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August 2011 TSX -491.75 echoes MYTHissauga “city elite” in 2008 market crash (2008 –when Jake Dheer, Bonnie Crombie all smiles)

August 8th, 2011  

World stock markets are in tatters. The ass fell out of the bucket. Perfect timing for today’s blog about Hazel McCallion-approved Ward 5 by-election candidates Jake Dheer and Bonnie Crombie!

The TSX down from a high of 13011 a week ago to 11,671 at time of writing. It’s like the Fall of 2008 all over again.

Freeze-frame "TSX performance just prior to October 17, 2008 Peel Police Services Board meeting" from video "Hazel McCallion Mayor's Gala Scandal: MYTHissauga "raised mmmillions of dollars"

For the record here’s what Mississauga’s city elites were doing on November 8, 2008 as reported by Snap South Mississauga.

22nd Annual Mayor’s Gala

On November 8th, 2008 at Mississauga’s Living Arts Centre, Mayor Hazel McCallion hosted her 22nd Annual Gala Celebration, celebrating her 30th Anniversary in office. This year’s gala saw over 850 guests, with Regis Philbin, from the Regis and Kelly show, performing for the guests and spending some time with Mayor McCallion.The event was all for a good cause and this year’s event raised funds for arts, culture and heritage in Mississauga. Guests laughed the night away as the Mayor and Regis laughed the night away. Guests had a fabulous time this year and will for sure be looking forward to the next gala.

And what was Ward 5 by-election Jake Dheer and his fellow Mayor’s Gala organizers doing on November 8, 2008?

Mississauga city elites were feeling no pain in the last market crash (November 2008)
Turning every ticket dollar into (according to Councillor Nando Iannicca) “this grand fete with the City’s elites. And at the end of the day for every dollar that came in, eighty cents was consumed.” Now that’s a MYTHissauga charity!

And that’s why the only sane response to Mayor’s Gala organizer Jake Dheer’s Ward 5 by-election campaign slogan, “No one runs like a Dheer” is “Let’s hope so”.

Freeze-frame "Percent proceeds of Mayor's Gala" from video "Hazel McCallion Mayor's Gala Scandal: MYTHissauga "raised mmmillions of dollars"
And what of the other McCallion-approved Ward 5 by-election candidate, Bonnie Crombie? What was she doing in 2008?

Crombie, former public affairs consultant, threw thousands and thousands of smiles.

Smiles in August 2008, posing with smiling son, Alex, who campaigned for Vice President Federal of the Ontario Young Liberals.

Just like mom who claimed, “I’m meeting with lots of organizations and groups who are asking me to run,” in the Ward 5 by-election, son Alex wrote, “I have been humbled by the overwhelming call for me to run for this position and the immense amount of support I have been given by my fellow Ontario Young Liberals.”   That was in January 2009.

So many calling for Bonnie and Alex to run…

Alex Crombie who ran for Vice President Ontario Young Liberals with Bonnie Crombie with son Alex at The Ontario Young Liberals held their seventh annual Summer Fling in Guelph, Ont

Even in front of Trooper Marc Diab Memorial Park.

Bonnie "Barbie Doll" Crombie even smiles posing at Trooper Marc Diab Memorial Park

MYTHissauga. Smiles.

Bonnie Crombie would do well to counter “No one runs like a Dheer” with the campaign slogan, “No one smiles like a Crombie”.

And what was Bonnie Crombie doing in November 2008? Haven’t researched that yet but can tell you that on October 14, 2008 she was elected MP for Mississauga-Streetsville, beating Wajid “Cross the Floor” Khan with 21,579 to his 16,946.

One of Crombie’s 21,579 votes was mine!

Better check what the TSX is doing… -491.75.  OUCH!

No worries. Bonnie and Jake will be all smiles. Both lead mythical lives in mythical MYTHissauga.

MISSISSAUGA CITY HALL (AMO, OMERS, MYTHissauga Inc) ---morally beyond redemption
…the system is CORRUPT and this is why there is youth violence this is why there are guns on the street
and drugs in the hands of children the youth are fighting with the system because it is CORRUPT
there is no way to fix it because the people higher up are sitting nice in their big leather chairs,
driving their nice cars, living their perfect life when some people in this world have to work hard
to get by and even by doing so they get nothing, and after they realize how hard they have to work to get by
they break down and no longer want to live life being part of the system because they realize that living
life by the rules of the system gets you no where because it is CORRUPT!

–email from youth (age 19)

Might as well add this update from Twitter Toronto Star News.

Toronto Star News
TorontoStarNewsToronto Star News
TSX drops 492 points, Dow falls 634 as stock markets keep tumbling http://bit.ly/nJ222p
5 minutes ago


The Mississauga Muse.

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Related video presented to Mississauga Council at the April 13, 2011 Council meeting.

Hazel McCallion Mayor’s Gala Scandal: MYTHissauga “raised mmmillions of dollars” (10:11 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

Video transcript at the blog, “Mississauga Council video presentation, “Hazel McCallion Mayor’s Gala Scandal: MYTHissauga ‘raised mmmillions of dollars’”


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