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Jake Dheer: Ward 5 By-election MYTHissauga candidate (What the Mississauga News and especially ROGERS Cable 10 TV won’t tell you)

August 4th, 2011  

If you want to know about Mississauga Ward 5 by-election candidate Jake Dheer, you’ve come to the right place!

Hazel McCallion's MYTHissauga offers new candidate for Ward 5 by-election

Hazel McCallion (MYTHissauga Inc) offer new "cooperative" candidate for Ward 5 by-election

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Jake Dheer, the “diverse” favoured-face and darling of Mississauga’s Ol’ Guard.

First from the Toronto Star article, ”Mississauga byelection turns nasty”:

Asked if he expects an endorsement from McCallion, Dheer, a Rogers TV station manager, said, “Yes, I think so. I consulted with her before my decision (to run). She was pleased to hear of my decision.”

There is no doubt that Jake Dheer is a McCallion/MYTHissauga Inc fave-in-waiting hoping to fill Council’s Ward 5 black leather chair.


Over the years, Dheer has dutifully used his position as Rogers Cable 10 Mississauga TV station manager to funnel the City’s Party Line directly into our living rooms. Dheer outdid himself ensuring that a six-part tribute documentary “Hazel” would debut in April 2010 —just when the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry got underway.

If you want Mississauga returned to the pre-Parrish vewy vewy qwiet *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink* cronyism, this is your candidate!

Hazel McCallion Mayor’s Gala Scandal: MYTHissauga “raised mmmillions of dollars” (12:11 min)

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A sample of Ward 5 candidate Jake Dheer’s achievements at the “grand fete for the City’s elite”

Organizer of Mayor’s Galas 2007 through 2010 —turning every Mayor’ Gala ticket-dollar received into 20 charity cents that have since languished in the Community Foundation of Mississauga. To wit:

Organizer of 2007 Mayor’s Gala “Boogie Wonderland Let’s Groove Tonight”


Organizer of the 2008 Mayor’s Gala “Let the Games Begin”


Organizer of the 2009 Mayor’s Gala “The Magical Mythical Mysterious Enchanting Evening”


Organizer (Chair) of the 2010 Mayor’s Gala “OH, What a Night”


In his book, Her Worship: Hazel McCallion and the Development of Mississauga, Tom Urbaniak referred to Mississauga as a “media-barren environment”.

TOM URBANIAK MISSISSAUGA "media-barren environment" HAZEL MCCALLION, RON LENYK (former publisher Mississauga News) JAKE DHEER (station manager ROGERS CABLE 10 Mississauga) and "Friend of Hazel" TED WOLOSHYN (TORONTO SUN columnist

True but there’s something worse than barren —a Jake Dheer “media” environment. Who put the MYTH in MYTHissauga? Considerable credit goes to Jake Dheer, station manager Rogers Cable 10 MYTHissauga.

Mr. “ROGERS Cable 10 TV” provided us with a superb example of his hypocrisy in this Mississauga News photo.

Honoured. Rogers TV station manager Jake Dheer (left) and supervising
producer Frank Bosnjak (right) accept the Ted Rogers Innovation Award
from Phil Lind, vice chair of Rogers Communications. Supplied photo

Dheer OPPOSED the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry and there is his smiling countenance in this June 2011 photo, proudly accepting the Ted Rogers Innovation Award.

What for?

Rogers Cable 10 live gavel-to-gavel coverage of the Mississauga judicial inquiry!

And if anyone still wonders about Jake Dheer’s Pedigree MYTHissauga status, we offer these photographs courtesy of South Asian Generation Next is a South Asian MAGAZINE. The Jakester with Hazel McCallion and Starr’s-on-the-Credit’s Ron Starr.

Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion, Councillor Ron Starr with Jake Dheer, Roger's Station Manager

The only question is where does Bonnie (Barbie Doll) Crombie fit in with the Ol’ Guard plans…. Will Hazel McCallion/MYTHissauga Inc run both in an attempt to stop Parrish —or?


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