reveals a 2010 City of Mississauga employee and wife as administrators (and a Milton and Oakville resident…)

July 12th, 2011  

MISSISSAUGAWATCH Investigation Series, Volume 1, “What citizens should know about” (#1)
This blog was updated at 12:55 on July 12, 2011 because it contained a factual error. Apologies.

It sure didn’t take long for the Mississauga News article,  “Parrish eyes Ward 5 seat” to come out before reader-commenter (alias) “tankerone” called for

Jul 4, 2011 10:39 PM
Here we go again!

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Well. There’s no time like the present to explore exactly WHO is behind the website,

And so MISSISSAUGAWATCH will now take you on a video tour of the website created by April-to-November 2010 City of Mississauga employee, Murray Glassford and his wife, Cheryl. And the two individuals responsible for the design and programming of, Oakville resident Kerry Applin and Milton resident Tom Cahill.

As a result I can now confirm that the fine folks who bring us who claim to be “Dedicated to integrity & respectability in Mississauga politics” —well, you get the idea.

As is now our custom, here’s the video, complete with transcript. reveals 2010 City of Mississauga employee and wife as administrators (5:18 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

[NOTE: video is unedited, 5:18 min from camera on to camera off.]

MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting July 5, 2011 while surfing the net.

It is Tuesday, July the 5th, 2011 and this is what the Toronto Star looks like. Let’s see if we can do this all in one quick —take.

Here is and they are saying that they’re “Dedicated to integrity & respectability in Mississauga politics”.

When you go to their Mission Statement— the “Full Disclosure“, from Cheryl Glassford is that yes, “my husband was a City of Mississauga employee for 34 years until his retirement in 2008. It has been brought up by Carolyn Parrish but I fail to see the connection to this issue.”

Something like conflict of interest, we’ve got a City employee who is being politically active when the Standard of Conduct says that employees are supposed to be seen as politically neutral.

Another thing is, of course, that this is supposed to be “Full Disclosure“, failed to disclose that her husband worked at the City of Mississauga during an election year.

Here is Murray Glassford’s Facebook page as seen on November, or-ah-yeah, November 26, 2010.

There he is, kind of blurry picture but what can you do?

And he says that yes, he’s retired, he was a former manager of Parks Operations —I have a lot of information, Freedom of Information on City of Mississauga Parks and Rec managers.

And you see that he’s a temporary labourer at the City of Mississauga BraeBen Golf Course in the 2010 season. So so much for “Full Disclosure” here. And then on top of it, —I think under “News”, sorry, likely it’s under “News”, uh-yeah.

They want to thank two people, Kerry Applin but also Tom Cahill for their help in the programming [sic] of

When you go and Google “Tom Cahill”, you get to his Facebook page  —pardon me. Sorry. You get to his Flickr page. And it looks like that.

You can actually do a— there’s Tom Cahill.

And what you do then is you see some pictures here. Tom Cahill’s photostream. And it looks like there was this Mother’s Day. Here. Mother’s Day 2009.

And it looks like they may have gone to Toronto here with Murray. And a reminder that this is what his Facebook page looks like. And there’s also pictures of Murray Glassford as a Mississauga Manager.

And so there’s Murray Glassford of This is Megan —not sure what relationship, likely daughter.

This is a picture here of Murray by himself. And close-up.

And finally a picture of —we know this to be Megan. And here is Cheryl Glassford. So Cheryl Glassford of There’s Murray Glassford and Tom Cahill —let’s see if we can get Tom Cahill. Can we get a picture of him? No, this is as big as we can get, although I suspect that every photographer has a portrait.

Let’s see what his Sets are.

Weddings. Self [sic] Portrait. Continuing. Is there a self-portrait of him? Yeah, “Self Portrait”. Again, this is Tom Cahill’s photostream and as you go down, and, that’s what he looks like. There.

These are the people of

There. Murray Glassford and Cheryl.

Turning camera off.


Also for background, Cheryl and Murray Glassford helped organize the December 2, 2009 Friends of Hazel Rally opposing the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry. And it looks to me as I might have accidentally captured Murray Glassford’s image when I took this photo at that Friends of Hazel Rally.

FRIENDS OF HAZEL RALLY (December 2, 2009). Organizers did their all to prevent Mississauga residents from learning about Hazel McCallion's wheelings and dealings on behalf of her son --and "her people"

Murray and Cheryl Glassford also played a big part in the Cancel the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry Now Petition.

Both are truly committed to ensuring keeping MYTHissauga goings-on vewy vewy quiet. You can see Cheryl Glassford signing the” Cancel the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry Petition” as #2 and husband Murray as #4. Tom Cahill, (a Milton resident who programmed signed as #618.

Here’s a simple cut-and-paste of Page 1 from the Cancel the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry Now Petition (certain names highlighted)


We endorse the Cancel the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry Now Petition to Members of Council of the Corporation of the City of Mississauga.

Read the Cancel the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry Now Petition

  Name Ward:
24. Dale Shura ward 11
23. Bill Sholdice 8
22. Craig Laferriere 2
21. carol nolan 8
20. mark turkiewicz
19. Chris James 8
18. Kelly Vestrocy
17. Mike Webster 6
16. Ann Clay 9
15. Debi Sander Walker
14. Lori Glassford 9
13. Lesia Woloshyn
12. Kenneth Wong 4
11. Manny E daSilva
10. Jacqueline Crawford Frank Dale
9. Sandy Wonnell 10
8. Scott Wonnell
7. John Ayton
6. Tom Woolley 8
5. Rose Moreno
4. Murray Glassford 8
3. Roman Bonk Frank Dale’s Ward
2. Cheryl Glassford 8
1. Phil Green 2

Photograph of the Mayor’s “people”, On July 10, 2010, I emailed Alex Gregory congratulating him on his highly-revealing photograph in his Facebook Photo Album. Yesterday (within 24 hours) his entire Facebook page has been taken down!]

"Hazel McCallion's media" "Supreme Supporters Ron Lenyk (former publisher of the Mississauga News) and Jake Dheer (Manager Rogers Cable 10 TV MYTHissauga). Is it any surprise BOTH media moguls are Mississauga Citizens of the Year?"

UPDATE: July 12, 2011. In the original version of this blog I’d stated that Oakville resident Tom Cahill, programmer of the website had removed the tag “Murray” from his Flickr page as well as the Glassford photographs. This is incorrect, it simply didn’t show in Cahill’s top 150 tags. Apologies for the error.

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