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“EAT THE RICH!” graffiti at Mississauga City Hall. “Words of the prophets”?

October 13th, 2011  

"EAT THE RICH!" Mississauga City Hall October 8, 2011
MISSISSAUGAWATCH has been researching graffiti since April 19, 2009 as part of the now defunct Education and Policy Working Group of the now defunct Peel Youth Violence Prevention Network.

I’ve concluded that rather than evaluate existing social programs for effectiveness, Peel Region simply “defuncts” them, rebrands them and re-trumpets new “successes” of each new initiative.

“Defunct” makes me the only remaining active member of the Peel Youth Violence Prevention Network’s Education and Policy Working Group silly enough to have taken the Peel Youth Violence Prevention Network seriously. But I’m still in it and still researching.

I’ve learned so much studying graffiti! The #1 thing I’ve learned is that Simon & Garfunkel’s Sounds of Silence was right.

And the sign said ‘The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
And tenement halls’
And whispered in the sound of silence

That’s enough of an introduction.

Here’s the video, complete with transcript.

“EAT THE RICH!” graffiti at Mississauga City Hall. “Words of the prophets”? (2:49 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

[Caspian & Grafhic – Matrix Shit]

MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting from outside Mississauga City Hall (north entrance), October 8, 2011

It is Saturday, October the 8th, 2011 and I was advised through Twitter that there would be a protest against the Mayor, today, here at City Hall, at 12 o’clock.

And right now it’s 12:13. I’m not coming here to protest so much as to cover it. And I’ve already driven out once around the City Hall. There’s nobody.

However, there is something I’ve noticed since the last time I was here. Right there. That’s new.

And I can tell you because just the other day I was here and I photographed and videotaped that Toronto Star box with the Inquiry headlines.

[Video insert of October 4, 2011 Toronto Star box. Headlines, “If I had known what I know now, I certainly wouldn’t have gotten involved”]

And I was parked pretty much the same place I am right now and I sure would have noticed, “EAT THE RICH!”

Anyway, now what I’m going to do, and I always have to have Sony Walkman [sic] on because City Staff lie. Especially their security guards. “EAT THE RICH!”

So. I’m going to go out and take a picture, maybe do a couple of tours and after that—

MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting from outside Mississauga City Hall (north entrance), October 8, 2011

It is Wednesday, October the 12th, 2011 and this is what the Toronto Star looks like —when it’s in its box.

And I’m here at Mississauga City Hall and just played a hunch and thought, well, let’s see if the graffiti is still up here. And of course, it isn’t.

So, the message here was “EAT THE RICH!”. And just to show you that it’s not necessarily graffiti that they’re against, just messages that they don’t especially like, they got rid of “EAT THE RICH!” but here, “DEMISE” has been up since, oh, I don’t know, 2010. That’s not a problem.

What this means, of course is now I can post the “EAT THE RICH!” that was here ‘cuz I know that was erased not because I posted it to YouTube.




GRAFFITI MISSISSAUGA, "Dont Be so quick To judge; you only see what I choose to show."


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