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Apologies to Councillor Bonnie Crombie. And the only Ethical thing to do.

November 12th, 2011  

At the November 9, 2011 Mississauga Council meeting, Councillor Bonnie Crombie accused me of lacking ethics and that I “cyber-stalked” a minor in a video I’d produced.

To quote Megan O’Toole’s article:

[Councillor Crombie] was referring to an online video compilation featuring Facebook photographs of her three children that was uploaded by “MississaugaWatch” this past August. The video primarily focuses on Alex Crombie, now 22, contrasting picture of his vacations and parties with a Facebook site he created to support his political ambitions.

But the video also highlights photographs of 14-yearold Natasha Crombie and 18year-old Jonathan Crombie. The children were younger in some of the featured photographs, Ms. Crombie said.

My response at the time was total shock to a point of incoherence.

I quickly reviewed the video and was horrified to see with my own eyes that what Councillor Crombie said was true. For someone so careful to mask faces to have posted what I allowed up is shameful enough. What’s even worse though is to have totally forgotten that I’d done that. And I’m not just sorry, but deeply ashamed.

Councillor Crombie’s allegations that I am “FTT” (ForTheTruth) an anonymous online commenter at the Mississauga News are completely false. I have not commented online at all since mid-September. Fact is, I began my slow withdrawal from the Mississauga News over the summer. And I certainly have no intention of ever returning. I find the Hate and especially the racist comments festering there to be more than I can tolerate.

Next. Councillor Crombie questioned my ethics and that cut me more than I can ever convey.

I am not a politician. I’m not one to be guilty of a disgraceful act, apologize and then go with the political, “I will now close this chapter of my life, it’s time to move on and move forward.”

I’ve taken the last few days to figure out how to convey to Councillor Crombie just how truly sorry I am  —to figure out how to make a Don Cherry kind of apology.  I figured it out a couple of hours ago.

For the record, I reached this conclusion as the only viable way to demonstrate that Ethics is everything to me. After all, Ethics is Truth, right?

To show Councillor Crombie just how profoundly sorry and deeply ashamed I am for my disgraceful lapse of judgement, I will no longer be observing Mississauga Council meetings (and that includes Audit, Budget, General Committee etc). I really can’t think of any other way to show that this was a lapse of judgement and not a lack of ethics. I’ve concluded this is the only ethical thing to do.

To be clear this is not an end to MISSISSAUGAWATCH —not yet anyway.

I have researched City of Mississauga since May 5, 2006 and there’s something almost as important to me as Ethics. And that’s Information. Now that my oldest material is five years old, it’s actually part of Mississauga history. And I have an obligation to report on that. I actually learned to love Mississauga history!

Once again, sincerest apologies to Councillor Crombie and her entire family.


Ursula, Muse but not “FTT” (ForTheTruth)
November 12, 2011

Mississauga history: Posted November 12, 2009 10:06 AM.

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

UPDATE: November 13, 2011

Exactly five years ago, November 13, 2006 was Mississauga Municipal Election Day. I showed up at Mississauga City Hall to bear witness to a historic night. These are three of the images I posted back then.

Mississauga News reporter John Stewart at Mississauga City Hall  on 061113

Mississauga "The Corporation Bosses" on 061113

and of course

Mississauga "The Corporation" quote by Don Barber
“‘It’s time to wake up and treat the election as if it matters. We have people fighting and dying for democracy in Afghanistan and here at home we’re clueless. Something is going on and it has consequences.”

—Mississauga political activist, Don Barber

UPDATE: November 14, 2011

Exactly four years ago, November 14, 2007 I observed and documented my first Mississauga Budget Committee meeting.  I am very proud to report that I managed to stay awake throughout!

UPDATE: November 15, 2011

Just got the Tweet from OCCUPY TORONTO

Occupy Toronto Media
OccupyTorontoTVOccupy Toronto Media
:: #OCCUPYTORONTO IS FACING EVICTION TONIGHT AT 12AM – WATCH LIVE @ http://livestream.com/occupytoronto #OCCTO #OWS :::
19 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

So I have to head down.

UPDATE: November 16, 2011

Went to OCCUPY TORONTO last night and have to say it was the best thing I could have done to relieve the relentless anxiety that I’ve been experiencing since last Wednesday. (Regular readers will know that I’ve been living with an undiagnosed anxiety disorder for decades that only manifested itself once I started dealing with the City of Mississauga. When the time comes I’ll reveal more.)

I’d arrived at St. James Park just in time to videotape the instructions to the protesters —that they were to divide themselves into groups based on likelihood of being arrested! Imagine how I felt discovering that what I intended on documenting would put me in the group MOST LIKELY TO BE ARRESTED!

Wasn’t much later when it was announced that they’d won a stay of eviction.  And that means I have to return to St. James Park on Friday…

The only other thing to report is that as I was leaving St. James Park I felt my body grow warm and relaxed. Past experience told me that meant the Anxiety had let go of me. This morning, my blood pressure reading confirmed this. All I can say is what a relief!

In other news, I can’t express how wonderful it is NOT to go to Mississauga Council! I can’t express how wonderful it is NOT to even read/visit the Mississauga News! I can’t express how wonderful it is to take quality time getting my parents’ two cats (now living with me) off to a good start —and taking my time! I can’t express how wonderful it is to be with my parents on Wednesday mornings instead of having to visit them after Mississauga General Committee/Council meetings. Above all, I can’t express how wonderful it is NOT to see this oppressive Monolith of McCallion-backed Councillors (Tovey, Mullin, Fonseca, Crombie, Starr, Mahoney, Saito) anymore. It was ghastly enough when it was just Tovey, Mullin, Fonseca, Starr, Mahoney, Saito pre-September 19th!

Best memory? Phoning my mother as I was leaving OCCUPY TORONTO to tell her that I will be coming for breakfast. She replied “Don’t you have a meeting?” I said, “Not tomorrow.” I loved and will always cherish how she said, “Terrific!”

(There’s a cat walking across my computer now lobbying for treats so…)

UPDATE: November 17, 2011

Spent morning with my parents to make sure they take their meds and get a good start to the day.

Haven’t even visited the Mississauga News since I can’t remember when. Drove my black 2006 Dodge Charger R/T around again today for a few hours. Just heaven listening to music over that Hemi’s growwwwwwl.

Friends have been sharing links with me on Mississauga goings-on. Eve Adams SPLITTING from her husband, Peter. Quite the shock and yet it wasn’t.

And now there’s Mississauga lawyer, Grant Isaac resurfacing…

Good news about OCCUPY TORONTO. Court delay until Monday means I have a free weekend.

CBC Toronto
CBCTorontoCBC Toronto
No decision on the future of Occupy Toronto this Saturday – the court hearing has been delayed until Monday.
5 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

Cat just walked across my desk and set up shop in my lap. Now wants to walk on computer. Now he’s tipping over the waste basket. That’s about it. Lazy day. Happy and grateful just to driiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiift.

UPDATE: November 18, 2011

Two quick-easy video reports, the first from me, the second courtesy of CITY-TV, on OCCUPY TORONTO being served an eviction notice on Monday. Yes, I know, “old news”. It’s called HISTORY.

OCCUPY TORONTO instructs Protesters on Risk of ARREST as they face Eviction (3:09 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

And the CITY-TV report.

OCCUPY TORONTO: CITY TV reports on Eviction Notice (3:02 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

Will update more later today.


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