“Friends of Hazel” (McCallion) Part 1: Introducing The Four Behind Stopcarolynparrish.com

July 16th, 2011  

MISSISSAUGAWATCH Investigation Series, Volume 1, “What citizens should know about stopcarolynparrish.com” (#2)

First off I thought I’d share what the co-designer of the “Friends of Hazel” rally flyer (alias “Prol” other alias “AV8R”) posted to me in the Mississauga News comments section just to give Mississauga residents an idea the kind of abuse you can expect when you stand up to Hazel McCallion.

WARNING! Offensive content, click to view

Mississauga News shuts down comments on Ward 5 race. Samples of filth left by the co-designer of the Friends of Hazel Rally flyer. Is alias "Prol" who also have alias "AV8R" he also "Uato"?

You get attacked with “Psycho, You are one twisted bitch. Can’t you please get some help?” —and

WARNING! Offensive content, click to view
“I can smell your cunt”

by the “Friends of Hazel” —cowards who hide behind multiple aliases.

Hazel McCallion’s “people”.

In Rick Mercer’s video, “Welcome to Mississauga”, Mercer asks Hazel McCallion the secret of her 30-year reign’s success. Without hesitation she replied, “Well, you have to look after your people.”

MISSISSAUGAWATCH has been documenting the Mayor’s “people” since May 2006.

Today we continue our video report of the Mayor’s “people” —this time real ones, and their website, stopcarolynparrish.com.

This website was created by an on-and-off-again retired City of Mississauga employee Murray Glassford and his wife Cheryl.  We’ve monitored stopcarolynparrish.com since April 2010 when we suspected that at least some of the Mississauga News reader-commenters hiding behind aliases just might be from stopcarolynparrish.com! I can’t stress enough, only “possible”.

Should you take the time to visit that site, please keep in mind that their Mission Statement is “Dedicated to respectability and integrity in Mississauga politics” as you read the comments posted there! Like the the goings-on in Peel itself, issue-driven this site is not.

Why videotape actual net-surfing sessions?

For irrefutable proof of what’s really going on, there’s nothing better than videotape. While today’s video has been edited for brevity, we uploaded the original unedited version up to YouTube in a private location. The original video, from camera on to camera off, is 26:53 minute in length and in two YouTube parts. This provides a “history” then of what a website looked like on a particular date. (You’d be amazed how the Mayor’s “people” remove inconvenient truths once they’re reported.)

“The Friends of Hazel” (aka: the Mayor’s “people”) are truly cult-like in their allegiance to Mayor Hazel McCallion.  And preliminary evidence suggests that of the “Friends of Hazel” cult-worshipers, there are no more rabid “priests” than those commenting at stopcarolnparrish.com.

As is now our custom, here’s the video, complete with transcript.

“Friends of Hazel” (McCallion): Introducing The Four Behind Stopcarolynparrish.com (8:54 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

[NOTE: video is unedited, 5:18 min from camera on to camera off.]

MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting July 5, 2011 while surfing the net.

It is Saturday, July the 9th, 2011 and this is what the Toronto Star looks like.

I hope to upload this video either July the 9th or July the 10th, depending on how things go.


Anyway we go through and why the interest in Cheryl Glassford? For several reasons, but first being when you go to the Mississauga News website and search for “Cheryl Glassford” —Letter of the Week, Editorial.

July the 10th, 2009, she sent a Letter to Mississauga Councillors saying that she’s really disappointed with the “disintegration of morale in our city council” and that she was “appalled”.

And you know, very, very very much against Carolyn Parrish, And that in itself isn’t —I got no problems with that.

The problem is the way that Cheryl Glassford, and her website. also with her husband, stopcarolynparrish.com —and the problem that I have is their Mission Statement, Carolyn Parrish causing “further embarrassment” to the City.

The “embarrassment” to the City is the Truth that is spilling forth like turds in a plugged-up toilet.

And there she is and a reminder she had “Full Disclosure” here, saying that yes, her husband “was a City of Mississauga employee until his retirement in 2008. And then fails to mention that in the election year, where is it, Murray Glassford here.

Under “Info”, mentions that he was a temporary labourer in the 2010 season from April 2010 to November 2010, which happens to be the election year.

So you’ve got a City of Mississauga employee double-dipping —first in pension and then also as being employed as a temp. Also being active in the stopcarolynparrish.ca [sic] website. And —er dot com, pardon me.

And then that draws the question, the political neutrality of City of Mississauga employees.


And then we got back. She’s written another letter —right there.

And she talks about “facts” and we got a lot of facts coming out of the Judicial Inquiry. And they don’t correlate to Cheryl Glassford’s concept of “facts”.


A reminder too that Cheryl Glassford organized —helped organize the December 2nd. 2009 “Friends of Hazel” Rally that did their best to oppose the Judicial Inquiry.


MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting July 5, 2011 while surfing Phil Green’s “Cancel the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry Now” online petition.

Phil Green. He started it.

But if you look at the first 24 signatures.

These people rank high in the list of people who do not want citizens of Mississauga to know what’s really going on.

And notice in the first four, you’ve got both Cheryl Glassford and Murray Glassford signing this petition to stop the inquiry. Why?

And the other guy that’s really interesting is at #17, one Mike Webster who we have already confirmed has a website called web-tech.ca and signs in, let’s see —the (Canadian) Airgun Forum and Zombie, I forget what it is, Zombie-something (Zombie Hunters Forum) as “Mantis”.

And said that, we’re going to deal with Mike Webster, he’s quite the beaut, at another time.

So why are we so interested in both Cheryl here and Murray, we are researching the kinds of people who support Hazel McCallion. The ones who [speaking in a whisper] don’t want Mississaugans to know what’s really going on.


 So back at it.

What do her [Facebook] friends reveal, because there’s only 39 of them.

Well, Betty Merkley. She was a key in organizing —and in fact, on October the 28th, [2009] she was a speaker in front of Council and helped organize, key in help organizing the “Friends of Hazel” Rally, December 2nd, 2009.

And when you look, Betty Merkley has only five friends.

And we’ve already had Rob Trewartha, who had written just recently a letter to the editor of the Mississauga News. We’ve dealt with Rob Trewartha.

And he listed all kinds of friends, all manner of information, including his photographs. I mentioned that at the Mississauga News and now Rob only shares profile information, you know, people he knows.

Too late, cuz I got all of his stuff


—including photographs of him and Hazel and him admitting, “Yes, I’m a political hack”. You could already tell that from his letters.

There’s Cheryl so you can see that there’s a link there. And Jonathon Crombie. Is that Bonnie Crombie’s kiddie? We don’t know. Would be interesting to find out though.

And I always want to go back like that just to show that it is a computer screen and I’m working at it right now.

Going back to her 39 friends


Applin is also an important name because she credits two people with this website.

[ and reads from stopcarolynparrish.com]

Yeah. Notice? Applin, Kerry Applin. And we’re going to do him today too and buddy Tom Cahill did the programming.

And by the way what’s fun is Tom Cahill is a resident of Milton and this guy [Kerry Applin] interesting too.

Oh and “We also want to Thank [sic] Ted Woloshyn, or Woloshyn or whatever, here’s what Ted Woloshyn is like, just to give you an idea of [his] commentary at the Toronto Sun.

And Hazel’s lapdog here —this is from the Mayor’s Gala’s website. So you can, you will not be able to expect any kind of objectivity from —that guy.


Again, just going back. There’s Cheryl Glassford. We have also Councillor Pat Saito. And a reminder. We have Freedom of Information and also been videotaping Mississauga Council since oh, December 2006.

There’s only one person who deceives citizens more than Councillor Pat Saito and that is Katie Mahoney. And I should add that Councillor Pat Saito was a former City of Mississauga employee as well.


So that Cheryl Glassford then has links to both [laughs] the two worst Councillors for truth, Saito —and Mahoney


Kerry Applin. And it might just be instructive to do him really quickly.


Going back just to check, I’m not sure what the camera was aiming properly or not.


“Dramatic Graphic Net”. There’s his website. “Art and Design”. So is this the guy who helped design the “Friends of Hazel” Rally flyer? Is that possible? Hmm.

And Kerry Applin is an Oakville resident!

[Music: “Don’t crash the ambulance” Mark Knopfler]

So! The stopcarolynparrish.com site that wants to restore integrity or maintain integrity in the City of Mississauga was designed by Kerry Applin, an Oakville resident, and Tom Cahill, a Milton resident.

[laughs] Whattabuncha hacks. I love it. This is so funny.



The (I have FOUND the Roots of Youth Violence!) Mississauga Muse.


Must-see related video “FRIENDS OF HAZEL” ( $$$Guardians$$$ of the MYTH of MYTHISSAUGA )

We hear a lot about poor ethics and broken promises on the part of politicians these days, and how this breeds cynicism in the electorate. But this is by no means a problem confined to politicians. My office has uncovered many cases of government ministries, boards and corporations making grandiose promises to the public that they not only can’t keep, they don’t even bother to try. They promise a level of service or a standard of conduct that they don’t come close to delivering – forgetting about the public they are supposed to serve.

This kind of puffed-up promise, or “puffery,” as I call it, damages the public trust, fuels cynicism and generally gives public service and government a bad name.

Address by André Marin, Ombudsman of Ontario, “Puffery vs Public Interest”. The Canadian Centre for Ethics and Corporate Policy, (2007)


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