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Photos of Hazel McCallion’s Inner Circle reveal the Politrix of MYTHissauga. Plus the Ward 5 By-election.

September 18th, 2011  

I’ve been researching City of Mississauga municipal governance since May 2006. Since then I’ve been documenting, documenting, documenting.

For the record. I’ve received The Signal that researching is over. It’s time to report.

And talk about The Signal coming from the most unexpected of places! A remarkable set of 64 photos called “Andrew” takes the viewer behind-the-scenes to Hazel McCallion’s Victory Party the night of October 25, 2011.

Andrew’s images reveal Hazel’s People. And as Hazel’s People thinned out, Andrew’s photos then documented Hazel McCallion’s Inner Circle.

These two photos were my AHAH! Moment. The Signal that my Research is over. It’s time to Report.

Victor Oh, honourary president of the Mississauga Chinese Business Association pops the first bottle of champagne.

Victor Oh (honourary president of the Mississauga Chinese Business Association)Photo Credit: “Andrew” at:  https://picasaweb.google.com/tee.andrew8/HazelVictoryNight#5546241316903573778

Victor Oh hands off the second bottle of champagne for Ron Starr to pop.
Stephen Chu (left) president of the Mississauga Chinese Business Association.

Victor Oh hands off the second bottle of champagne for Ron Starr to pop.Photo Credit: “Andrew” at:  https://picasaweb.google.com/tee.andrew8/HazelVictoryNight#5546368771984252274

To the Mississauga Chinese Business Association glitterati front and centre at Hazel’s Victory party you can also add Sheldon Leiba, and Dr. Colin Saldanha, president and past president respectively of the Mississauga Board of Trade. Then add McCallion’s ROGERS Cable 10 TV.

And Eureka! We now finally know why Hazel McCallion says she doesn’t need to campaign. Or raise money.

That said, Andrew’s 64 “Hazel Victory Night” photos help explain one of my fundamental questions: Why the Region of Peel blew off warning-after-warning-after-warning about City of Mississauga Corporate Security and their treatment of youth and minors. Why the Peel Youth Violence Prevention Network and the Mississauga Youth Plan were such shams.

And Andrew’s 173 Sep 10, 2009 The Eighth Community Policing Dinner photos help explain how a judge can find three Peel Regional Police officers fabricating evidence and lying in court —and Peel Police Services “has no plans to investigate or discipline the rogue officers”.

I can’t thank Andrew enough for posting these historic Mississauga Heritage images! A veritable Who’s Who of MYTHissauga: The Mayor’s People.

Tomorrow the Mayor’s People will be backing their two puppet-candidates: Bonnie Crombie and Jake Dheer. Expect Victor Oh to hoist more bubbly should either of his two win.

His two are the Mayor’s two are MYTHissauga Inc’s two. Except, I think the Mayor, Ron Starr and Victor Oh would prefer that Jake Dheer get in.

How do I know?

From video I shot at yesterday’s Community Crime Awareness Day!

Related topic —Politics. It’s not about the Best in our community offering themselves to serve the rest of us. And it’s not about the Best in our community debating issues and doing their best so that we can be informed voters.

It’s about the Wealthy choosing their People to run and when elected, serve their interests.

And Politics is about fabricating, deceiving and even lying. It’s about saying indescribably ghastly things about opposition candidates without having a shred of evidence. It’s even about stealing your opponents’ signs. Placing your sign directly in front of a front-runner opponent’s sign.

Or simply kicking signs down.

Mississauga Ward 5 candidates Jake Dheer Carolyn Parrish signs knocked down.

Above all, Politics is about $$$Money$$$. (The 2006 and 2010 financial statements of Mississauga’s successful candidates tell all.)

I delivered flyers today. About four-and-a-half hours complete with one German Shepherd and a vigilant Doberman Pincer. I have even more respect for letter-carriers than I did before this romp.

I believe in the public’s right to know. I believe it was wrong to allow Hazel McCallion to maneuver a trip to Brazil and successfully withhold the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry report until after Ward 5 residents have cast their ballots.

I believe voters should get all the information they are due so they can make informed choices.

So imagine my disgust seeing candidates’ flyers languishing on balconies, steps, grass, sidewalks and gutters while just one candidate’s flyer prevailed in the mailbox!

Now I didn’t actually keep accurate count, but it certainly appeared that Adams flyers fell greatest victims to “displacement”. I was shocked to find the west side of one street having Adams flyers actually ripped up and strewn on lawns. One torn Adams flyer even peaked out from a mailbox!

I didn’t even know there was a Waqar Siddiqui until I saw his flyers strewn about.

For the record it took me four-and-a-half hours because first, I’m built for comfort not speed. Second, I rescued stray flyers. I even picked up a couple of Bonnie Crombie flyers and one Jake Dheer flyer gone “astray” and put them back into mailboxes along with the one I was delivering.

Citizens need Information to be good citizens, right?




Peel Police 2011 Police Package Dodge Charger at Mississauga City Hall Celebration SquarePeel Police 2011 “Police Package” Dodge Charger
Community Crime Awareness Day (September 17, 2011)


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