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OCCUPY TORONTO campgrounds tour: Tents, Logistics, Media, Medical, Sign Shop, Library, Kitchen, Toilets…

October 24th, 2011  

Today, MISSISSAUGAWATCH presents a video tour of the OCCUPY TORONTO St. James Park campgrounds village as it appeared Saturday, October 22, 2011.

The only other thing I want to say is during my two visits to St. James Park, the police presence has been simply perfect. Toronto Police officers are visible at the perimeter of the park (reassuring for people like me) but are keeping things very low-key and laid back (also reassuring for people like me).

Meaning OCCUPY TORONTO is watched over by a police service and not a force. Thank you Chief Blair!

That’s it. Now for the tour.

OCCUPY TORONTO camp tour: Tents, Logistics, Media, Medical, Sign Shop, Library, Kitchen, Toilets…   (6:27 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)


MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting from OCCUPY TORONTO, St. James Park, Toronto. October 22, 2011

It is Saturday. We’re here at St. James Park and I really have to say that there’s [sic] a lot more tents than there was [sic] last Saturday, the last time I was here.

And interesting, we have a sign here, welcome to Occupy and— the Logistics tent.

I’m just going to talk through here. This is the Library. Come in and read a book.

Women’s Safe Space.

And then you get some really large tents. Like right there.

I actually thought of camping out tonight and then thought better of it.

It’s turned into quite a village.

There’s more people setting up over here. Huh.

Legal tent. Medical tent. Over there’s the Sign Shop.

I’m just astounded —astounded by all the tents! And I was here last Saturday. They’re just everywhere! And most of them I’m not even able to show you because they’re over more in that direction. That’s where the tents originally were. So the original, I guess we can call them settlers of St James Park were over here.

And this has all been —these are all tents that been set up in the meantime. Wow.

[Video of silk screen print shop]

And I just used the facilities and I have to say that they’re good. I used this one over here. And there’s an area here to wash your hands. Although I have to say it took me a while to figure out that you use this peddle down here to get water out.

So. Thank you for the facilities.

I think over there by the church is the food tent. And just to show you how extensive this is [Video pans site]

And what does it say? “DISABLE THIS!” I like his shirt.

[Video of youth painting large sign “DREAM BIG” then zoom to police and cruiser.]

[Video of activity around the Sign Shop]

And that now means they’re heading out towards City Hall and we’ll be following them.

That’s what it looks like. And they’re getting ready for the march.

It’s gonna start.

And we’ll walk this way.

[Video walking past police and Emergency Services. Video as march begins.]




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