“Friends of Hazel” (McCallion) Part 2: Introducing The Four Behind Stopcarolynparrish.com –and Paul Keselman

July 18th, 2011  

MISSISSAUGAWATCH Investigation Series, Volume 1, “What citizens should know about stopcarolynparrish.com” (#4)

In the Mississauga News article, ‘Keselman throws hat into Ward 5 ring”, it states:

The married father of two said he felt a “higher calling” to serve.

“I feel divine providence is at play in this election and I’m the person that’s best suited to represent this ward,”

This morning when I Googled “stopcarolynparrish.com” and Mississauga Ward 5 candidate Paul Kesselman showed up in the search results!

And what a surprise to find Paul “divine providence” Keselman by following the link www.burlington.net/election-2010/paul-keselman!

It’s clear that Paul “divine providence” Keselman, self-described “Proud Conservative” didn’t feel enough “divine providence” to inform Mississauga Ward 5 residents that “-266” days ago he was running for  “Ward 5 City & Regional Councillor in Burlington”. Yes! Burlington!

But by far the most outrageous thing about Keselman is his slimy, swarmy “Real Resident Feedback” section at:  www.paulkeselman.com/bio/real-resident-feedback,

Paul “divine providence” Keselman cuts-and-pastes an anti-Parrish comment that he attributes to former Mississauga Ward 3 candidate, Stephen Wahl.  I saved the entire thread comments and fact is, the comment was generated by alias ehdian on Jul 5, 2011 9:05 AM.  [evidence to follow]

To Paul “divine providence” Keselman, “Real Residents” are the same Mississauga News  “Friends of Hazel” cowards hiding behind aliases: “Mantis”, “freddie”, “tankerone” and “ehdian”. —”ehdian”, who for all any of us know, could be Paul Keselman himself “Real Resident”ing under that alias!

And throughout Paul “divine providence” Keselman’s “Real Resident Feedback” section there are references to stopcarolynparrish.com.

Paul “divine providence” Keselman —American-style politics imported to Burlington’s Ward 5 now setting up “divine providence” shop in Mississauga Ward 5. Absolutely fascinating!

Why follow and report on all this, you might wonder. It’s all part of my ongoing research into the Roots of Youth Violence —our lying-“failure to mention” politicians and the resident-infrastucture that prop them up.

Which is as good as any introduction to Part 2 of “Friends of Hazel” (McCallion): Introducing The Four Behind Stopcarolynparrish.com.

As is now our custom, here’s the video, complete with transcript.

“Friends of Hazel” (McCallion) Part 2: Introducing The Four Behind Stopcarolynparrish.com (4:56 min)

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MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting July 16, 2011 while surfing the net, continuing from Part 1.

This guy here. Restoring integrity to Mississauga Council from Oakville and this guy here from Milton. And a reminder that I found that funny and just want to go back.

Yeah, so we’re back here to Cheryl Glassford, just want to be carefully documenting this.

And we’d also said that the two biggest people that you do not want dealing with youth, let alone anything with moving parts is Katie Mahoney and Pat Saito. And the absolute worst of the bunch Katie Mahoney.


“Info”. That’s all she says. However, you could also see that she [Glassford] votes [sic: supports] so clearly she’s right in line with anything that MYTHissauga and Hazel McCallion would want her to do.


“Vote for Patrick Mendes”? There he is. Ah yes.


So we’re back to Cheryl Glassford and happy to have done her and now back to Murray.

Now a reminder that I had videotaped Murray Glassford’s initial photograph here where he was riding on a motorcycle. He’s since changed the page at Christmas time and now he’s put that up. He’s actually a coach or something to do with the North Stars, the minor league here in Mississauga.

So I suspect that that’s where he gets a lot of his influence.

Murray Glassford lists 58 friends. Nothing jumps out. Except this guy. Reminder, Tom Cahill helped with the stopcarolynparrish.com, so we go to Tom Cahill. There he is. And he’s got 414 friends.

And what’s really interesting, very quickly, there she is.

Tom Cahill. “Info”. “Lives in Milton, Ontario”.

And what we’ll do then now is go to Tom Cahill’s flickr site. There he is.

And when you search on various tags he has, you find “Murray” right —search, there it is right there. Search “Murray”. And there’s Murray Glassford.

And it’s still up. I’m surprised actually. It was uploaded, so it’s May 2009. And there’s a Mississauga, City of Mississauga employee. Community Services.

So there it is. Tom Cahill’s friend, Murray Glassford of stopcarolynparrish.com.


And there is Cheryl. Cheryl Glassford who wrote —Hazel McCallion’s apologeticist  and too happy to, look at this:

“She is accused of going to meetings. Is her personal time not her own?”

So in other words, a mayor can go to meetings that benefit her son —what was it? Ten million dollars? For the hotel complex? As long as it’s her own time?

These people did their ALL the prevent the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry. And of course we now know why that is. There’s all kinds of stuff that spilled out.

[laughs] Including we find out about the Mayor’s Gala, the Community Foundation of Mississauga. On and on and on.

These are the people behind stopcarolynparrish.com whose mission is, heh, to instore [sic] integrity and respectability. And of course you do that by failing to mention to mention all kinds of things.

In fact that’s how Hazel McCallion stayed in power. Failure to mention. Coaching to keep things Positive Positive Positive. And of course have, you know, have, you know, Ted Woloshyn and Ron Lenyk and Jake Dheer your “media”.

Okay, I’m just trying to think what else before I turn this off, but I think that’s it.

[Music: Behind Blue Eyes, The Who]


The (I have FOUND the Roots of Youth Violence!) Mississauga Muse.


Must-see related video “FRIENDS OF HAZEL” ( $$$Guardians$$$ of the MYTH of MYTHISSAUGA )

We hear a lot about poor ethics and broken promises on the part of politicians these days, and how this breeds cynicism in the electorate. But this is by no means a problem confined to politicians. My office has uncovered many cases of government ministries, boards and corporations making grandiose promises to the public that they not only can’t keep, they don’t even bother to try. They promise a level of service or a standard of conduct that they don’t come close to delivering – forgetting about the public they are supposed to serve.

This kind of puffed-up promise, or “puffery,” as I call it, damages the public trust, fuels cynicism and generally gives public service and government a bad name.

Address by André Marin, Ombudsman of Ontario, “Puffery vs Public Interest”. The Canadian Centre for Ethics and Corporate Policy, (2007)

which brings us to:

On Mayor Hazel McCallion’s “telling it like it is” —from Tom Urbaniak’s book Her Worship: Hazel McCallion and the Development of Mississauga (pages 143/144).

Despite McCallion’s tight control, it did happen occasionally that unwanted statements or descriptions slipped into the budget documents. In such instances, Her Worship did not hesitate to chastise the staff. One staff-prepared budget overview contained a statement implying that deferred maintenance was resulting in deterioration of facilities used by the public:

Continuing fundings pressures for capital reserve fund financing in the first six years resulted in significant deferrals of maintenance to the end of the forecast period (10 years). This results in continued deterioration of department facilities and is most noticeable where these facilities are heavily used by the public (eg, community centres, libraries, arenas, park trails and sports fields). Fire and emergency services is also severely impacted by this funding constraint as the training centre and station renovations cannot be funded within this plan. 23

This brought a sharp rebuke from the mayor: the statement should either be retracted or adjusted. This is a very significant statement to me that a roof is going to fall in on some of our buildings. Somebody’s going to pick this up and say “yes, you’re doing a great job on taxes but you’ve got significant deferrals. I think you should take out that statement, redo and tell it like it is.”

Community services commissioner Paul Mitcham tried at first to explain, but then conceded that ‘it’s probably not a good statement.’ He promised it would be taken out.

Last. Comments directed to me at the Mississauga News from two “Friends of Hazel” aka. what Paul “divine providence” Keselman refers to as “Real Resident Feedback”…

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