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Robocalls -Eve Adams former staffer Michael Sona, @vikileaks30 -Bonnie Crombie former Parliamentary assistant Adam Carroll

February 29th, 2012  

I’m sure you’ve read about the fraudulent robocalls generated by the Harper Conservatives (no surprise here)

A February 27, 2012 article by Randall Palmer (Reuters) reported that:

Opposition parties allege the Conservatives made phone calls that directed opposition supporters away from the correct polling stations. They also charge they made rude calls impersonating the Liberals to turn voters against them.

And I have to laugh at Ottawa citizen article, Robocalls fit pattern of Conservative dirty tricks by Barbara Yaffe.

Being a citizen-blogger in MYTHissauga, I know that dirty tricks robocalls (aka virtual townhalls) aren’t just limited to Conservatives. And for the record, and this should be no surprise to regular readers, I’m a liberal.

Also for the record, I oppose Bill C-30, the Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act, for the precise reason that Rick Mercer does. But now that I also know about all these fraudulent Conservative robocalls, I also oppose C-30 because I don’t want the likes of Harper Sleaze snooping on us-Canadians!

However, I’m going to report on Twitter account @vikileaks30 . A bit of background first.

On February 17, 2012, MACLEANS.ca reported that

The Twitter feed went viral earlier this week as it spread lurid details of Public Safety Minister Vic Toews’s private life gleaned from court records from his divorce proceedings. The account is intended as a protest against the erosion of online privacy that would happen if the government approved the “Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act.” (AKA Bill C-30).

February 17th, it turns out is a significant day.

To my knowledge, the earliest news report that identified the man behind Twitter Vikileaks30 is the Winnipeg Free Press article, Liberal employee behind Vikileaks30: Rae. It was published Monday, February 27, 2012 2:18 pm.

The Free Press article stated:

A Liberal employee was behind the Vikileaks30 Twitter account, Liberal leader Bob Rae said today.

Rae offered a full apology to Public Safety Minister Vic Toews for the account, which made public personal details of Toews divorce file.

“On behalf of the Liberal Caucus, I wish to apologize to Minister Toews and Speaker Scheer for the improper use of a parliamentary account and for sharing personal information intended to embarrass Minister Toews,” Rae said.

Rae said the employee had resigned and that his behaviour was not sanctioned by the Liberal Party of Canada.

Rae later named the staffer as Adam Carroll. Caroll was a parliamentary assistant to MP Bonnie Crombie before the 2011 election.

Crombie lost her seat in Mississauga, and Carroll was since hired to work in the Liberal Research Bureau.

Of course I knew nothing about that Vikileaks30 Twitter account on Monday afternoon.

Fact is, Monday at 2:18 pm I was inside Mississauga Council chambers videotaping their Governance Committee meeting and trying to Tweet Live at the same time.  But I have to say, in retrospect, something odd happened during that meeting. Mayor Hazel McCallion complained once again about councillors using their BlackBerrys. I knew McCallion was referring to Bonnie Crombie who’d been BlackBerrying more than she usually does.

Crombie admitting she’s “an addict” launched into a defense of BlackBerry use during meetings. For the record, I quietly cheered Crombie on.

However. Once I got home and read that the man behind Vikileaks turned out to be Adam Carroll, I recognized the name immediately as being Bonnie Crombie’s former Parliamentary assistant. And a reason for Crombie’s unusually frequent checks of her BlackBerry throughout Monday’s Governance meeting clicked in.

Mr. Carroll was listed in the Hill Times online article, More than 100 MPs defeated, hundreds more political staffers lose Hill and riding jobs.

I reproduce the list here:

Bonnie Crombie (Mississauga-Streetsville, Ont.) lost to Brad Butt (Conservative)

Adam Carroll, Parliamentary assistant

Jennifer Phillips, member’s assistant

Maria Glidden, constituency assistant

Luisa Morrone, constituency assistant

Angela Trewartha, constituency assistant

Sher Rodrigo, constituency assistant

Readers will remember that back in November 2011, Bonnie Crombie accused me of “cyber-stalking” her children —specifically her 14-year old daughter, Natasha. Cyber-stalking is a criminal offense. The allegation was devastating. As I later reported no one has ever hurt me like this, ever.

And so back in November I began researching what kind of people fling the criminal offense of “cyber-stalking” up during a Council meeting in front of Rogers TV cameras.

And that’s how November had me researching Bonnie Crombie’s former Parliamentary assistant, Adam Carroll. And Crombie’s members assistant Jenn Phillips, constituency assistant Luisa Morrone, constituency assistant Sher Rodrigo (who oddly has pulled her Facebook page since) and Angela/Rob Trewartha. In the case of Rob Trewartha, he helped organize the December 2, 2009 “Friends of Hazel” Rally.

But I digress.

I never got the chance to read/examine Vikileaks30 on Twitter. But certainly the website Vikileaks30.com is still online. So I investigated that instead using domaintools.

Here we go.

I’ll just cut-and-paste what domaintools reports on Vikileaks30.com.

Whois Record

Reverse Whois:
“Endeavor To Achieve” owns about 30 other domains
NS History:
1 change on 2 unique name servers over 0 year.
Reverse IP:
7,160 other sites hosted on this server.
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Endeavor To Achieve

Registered through: Go Daddy
Domain Name: VIKILEAKS30.COM

Domain servers in listed order:

That means that Vikileaks30.com was registered by “Endeavor To Achieve”.

The next step is to Google “Endeavor To Achieve”. Do so and Google immediately offers up the name, Larry Stefanuik at Linkedin. Linkedin lists Larry Stefanuik as follows:

Larry Stefanuik

Owner, Endeavor To Achieve

Winnipeg, Canada Area
Computer Networking

So it’s a safe bet that Larry Stefanuik registered the domain name, Vikileaks30.com.

Back to the domaintools reports on Vikileaks30.com.


Created: 2012-02-16
Expires: 2013-02-16
Updated: 2012-02-16

If I’ve interpreted all this correctly these data suggest that Larry Stefanuik, owner of Endeavor To Achieve, registered Vikileaks30.com on February 16, 2012. And that raises the question, “Would Adam Carroll’s @vikileaks30 Twitter account or Vikileaks30.com be reflected in Stefanuik’s tweets?”

Google provided me with Mr. Stefanuik’s Twitter account. I read through it all yesterday and it’s quite a read!

Recall how I’d said that February 17th, it turned out is a significant day?

Take a look when domaintools reports that he registered Vikileaks30.com: “Created: 2012-02-16”. February 16, 2012.

On February 16, 2012 Larry Stefanuik generated two tweets —the first one to Adam Carroll’s @vikileaks30Twitter account.

Larry Stefanuik@larrystefanuik

@vikileaks30 Hat’s off to you Sir! HaHa #ToewsVic @justinpjtrudeau We get it Justin, but inside we know you’re laughing your ass off!!!

And later Mr. Stefanuik tweeted to both Adam Carroll and Justin Trudeau with:

Larry Stefanuik@larrystefanuik

@vikileaks30 @justinpjtrudeau Justin, the court records are public record, you don’t need to “support” Vic, he is his own worst enemy

I retweeted both Larry Stefanuik’s February 16th tweets yesterday.

On February 17th, the day that MACLEANS.ca reported that the “Twitter feed went viral earlier this week as it spread lurid details of Public Safety Minister Vic Toews’s private life gleaned from court records from his divorce proceedings”, Larry Stefanuik generated 34 Vikileaks30-related tweets

Larry Stefanuik@larrystefanuik

Who Is Vikileaks30?? Post Your Guess Here @ vikileaks30.com/who-do-you-thi… Tell Us Your Theory! #tellviceverything

Oh, I have a theory all right but I saved it for this blog!

My theory is that Larry Stefanuik knew who Vikileaks30 was.

My only other question relates to the website Vikileaks30.com. It’s clear Stefanuik (aka: Endeavor To Achieve) registered Vikileaks30.com on February 16th but is he also the webmaster/writer/seller of T-shirts and bumper stickers? A close look at the site would certainly seem to indicate that he is. The Privacy Policy makes it clear that the website is operated by Endeavor To Achieve.

For the record, I agree with the Toronto Star National Affairs Columnist Thomas Walkom’s Compared to robo-scandal Vikileaks is a prank.

Walkom writes:

Ottawa’s Vikileaks and robo-call affairs are being treated as equivalents. They are not.

The robo-call affair involves allegations of electoral fraud. If, as suggested by Liberals and New Democrats, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives deliberately misrepresented themselves to voters before last May’s election, it is a serious police matter.

The Vikileaks affair, in which a Liberal staffer released on the Internet publicly available details of Public Safety Minister Vic Toews’ messy divorce, was at worst in bad taste.

Actually make that “in bad taste” by a coward hiding behind the alias, @vikileaks30.

You see I hate aliases! I continue to be targeted by several online cowards commenting at the Mississauga News. Especially alias, “Prol” —an avowed Conservative-for-Life.

In the September 19th, 2011 Mississauga News article, Parrish finishes runner-up, Harper Conservative “Prol” admits he worked for Bonnie Crombie.

Sep 19, 2011 11:38 PM
@EKI’ve been watching and not commenting. Got tired of Gerry Timbers censoring me. Now that Parrish is gone, and MM has kept her conspiracy rubbish to her own blog, perhaps he will take a chill pill. I worked for Bonnie, but not on the front lines. I notice that your political instincts have sharpened. Good work!

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And like Bonnie Crombie’s current executive assistant, Rob Trewartha (husband of Crombie’s constituency assistant, Angela), coward-alias “Prol” worked on the December 2, 2009 “Friends of Hazel” Rally.

You see “Prol” co-designed and printed the Friends of Hazel Rally flyer.

Mississauga News reader-commented "Prol" (other alias "AV8R") co-designed this "Friends of Hazel Rally" fllyer presented to Mayor Hazel McCallion by Ron Starr and Lorry Smith.

Dirty tricks? Aliases? The Feds might want to scour the online activity of the Liberal and Conservative Hacks of MYTHissauga.

Last. For the record let me share a few of Adam Carroll’s tweets.

[Adam Carroll]
{agcarroll} Adam Carroll

“Will the Liberal Party of Canada Have a Future Worthy of its Past?” {pulse.me/s/31bfH}
{9 Nov}   {Favorite}   {Retweet}  {Reply}

Carroll retweeting Rob Trewartha’s fascinating delusion of a Liberal Red Streetsville. Note this liberal didn’t vote Crombie.

[Rob Trewartha]
{RobTrewartha} Rob Trewartha
Driving around Mississauga-Streetsville, all I see is {@VoteCrombie} signs. She is painting the riding red once again! {#cdnpoli} {#elxn41}
{5 Apr}   {Favorite}   {Retweet}  {Reply}
Retweeted by {@agcarroll}

After Bonnie Crombie was defeated in the May 2011 election

{agcarroll} Adam Carroll
Fired by the Canadian public. Anyone looking to hire an out-of-work Liberal? {#unemployed}
{3 May}   {Favorite}   {Retweet}  {Reply}

and then

[Adam Carroll]
{agcarroll} Adam Carroll

Just realized I can delete the “my opinions are my own” disclaimer from my profile! {#silverlinings}
{6 May}   {Favorite}   {Retweet}  {Reply}

So. Just for the record. And this should go without saying. I’m a liberal, but not those kinds of Liberals!

And as bad as the Liberals suck, Harper is infinitely sleazier! From the Mississauga News:

Former Adams staffer in hot water

A former staffer for Mississauga-Brampton South MP Eve Adams has resigned after his name was linked to a scandal involving automated phone messages aimed towards misleading voters about where to cast their ballots.

While there’s no official evidence that suggests Michael Sona was responsible for the “robocalls”, it is believed he resigned yesterday after reports that Elections Canada is investigating the misleading phone calls.

Leading voters to wrong or non-existent polling stations is a voter suppression tactic and is punishable under the Elections Act.

Former Eve Adams staffer Michael Sona… former Bonnie Crombie staffer Adam Carroll… Hint, be wary wary wary of their current ones.


And now, Rick Mercer on robocalls.

RMR: Rick’s Rant – Robocalls  (1:56 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

 “If stopping people who want to vote from doing so becomes the new normal we will have hit a new low in the sewer that is Canadian politics” —Rick Mercer


One Response to “Robocalls -Eve Adams former staffer Michael Sona, @vikileaks30 -Bonnie Crombie former Parliamentary assistant Adam Carroll”

  1. Larry Stefanuik on April 17th, 2012 6:25 am

    Nice article, well researched, I do indeed own the domain as it is part of what I do as an internet marketer, it’s really too bad though that vikileaks30 came out of the closet as it was certainly a tense time for the Tories.