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Security guards threaten skateboarder at Mississauga Civic Centre’s Skateboard Plaza with arrest: “my son is only 13 yrs old.”

February 5th, 2012  

Have to laugh at this Mississauga News article.

Made-in-Mississauga video goes viral

Mississauga scenery. A video shot by Mississauga resident Paul Reid
that features skateboarder Alex Neary has received more than 3,500 views
after only a few days on YouTube.


Mississauga’s Paul Reid spent two years fine-tuning a video he put together to promote C1RCA footwear and apparel and Toronto skateboarder Alex Neary.

And now that the video has gone viral on YouTube, the 18-year-old Videography and TV Production student at Humber College says he’s glad he took the extra time. In the first week, more than 3,500 viewers clicked on the video to watch Neary show off his flips and tricks — mostly with Mississauga scenery as the backdrop.

Reid, a Glenforest Secondary School graduate, says it’s “pretty exciting” watching his three-and-a-half minute video that is now promoted on skateboarding websites including Skateboard Canada (www.sbcskateboard.com), Concrete Skateboarding (www.concreteskateboarding.com) and Push (Push.ca).

Check it out at (www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ok2zQ9ZjRa4).

Reid spent countless hours filming and editing the Neary video and says he’s very proud of the end product.

The video shows Neary, who’s part of C1RCA’s Canadian skateboarding team, performing stunts at the Civic Centre and other locations in Mississauga.

Skateboarding at Mississauga Civic Centre….

“The large man was saying I was making the problem worse by not cooperating and was threatening to arrest me, for no reason.”

Now read this 13-year-old boy’s experience while skateboarding at the Mississauga Civic Centre Skateboard Plaza. All documents secured through Freedom of Information.

This 13-year-old boy’s complaint has been transcribed so that it will be searchable through Google —and easily cut-and-pasted. It is typed exactly how the youngster wrote it:

I was skateboarding at the skatepark yesterday when two security gaurds both white. one with short hair skinny no beard or mustache and the other one was large short hair, beard, mustache come up to me and started to harrast me and asking personal questions like my name, number, adress and so on.

“my son is only 13 yrs old.”

They were bringing up something that happend long time ago at BCC (Burnhamthorpe Community Center). I did not do anything and I was walking away when the large man grabbed me and the other man took my board away. The large man was saying I was making the problem worse by not cooperating and was threatening to arrest me, for no reason. I asked him why he was grabbing me by my arm and pulling me back, he did not answer back. I also asked him why he was bringing up something that happend long time ago somewhere else over here and he still did not give me an answer. So I told them “what am I doing wrong? I’m skating at the proper spot, why are you bothering me?” They started to laugh at me and smile. After they harrast me I went home and told my parents. That why where here today to make a formal complaint.

Dated November 4. 2011

City of Mississauga Staff once again violated Corporate policy (not) dealing with this 13-year-old skateboarder’s formal complaint against two City of Mississauga Corporate Security guards.

In fact, there is no evidence that this boy’s complaint was dealt with at all.

Freedom of Information shows no evidence of the City’s child worker being involved, no evidence of an investigation by Human Resources as required by Corporate Policy and no response letter sent to the child/parent advising them of the results of any “investigation”.

A February 3, 2012 Mississauga News article, “Made-in-Mississauga video goes viral” shows video of Toronto skateboarder, Alex Neary, violating City of Mississauga rules by skateboarding around City of Mississauga Civic Centre and Celebration Square over a period of several days.

In the meantime this 13-year-old boy, skating in the designated Skateboard Plaza was harassed by the City’s Corporate Security guards.


As City of Mississauga Corporate Security guard, “HyJynx” (aka: Mike Keter) once proclaimed, “beacuse [sic] I can”. It’s true. Because they can!

MISSISSAUGAWATCH once again extends a warning to youth/minors (all “vulnerable” human beings for that matter), that City of Mississauga Corporate Security guards and their bosses are abusive liars. A warning too, that the City of Mississauga’s Security formal public complaints process is fraudulent.

Freedom of Information has confirmed that City of Mississauga Corporate Security guards (and this includes Transit) are accountable to no one but their Security bosses. And these Security bosses are Above the Law and a Law unto Themselves.

Next, and again for the record, I offer these two emails sent to the Mississauga News after their “Made-in-Mississauga video goes viral” article appeared online.

From: MISSISSAUGA WATCH <mississauga_watch@yahoo.com>
To: “jle”
Cc: John Stewart ; Gerry Timbers ; “mississauga_watch@yahoo.com”
Sent: Friday, February 3, 2012 2:54 PM
Subject: Your article, “Made-in-Mississauga video goes viral”

Hello Ms Le,

I’m writing about your Feb 03, 2012 article, “Made-in-Mississauga video goes viral”.


Prior to writing your article and promoting this video, did you confirm with the City of Mississauga that Paul Reid and Alex Neary got a PERMIT to skateboard in the Mississauga Civic Centre/Celebration Square complex allowing them to skate areas other than at the skateboard plaza at the back of City Hall?

A favour of a reply is requested,


Managing Editor Gerry Timbers, replied, “No” and I responded with:

From: MISSISSAUGA WATCH <mississauga_watch@yahoo.com>
To: “Timbers, Gerry”; “Le, Julia”
Cc: “Stewart, John” ; “mississauga_watch@yahoo.com”
Sent: Friday, February 3, 2012 4:17 PM
Subject: Re: Your article, “Made-in-Mississauga video goes viral”

Thanks Mr. Timbers for your response.

It’s been a while now since I wrote the Mississauga News about the obscene number of bans and arrests issued by City of Mississauga security guards against youth and minors.

I’ve mentioned that City Security issued a ban against two 15/16 year olds and a little girl (9/10 year old) for 30 days from all three complexes at once (Civic Centre, Library and Living Arts Centre).

I informed Mississauga News that despite corporate guidelines requiring the City’s child worker, Karen Morden, to get involved in these bans, she never was. And also parents and guardians were never informed.

I also informed you that should kids be silly enough to return to Property during a ban, they would be immediately arrested –no exceptions.

Here is the edit [sic] from Ken Owen saying just that:   www.flickr.com/photos/43172810@N00/3857571836/

I’ve also mentioned how City of Mississauga Security especially target skateboarders. I even shared these three lists of bans with you back in 2008.




Note these only show bans/arrests to December 2008. And this isn’t all arrests –since City Security can successfully bury those by calling in Peel Police to arrest.

Here is a Special Occurrence Report (SOR) that shows City Security banning of four 11/12 year olds (from Mississauga Civic Centre, Living Arts Centre and Central Library.


Three facilities at once. Harsher punishments than adults misbehaving at other facilities and transit!

As a result of City of Mississauga Security abuses (lying, lack of oversight, and now a fraudulent formal public complaints system confirmed through Freedom of Information), I began researching both graffiti and skateboarding.

As it happened I came upon superb skateboarding videos of kids skating all around the Civic Centre and especially Celebration Square. I downloaded and saved them all from YouTube for an eventual report I will write.

I’ve been documenting/videotaping the flagship skateparks at Iceland (Mississauga), Chinguacousy (Brampton) and Turner skatepark (Hamilton). In addition, three on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

Watching the YouTube videos that the skaters themselves produced at Mississauga Civic Centre and Celebration Square just blew me away. I watched them all –marveling at this Discovery. The Discovery that the best skatepark of all is Civic Centre/Celebration Square.

Have to say, having researched skateboarders, Civic Centre/Celebration Square is enticing! Can’t see how the best skaters can resist the uninterrupted concrete, the steps, the rails. And the architecture for a video backdrop? Makes Civic Centre/Celebration Square the best place I’ve ever witnessed from which to produce skateboard videos!

Two problems.

1. City rules are skateboarding is limited to the Skateboard Plaza.

2. And you’ve got quasi-fascist unaccountable security hacks patrolling the area. (One of the videos shows an interaction with a City of Mississauga security guard. Another video shows an older woman strolling the Civic Centre and admonishing the skaters. I’ve said nothing since it looks like it’s just three decent kids really into skateboarding.)

I don’t know how much you know about the skateboard culture but there are some sk8rs who view it a badge on honour to brush against a security guard.

The point is City of Mississauga Corporate Security aren’t like the mall guards who are subject to Bill 159 and its provincial complaints system. City of Mississauga Council neatly made their Security exempt from Bill 159 by passing a by-law making them peace officers. Simple as that.

Just last week I got Freedom of Information back on all public complaints under the new “formal” public complaints process. One kid filed a complaint and wrote (2009) about being banned from the bus for being rude to the driver and now having to lose his summer job because he can’t get transportation. He wrote about now being worried that he can’t get to university and needed to appeal. He then wrote saying that Joe Cairney (Security boss) had told him there was no chance to appeal the decision. That’s a lie.

And that was 2009 when the formal public complaints policy was in place that would ensure fairness for the public.

Now back to skateboarding. I just watched the “viral” video. Have you? Because high profile boarder Alex Neary is shown violating Civic Centre skateboard rules over several days (different clothes).

What’s got me concerned after watching all the remarkable Civic Centre/Celebration Square skateboard videos is that this place will get known for what it is. A superb, illicit skatepark right next to Square One.


[DETAILS DELETED] Here’s what one of my YouTube [DELETED] contacts wrote about getting arrested.

“I had a friend who was arrested by peel for [DETAILS DELETED].

As a result he cant get a job with any major corporation or company, because of the charges its almost like your forced into a life of crime to support yourself. I wouldn’t consider any teenager who goes out to paint some walls and express themselves a criminal. Now when he applies for a job he’s put in the same category as a drug dealer, rapist etc.”

City Security arrests skateboarders too and when they [DELETED] apply for a job they’ll be “put in the same category as a drug dealer, rapist etc.”

And City Security LIES about their professionalism, their complaints system and their giving “the public every understanding possible”.

I’m not soft on crime. You-people want “uniforms” that are hard-nosed, hard-lined, so be it. But I do have a problem with law enforcement LYING. Over the summer I read that at least three Peel Police officers lied in court to get a conviction and that Peel Police won’t be investigating them. I’ve got tons of Freedom of Information on City Security lying –and that includes video.

I know you don’t believe me about all this any more than you have in the past. But I have an obligation at least to inform you about what my research/video and Freedom of Information has confirmed regarding treatment of youth/minors on City Property by City of Mississauga Corporate Security.



The Lesson Here.

I suspect that by now you’re wondering that if the City of Mississauga’s formal public complaint process is so fraudulent, then why waste your time writing up a complaint that goes nowhere.

Because those citizens filing these complaints, futile as they are, leave a RECORD of how City of Mississauga Corporate Security operates —a paper trail of how the Mayor’s Security force successfully avoids accountability.

Repeat. As far as we know, City of Mississauga Corporate Security are the only municipal security operation not subject to Ontario’s Bill 159 Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005 and its provincial public complaints system.

And through Freedom of Information we can confirm that the City Manager never bothers to check up on this quasi-fascist force, and how neither the Mayor or any councillors provide any oversight either —despite Councillor Pat Saito’s utterances to the contrary.

Each unsuccessful formal public complaint against City of Mississauga Corporate Security acts as a warning to others.



City of Mississauga Corporate Security: The Misstapo watch over Mississauga News reporter denied interview with Hazel McCallion (Election Night, October 25, 2010)


Procedure for self-protection following any incident involving Mississauga Corporate Security or Corporation of the City of Mississauga Staff

MOST IMPORTANT! For your own protection regardless of whether you are in the wrong, as soon as practical after an incident, file a Freedom of Information form requesting:

  1. All records, emails, and any other documents pertaining to [your name].
  2. All records, emails, and any other documents including any video surveillance footage pertaining to the incident of [date] at [location] involving [your name] and [Mississauga Corporate Security or City staff].

The filing fee is $5.00. Forms are available here: City of Mississauga ONLINE FORM: Access / Correction Request – Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Why this is important

A Freedom of Information request (FOI) immediately protects the requested documents from deletion based on the City’s official “Records Retention Policy”. Without such a request, video surveillance footage can be erased after only five days.

Do not assume that because you were in the wrong, there is no reason to file your FOI! Your records on file with the City can contain gross errors. In particular, FOI has shown that Mississauga Corporate Security records can be inaccurate and severely biased. You can also use the FOI request form to request a correction of your file. Although you cannot make them correct false information, your side of the story will become part of the official record.

Finally, always keep in mind that the “official record” can make your incident appear far worse than it actually was.



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