National Post’s Megan O’Toole inquiry inspires Ron Starr to remove his 2014 mayoral campaign website

June 27th, 2011  

Looks like somebody was recruiting volunteers for their 2014 mayoral campaign in June 2011. Tsk tsk.

Councillor Ron Starr's campaign website June 16, 2011 and November 26, 2010 (a comparison)
Please click here for the original (3075 x 2580) version.

As is our custom, here’s the video complete with transcript.

National Post’s Megan O’Toole inquiry inspires Ron Starr to remove 2014 mayoral campaign website (13:17 min)

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MISSISSAUGAWATCH (reporting inside Mississauga Council Chambers, June 22, 2011)

It is June 21st 2011 and this is what the Toronto Star looks like.

And I want to go first to the Mississauga News. This article, here, John Stewart, “Rising Starr caught in web?” and I want to read just a little bit of it.

It says:

Ward 6 Councillor Ron Starr says that a posting to his personal website, which appeared to indicate that he’s assembling a campaign team to help him run for mayor when Mayor Hazel McCallion retires in 2014, was put up in error.

The notice, which appeared for at least several days on the website under the heading “Team Starr” appeared to be recruiting supporters for a future mayoralty campaign.

And it says:

If you’re tired of Mississauga’s sour politics, please join in to help us fix things

And this is code “If you’re tired of Mississauga’s sour politics” —that’s code for “If you’re tired of accountability and finding out the truth, then please join us to help us put the lid back on our secretive ways.”

Anyways so it says here that this message:

was taken down soon after Starr was questioned about it by a National Post reporter.

And then he’s got that it went up “inadvertently”.

Yeah, that’s kind of the same excuse that people gave about the minutes where Hazel McCallion failed to declare a conflict-of-interest, all of a sudden “inadvertently” showing that she did declare. This was in May 2008, which still is a mystery as to how it got there. “Inadvertent”.

Anyway, then there’s of course, this one here. I went then to Megan O’Toole’s blog, Mississauga councillor’s website fuels speculation about mayoral run. And Megan O’Toole writes:

Mississauga Councillor Ron Starr has fuelled speculation about his mayoral ambitions after issuing an invitation for residents to join “Team Starr” with a goal to fix to the “sour politics”—

—and it says

The message on his personal website — removed after the National Post made inquiries — solicited volunteers for a campaign to help mend the city’s broken government—

And again that’s just Hazel’s people and definitely Ron Starr would be McCallion’s first choice given the way she jumped up and down when he won.


MISSISSAUGAWATCH (reporting inside Mississauga Great Hall Election Night, October 25, 2010)

—Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun, Megan O’Toole, a lot of these people are starting to wake up.

[applause as McCallion jumps up and down]

And there’s cheering right now, I suspect they’re saying that —she got Ron Starr in.


MISSISSAUGAWATCH (reporting inside Mississauga Council Chambers, June 22, 2011)

This guy’s her person of choice to maintain her legacy at City Hall and that means keep things vewy vewy qwiet as Elmer Fudd would say.

But what I did was I went and Googled, “If you’re tired of Mississauga’s sour politics, please join in to help us fix things” believing that I would find it in Google cache. And of course here it’s cached.

And when you look at here, “Join Team Starr”. Right there. When you click on it, it’s removed. There’s nothing there and there’s this thing about “Proposed Reconstruction of Bristol Road”, Bristol Road, the swimming pool —and there’s nothing here about joining Team Starr.

However when you go back and you now go here to the Google cache, it says here, this Google “cache of It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 16 Jun 2011 04:34″

And “the current page could have changed.” [laughs] No kidding.

So let’s just see, here’s the one now —this is the “Join Team Starr” one that Starr removed and apparently was “inadvertently” put up.

Boy that’s quite a bit of “inadvertent” right there.

[NOTE: “Team Starr” also “inadvertently” used City resources for his mayoral recruitment campaign listing the City of Mississauga’s phone 905-896-5600 as Team Starr’s contact number.]

And it says, yeah, “Join Team Starr. Thanks for helping Ron Starr bring civility and leadership” and that’s simply “secrecy and cover-up”.

And the yellow is because that’s what I had Googled for.

So there’s the Name, Address, “I’m willing to help with” and “Best time for contact”, “Additional thoughts” and “Submit above to Ron Starr”.

And it says, “Note, you can also contact the Ron Starr Team” and Ron Starr volunteers. I won’t go into that but anyway this is quite the “inadvertent” that was put up.

And thank you to Google cache.

And now we’re going to view the current page —and it has indeed been removed.

And I just want to show that that’s not the only thing that Ron Starr has removed. I’m going to go and do this all in one shot. Starr’s-on-the-Credit is right here. And when you Google [sic] that there’s the Starr’s-on-the-Credit website. And what you’ve got here is “PAST HIGHLIGHTS”. And I’ve shown this and actually have it up on the internet.

Five year pictures, he has photographs here, but he used to have a video. But the video was removed.

I anticipated that Ron Starr would remove it and posted it here to the internet. It’s only got 7 views right now but that’s okay. The point is it’s up and you see that YouTube says that I added it on June 7, 2011.

And click on it and there it is.

This was removed.

[ STARRSONTHECREDIT video begins playing with Ronnie Hawkins standing beside Mayor Hazel McCallion and Ron Starr]

Ronnie Hawkins (speaking at Starr’s on the Credit 2008 video highlight —since removed)

Folks, I’d like to tell you that it’s an honour to be here meetin’ all you old timers again. Most of you were going to jail before she took over. Now you’re all rich. Whatta girl

[STARRSONTHECREDIT video plays to end. For the record]
[Mark Knopfler, “Don’t Crash the Ambulance”]


Since I saved Ron Starr’s website on June 23, 2011, it seems Councillor Starr has removed ALL content, leaving only “Under Construction This web site is currently being updated.”

Stripped. Bare. Tsk tsk tsk.

That’s what I mean by “MYTHissauga”.


Lesson to reporters researching MYTHissauga. Save what you find on the Net. It’s removed quickly once MYTHissauga Inc knows you’re on to them! It’s one of many ways they stayed in power all these decades.

Ronnie Hawkins quote about Hazel McCallion, "Folks, I'd like to tell you that it's an honour to be here meetin' all you old timers again. Most of you were going to jail before she took over. Now you're all rich. Whatta girl"
(Below) MYTHissauga’s Ted Woloshyn, Toronto Sun columnist who frequently gushes for Hazel.

Toronto Sun columnist Ted Woloshyn at 2003 Mayor's Gala. For "context" when reading Ted Woloshyn's columns on Hazel McCallion, this lapdog pic will put things in perspective!


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