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OCCUPY TORONTO Peaceful Resistance Direct Action Training. Cautions regarding resisting arrest, assaulting police –and Officer Bubbles.

November 29th, 2011  

For the Record: I guess this will be the story of my life from now on —apologizing for why it took so long for me to write a new blog.

Just for the record. I no longer have the uninterrupted luxury of time I once did to keep MISSISSAUGAWATCH current. In the past month, my parents have become increasingly needy, so much so that my father requires help getting up every morning.

I’ve also adopted my parents’ two cats. One is quite old and has chronic renal failure. With every meal he needs encouragement to eat and drink —as in me holding bowls in front of him.

Let’s just say I have different priorities right now….

So today, in the interest of getting a new blog up, and with apologies, I present three videos related to OCCUPY TORONTO that should have been posted a week ago.

OCCUPY TORONTO prepares for police action and midnight eviction. (November 21, 2011) (12:47 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)


MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting from St. James Park, November 21, 2011 as OCCUPY TORONTO protesters face eviction at 12:01 am

For orientation, the General Assembly’s over there. We’ve got the drummers right there. And we’ve got the Police —right there.

On the bright side, they’re not like the heavily-armoured guys in G20.

No riot shields. Nothing like that. But. I wonder what’s behind that building.


This is called videotaping behind me.

Anyway. That’s how you do it.


November 21, 2011, St. James Park, OCCUPY TORONTO’s been given the eviction notice. It’s 7:30 roughly according to the clock tower there. It’s already thinned out.

The large crowd that was assembled here earlier is gone and I’m not sure what they’re doing. Maybe there’s a —to be honest, I’m not sure what they’re doing at all.

A lot of people taking pictures. We’ve got media. People conducting interviews, I guess.

I took a walk along King Street and there seems to be some police presence but nothing that would suggest that there’s a big move by them imminent.

As a matter of fact, think about it. Probably the best thing to do is wait til 3 am and then make your move then. Hardly be anyone here.

[Siren wails, video pans to ambulance rushing down King Street]

Hope they make it to wherever they need to go safely.


It’s roughly 10:45 —hour, fifteen minutes before OCCUPY TORONTO expects to see Police enter the park to try to evict people. I shouldn’t say “try to evict”, will evict people.

And essentially people have divided themselves up into groups according to colour. Green are people, and I’m one of them, are for documentation. Do not want to get arrested and once the Police come, we’ll be going off park property. In fact, Police won’t even have to ask me, I’ll be gone.

The Red people, those are the ones that are —you can bet they’re going to get arrested. They’ve signed up to protect two areas here of the park. Number One, the Library.

There’s a group who was taught how to —sort of peaceful resistance and I documented the entire two-hour presentation earlier this evening.

And another group that will be protecting the Sacred Fire. And as far as I know that’s the Mohawk Warriors in the Mohawk Tent over the central area there.

So those are the two structures that OCCUPY TORONTO will be protecting. Don’t know —haven’t really seen that much Police presence. I’ve seen a van. I’ve seen some officers on bicycles, but so far, there’s no hint that the Police are anywhere.

I would imagine —it was kind of funny, cuz I sat in on the Peaceful Resistance demonstration —rather quite comprehensive. And I couldn’t help but figure that there was also a similar meeting of Police officers somewhere else and they were receiving instructions on how to remove people.

So it’s, it’s —it’s difficult for me because I respect the Police. And I showed up at G20 for the purpose of “catching” police actually being respectful and courteous and exemplary, the way you’d expect Police officers to be. And I did. That’s what I did see.

This one here, there are actually people who are going to be locking arms and protecting the Library, protecting the Sacred Fire —and they will be arrested. And writing phone numbers and things like that on their arms. And so on. I gotta say I respect that.

I’m not prepared at this point for this, to get arrested. I guess the other problem is I respect the Police too much. Or maybe I just haven’t found the right, the right cause yet.


And there’s about an hour and ten minutes left. And then we’ll see what the Police do.

I mean they have their orders. And so far Toronto, including Mayor Ford have been reasonable. There’s no, you know, Gestapo-esque mentality so far that I’ve seen. So let’s hope that it stays peaceful for the rest of the evening.


Okay, it’s 11:15 and I don’t mind telling you I’m starting to freeze. It’s pretty cold.

[CROSS-FADE TIME 12:00 am]

There’s a surprising number of people still here. And you know, there’s still people coming.

Only people who aren’t showing up are the Police.


"OCCUPY TORONTO. RED GROUP protects the Library as OCCUPY TORONTO faces eviction. November 21 2011
What follows is the OCCUPY TORONTO Peaceful Resistance Direct Action Training session held in anticipation for Toronto Police evicting people at 12:01 am.

Have to say that the only people who can really appreciate the difference between what OCCUPY TORONTO expected Police might do versus the respectful reality, were those who experienced OCCUPY TORONTO’s entire Peaceful Resistance Direct Action Training session!

This video is also worth watching to help you understand what resisting arrest and assaulting police officer can actually mean.

OCCUPY TORONTO Peaceful Resistance Direct Action Training Part 1 (15:30 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)


OCCUPY TORONTO Peaceful Resistance Direct Action Training Part 2 (12:27 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)




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