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“Rick Mercer’s rants damaging anti-graffiti cause: Mississauga councillor” (National Post). “Councillor Katie Mahoney damaging brain cells.” (MISSISSAUGAWATCH)

January 12th, 2012  

Here I was planning on working through the Mississauga Council Code of Conduct and vowing that nothing would distract me from that goal. And what happens?

Yet another stupidity abominated out of Mississauga Council!

(Cut-and-paste, from the National Post)

Rick Mercer’s rants damaging anti-graffiti cause: Mississauga councillor



  Jan 12, 2012 – 12:32 AM ET

Mississauga is grappling with a rise in graffiti on city property, and one councillor blames an unlikely culprit: CBC comedian Rick Mercer.

Councillor Katie Mahoney says Mr. Mercer’s famous rants along Toronto’s graffiti alley, an area specially designated for that use, has damaged the anti-graffiti cause.

“Rick Mercer needs to know that he’s not doing anybody any good with his rants down the graffiti-tagged alley,” Ms. Mahoney fumed during a city council meeting Wednesday, suggesting the Mercer rants may have unintentionally encouraged the spread of graffiti throughout Canada.

“…suggesting the Mercer rants may have unintentionally encouraged the spread of graffiti throughout Canada.” Ahhh yes… Councillor Katie Mahoney —truly a master at avoiding the Science of Governance. And why not? Bullshit Baffles Brains.

The rest of Megan O’Toole’s article on Mississauga Council’s debate on graffiti is just a painful eyeful. Click here to read to read it if you must.

The Mississauga News also reported on Council’s graffiti debate with the article, “Residents want security cameras: Councillor”.


During a lengthy discussion today at General Committee about a staff report on vandalism and graffiti in municipal parks, Iannicca said residents and merchants have told him they’d welcome surveillance cameras.

He doesn’t necessarily agree, though, noting the Dundas/Hurontario Sts. area in Cooksville has one of the lowest occurrence rates of graffiti in Mississauga likely due to the number of people frequenting the area.

“I don’t think you can go 10 seconds … without (seeing someone) and people don’t normally commit crimes in the public realm,” said Iannicca. “Maybe there’s a lesson in all that.”

Psst. The fact is, the Dundas/Hurontario Sts. area in Cooksville actually has one of the highest occurrence rates of graffiti in Mississauga! That’s why I made it one of my study sites.

Back to the Mississauga News. (Cut-and-paste)

“The issue of surveillance cameras in the public realm is something I’ve always thought of as rather odious,” said Iannicca. “There’s just something about the state, that’s us, having cameras in the public realm.

Actually,there’s nothing wrong with security cameras —they’re an irreplaceable tool for law enforcement. What’s odious is having unaccountable quasi-fascist lying c**ts like City of Mississauga Corporate Security operating those security cameras and then fabricating Corporate Reports to Council. And that’s not allegation, that’s fact.

Back to the Mississauga News:

“And, yet, you have to hear what your constituents are telling you and many are saying, ‘Nando, wouldn’t Hwy. 5 and 10 be the logical place to put them?'” he continued. “I’m not telling you I agree or disagree with it, but it’s certainly a discussion worth having.”

Psst! There’s been a Pelco PTZ video surveillance camera right at the intersection of 5 and 10 since at least October 2008.

Actually, I’d love to see the City of Mississauga install a dozen Pelco PTZs at 5 and 10. Two dozen! Knock themselves out! Five dozen! It’d be FUN to document how the cams won’t deter graffiti!

Have to laugh at yet more calls for more video surveillance cameras!

Reminder of an August 25, 2009 article, Mississauga News, “Vandals damage golf course”. The article begins:

Peel Regional Police are on the hunt for the vandals who broke into Mississauga’s BraeBen Golf Course last night and trashed the place.

Officers from the 11 Division Criminal Investigation Bureau received a call from golf course staff just after 6:30 a.m. today reporting the crime.

Notice the City of Mississauga reported the vandalism at “6:30 a.m”? Psst! Vandals and taggers do their work at NIGHT!

Next. I followed up on the BraeBen Golf Course vandalism. I videotaped no fewer than three outside Pelco PTZs (Pan Tilt Zoom) on the BraeBen Golf Course and managed to confirm that there were five cams inside the clubhouse!

Far as I know the City never did catch the BraeBen Golf Course vandals who, to quote the Mississauga News, “trashed the place”.

Just for the record, here’s video of the BraeBen Golf Course surveillance cameras back in 2009 violating the Guidelines for the Use of Video Surveillance Cameras in Public Places that City of Mississauga Corporate Security Manager, Jamie Hillis lied about complying with.

Hazel McCallion letter reveals MAJOR Root of Youth Violence –Our lying municipalities (9:29 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

As for how installing more video surveillance cameras will deter vandalism and graffiti?…

Here’s video I posted to YouTube back in May 16, 2010 showing six different video surveillance cameras FAILING to deter graffiti. Including by the way, the sophisticated video surveillance camera installed high atop a utility pole at the corner of Cooksville’s 5 and 10.

VIDEO SURVEILLANCE FAIL! (GRAFFITI defeats 6 VIDEO SURVEILLANCE cams in Mississauga, Ontario)  (1:37 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

And video uploaded April 23, 2010 to condemn Mississauga Councillor Pat Saito’s proclamation about the “absolutely phenomenal” progress of her Peel Youth Violence Prevention Network.

GRAFFITI MISSISSAUGA: WARNING! HIGHLY OFFENSIVE MATERIAL (but not as offensive as the politicians) (3:55 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

And who can forget the June 30, 2009 Mississauga News article, “Youth Plan ready for implementation” that reported:

The mayor also pointed out that only an estimated two per cent of young people frequently get into trouble.

“We should concentrate on the 98 per cent that are good youth,” she said.

Keep stockin’ up on those video surveillance cameras for the 2 per cent you don’t give a shit about, Hazel!



Last. This hour and a half video is the best documentary I’ve ever seen on graffiti. “Bomb It” is at times tough to watch.

The Hate is Shocking. Feral. But I’m convinced that it is a glimpse into the Future.

Bomb It The Movie FULL (1.30 hours)

(Click here to go directly to “BOMB IT” on YouTube)




UPDATE: January 13, 2012. The Mississauga Graffiti Debate in the news

MetroNews Canada   Councillor can’t tag this on Mercer

Rick Mercer is seen in a screen grab delivering one of his famous TV
rants filmed in a graffiti-tagged laneway.
Published: January 13, 2012 5:55 a.m.
Last modified: January 12, 2012 10:19 p.m.

Rick Mercer is firing back at a Mississauga city councillor who says the comedian’s famous rants along Toronto’s Graffiti Alley have hampered the suburb’s anti-graffiti efforts.

“My rants are shot in an artist-friendly laneway. These are fabulous, vibrant, constantly-changing works of art,” Mercer wrote in an email to the Star. “I would wager many of those artists will be remembered long after the good councillor, who’s (sic) name escapes me.”

At a Mississauga city council meeting Wednesday, Councillor Katie Mahoney suggested the graffiti backdrop of Mercer’s “Rant,” a popular segment on his long-running CBC Television program, Rick Mercer Report, glorifies vandalism.

“Rick Mercer needs to know that he’s not doing anybody any good with his rants down the graffiti-tagged alley,” she said. “That’s not helping the cause across the country.”

In an interview with the Star on Thursday, Mahoney said she stands by her original remarks, but emphasized that they were “certainly no knock against Rick Mercer at all.”

“My concern is that this showing of Graffiti Alley … doesn’t help in our efforts to combat illegal graffiti,” she said.


Graffiti Alley

  • Mahoney added that she wasn’t aware until after she made her comments that Graffiti Alley, located near Queen St. W. and Spadina Ave., is exempt from any graffiti bylaw and sanctioned as an area of “municipal significance” by Toronto city hall.
  • For his part, Mercer said he doesn’t condone vandalism or tagging.
 Note. Mercer saying, “My rants are shot in an artist-friendly laneway” means the art is not graffiti, but rather graffiti-style permission walls.


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