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McCallion 2010 Election Night Victory photos reveal Hazel’s behind-the-scenes “Complexities” in Ward 5 by-election

September 3rd, 2011  

In the July 22, 2011 National Post article, “Council watchers claim guardianship of democracy, political scientist says” Megan O’Toole writes about what she describes as “self-styled council watchers” and their “growing presence in recent years as the proliferation of social media has given them a widening platform to share their views”.

O’Toole gets no fewer than three political scientists to weigh in on “council watchers.” All three PhD’s were condescending —and yes, dismissive.

While Ryerson University’s Duncan MacLellan’s opinion wasn’t the worst of the bunch, his is the most relevant for today’s blog.

Regarding council watchers MacLellan had this to say to the National Post:

“There could be some knowledge that they have that is helpful, but sometimes it is more just reactionary,” says Ryerson University municipal politics expert Duncan MacLellan. “They get people sort of fired up, but in the end [may not] understand the complexities around the decisions that get made.”

Notice O’Toole’s use of ” [may not] “. This would suggest the possibility that Dr. MacLellan really wrote “don’t” as in “but in the end don’t understand the complexities around the decisions that get made.”

What with the Mayor successfully blocking the release of the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry report until after the Ward 5 by-election, it’s time to introduce one of MYTHissauga’s “complexities around the decisions that get made.”

Today’s blog is unique.  I discovered a series of 64 remarkable photos by photographer “Andrew”.  His Picasa web album is simply labelled “Hazel Victory Night Oct 25, 2010 photos: 64“.

Andrew clearly has unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to Victor Oh, Honourary President of the Mississauga Chinese Business Association. And through Victor Oh, Andrew had unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to Mayor Hazel McCallion’s private October 25, 2010 Election Night Victory Celebration.

Judging by the grins splitting the faces of McCallion’s “complexities” as they popped the champagne, they weren’t so much celebrating Ron Starr’s victory as silencing Carolyn Parrish. After all, can’t have the public know what’s really going on in MYTHissauga —and especially its “complexities”.

Through experience I’ve discovered that videos and photographs “disappear” once MYTHissauga’s “complexities” find out that I’ve discovered them. So I document them through videotape six ways to Sunday.

Watch and discover (if you don’t already know) a major “complexity” —that informed voters are very, very bad for government. And business.

So make no mistake. The same MYTHissauga Elites swilling champagne in these “Andrew” photos: Hazel McCallion, son Peter, Ron Starr, Starr’s “friends for 30 years” Katie and Steve Mahoney, Bonnie Crombie, Victor Oh et al are busy right now pulling their Strings of “Complexities” in this Ward 5 by-election.

And with that introduction, here is my video “colour commentary” of Andrew’s 64 photos. And of course, the video transcript.

If anyone notices an error either in the YouTube video or in this transcript I respectfully request that I be advised. I have been documenting City of Mississauga municipal governance since May 2006 and this research demands Accuracy. Thanks.

Hazel McCallion, Ron Starr, Victor Oh’s Private Election Champagne: Return to MYTHissauga Secrecy (15:07 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

MISSISSAUGAWATCH August 30, 2011 analyzing Andrew’s  ‘Hazel Victory Night Oct 25, 2010″ 64 photos.

It is Tuesday, August 30, 2011 and this is what the Toronto Star looks like. I’ve discovered something that’s really important and I need to document it before it’s removed.

These are photos by a guy named “Andrew” right here, who seems to have an in somehow with the Mayor. A whole bunch of different activities.

The one that I’m interested in —there it is right there. And it’s “Hazel Victory Night Oct 25, 2010”.

[Photo 1: Ron Starr, Hazel McCallion and Katie Mahoney victorious]

And there’s a whole bunch of them and you can kind of see. I’m going to go a little bit further. But what I’m going to do now is, This is Photo 1 as you can see up here.

And I’m just going to do this as a slide presentation.

And what I’ll do is I’ll identify some of the people here. As you can see, if there’s ever any doubt that Katie Mahoney is Hazel’s favoured #1 Councillor. The Mahoney’s have an incredible influence as far as The Councillors are concerned.

And anyway, so here we’ve got Ron Starr, Hazel McCallion and Katie Mahoney. And we’re just going to go through here.

This is “Victory Night” behind-the-scenes. Nobody’s seen this. Neither have I.

[Photo 2: Smiling guy with microphone at podium. Hazel McCallion beside him.]

Not sure who this is.

[Photo 3: Hazel McCallion, microphone in hand, addresses her Faithful.]

Here she is addressing her Faithful.

[Photo 4: The Mayor’s Faithful in rapt attention.]

More of her Faithful.

[Photo 6: Hazel McCallion surrounded by her Faithful.]

This guy here? Prevented the Mississauga News from asking McCallion questions inside the Great Hall. On Election Night.

[Photo 9: Victor Oh, with Mayor beside him, prepares to pop a bottle of champagne.]

Victor Oh, Honourary President of the Mississauga Chinese Business Association. And here he’s popping open a bottle of champagne. And I’m not sure but I think that that’s actually a mayoral candidate as well [note: will verify].

[Photo 10: Victor Oh successfully pops cork to delight of delighted Faithful.]

But what’s important to me right now is to get these documented.

[Photo 11: Delighted Faithful cheer and applaud Victor Oh’s successful champagne popping.]

[Photo 12: Hazel McCallion hoists champagne glass and toasts her Faithful.]

[Photo 13: Victor Oh pours champagne to the assembled Faithful.]

Peter McCallion and girlfriend Jovanna.

[Photo 14: Victor Oh pours more champagne for the assembled Faithful as the Mayor talks to a Faithful.]

[Photo 15: Hazel McCallion receives huge hug from a smiling Faithful as Victor Oh beams.]

There’s Fran Rider, President, or head of the Women’s Hockey Association.

[Photo 16: Hazel McCallion poses with four of her Faithful.]

[Photo 17. Hazel McCallion with Unidentified Faithful. Longo’s corporate banner in background.]

If you ever wonder why Hazel McCallion doesn’t have to campaign, this is why.

Notice in the background here, you’ve got Jovanna and Peter McCallion here checking —let’s just go back. Let’s just do that. Checking Peter’s cell phone there or something. Going back.

Notice the corporate sponsorship “Longo’s”?

[Photo 19: Smiling Unidentified male Faithful with Hazel McCallion and same Unidentified Faithful.]

Not sure who that is.

He shows up later so I’m going to be interested in these two people.

[Photo 20: Victor Oh, Diane Kalenchuk and same Unidentified Faithful.]

Victor Oh and this here, Diane Kalenchuk, Royal LePage real estate agent. “Selling Homes in Mississauga for Over 25 Years!” and also awarded citizen-of-the-year 2002.

Accompanied Hazel McCallion several times to the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry back in September 2010. And also at the Living Arts Centre, February 13, 2011, she was there hovering around celebrating and organizing Hazel McCallion’s 90th birthday.

[Photo 21: Fran Rider, Victor Oh, Diane Kalenchuk pose happily with two Unidentified Faithfuls.]

Fran Rider, Women’s hockey. Victor Oh, accompanying Hazel McCallion on many of the trips to China. And Diane Kalenchuk —this woman driving, in the car with Hazel, and for that matter, Fran Rider, to the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry.

And those two draw a complete blank to me. Who are they?

[Photo 22: Hazel McCallion in a circle with MYTHissauga Faithfuls.]

 I thought this guy here’s Ted Woloshyn. But you know, when he’s got his back like that, don’t really know.

[Photo 23 Hazel McCallion receives hug from a Faithful as what appears to be Ted Woloshyn looks on.]

Looks kind of like Ted Woloshyn. Now he’s the Toronto Sun columnist and I refer to him as Hazel’s lapdog. But we’re still not sure.

[Photo 24: Hazel McCallion posing with three Unidentified male Faithfuls.]

Not sure who these people are.

[Photo 25: Hazel McCallion at table with her Faithful. Guy who blocked Mississauga News in background.]

Here we have them celebrating at the end. Again, this guy here.

[Photo 26: Hazel McCallion at table with her Faithful. Different angle.]

There’s this guy who looks like Ted Woloshyn in the background. Still not sure.

[Photo 27: Sheldon Leiba smiling with Unidentified smiling Unidentified Faithful and smiling “Starr’s on the Credit” party girl.]

Here’s something that’s really interesting.  This is a guy named Sheldon Leiba, president of the Mississauga Board of Trade. As I keep saying. You don’t have to campaign when you’ve got the Mississauga Board of Trade right behind you.

And this woman right here. She is in a lot of the photographs of Starr’s on the Credit. And I can show that she’s quite the Party Girl.

[Photo 28: Hazel McCallion posing with beaming Katie Mahoney and omnipresent hubbie, Steve Mahoney.]

Keep going.

Like I said, these are the powerhouses beside Hazel. Hazel can depend on these two. December 2, 2009 Rally you had Katie Mahoney going up there saying—”It’s not hard to support our Mayor, trust me.”

[Video insert of Katie Mahoney, December 2, 2009 “Friends of Hazel” Rally]

 Katie Mahoney: “It’s not hard to support our Mayor, trust me.”

[End insert]

It is so true when you’ve got the Mississauga Board of Trade. You’ve got Ted Woloshyn. You’ve got Ron Lenyk, who’s the former publisher of the Mississauga News and was publisher for the longest time.

There’s been no media.

And then Jake Dheer who’s Rogers Cable 10. All these “media”, they were all supporting the Mayor.

Anyway, as I keep saying, two powerful, powerful people and McCallion-backers.

[Photo 29: Hazel McCallion in a talking circle with Katie Mahoney, omnipresent hubbie, Steve Mahoney and Victor Oh.]

Same thing here. Now isn’t this quite the photograph!

 You’ve got Steve Mahoney, Councillor Katie Mahoney, Victor Oh and Hazel McCallion. In the background, Fran Rider, Women’s hockey.

Now there’s a real power photograph.

[Photo 31: Hazel McCallion and Ron Starr in victory embrace.]

Now isn’t that a photograph. Ron Starr hugging Hazel McCallion.

Boy was she happy to get rid of Carolyn Parrish. Because Carolyn Parrish at least for a little while, blew the lid off MYTHissauga

[Photo 32: Hazel McCallion and Ron Starr still hugging.]

And here. Can there be a happier Hazel?

“I got my man in! I got my puppet in!” What a relief it must be for her.

And I suspect now they’re really going to watch the Ward 5 election because the last thing that woman needs is to have Carolyn Parrish back.

After all, Horrors, you wouldn’t want people to know what’s really going on in MYTHissauga.

[Photo 33: Bonnie Crombie, Ron Starr, Hazel McCallion and Katie Mahoney —grins splitting their faces.]

And look at this. Isn’t this the photograph!

If there’s any doubt that Bonnie Crombie is a Hazel puppet —a Hazel uber alles candidate. This is a photograph by Andrew. October 25th—

[Photo 34: Bonnie Crombie, Ron Starr, Hazel McCallion and Katie Mahoney faces splitting in even wider grins.]

2010. Behind-the-scenes look. Look at the delight.

“Yes.! We got rid of Parrish! Yes! We got Ron Starr in! Yes. We can return to our Secrecy!”

Oh! I know! Here’s something else I can tell you. All four of these people were at Starr’s on the Credit and were featured in the Starr’s on the Credit 2008 highlight video.

Including [laughs] Ronnie Hawkins saying something like—

[Video insert of Ronnie Hawkins from Starr’s on the Credit 2008 video highlights]

Ronnie Hawkins: “Folks, I’d like to tell you that it’s an honour to be here meetin’ all you old timers again. Most of you were going to jail before she took over. Now you’re all rich. Whatta girl!”

[End insert]

Yup. You’re looking at MYTHissauga.

Let’s keep going.

[Photo 35: Hazel McCallion poses with “Elect Ron Starr” sign. Ted Woloshyn stands amused in background.]

Now, here’s the first confirmation that I get that the guy in the hockey jacket or whatever, really was Ted Woloshyn.

If there’s any doubt that Ron Starr was Hazel McCallion’s preferred choice, take a look. That’s why we’re documenting all these pictures, saving them. Because eventually you build a map of MYTHissauga.

And a map isn’t just roads, it’s also connections between people. As you see here. So you know, any wonder why Ted Woloshyn writes the way that he does?

[Photo 36: Hazel McCallion poses with “Elect Ron Starr” sign, Ron Starr. Ted Woloshyn stands amused in background.]

Here again. You’ve got Woloshyn. You’ve got Ron Starr. And you’ve got Hazel McCallion.

Ted Woloshyn did his bit in the Toronto Sun and his Toronto Sun columns. And then you had Hazel with the robocall at the last minute. And there they are. She’s got her puppet in.

And I suspect too that Ron Starr is her choice for her successor in 2014.

[Photo 37: Joyous Hazel McCallion poses with joyous Ron Starr as she holds an “Elect Ron Starr” sign.]

Oh yeah, look at this. Let’s go closer. Look at these faces.

“My Ronnie!…”

Thank you, Andrew for these photographs.

[Photo 38: Hazel McCallion admires Ron Starr’s hockey sweater with “STARR 6” lettering.]

And just for the record, you’ve still got Ted Woloshyn’s jacket right there, so he’s enjoying this.

[Photo 39: Hazel McCallion posing with a smiling Unidentified Faithful male and female.]

Now who have we got here? Let’s go back to make sure we’ve got everybody in. Oh. And over here, Fran Rider.

[Photo 40: Darryl Konynenbelt from Global TV with Hazel McCallion waiting for cue.]

[laughs] And speaking of one of Hazel McCallion’s media puppets, this is Darryl Konynenbelt from Global TV. Made an unsuccessful run as Conservative candidate for Mississauga South.

And I think that’s over here, that’s the head of Victor Oh. And we’ve still got Fran Rider in the background here.

[Photo 41: Darryl Konynenbelt from Global TV with Hazel McCallion waiting for cue.]

He’s pretending to be a reporter pretending to be the ever-vigilant media. And talk about, McCallion can always depend on this guy to toss her some sweetheart questions.

[Photo 42: Darryl Konynenbelt from Global TV adjusting his tie ready to speak with Hazel McCallion]


[Photo 43: Smiling ROGERS Cable 10 Mississauga standing next to a smiling Ron Starr waiting for cue.]

Oh! And there’s ROGERS Cable 10 with some more Pretend.

This is why this 19-year old who wrote me saying, “The System is CORRUPT, there is no way to fix it”—

[Photo 44: Serious-looking ROGERS Cable 10 Mississauga standing “reporter” interviewing a serious-looking Ron Starr.]

—you’re looking at why.

Now that’s Jake Dheer’s ROGERS Cable 10 interviewing Ron Starr. And you’re going to expect any kind of real questions?

[Photo 45: smiling Identified, smiling Bonnie Crombie, Smiling Sheldon Leiba]

Don’t recognize this guy, but there’s Bonnie Crombie, Hazel McCallion-approved Ward 5 by-election candidate and Sheldon Leiba, president Mississauga Board of Trade.

[Photo 46: four smiling people, “Starr’s on the Credit girl”. Victor Oh, Fran Rider in background.]

This lady. Again. Starr’s on the Credit. There’s Victor Oh. Fran Rider.

[Photo 47: Victor Oh holding bottle of champagne beside smiling “Starr’s on the Credit girl”]

Victor Oh. Starr’s on the Credit. Bottle of champagne. He’s happy.

[Photo 48: Smiling Victor Oh and smiling “Starr’s on the Credit girl”. Close up.]

And the real laugh? This guy also plays big in Safe City Mississauga and the Mississauga Crime Prevention Association.

[Photo 49: Hazel McCallion about to hug someone introduced by a smiling Victor Oh. Ron Starr’s prepping a burger]

She’s [McCallion} about to hug him so, somebody and he’s [Oh] introducing this person.

There’s the champagne. There’s Ron Starr chowing down on a burger.

This is after the cameras go off. This is Election Night.

[Photo 50: Victor Oh beams as Ron Starr uncorks another bottle of champagne. Hazel McCallion backs away, wary of the cork.]

Looks like a private kind-of-thing.

There’s Ron Starr uncorking another bottle of champagne. Look at Hazel.

[Photo 51: Victor Oh beams even more as Ron Starr launches champagne cork up, up and awaaaaaaaay.]

Look at this.

When Hazel McCallion talks about “my people”, she’s not talking about the residents of Mississauga. Here’s her People.

[Photo 52: Smiling Sheldon Leiba beside Bonnie Crombie who’s talking to the smiling “Starr’s on the Credit girl”.]

There’s the head of Mississauga Board of Trade Sheldon, and Bonnie Crombie.

[Photo 53: Unidentified smiling Faithful standing beside Ron Starr and his campaign manager.]

And we’ve got Ron Starr here talking to his campaign manager, Susan Walsh. And I recognize this guy right here at the back. He was at the “Friends of Hazel” Rally on December 2, 2009. Helped organize it.

[Photo 54: Darryl Konynenbelt from Global TV talking privately to Ron Starr. No microphone.]

It’s also interesting that they let in Konynenbelt or whatever and also ROGERS TV but Hazel McCallion refused to allow the Mississauga News to interview her.

[Video insert October 25, 2010 inside Great Hall earlier that evening as election results were coming in]

Donald Barber: “The short, gray-haired guy who’s making the —he’s getting in the face of the Mississauga News. Telling them to get out of the way. Don’t answer any questions. Hazel doesn’t want to answer any questions.”

MISSISSAUGAWATCH: “Which one’s that?”

Donald Barber: “The guy who’s got the roses. There.”

MISSISSAUGAWATCH: “Oh. Uh oh. Don, help ’em out.”

Donald Barber: “What?”

MISSISSAUGAWATCH: “Just watch the knobs here.”] * Note. “knobs” mean Hazel McCallion’s security guards.

[End insert]

[Photo 55: Hazel McCallion posing beside Ron Starr’s grinning and triumphant campaign manager.]

And here’s Hazel McCallion standing next to Ron Starr’s campaign manager, Susan Walsh.

[Photo 56: Unidentified grinner and Hazel McCallion posing beside Ron Starr’s —yep grinning and triumphant campaign manager. Two kids in background.]

You know when they say about “Our kids are our future?” There they are.

They’re talking about that youth. Not the ones in Malton.

[Photo 57: Unidentified smiling youth and Hazel McCallion posing beside Ron Starr’s —you got it grinning and triumphant campaign manager.]

Ah! There’s what I’m talking about. That youth is their future.

[Photo 58: Bonnie Crombie talking to what appear to be two organizers of the December 2, 2009 “Friends of Hazel” Rally.]

There’s Bonnie Crombie again. And it’s important to get that guy. Again, I think that guy is from the Stop the Inquiry Rally. And I even think I know this guy.

[Photo 59: Hazel McCallion and a smiling unidentified Faithful.]


[Photo 60: Hazel McCallion speaking to Charles Sousa.]

Charles Sousa.

[Photo 61: Ron Starr and a smiling unidentified Faithful.]

Let’s just do a close up here.

[Photo 62: Smiling Hazel McCallion posing with smiling Victor Oh and smiling company.]

 Now given the photographs that you see of Hazel McCallion —I think it’s at the Canadian Chinese Business Association, this one isn’t a surprise. And it will be interesting to see how many of these also show up at the Mayor’s 90th Gala Birthday Party.

That’s the expensive one that was $350.00 a ticket.

[Photo 63: Smiling Ron Starr posing with smiling Victor Oh and smiling company.]

There’s Victor now with his new Councillor.

You’re looking at MYTHissauga.

[Photo 64: Smiling Hazel McCallion sitting around a table celebrating Ron Starr’s election and her re-election.]

And that’s it.


Photo credits and special thanks to Andrew at: https://picasaweb.google.com/tee.andrew8




“Although it has become common knowledge that those who are pushed out or who drop out of high school are vulnerable to economic and social insecurity, and that this can often lead them into situations of violence, there has been a shortage of critical assessment of all the institutions implicated in this situation.”

—p. 118  McMurtry/Curling Report on the Roots of Youth Violence:  “Volume 3 COMMUNITY PERSPECTIVES REPORT”


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