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The McCallion Letters

OCCUPY TORONTO about “this disconnect between us privileged ones in government” and those they serve.

October 23rd, 2011  

At yesterday’s OCCUPY TORONTO march to city hall, I noticed a sign that said it all —George Orwell.

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

OCCUPY TORONTO, PROTEST SIGN, GEORGE ORWELL, "In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
Today I provide a video and transcript of truths told by Mississauga Councillor Nando Iannicca, truths about “this disconnect between us privileged ones in government” and those they serve.

And remember that silly, pretentious “Our Future Mississauga”? About dreaming BIG? Or the fraudulent Mississauga Summit? About MYTHissauga’s “brave, bold future”?

Watch/listen to Councillor Iannicca and the truth about Our Future Mississauga —Province and Country.

Maybe then you’ll “get” what OCCUPY TORONTO is about!

Is Occupy Toronto about “All animals look at each other differently when watering hole dries out” (7:01 min)

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[Regarding loss of $731,485 in transit Infoplace –the result of the city not following its own rules for collecting payment for tickets]

Mayor Hazel McCallion (Audit Committee, May 11, 2009)

Who’s responsible? Is it the, is it that Transit department responsible or the Finance Department? No communication, it seems.

And in a bankruptcy, without anything in writing that the project got changed, how can you —so, you know, it’s not as bad as the one in Toronto. But it’s bad.

Changes made without due authority. In the process.

So that’s all I want to say.

Councillor Nando Iannicca (Audit Committee, May 11, 2009)

Councillor Iannicca.

Councillor Nando Iannicca (Audit Committee, May 11, 2009)

(inaudible) —Madam Mayor, to your point. The whole episode is shameful.

And the aspect that is concerning me more and more is, you know I don’t know how many of us in government have realized but there starts to be seen this disconnect between us privileged ones in government —that wasn’t the case fifty years ago, when you went in government you got paid less etc etc.

And yet, you know, the government’s out now —folks that make a hundred thousand dollars and my constituents looking for a job see that —Boy police constable’s make is a hundred thousand dollars with their overtime. And transit drivers, some of them make a hundred thousand dollars with their overtime.

And here I am, Joe Citizen, struggling to get ahead, and I’ve lost benefits, I’ve lost my job if I’m an auto worker, taking hits at various times coming in for extra work and not getting paid for it.

Struggling to pay your taxes. And then they see episodes like this. And what explanation do we have?


This speaks to the issue of the future. Our taxpayers will not put up with this any more.

And the people they’re going to look at isn’t you —they’re looking at us. And then we turn around and look at you.

And George Carlson, our good friend and colleague on Council has a very good point. And I was wishing he’d be wrong, but we’d better be cognizant that he’s right.

“All the animals look at each other differently when the watering hole dries out.”

We still have some water in our hole. A lot of my constituents don’t.

We owe them a better level of service than what they received over this debacle.

But Madam Mayor, we’ll speak some more to it in-camera. Thank you.


Councillor Nando Ianniccaa (Mississauga General Committee, October 19, 2011)

In Canada, we’re at the cross-roads, the watershed. And here’s the fear that I have, and I won’t give all my secrets away. But I’m going to give you on big one right now.

You know what the future is? I’m going to tell you what the future is. It’s pretty simple. Here’s what the history was.

What I came here four cents on your tax bill overall came to this city. We’re up to eight cents now going up to nine. And we’re Much. Worse. Off.

The four to eight to eight-and-a half hasn’t solved our problems. Our infrastructure deficit’s as dramatic as it’s ever been! Isn’t that right?

So you know, well, you’ve doubled the taxes pro-rata on my home for the last twenty-five years, Nando, and you’re telling me we’re far worse off. Get ready for it to double again.

So you know what the solution is.

And from that macro-level, I’m going to bring it down to the micro. A solution as old as time. Start throwing stuff off the boat.

We will be getting out of businesses. Period. Full Stop.

Do you know why? ‘Cuz it’s brilliant. You know why it’s brilliant? ‘Cuz all of my problems go away. What do you mean?

“Hazel you’ve got to go to Ottawa and talk to them about funding for seniors homes.”

I’m not in the business anymore. Don’t have to go talk to them.

“Well you know the arbitrators are—”

“I’m not in that business. I don’t give a damn about the arbitrator.

“Well the union’s are uppity about this.”

I don’t have a union workforce in that field. I don’t, I’m not in that field.

It’s priceless, isn’t it? It works real well.

I don’t know what society we’ll live in. But that is what is coming.

[If] you don’t believe it, core services like highways for governments? We sold off a highway. Airports are going in that direction. And there will be more and more and more of it.

Because in one fell swoop, boy do you eliminate so many of my problems!

On the other side of the coin, well no, let’s go keep fighting in Ottawa. What it’s gotten us? Let’s go keep fighting the Province. What it’s gotten us?

We’ve got, and I love the conversation between Councillor Starr and Councillor Mahoney. It’s the Great Divide: the people in the million dollar homes that don’t think that they’re being fairly treated and then the single mother with three kids that says, “But, am I supposed to pay it?!”

Our answer is, well neither one of you will pay it. We’re just out of the business.

And if you look at the world around us —Councillor Starr said something brilliant. I just loved it. If it’s in a phone book and somebody else does it, why do we do it?

And there’s going to be more questions like that as we go forward.

To bring it back down to this level —and this is the importance that I would put on this conversation, if a user group tells me, Nando, it’s getting kind of expensive. We don’t know about your soccer pitches, you know, especially the ones with the artificial turf, it’s getting a little tired.

I just won’t build one with artificial turf. Easy. No problem.

“Well, I’ll charge ya three bucks.” I’m charging you nothing now! You just don’t have the pitch, that’s all. Is that a problem for you? And that’s what we’re trying to forestall right now.

Because get ready for this. We will be jettisoning many, many, many services at the municipal realm.

Last thought I’ll leave with you and I hope a smart doctoral student does it one day —I’m not being flippant. I mean this seriously.

Is there any corporation in the world —give me IBM, give me any one of them, that is more complex than municipal-regional government. I mean that literally.

What are your core businesses? What do you do and what are you trying to achieve?

Remember. Things I do for fun on the side are entire enterprises. We run golf courses on the side for fun. Some people run businesses just for golf courses. And fitness facilities and restaurants and dental programs and— I do all of that just for fun! You haven’t taken your shower yet and —I do that just—entire entities do that all by themselves.

We do it just as an aside. Thank you, Ron. I think that’s my cue. So. As we go forward, these conversations have to be had. And they’re not at this level, “What would you like us to do?” it’s “What’s going overboard?”

Cuz we’re fed up —you all sensed it from me. I’m fed up with the Provincial and Federal government. What it’s gotten us? And my cue as you all know, just let me finish with this one is, we just came through a Provincial election and so many of the Provincial delegates running for public office in our city, who, you know, even if you want to pretend to care, you should pretend when you’re asking for public office?

“Are you going to come to the discussion we want to have about social—” The majority of them didn’t even want to show up! When it behooves them to pretend to care? Didn’t even pretend to care. So why, well, I understand—

MISSISSAUGAWATCH (Mississauga General Committee, October 19, 2011)

[claps, laughs] I love it.

Councillor Nando Ianniccaa (Mississauga General Committee, October 19, 2011)

But you see why I’m —so I don’t even want to send Hazel off anymore. I just want to say that we’re dropping that one off the curb. We’re not in that business anymore. Because I don’t want to force both people, these two, out of their homes.

Somebody’s got a better idea, let me know.

But that is the Future.


There you have it.



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Next. To appreciate what some people at OCCUPY TORONTO might be protesting, and what Councillor Iannicca referred to as the “privileged ones in government”, what follows is a complete SUNSHINE LIST of City of Mississauga employees making $100,000 or more for 2010 followed by the 2006 SUNSHINE LIST for comparative purposes.

RED indicates City Staff researched through Freedom of Information or video.

And don’t forget those “privileged ones in government” salaries also come with a life-long OMERS (Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System) pension and benefits.

City of Mississauga Salary Disclosure 2011 (Disclosure for 2010)
Surname Given Name Position Salary Paid Taxable Benefits
ADKINS RODNEY R. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $250.64
AHMED NADIR Project Leader $112,131.34 $280.44
ALEXANDER WENDY A. Director, Transportation & Infrastructure Planning $148,842.08 $372.21
ALLELY RICHARD J. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $250.64
AMRING SUSAN M. Manager, Economic Development $130,517.57 $313.86
ANDERSON SCOTT W. Senior Project Manager, Transportation $131,842.96 $704.26
APLIN GLENN V. Fire Captain $108,768.15 $258.96
BACON DENIS P. Manager, Parks $102,029.97 $244.32
BAKER JANICE City Manager and Chief Administrative Officer $245,864.06 $8,358.64
BALCHANDANI RAJAN Manager, Energy Management $108,739.51 $271.41
BALL MARILYN Director, Development & Design $147,881.38 $372.21
BANIC SONJA Manager, Public Affairs $112,300.64 $280.44
BAQILEH BASSEM Transit Operator $100,497.59 $299.79
BARRETT MURRAY A. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $258.96
BARRETT STEPHEN R. Manager, Transportation Asset Management $115,683.24 $287.01
BARTER TOM C. Captain, Fire Suppression $104,861.16 $244.40
BASTERFIELD MICHAEL D. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $260.52
BATE ANDREW Supervisor, Traffic Operations $111,357.70 $207.15
BEARD DAVID M. Fire Captain $104,861.16 $247.52
BEAUPARLANT MARK Manager, Corporate Financial Services $128,730.01 $313.23
BEHARRY ROCHARD Legal Counsel $128,732.04 $259.86
BENCH MARY ELLEN City Solicitor $178,468.52 $429.27
BERNARDI DINO Captain, Fire Suppression $110,884.42 $260.52
BIRD BRIAN G. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $270.92
BLATT DIANA F. Workforce Planning & Analysis Specialist $115,154.61 $216.48
BODNAR GREG Supervisor, Area, Transportation and Works $111,629.36 $244.32
BORGATTI RICHARD W. Fire Captain $107,612.63 $264.68
BOWSLAUGH ROBERT L. Manager, Facilities Maintenance $105,938.49 $264.90
BOYCE DEREK Manager, Business Planning $104,952.37 $262.38
BOYD MAX W. Capital Project Manager $112,131.34 $280.44
BRADLEY SEAN Fire Captain $102,590.21 $254.68
BREAULT BRENDA R. Commissioner, Corporate Services &Treasurer $186,385.74 $9,486.00
BREUER DAGMAR Capital Project Manager $114,001.46 $280.44
BREWDA KATIE Account Representative, Community Services $108,094.86 $62.40
BRODERICK DAVID Manager, Marina Operations $101,335.28 $244.32
BROWN BETTE Communications Officer, Fire $115,820.44 $250.64
BROWN JAMIE Manager, Sponsorship & Corporate Development $101,887.38 $244.32
BUCKLEY FRANK M. Manager, Parks $112,443.10 $244.32
BUCKSTEIN ELAINE Director, Enforcement $148,842.08 $372.21
BUGDEN KEVIN Assistant Deputy Chief $113,312.72 $238.60
BULGER JAMES E. Fire Captain $105,414.86 $274.56
BURKE PAUL G. Fire Captain $104,894.94 $254.80
BURNS ROBERT S. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $250.64
BURT SUSAN Director, Arts & Culture $153,561.43 $372.21
CALLIGARIS JOSEPH Fire Captain $102,281.92 $248.96
CALVERT CLIFF A. District Chief, Fire $111,235.02 $264.06
CALVERT JOHN D. Director, Policy Planning $148,842.08 $372.21
CAMILLERI TIMOTHY A. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $259.48
CARR BRUCE Director, Strategic Community Initiatives $154,685.08 $372.21
CESARIO SILVIO Manager, Maintenance & Operations $127,673.27 $313.86
CHALLINOR JASON Fire Captain $102,281.92 $291.60
CHAN STEPHEN Manager, Staffing & Development $116,533.22 $280.44
CHANCEY DOUGLAS T. Fire Captain $112,260.90 $286.52
CHIN DONOFRIO HELEN F. Data Architect $114,416.93 $280.44
CHONG DIANE Project Leader $110,827.70 $280.44
CHUNG TONY Transit Operator $102,542.67 $299.79
CIRELLO JIM Manager, Financial Services, Corporate Services $117,985.90 $293.72
CLARK JOHN A. Fire Captain $104,861.16 $271.44
CLARKE JOHN P. Supervisor, Traffic Signal & Street Lights $113,585.43 $279.21
CLEMENT ROGER Chief Fire Prevention Officer $110,511.44 $255.22
COFFEY KEVIN Fire Captain $102,423.62 $238.56
COLES SUZANNE Area Manager, Library Services $106,391.52 $266.02
CONNOLLY MARK R. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $268.84
CONNOR JOHN DAVID Fire District Chief $127,857.84 $288.90
CORBET CHRISTOPHER Fire Captain $104,930.43 $293.06
CORCORAN RAYMOND M. Fire District Chief $128,702.87 $280.58
CUNNINGHAM CRAIG Fire Captain $104,487.14 $256.66
CURRY DARRELL Manager, Frank McKechnie Facility $101,435.90 $244.32
CUSUMANO LEO J. Manager, Inspection Services $116,533.22 $280.44
CZYRKA PAUL J. Fire Captain $104,861.16 $245.96
DAEUBER WILLIAM E. Project Leader $112,131.34 $280.44
DAMASO PAUL Manager Celebration Square $103,376.64 $251.76
DAUM RANDY Fire Captain $104,861.16 $281.22
DAVENPORT MARK Project Leader $112,131.34 $280.44
DAVIS ERIC V. Captain, Fire Prevention $107,535.04 $250.64
DAVOLI LUIGI Fire Captain $102,281.92 $318.76
DEAN GEORGE Fire District Chief $119,975.38 $322.18
DECOSTE STEPHEN D. Fire Captain $111,414.54 $282.88
DEDMAN KEALY Manager, Development Engineering $109,858.01 $285.81
DEJAK TOM A. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $308.36
DELFINO GUSTAVO Manager, Service Development $112,004.53 $280.14
DELUCA DANIEL Plans Examiner, Fire $100,115.07 $228.60
DEMARTINI PETER G. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $250.64
DEMPSTER DAVID S. Fire Captain $105,063.80 $281.32
DENIKE TIMOTHY E. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $250.64
DEVEAU DOUGLAS C. Captain, Fire Suppression $113,860.49 $244.40
DI MILLO IVANA Director, Communications $152,544.76 $370.65
DIETRICH ANGELA Manager, City Wide Planning $112,207.58 $280.44
DOCKENDORFF CASEY Assistant City Solicitor $113,700.12 $284.03
DOUGLAS ALEX A. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $287.04
DRAPER STEVEN D. Manager, Information Technology, Corporate Services $122,431.66 $305.73
DUBKOWSKI JAMES R. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $250.64
DUFFY KEVIN J. Deputy Fire Chief $161,691.58 $871.57
DUNN ARLAND L. Fire Captain $108,608.85 $280.80
EBRAEMI FAWAD A. Project Manager $130,161.81 $316.05
EDWARDS ERICA Senior Buyer $110,586.86 $235.56
ELLIOTT ROBERT G. Manager, Projects $102,383.34 $255.48
ELLIOTT-SPENCER PATRICIA Director, Finance $164,230.75 $406.83
EMICK CRAIG Information Technology Auditor $107,532.79 $279.51
ENG SALLY P. Director, Internal Audit $151,763.58 $372.21
ENNAMORATO DANIEL Fire Captain $110,277.70 $244.40
EVANS JAMES Fire Captain $104,861.16 $249.40
FABRIS DIEGO City Arborist $102,453.86 $224.28
FARION CLIFTON Building Maintenance Coordinator $108,299.52 $253.16
FARRELL PATRICIA A. Planner $103,069.33 $224.28
FAYLE NORMAN Fire Captain $107,439.27 $260.00
FERRARA FELICE Supervisor, Area, Transportation and Works $117,829.56 $244.32
FINNIGAN TERENCE J. Fire Captain $110,032.04 $250.64
FLACK PAUL F. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $256.88
FLANIGAN MICHAEL B. Special Traffic Projects Leader $103,554.24 $258.66
FLEMING RANDY Training Officer, Fire $115,436.59 $230.76
FORD COLLIN Transit Operator $109,070.07 $149.79
FRANCIS LAWRENCE P. Fire Captain $105,443.35 $250.12
FROST MICKEY Manager, Transit Operations $137,043.35 $329.76
FUDGE JOSEPH Legal Counsel $139,389.85 $335.10
FULLERTON RUSS Transit Operator $115,374.37 $149.79
GAFFNEY SHAWN M. Fire District Chief $124,144.71 $308.26
GALAMINI DOMENIC Supervisor, Traffic Maintenance $116,931.26 $244.32
GALATI DOMENIC Maintenance Standards & Permits Supervisor $117,417.72 $238.71
GARNER RICHARD J. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $250.64
GILMOUR MICHAEL S. Fire Captain $108,190.59 $255.32
GOLD GRAHAM Fire Captain $103,621.31 $246.88
GRAZIANO MARIA P. Database Administrator $112,139.69 $234.00
GREEN DANIEL G. District Chief, Fire $129,853.90 $316.46
GREEN GARY S. Fire Captain $104,861.16 $246.90
GREER CRYSTAL Director, Legislative Services & Clerk $153,224.33 $372.21
GRIFFITH MARG Project Leader $109,968.42 $280.44
HAGAN ANNEMARIE Manager, Museums $100,142.00 $244.32
HAGERMAN ALAN J. Fire Captain $105,193.35 $266.76
HAND WAYNE L Manager, Meadowvale & Erin Mills Arenas $102,838.82 $244.32
HARVEY ANDREW W. Manager, Rapid Transit and Parking $129,027.51 $313.86
HAWKINS JOHN Senior Inspector $100,924.74 $190.05
HEAD MICHAEL R. Fire Platoon Chief $127,850.59 $299.42
HEADRICK DARREN Enterprise System (SAP) Portfolio Coordinator $112,131.34 $280.44
HERRIDGE DONNA E. Manager, Financial Planning $128,147.32 $313.86
HICKS BRUCE Fire Captain $107,439.27 $308.88
HILL JOHN A. Fire Captain $104,861.16 $258.96
HILLIS JAMES (aka Jamie) Manager, Security $112,131.34 $280.44
HILLS ALAN Fire Platoon Chief $124,599.12 $293.28
HINTON JAMES M. Acting Director, Enforcement $104,795.68 $262.31
HINTON JOHN F. Manager, Financial & Customer Service $104,669.77 $262.05
HIPGRAVE MARY A. Senior Internal Auditor $109,968.42 $280.44
HOLMES JAYNE Senior Project Manager $117,917.66 $294.24
HOMEVOH ERNEST Transit Operator $107,751.37 $199.79
HORVAT CAROL Executive Assistant, Mayor $101,658.64 $244.32
HULME HAL V. Supervisor, Survey & Inspection $108,817.66 $244.32
HUNTER PAUL D. Fire Platoon Chief $127,904.32 $299.42
IMPERIALE JOHN Manager, Information Technology, Community Services $121,826.55 $308.58
JACKSON ALLEN P. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $250.64
JACKSON JEFFREY Director, Revenue & Materiel Management $149,592.08 $372.21
JAMIESON RANDALL Project Manager, Community Services $110,105.19 $275.85
JAY MARTIN R. Fire Captain $104,861.16 $247.00
JEHU STEPHEN C. Fire Communications Operator $107,041.16 $218.62
JETHVA REKHA Manager, Planning and Integration $128,621.37 $313.86
JOHNSON FREDERIC C. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $283.92
KAMINO KEITH T. Senior Internal Auditor $101,043.30 $252.72
KAN LINCOLN Manager, Environmental Services $114,633.24 $287.01
KANAMALA SUNIL KUMAR Project Leader, Transit Facility Planning $100,378.33 $244.32
KEATING MIKE E. Manager, Transit Vehicle Maintenance $130,446.45 $313.86
KELLS HELEN M. Systems Specialist $106,594.18 $197.22
KELLY ANDREW Fire Captain $109,193.68 $299.52
KELLY LORI A. Manager, Strategic Community Initiatives $125,857.89 $308.91
KEMPF STEVEN G. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $265.20
KENEALY ROY Superintendent, Operational Support $103,782.41 $259.86
KENT GARY Director, Corporate Strategy and Innovation $154,685.08 $372.21
KERNAN PAUL Fire Captain $114,314.26 $248.56
KETTLE HAROLD J. Technical Specialist $104,664.75 $244.32
KEUPER DALTON INGRID Library Community Development Specialist $100,378.33 $244.32
KIRKPATRICK ROBERT B. Fire Captain $109,241.18 $278.62
KNIGHT MARLENE Manager, Materiel Management $125,587.45 $313.86
KOPAMEES ALAR Fire Captain $104,861.16 $267.80
KREMER RONALD Supervisor, Networking Service $101,910.17 $254.91
KRISMAN GRANT M. Fire Captain $103,760.25 $249.08
LAING DEBORAH Fire Communications Officer $111,365.67 $238.56
LAING GREGORY B. Deputy, Training & Prevention $164,745.48 $1,822.75
LAMANNA SABINA Manager, Human Resources, Community Services $109,378.64 $273.63
LAURENCE BRIAN J. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $256.88
LAW WENDY Legal Counsel $122,849.49 $345.32
LAWRENCE JACK Director, Information Technology $148,842.08 $372.21
LEE FRANK Manager, Information Technology, Planning and Building $119,058.87 $297.99
LEI GUANG Transit Operator $106,940.61 $149.79
LEVESQUE ROBERT Capital Project Manager $112,131.34 $280.44
LIBOIRON ROBERT L. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $250.64
LIN YUNGFU Project Leader $112,131.34 $729.84
LOHUIS JOHN Director, Recreation & Parks $154,685.08 $372.21
LONGMUIR GAVIN Manager, Urban Forestry $102,508.46 $244.32
MACDONALD DEBBIE Manager, Shared Services $112,317.51 $280.66
MACDONALD HEATHER Director, Business Services $154,685.08 $372.21
MACEACHERN DAVID Training Officer, Fire $115,313.27 $244.40
MACKENZIE CHRISTINA Manager, Creative Services $101,335.28 $244.32
MACKINNON KAREN G. Communications Coordinator, Fire $121,577.94 $268.92
MAGGIO ALBERT J. Fire Captain $107,543.60 $250.64
MAJCHER LAURIE E. Manager, Management Consulting $125,587.45 $313.86
MAJOR NANCY Manager, 311 Call Centre $116,402.42 $141.00
MAKURAT ROBERT Fire Captain $102,281.92 $241.16
MALO STEPHANE Fire Captain $102,356.33 $244.70
MANCUSO GIUSEPPINA Project Manager, Elections $104,880.52 $197.22
MANN JOHN Fire Captain $102,281.92 $253.64
MANSFIELD DOROTHY E. Manager, Community Services $115,432.75 $280.44
MARCUCCI DAVID Manager, Planning & Heritage $121,270.70 $303.27
MARINOFF GEOFF Director, Transit $176,515.42 $424.75
MARION DAVID Manager, Geomatics $137,043.68 $329.76
MARLAND RUTH Team Leader, Long Term Planning $109,358.32 $244.32
MARSHALL GREIG Fire Captain $104,894.93 $250.12
MARTIN LYNN Systems Support Specialist $122,772.78 $224.28
MASLIWEC MICHAEL N. Manager, Financial Services, Transportation and Works $125,587.45 $313.86
MATHESON SHAWN Fire Division Chief, Training $121,329.87 $303.27
MAYO MARY Manager, Enterprise Systems $125,777.07 $313.86
MCADAM PHILIP D. Fire Captain $104,861.16 $262.08
MCCALLION HAZEL M. Mayor $136,640.92 $1,648.90
MCCUTCHEON STEPHEN J. Fire Captain $107,578.37 $263.12
MCDOUGALL JOHN A. Fire Chief $167,913.56 $3,481.00
MCLEAN MARCELL L. Fire Communications Operator $111,307.30 $212.38
MCNALLY MARTIN I. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $255.84
MCPHAIL LARRY J. Platoon Chief $128,659.96 $299.42
MCPHAIL ROBERT Captain, Fire Suppression $108,768.15 $250.64
MEEHAN DOUGLAS E. Manager, Prosecutions $116,533.22 $280.44
MELVILLE ANDREW D. Fire Captain $105,063.80 $264.68
MENEZES ERIC Supervisor, Streetlighting $113,265.82 $214.38
MESIH CONNIE D. Manager, Property Assessment & Taxation $130,767.57 $313.86
MICHAUD DAVE H. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $255.84
MICHELUCCI ENIO Contract Administrator, Trees $104,051.55 $222.22
MINKOWSKI MICHAL Legal Counsel $139,389.85 $335.10
MITCHAM PAUL ARTHUR Commissioner, Community Services $186,385.74 $10,890.76
MONTGOMERY WILLIAM R. Fire Captain $108,768.15 $255.84
MOONEY JAMES Systems Technician, Fire $101,422.74 $236.90
MOORE ALLAN J. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $314.60
MORAES FERNANDO Project Manager, Architectural $103,259.76 $258.30
MORLEY JAMES D. Manager, Client Services $119,632.41 $299.19
MOULTON ALAN Fire Captain $108,768.15 $255.84
MUJAWAZ AHMAD Project Manager, Structural $109,149.63 $273.33
MURPHY ANNE M. Area Manager, Library Services $118,795.17 $288.49
MURPHY LAWRENCE Manager, Court Administration $112,131.34 $280.44
MUSIAL HENRY Fire Captain $119,051.96 $254.80
NADON RAYMOND A. Captain, Fire Suppression $104,861.16 $280.80
NASATO PAUL Supervisor, Area, Transportation and Works $104,214.27 $234.30
NG NORMAN Supervisor, Customer Service $112,131.34 $280.44
NISHIHAMA WAYNE G. Manager, Urban Design $112,131.34 $280.44
NOBLE RALPH A. Fire Captain – South – B $114,470.92 $250.64
NORWOOD STEPHEN T. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $259.48
NUCIFORA GINO Captain, Fire Prevention $119,104.29 $244.40
OFFLESS KEVIN Senior Inspector $101,379.30 $190.05
O’HALLORAN CAREY L. Manager, Infrastructure Management Systems $107,805.70 $280.44
ORMOND MARK A. Fire District Chief $124,105.78 $294.74
OSBORNE BRENDA Manager, Environmental Management $105,970.00 $221.97
OUTTRIM RYAN Firefighter $101,735.12 $248.36
OWEN KENNETH Director, Facility & Property Management $153,224.33 $372.21
PALA ZELJKO Transit Operator $113,333.05 $229.79
PALLADINE PAUL Supervisor, Area, Transportation and Works $109,946.75 $239.04
PARDY ROGER Fire Captain $104,861.16 $254.28
PARISI PAUL Fire Captain $102,351.44 $249.48
PARSONS PETER C. Senior Inspector $102,250.56 $190.05
PARTIPILO JOSEPH Senior Inspector $113,226.28 $181.62
PASSFIELD GORDON L. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $255.32
PATEL KESHWER Manager, Financial Services, community Services $115,050.09 $288.00
PATERSON EDWARD D. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $267.28
PATON CAROLYN Corporate Lead Business Planning & Performance Management $106,559.78 $244.32
PAVAN LESLEY M. Manager, Development, Planning and Building $106,839.59 $277.05
PEARCE RICHARD Enterprise Geographic Information System Project Leader $115,016.93 $280.44
PENTELIUK DAVID Area Manager, Library Services $103,240.24 $258.66
PERKINS ROBERT Building Services & Operations Supervisor $110,453.70 $213.12
PERRY CAROL Tax System Coordinator $109,968.42 $280.44
PETOVELLO LARRY F. Director, Economic Development $151,763.58 $10,838.64
PETRI MATHIAS Building Services & Operations Supervisor $112,616.29 $222.42
PETROSONIAK STEVE D. Fire Captain $107,682.70 $255.32
PHANEUF PATRICK J. Superintendent, Operations $116,533.22 $280.44
PHELPS GREGORY G. Plans Examination Officer, Fire $112,540.95 $258.74
PICCOLO JOHN Project Manager, Electrical $112,131.34 $280.44
PICO FERMIN Manager, Transit Business Systems $122,360.37 $294.24
PIETTE LAURA M. Director, Planning, Development & Business Services $151,257.43 $370.35
PIRES PAUL Transit Operator $103,319.65 $209.79
PITUSHKA JOSEPH Director, Engineering & Works $148,842.08 $372.21
POGUE JOHN D. Manager, Burnhamthorpe & Tomken Facilities $101,741.30 $244.32
POITRAS RAY L. Manager, Development $114,582.28 $280.44
POLETTO MARIO Captain, Fire Suppression $111,685.74 $288.60
POUNDER DONNA E. Manager, Training & Development $101,335.28 $244.32
POWELL MARTIN Commissioner, Transportation and Works $186,385.74 $12,186.32
RAJA MANJIT Senior Database Administrator $100,015.26 $244.32
RAMER ALLEN Captain, Fire Suppression $101,657.20 $233.88
RECK KIMBERLY A. District Manager, Community Services $110,763.91 $277.05
REIACH WILLIAM C. Fire Captain $105,525.54 $262.60
REID MAVIS Manager, Compensation & Benefits $111,935.79 $279.84
REYNOLDS MICHAEL W. Fire Captain $107,577.69 $250.64
RICHARD PAUL Fire Captain $109,904.79 $284.44
RIDDELL LOUISE ANN Manager, Labour Relations $126,522.41 $303.90
RIDLEY LAWRENCE Firefighter $116,630.10 $219.66
RIVERS DEBORAH A. Manager, Human Resources, Corporate Services $112,116.68 $279.84
ROBERTS NIGEL Manager, Departmental Systems $109,773.68 $274.29
ROBEZNIEKS AGRIS Director, Building Services & Chief Build Official $154,685.08 $372.21
ROEDER ED Superintendent, Transit Maintenance $111,921.24 $279.84
ROLLINS GARY S. District Chief, Fire $130,882.67 $294.10
ROSE DUILIO A. Manager, Animal Services $101,125.15 $244.32
ROWSELL JEFF Information Technology Specialist $103,230.32 $223.98
ROY DARRELL G. Fire Captain $105,636.34 $252.72
RUFFINI LORENZO Strategic Leader $124,749.89 $311.37
RUSNOV DIANA Manager, Development $114,582.28 $280.44
RYDZEWSKI JOHN B. Director, Hershey Group $148,842.08 $372.21
SAJECKI EDWARD Commissioner, Planning & Building $186,385.74 $9,711.40
SANDERSON RONALD Manager, Realty Services $106,625.45 $210.48
SASAKI ROBERT H. Manager, Transportation Planning $129,285.04 $313.86
SAVERY DOUGLAS Fire Captain $107,439.27 $270.92
SAVINI EZIO Manager, Capital Works $130,517.57 $313.86
SCARANGELLA MICHAEL A. Fire Captain $104,861.16 $347.36
SCOTT TIMOTHY Captain, Fire Suppression $114,907.39 $261.56
SCRACE DAVID G. Senior Inspector $115,427.36 $190.05
SHAO YIDAN Database Administrator $104,530.06 $235.20
SHARPE KEN J. Captain, Fire Suppression $104,861.16 $297.44
SHETH RAJ Manager, Facilities Planning & Development $138,855.76 $333.87
SHIN DAVID Project Leader $116,533.22 $280.44
SHIRLEY MICHAEL Transit Operator $100,356.79 $209.79
SINGH NAVIN Transit Operator $105,184.67 $299.79
SLACK SHAWN Director, Customer & Business Services $146,853.54 $366.96
SMITH GEOFF Team Leader, Park Assets $102,130.21 $244.32
SMITH GORDON R. Fire District Chief $120,808.37 $280.58
SMITH R. DENNIS Fire Captain $107,439.27 $253.24
SNOW ROBERT Fire Captain $104,861.16 $244.40
SONI VIPULCHANDR Transit Operator $105,849.77 $249.79
SOULLIERE WILLIAM P. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $257.92
SOUSA ALCIDES V. Maintenance Project Manager $116,533.22 $280.44
SOUSA DREW Manager Employee Health Services $101,335.47 $244.32
SPAGNOLO FRANK Manager, Plan Examination Service $115,432.75 $280.44
SPENCER KAREN Advisor, City Manager’s Office $100,285.02 $251.14
STARR JACOB Firefighter $101,035.28 $219.66
STEFANKA RANDY Maintenance Contract Coordinator $101,709.92 $224.28
STEINBACH ALBERT Senior Internal Auditor $112,131.34 $280.44
STEWART YVONNE Fire Communications Officer $102,026.24 $225.56
STICKEL ROBERT Application Portfolio Coordinator-Hansen $106,449.50 $277.05
STUART BRUCE D. Fire Captain $107,439.27 $250.64
SULLIVAN JOHN District Chief, Fire $130,755.38 $269.45
SULLIVAN MIKE Fire Captain $102,281.92 $284.22
SULZ-MCDOWELL INGRID Manager, Development Planning $117,808.22 $280.44
SYKES CHRISTOPHER Fire Captain $107,439.27 $279.14
SZCZEPANSKI STEFAN Manager, Park Development $122,553.08 $306.39
TAEGER CLYDE Application Developer $102,229.75 $224.28
TAPLEY TIMOTHY Fire Captain $104,861.16 $256.26
TAYLOR MARK A. Captain, Fire Suppression $104,861.16 $270.92
TAYLOR STUART Manager, Operational Planning $127,957.70 $313.86
TIBERIA MARIO Fire Captain $102,281.92 $238.56
TIEN SAMSON H. Systems Support Services Coordinator $112,131.34 $280.44
TIFFIN RANDY Communications Officer $128,329.05 $238.56
TIMUKAS PAUL M. Fire Captain $105,525.54 $261.04
TONER STEVEN District Chief, Fire $128,764.14 $283.70
TRAIN MARK A. Captain, Fire Suppression $109,998.28 $270.40


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