Mississauga’s Brand New CELEBRATION SQUARE: a Walk-about –a Warning.

June 18th, 2011  

Yes, I had a walk-about Mississauga’s CELEBRATION SQUARE today.

As is our custom, here’s the video complete with transcript.

Mississauga’s Brand New CELEBRATION SQUARE: a Walk-about –a Warning. (6:28 min)

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MISSISSAUGAWATCH (Mississauga Civic Centre walking out to Mississauga CELEBRATION SQUARE, June 18, 2011)

It is June the 18th, 2011 and I’m here inside the Mississauga Civic Centre and this is the first time that I’ve stepped on the Mississauga CELEBRATION SQUARE since they closed it down.

And what I want to do —and I’ve done this at numerous other city halls or public buildings, is what I call the Video Surveillance Pop-In Test.

MISSISSAUGAWATCH (touring Mississauga CELEBRATION SQUARE, June 18, 2011)

And I’m going to walk here and just take a look at how different it is and just record my first impressions.


And we have the video surveillance camera up here. And that one’s been there since 2006 when I first recorded it.

And this is going to be a war memorial here.


I guess this is going to be the skating rink eventually. It’s going to be good for kids. I mean people are using it right now. Already.


Let’s see, the first place to look, are of course, posts. And so far nothing.


I remember one of the things about the old city hall —you know, the way it was structured, in that it had a massive yellow wall right through here.

I always considered it symbolic of the barrier between the Governed versus Those Who Govern.


Looking around some more.

You know, I by now should be able to pick up on the video surveillance cameras. There doesn’t seem to be any.


And just taking a look here. So far the only one is that one right there at the apex of the building.


It’s going to be a massive stage. And zero doubt what will happen on Wednesday, is Council of course is going to sit and share their wisdom from there.


Now it’s going to be interesting what these guys are advertising.

So Mississauga has gone all Toronto on us. It’s going to be interesting how much they get. Like in cost per second.

Lady walking her dog.


But I can say right now, and this is with certainty, because I’ve become something of an expert —there is no video surveillance on this site anywhere, except the apex, right there.

So. That’s going to be interesting.

And the other thing that’s interesting is you have here the Civic [sic] Centre Drive. And Councillor Nando Iannicca said it is possible that, you know, they’ll open it up on certain occasions and then keep it closed at other times.

So quite a bit of flexibility there.


Oh look at this. There’s a knob right there. Oh yeah. And another knob.

Now these guards are exempt from Bill 159 and have no viable public complaints system. Their security bosses investigate them and all it takes to stop an investigation is for those guards to confess to something —and you can bet that their strategy is to confess to something lesser than what the complainant was complaining about.

Actually in some respects that’s worse than video surveillance because I’ve documented so many examples of guards lying. And their bosses. People who get and run afoul of them aren’t even going to have the benefit of video surveillance to help them out.


Yeah, I wanted to come here because, I think one of the things that I want to do is try and see whether I can get my husband to videotape from there on Wednesday down on what’s happening here. While I’m over there covering the actual Council meeting.

Because it will be historic. No question.

And you can bet the political hacks will be really hacking it up, grinding it out —300%. And sometimes 300% really is possible.


This is different. Before we never had access to this little amphitheater. Now they’re actually putting it to use.


Here’s something else that’s interesting. They’ve put the, I think it’s called “Wisteria” up again. Starting new. So that’s neat.


I can tell you this. Regarding, “don’t be a litterbug”, I’ve seen City Staff tossing cigarette butts right here as they were smoking.


So I can confirm for now that that is the only video surveillance camera anywhere in this region for now.

And we have at the door here, two warning signs for automated video surveillance cameras. And that was only because of lobbying by Donald Barber and me.


Despite video surveillance cameras around, there are [sic] no signage at all. And we had a Security Manager lying about it.


MISSISSAUGAWATCH (inside Mississauga Civic Centre, June 18, 2011)

And what I’m going to do is show you one of the things, about the only—

ELEVATOR (Mississauga Civic Centre, June 18, 2011)

Going up.

MISSISSAUGAWATCH (inside Mississauga Civic Centre, June 18, 2011)

—truthful thing that’s going on.

ELEVATOR (Mississauga Civic Centre, June 18, 2011)

Parking Level One.

MISSISSAUGAWATCH (inside Mississauga Civic Centre, June 18, 2011)

And magically, it really is Parking Level One.

So this is about the only thing inside City Hall that you can actually trust as not lying to you.

[Mark Knopfler, “Don’t Crash the Ambulance”]


Since we’re talking about the history of the Mississauga Civic Centre, I just realized that I have unique Civic Centre material that I videotaped back on November 18, 2007.

On that date I documented every outside perimeter wall of Mississauga’s “Big Yellow” City Hall and shot the tape non-stop. This resulted in a video record 1 hour, 7 minutes, 32 seconds long. The footage confirmed that while City Hall bristled with video surveillance cameras, there was absolutely no signage up advising citizens of their presence.  This ran contrary to the Province’s Guidelines for the Use of Video Surveillance Cameras in Public Places —and made liars out of the Security bosses.

No Signage didn’t just violate the Provincial guidelines, the same Corporate Security hacks also violated the City’s own Video Surveillance policy —that Security authored!

The Council of the City of Mississauga passed the Video Surveillance policy back on December 12, 2006. The policy states:

“SIGNAGE: A sign will be installed in a clearly visible location at all facilities which are subject to surveillance.”

My own November 2007 video “surveillance” confirmed that Mississauga City Hall, Mississauga Central Library and Mississauga Living Arts Centre had no evidence of a signal sign ANYWHERE.

I know this is difficult to believe but the fact is that MISSISSAUGAWATCH has yet to find a Corporate guideline or policy that City of Mississauga Corporate Security hasn’t violated —and then lied about!

With that intro, here’s a true Oldie —a 1 hour, 7 minutes, 32 seconds on November 18, 2007 video record of the Mississauga Civic Centre compressed into 1 minute 35 seconds —music the William Tell Overture.

I called it “MISSISSAUGA SIGNZ” because the entire purpose of the video was to provide irrefutable proof that there were no Signs!

MISSISSAUGA SIGNZ (Moving FAST Forward) Uploaded: November 29, 2007

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

And what the heck, might as well include irrefutable proof that Mississauga’s Living Arts Centre had no video surveillance signage up despite Security Manager Jamie Hillis’ “SIGNAGE: A sign will be installed in a clearly visible location at all facilities which are subject to surveillance” claims to the contrary.

Note, this video documentation of the Living Arts Centre was conducted on Nov 21, 2007.


(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

Last. Do I have an “appropriate” photo to end with?… Yeah.

City of Mississauga Corporate Security KNOB UNIT and MISSISSAUGAWATCH 2006 Black Dodge Charger R/T

2 Responses to “Mississauga’s Brand New CELEBRATION SQUARE: a Walk-about –a Warning.”

  1. Huh Says:

    You should check out the new park on Princess Royal. Huge towering cameras everywhere.

  2. The Mississauga Muse Says:

    To: Huh,

    Thanks for your tip. Have to say it surprised me because I’ve driven past that park frequently keeping a vigilant eye out for video surveillance cameras and didn’t see a one.

    So just letting you know that I went down to the new park on Princess Royal and had a close walk-about.

    I didn’t see a single video surveillance camera. Now there are a LOT of light installations that sure do a great job looking like they’re video surveillance cameras.

    But they’re not.

    Note too that I videotaped my session as a baseline record should the knobs decide on installing them later on.

    Should also say that I didn’t go inside the little building (washroom) there.

    Just for the record, I support video surveillance as an irreplaceable tool for law enforcement. But in the hands of the Unethical (and City of Mississauga Corporate Security *is* unethical as confirmed through emails, video and Freedom of Information) their video surveillance cameras need to be treated with the utmost suspicion.

    And their hack-guards and security bosses even more so.

    Again, thanks for the tip!