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Mississauga Ward 5 By-Election Shadow Play –and Why the Mississauga Judicial Report won’t matter

September 9th, 2011  

It isn’t often that one cartoon can serve both as a prediction of MYTHissauga’s “Team Hazel” Ward 5 by-election strategy and carry the alternate title, “Why the Judicial Report won’t matter”

Mississauga Ward 5 Election Shadow Play. Alternate Title? "Why the Judicial Inquiry Report means Diddleyfrikkin'Squat."

Yes. That’s it for today.

UPDATE Saturday September 10, 2011

Prediction of MYTHissauga’s “Team Hazel” Ward 5 by-election strategy

Last week when headlines announced the discovery of “two fossil skeletons of early humans appear to mark a halfway stage between primitive ‘ape-men’ and our direct ancestors”, I too discovered a missing MYTHissauga link.

It came in the form of a remarkable series of 64 photographs by “Andrew” called “Hazel’s Victory Night”.

The Mayor. Supporters chant Hazel McCallion’s name during her victory
speech on Monday night at Vic Johnston Community Centre in Streetsville.
Staff photo by Fred Loek

We can match the Mayor’s Gala “memory lane” as well as Starr’s on the Credit and both Mayor’s 90th Birthday Bashes, no surprise, some of the Mayor’s handler’s and hangers-on turn up time and time again. I refer to them as MYTHissauga Inc.

It was however, Andrew’s “Hazel Victory Night” photographs that provided the missing link in MYTHissauga Inc.

I think readers will agree that at such events, who sits at what table with who, and who gets photographed with who, telegraphs tons about the importance of a particular individual within a social hierarchy. For example in Photo 6, featuring a circle of people, it’s clear there’s an outside circle, and an inner circle with the Mayor as the most important person. Even someone who did not know who Hazel McCallion is can infer quite a lot about the social status of the people in this pic.

What follows is a summary of Andrew’s “Hazel Victory Night” pics that will serve as an introduction to the people who will be (and have been) pulling the strings behind-the-scenes in this Ward 5 by-election.

Photo 1: Victor Oh (honourary president of the Mississauga Chinese Association)) standing beside the Mayor, pops open the first bottle of champagne.

Of the Mayor’s several dozen campaign-team members, the herd is cut considerably when it’s time for champagne. I think who gets to pop the champagne is a signal of sorts, don’t you? As is who gets first, second, third pour. Don’t you?

Photo 10: Hazel McCallion, right hand on Victor Oh’s shoulder delights in the *pop* of the champagne.

Photo 13: Victor Oh pours champagne at a table featuring Peter McCallion and his girlfriend, Jovanna.

The significance of this photo is that it reveals which of the several dozen MYTHissauga Inc faithful initially at this Vic Johnson Arena Victory party are rewarded with quaffs of champagne.

Photo 14: reveals Fran Rider, big in women’s hockey, champagne in hand, smiling beside Victor Oh who’s still pouring champagne.

When you know that Rider was also at the “Friends of Hazel” Rally and none other than Don Cherry spoke on behalf of “Hazey” at that Rally, how many votes can Hockey and the Mississauga Sports Council pull in for McCallion each election?

Photo 20: Do Real Estate Agents play Big in the Mayor’s campaign team? Royal LePage real estate agent, Diane Kalenchuk ( 2002 citizen-of-the-year) congratulated by Victor Oh.

Royal LePage’s Diane Kalenchuk helped organize the December 2, 2009 “Friends of Hazel” Rally and RE/MAX Realty’s Betty Merkley was acknowledged as the Rally organizer. Merkley spoke out against the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry both in front of Council on October 28, 2009 and at the December Rally, heading the speeches .

Actually if you add Peter McCallion to this mix, that’s another real estate agent that looks big around the Mayor.

Photo 29: Power Circle of 4. Hazel McCallion speaks to Colin F. Saldanha. Past Chair Mississauga Board of Trade  as Victor Oh, Katie Mahoney and husband, omnipresent Steve Mahoney smile on.

Photo 33: Bonnie Crombie smiles with Ron Starr, Hazel McCallion and Katie Mahoney.

When you’ve seen Crombie singing “Hot Child” in Rick Mercer’s “Welcome to Mississauga”, do the twist in the Starrs on the Credit 2008 video highlights, and beam beside the Mayor at both 90th Birthday Bashes, it’s tough to find an event where Barbie Doll Bonnie isn’t attached to the Mayor like a limpet.

Photo 34: Ron Starr, Hazel McCallion and Katie Mahoney’s faces split into wide grins, Bonnie Crombie takes her cue from them.

See cartoon above for more details.

Photo 36: The Mayor’s “media”, Toronto Sun columnist Ted Woloshyn is happy and appears in several photographs. Read his views on the Inquiry and Mississauga and you’ll appreciate the truth behind Katie Mahoney’s “It’s not hard to support our Mayor, trust me”.

Lapdog *woof* *woof* Toronto Sun columnist Ted Woloshyn at 2003 Mayor's Gala. For "context" when reading Ted Woloshyn's columns on Hazel McCallion, this lapdog pic will put things in perspective!
Along with Ted Woloshyn, you can add CFRB’s John Tory to The Mayor’s “media”. She can rely on both to “tell it like it is”. To get some idea of their importance in MYTHissauga Inc, both Woloshyn and Tory Emceed the Mayor’s 90th $350.00-a-ticket birthday bash.

To the print and radio, you can add the Mayor’s official TV Station, Rogers Cable 10 complete with her own TV station manager, Jake Dheer. Jake Dheer’s “She’s your Mayor, my Mayor, our Mayor” rah-rahs has seen him rewarded with citizen-of-the-year and now with MYTHissauga Inc’s endorsement as “Team Hazel”s second candidate in this Ward 5 by-election.

Photo 45: Bonnie Crombie smiles with Sheldon Leiba, President of the Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT)

Have to laugh at the memory back in September 2010 of McCallion announcing to huge media fanfare that she’d be running for a 12th term. And how as always she won’t be campaigning. And that any money that people had intended to contribute be donated to charity instead.

Here what McCallion said on September 8, 2010 to what was for the most part, a lapdog media:

“And I’m not going to conduct a campaign. I am not going to raise money. I’m not going to have signs because I’ll tell you —anyone that wants to donate money to a Mayor’s campaign, I plead with you, to donate it to all the charitable organizations, whose under pressure second-to-none. The Food Bank. The Children’s Aid, the Salvation Army and all those that are struggling, struggling today to look after the people. The Poverty that’s in our city. The Unemployed that are in our city.

So how can I, as Mayor, waste money on signs and literature?”

Andrew’s 64 Hazel Victory Night confirm why the Mayor doesn’t have to campaign. Or raise campaign funds. She’s got Harold Shipp (Shipp Corporation). Victor Oh (Mississauga Chinese Business Association). Sheldon Leiba (Mississauga Board of Trade), Ted Woloshyn, John Tory, Jake Dheer (Rogers Cable 10 Mississauga) and just about every real estate agent you can shake a stick at.

Imagine the money.

And we haven’t even mentioned Michael Nobrega (OMERS Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System).

Imagine the votes.

Add Hockey.

Photo 49: Out comes a second bottle of champagne. Again, held by Victor Oh as he introduces the Mayor to Stephen Chu, President of the Mississauga Chinese Business Association.

Photo 51: Victor Oh and Stephen Chu beam as Ron Starr pops the cork on champagne bottle #2. Given her expression I suspect the Mayor is wary of corks!

Photo 58: Bonnie Crombie speaks with two men from the December 2, 2009 “Friends of Hazel” Rally. The white-haired guy, an organizer, the other comes complete with fascinating observation.

Bonnie Crombie’s son Jonathan also helped with the Friends of Hazel Rally. Turns out retrospective analysis of videotape suggests he helped organize the keynote speakers that evening.

Photo 62: Victor Oh, Stephen Chu (Mississauga Chinese Business Association) smile with the victorious Mayor.

Photo 63: Victor Oh, Stephen Chu (Mississauga Chinese Business Association) smile with their new victorious Ward 6 Councillor, Ron Starr.

Note. while Victor Oh, honourary president of the Mississauga Chinese Business Association, didn’t speak against the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry at the December 2, 2009 “Friends of Hazel” Rally, Audrey Chiang, Chair of the Mississauga Board of Chinese Professionals and Businesses did. And what a stirring speech!

I guess having both Harold Shipp and Victor Oh speak out against the Judicial Inquiry would have been a tad over the top….

Anyway, feel free to wander through Andrew’s superb photo gallery of other Mississauga political events. Andrew’s photos answer a lot of questions. Especially when it comes to Police —and Safe City MYTHissauga….

So. The significance of Andrew’s “Hazel Victory Photos”?

The pics:


Explains why I stated that the Mississauga Judicial Report won’t matter. I’ll go further. These photos explain why spending $100,000 a year on an integrity commissioner for the City of MYTHissauga is a complete waste of taxpayers’ money.

Hmmm. I see an omission in my cartoon. Oopsie! I forgot all the real estate agents!

So you think you know the Mississauga political scene? Name all the citizens-of-the-year in this cartoon. Hint. There are 4.

Mississauga Ward 5 by-Election Shadow Play. Alternate Title? "Why the Judicial Inquiry Report won't matter." (revised)


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