“Friends of Hazel” turn the Mississauga News into a Filth Pad –a window into how McCallion stayed in power.

July 17th, 2011  

Yesterday I shared what the co-designer of the “Friends of Hazel” rally flyer (alias “Prol” other alias “AV8R”) posted to me in the Mississauga News comments section just to give Mississauga residents an idea the kind of abuse you can expect when you stand up to Hazel McCallion.

WARNING! Offensive content, click to view
Mississauga News shuts down comments on Ward 5 race. Samples of filth left by the co-designer of the Friends of Hazel Rally flyer. Is alias "Prol" who also have alias "AV8R" he also "Uato"?

You get attacked in the Mississauga News readers comments section with “Psycho, You are one twisted bitch. Can’t you please get some help?” —and

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“I can smell your cunt”

by the “Friends of Hazel”.

“Friends of Hazel”. Hazel McCallion’s “people” —cowards who hide behind multiple aliases.

Today I was going to continue with Part 2 of “Friends of Hazel” (McCallion): Introducing The Four Behind Stopcarolynparrish.com but something unprecedented happened at the Mississauga News in between. In the July 14th  editorial, “Cutting off the dialogue”, the Mississauga News announced:

In the interest of ensuring fair and unbiased coverage for all candidates running in the Sept. 19 Ward 5 by-election, we’ve decided to can the chatter. In some ways, it’s a sad day for The Mississauga News and for community journalism.

We’ve decided to suspend public online commentary on all stories related to the Ward 5 vote and candidates.

They continue:

We still welcome the opinions of our readers on this important election and encourage you to submit letters to the editor

Well, what you’d expect from the Friends of Hazel cowards who hide behind aliases to happen did happen. They just commented everywhere else serving up “FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM!” and “DOWN WITH THE MISSISSAUGA NEWS!” And I videotaped it.

Why? Because by his own admission,”Prol”, co-designer of the Friends of Hazel Rally flyer lies.

And here’s Friend of Hazel “Prol’s” flyer flanked by Lorry Smith and Ron Starr.

Mississauga News reader-commented "Prol" (other alias "AV8R") co-designed this "Friends of Hazel Rally" fllyer presented to Mayor Hazel McCallion by Ron Starr and Lorry Smith.

So here’s the video.

“Friends of Hazel” turn the Mississauga News into a Filth Pad –show how McCallion stayed in power. (4:06 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

As is now our custom, here’s the video, complete with transcript.

[Warning, strong language/visuals.]
[Music: Behind Blue Eyes, The Who]

MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting July 16, 2011 while surfing the net.

It is Saturday, July the 16th, 2011 and this is what the Toronto Star looks like. And we’ve been documenting the conduct of the co-designer of the “Friends of Hazel” Rally flyer, an individual named “Prol”.

And Mississauga News has suspended comments on their website on anything related to Ward 5 because of such antics as individuals like “Prol”. And you can see, for example, this is a new article on Ward 5 and down at the bottom it says commenting has been closed.

And I have other videotape to show some of the vile comments by “Prol” and the “Friends of Hazel” —that is, supporters of stopcarolynparrish.com and the Jake Dheer candidacy.

And so over here, this is what the Mississauga News looks like on the front page. “Recent Comments” “Prol”  “Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!”.

By “Prol”, “Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!”. “Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!”.

And what has happened is every new article in the Mississauga News where comments are allowed, whether it relates to politics or not —doesn’t matter. You have “Prol” —remember, co-designer of the “Friends of Hazel Rally” flyer, “Friend of Hazel” calling for “Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!”

And to my disgust, “Tony Jackson” has also joined in.

So in every site, these two drop their turds of disrespect at the Mississauga News.

And what I want to do is document that. [Note. The Mississauga News was forced to delete their comments.]  That’s “Wonderettes are marvellous”

We now go to “City master plan wins award” and the same here. And sure enough there they are.

“Shooting suspects try [sic] for bail”. And I tell you, if I was webmaster at the Mississauga News, both these ASSHOLES —and I used to have respect for “Tony Jackson” but I don’t have anymore— would be gone!


Here. “Deer sighting in Port Credit”. I thought, oh, really cool article. And there they are again. Only in this particular one, you’ve got —it was ConcernedResident, who started it. “Comments [on this story] have been suspended”.

“tankerone”, whose response to Carolyn Parrish confirming she was running in Ward 5 called for stopcarolynparrish.com website. And we have again “Prol”. [writing “DOWN WITH THE MISSISSAUGA NEWS!”]

All three, strong supporters of Jake Dheer.

So, this is the mentality. This is —this is how Hazel McCallion stayed in power all these years.

[FADE TO BLACK] [Music: Behind Blue Eyes, The Who] [CLOSING IMAGE]

WARNING! Offensive content, click to view
MISSISSAUGA NEWS COMMENTS by Friends of Hazel (McCallion) "Prol" (other alias "AV8R") co-designer of the Friends of Hazel Rally flyer --and Uato (perversion of real Mississauga News reader "Uatu")


The (I have FOUND the Roots of Youth Violence!) Mississauga Muse.


We hear a lot about poor ethics and broken promises on the part of politicians these days, and how this breeds cynicism in the electorate. But this is by no means a problem confined to politicians. My office has uncovered many cases of government ministries, boards and corporations making grandiose promises to the public that they not only can’t keep, they don’t even bother to try. They promise a level of service or a standard of conduct that they don’t come close to delivering – forgetting about the public they are supposed to serve.

This kind of puffed-up promise, or “puffery,” as I call it, damages the public trust, fuels cynicism and generally gives public service and government a bad name.

Address by André Marin, Ombudsman of Ontario, “Puffery vs Public Interest”. The Canadian Centre for Ethics and Corporate Policy, (2007)

4 Responses to ““Friends of Hazel” turn the Mississauga News into a Filth Pad –a window into how McCallion stayed in power.”

  1. Tony Jackson Says:

    Hi UBK,
    I have to disagree with your opinion that Mississauga News’ decision to suspend reader comments was a response to the excessive (defamatory-propaganda) comments the Friends of Hazel bombarded on MN’s website. The fact: it was the hidden agenda the News’ corporate bosses had and always exercised to swing public opinion in favor of their candidate (e.g. D.Cook, 2010-election) and hence influence the democratic process. It is the power that those in control of the media enjoy and exploit under a democratic system thought the world. They already had a mechanism to delete offensive or defamatory comments upon three hits of Offensive. But, during the election time (the crucial moments in a democratic system), they chose to completely ban the user comments. And later, based on an opinion poll, they had to reinstate it, this time on a low traffic page – reporter’s blog. Only as a response to this vicious game, I posted multiple comments (spam posts) bashing out the censorship. Hope you will comprehend the causality in clear sense. (Well, of course, I still think civil and balanced comments are too old fashioned)

  2. The Mississauga Muse Says:

    Hey there Tony, great to hear from you again!

    You won’t find me defending the Mississauga News. THEY fluffed the Myth of Hazel McCallion –specifically former publisher, Ron Lenyk, who turned the Mississauga News essentially into Hazel’s personal rag and propaganda funnel.

    Lenyk was richly rewarded for it. His portrait in the Citizens-of-the-Year gallery with so many other Hazel Hacks. And now CEO of the Living Arts Centre.

    Jake Dheer, ROGERS Cable 10. Ron Lenyk your only newspaper. Ted Woloshyn spinning for all things HcCallion.

    What a loathsome company town!

    Keep in touch and fight those evil, lying Hazel wHOs (ConcernedResident, Porl and especially that uber-whack, Mike Webster, aka: Mantis).

  3. Uncle Fart Says:

    But Mantis says Hazel’s done nothing wrong! It’s in the report! Nothing!

    Hahahah sure got the Three Stooges figured out. They’ll be the ones in the square yelling Duce! Duce! when it’s all over.

  4. The Mississauga Muse Says:

    Hi Uncle Fart!

    Ah yes, “Mantis” (real name, Mike Webster).

    Yes, insists McCallion has done nothing wrong and it’s “in the report”. He goes further saying there’s nothing in the report that the City’s two legal opinions didn’t already say.

    Yet typical of Mantis he fails to mention that one of those opinions was dismissed outright as ludicrous by the City Solicitor during her testimony at the Inquiry. Ready? The opinion being that McCallion couldn’t have committed conflict of interest because Peter McCallion, under the act does not qualify as her son.

    Have to say, the lawyer who crapped that out is every bit as bereft of ethics as Mantis/MikeWebster himself!

    re: the Three Stooges (Mantis, ConcernedResident and Prol), ohhh, they only way they qualify as “Stooges” are as unwavering stooges of the Mayor. Otherwise all three know *exactly* what they’re doing.

    Lying. Denying. For Hazel and MYTHissauga!