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My dad’s old cat is very ill. Our futile battle against Feline Chronic Renal Failure: Saying Good-bye one day at a time.

May 3rd, 2012  

"MOOCH" is old and very ill. Feline Chronic Renal Failure, May 3, 2012. MISSISSAUGAWATCH is now MOOCH_WATCH

Just over a year ago, my parents could no longer take care of their two cats. So we adopted them.

One, Mooch, was my father’s devoted companion.

Mooch is very old and has required lots of medical attention. In the last two weeks nothing seems to be helping.

He’s now on sub-cutaneous fluids twice-a-day and my father’s cat has become our priority.

Until further notice, MISSISSAUGAWATCH is now MOOCH_WATCH.

Will leave you with this one word: STAY.


May 5, 2012: Our futile battle against Feline Chronic Renal Failure: Saying Good-bye one day at a time.

Feline Chronic Renal Failure, "MOOCH" is old and very ill. Today though he's a bit better. May 5, 2012. MISSISSAUGAWATCH is now MOOCH_WATCH

May 5, 2012. Day 5 entry

Mooch is much more active today. We suspect this is because of the appetite pill we administered yesterday. Still. We could only entice him to eat a little bit. He certainly isn’t getting the calories he needs to sustain him.

Have tried repeatedly to get Mooch to accept a treat with a Pepcid embedded in it. No taker.

100 ml subcutaneous injection in a.m.
Check breathing with stopwatch. Just slightly elevated.

Bowel movement in a.m. and large amount of urine excreted early afternoon.

Managed to eat a tiny amount of warmed chicken liver, chicken and broth Baby Food, and a tiny amount of tuna juice. Later in the afternoon we tried some cat milk.

Spent much of the morning sunning himself. Much more alert, perks up head when someone enters which he did not do at all yesterday. But alertness likely an artifact of his appetite pill.

2:05 pm. Now back to resting in his bed. Am offering food/drink at least every half hour.

2:30 pm. My sister dropped by to visit with Mooch. She brought him eight cans of Fancy Feast. He did eat a tiny bit of the Classic Tender Liver and Chicken Feast. She also administered Pepcid using eye-dropper.

We took Mooch for a very brief walk in the sunshine. Very brief. Afterwards he went straight to his bed to rest. Both Mooch and Lucky now totally zonked and sleeping.

Sister and I are agreed. We can not let Mooch die of starvation…

But we vow to STAY with him.

10:53 pm. Mooch just threw up. The entire day of trying to get him to eat every half hour —most often refusals pretty much wasted. Vomited pretty much everything I fed him. Also litter box shows he peed a lot.

How many calories that actually made it into his system to sustain him? No idea.

Funny. You start feeling like maybe he’s getting better, maybe we can pull him back, and then his stomach won’t keep the food down. Poor Mooch.

Feline Chronic Renal Failure, "MOOCH" is old and very ill. We try a variety of foods to entice him to eat. May 5, 2012. MISSISSAUGAWATCH is now MOOCH_WATCH




If, like Mooch, your aging cat has been diagnosed with Feline Chronic Renal Failure, please see the superb website, Tanya’s Comprehensive Guide To Feline Chronic Kidney Disease: