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Mississauga Ward 5 By-Election result: Hazel “Teflon Icon” McCallion successfully installs yet another puppet-councillor.

September 21st, 2011  

This blog is simply for the record —a video summary of Monday, September 19, 2011’s Mississauga Ward 5 By-Election Voting Day.

Video One: “Mississauga Ward 5 By-Election Voting Day: So this is the Picture” complete with video transcript.

Mississauga Ward 5 By-Election Voting Day: So this is the Picture (Frank McKechnie polling station report)

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MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting from Frank McKechnie polling station, September 19, 2011

It is Monday, September the 19th, 2011 —Ward 5 By-election voting day. And I’m here at Frank McKechnie Community Centre. It likely will play an important role in tonight’s results.

The one thing about Ward 5 is the disparity between voter turnout. Some areas as high as, almost approximating 40% —I know it’s still pathetic. And then in the Malton area, specifically Malton Community Centre as having voter turnout in the teens.

And I’m of the mind, you know, how much time do you spend in an area campaigning and handing out literature, in an area that you know, you just can’t bring the vote in.

I don’t know. It’s raining. And I guess that’s kind of the other problem, is what effect will rain have on today’s voting?

Wouldn’t have any effect on people with cars, I suppose.

But what effect will it have on people who are relying either on walking or using public transit?

It’s really strange. I’m not nearly as nervous as I was on October 25, 2010. I guess I’m just going to accept what happens because there’s no point railing at the moon because, well, to quote this 19-year old who wrote me in email, “The System is CORRUPT, there is no way to fix it”.

And while it would be wonderful for Mississauga to have Carolyn Parrish back as a Council watchdog, she just might put in a little dent into the corruption and sense of entitlement and the Power of the Incumbency that has been going on there for 30 years.

Anyway. The question is, do I go to Malton or not? It’s a really crappy day.

All right. Turning camera off.


Video Two: “Malton Voting Day Westwood Mall Transit Terminal : Who’ll Stop the Rain?” complete with video transcript.

Mississauga Ward 5 By-Election Voting Day: Who’ll Stop the Rain (Westwood Mall report) 3:32 min

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MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting from Malton’s Westwood Mall Transit Terminal, September 19, 2011

It is Monday, September the 19th, 2011 and we’re here in Malton, Westwood Mall Transit Terminal —just to see what we can see.

It’s a dismal day. It’s raining and over just to the, I guess it’s east, of the Transit Terminal, is Malton Community Centre —which is part of my research site. Actually when you think about it, it’s the center of my research site.

And I’ve been researching Malton since about March 2007.

So I’m very interested in what the results are going to be from here.

I also know, however, that the voter turnout at Malton Community Centre —even in the October 2010 municipal election was dismal. I think it was something like 19% —17-18-19%. [actual number was 19.35% voter turnout] Really disappointing.

And if memory serves, that was a decent day. Like October 25th was —certainly wasn’t raining.

Whereas what is going to happen now is, you know anybody who, say, comes here from work and then has to walk —it’s not going to be a pleasant walk to Malton Community Centre to the polling station there.

You’d have to be fairly committed about who your —about your candidate in order to go through this kind of uncomfortable effort.

And I guess that’s kind of the difference between having the luxury of a car and be able to drive to your polling station. And people here who have put in a full day’s work —and what I mean by that is, they’ve caught the bus here. They’ve gone to work. Then they come back on the bus here.

And now what happens is they have to go to Malton Community Centre and that may be a walk. Although I suspect that buses will stop there as part of their route.

Still. I can’t help wonder how the steady patter of rain is going to affect voter turnout here.

So. As I said earlier, there are at least three polling stations that in October 2010 drew well over a thousand ballots cast. They’re going to play big in tonight’s by-election results.

Despite how needy the Malton area is —and especially around here, I’m not sure that the votes are going to show up.

It’s kind of difficult to imagine a lower voter turnout than in the high teens but the rain, the rain might have an effect here.

Now it’s time to go to Malton Community Centre. And for that I gotta set this up. And this up. Because I’ll be on City of Mississauga property to do that report and I always always always always have at least an audio-recorder going.

And that’s because —as I say repeatedly, City of Mississauga Staff —lie.


Video Two: “Malton Voting Day Malton Community Centre : Voter Turnout. How low can it go?” complete with video transcript.

Mississauga Ward 5 By-Election Voting Day: Voter Turnout. How low can it go? Malton CC report (1:36 min)

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MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting from Malton’s Westwood Mall Transit Terminal, September 19, 2011

It is Monday, September the 19th, 2011 and I’ve got to make this fast. I’m here at Malton Community Centre and I just want to report that here I predict the lowest voter turnout if it’s anything like it was in October 2010.

Taking a look. It’s quite rainy already.

And now in addition to being rainy, it’s also cold. And so, it’s 2:56 right now —almost 3 o’clock. And actually a Mississauga Transit bus going this way. So what that means is I suspect that people can come from work directly to Malton Community Centre. And then —well.

You know, just my own self. If I were somebody who had to get up at 5 or 6 o’clock, make a bus, an hour trip one way, work all day, then come back here. And it’s raining.

It would take a tremendous, gargantuan effort on my part to show up here and also cast my ballot.

So Kudos to anyone —any Ward 5 resident who’s going to be walking in the rain after a long day’s work to cast your ballot. Because that’s something really to be respected.

No matter who you’re voting for.



Now that the results are in and MYTHissauga’s Teflon Icon and her MYTHisssauga Inc have installed yet another puppet-councillor, it will be interesting to analyze the ballots cast for each of Ward 5’s polling stations and compare with data from the October 25, 2010 city-wide election.

But by far, the most exciting (and admittedly grim) prospect, is showing up at Council Chambers today and face the newly-engineered MYTHisssauga Inc Monolith as McCallion and her campaign team lock in ward after ward after ward of “team players”.

If I’ve read Tom Urbaniak’s book, Her Worship: Hazel McCallion and the Development of Mississauga properly, Hazel McCallion has never —absolutely never — so DOMINATED Mississauga Council. So don’t you believer her “As Mayor I have only one vote”.

A Mayor who’s picked and padded a council with her own puppets would be bad enough for a company town —but Mississauga is Canada’s sixth largest city….

In his October 26, 2010 Mississauga News commentary “McCallion’s last chance to secure legacy”, Tom Urbaniak wrote:

Hazel the would-be statesperson struggling with Hazel the scrapper. Such is the story of a remarkable political career, a career that could end in triumph — or very badly.

It was the scrapper — the raging fighter — who showed up on election night. An angry Hazel McCallion, back in control of Council, lashed out at her critics, believing herself completely vindicated. She will, it seems, use her long goodbye to settle some scores.

That would be a serious mistake. The mayor now has the judgement of history to consider. Her legacy will be tarnished forever if personal vendettas crowd out good policy-making.

And Mississauga cries out for good policy. The financial situation is worsening. The infrastructure is aging. The suburban era of easy growth is passing.

Now is the time for the mayor to reach out for advice, even from her critics, and rise above. Now is the time to acknowledge mistakes, including the serious mayoral errors that have been the subject of the Mississauga judicial inquiry.

It’s clear how the Mayor has chosen to secure her legacy.

Install a cadre of “Her People” for councillors and more importantly select a successor who the Teflon Icon is certain will sing her praises into Perpetuity. And above all, slam the lid, clamp the lock, seal the seal, douse the light and return MYTHissauga Inc’s “secret society” to even greater depths of secrecy.

All in the best interests of the city. Of course.



Mississauga Ward 5 By-Election Shadow Play –and Why the Mississauga Judicial Report won’t matter (revised)


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