and didn’t know any better.

Mississauga graffiti research comparative: Burnhamthorpe April 26, 2009 and (ERASED) June 10, 2011 (4:47 min)

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[Music: Caspian & Grafhic – Matrix Shit]

MISSISSAUGAWATCH (upon discovering a graffiti wall in the Applewood/Burnhamthorpe area, April 26, 2009)

It’s Sunday, April the 26th,  2009, just to give you an idea —and over here we’ve got some examples here of graffiti. An interesting message right there that says, “JUST THE BEGINNING” although it’s kind of faded.

And interesting symbols.


And we’ve got this here. This is quite the —enterprise. There is something right there.

And I’ve got my camera so I’ll take some photographs too.

“JUST THE BEGINNING” —interesting.

And as a matter of fact, it would be interesting to walk this way and just see what we’ve got on this side. Or the extent, oh yeah. And they’ve extended it.

So this seems to be a real interesting hot spot. All the way across here.

Definitely a youth gathering place.


Huhn.  Seems, yeah, looks like beer cans and stuff.

I think that’s clearly —possibly reference to marijuana. But here looks definitely sexual.

Let’s start photographing it.


MISSISSAUGAWATCH (returning to the graffiti wall in the Applewood/Burnhamthorpe area, June 10, 2011)

It is Friday, June the 9th [sic] 2011 and I’m returning to an area that I first documented the graffiti in this area on April, well let’s say April 2009.

And I can see that this area here has been cleaned up, boards have been replaced. This here had writing on it —has been cleared up. Boards replaced right here.

And in through here, there’s a wall going this way that had a lot of graffiti. It was a rather unique graffiti wall. And I’m just wondering if they replaced that too. Now I haven’t been here since last spring.

And yeah, it’s all been covered up. All of it.


So I wonder when this happened.

And that’s what it looks like now. Right in through there. Gone.

Anyway, I’m really glad that I documented it. I tell you, there’s a lot more beer cans around than ever before. Anyway. Huhn.

That’s why it’s important to document graffiti because it really is quite temporary. The authorities eventually find it and erase it. In the case over here, erased. Right there, also erased. Or in some cases completely redone.

Let’s get back in. I don’t even think I’m going to bother taking photographs of this.



Turns out that I took photographs after all. To me, “document” means “thorough”. And that means video and pics —even if it’s pics of “nothing”.

So here’s a comparative, April 26, 2009 and what I documented yesterday.

Graffiti wall Mississauga (Burnhamthorpe area) comparative April 26, 2009 and June 10. 2011 (ERASED)
Please click here for the Original (3971 x 1526) version


MISSISSAUGAWATCH April 27, 2009. Despite its ERASE, this wall will remain a graffiti research site for what should be obvious reasons.

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