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Sick of the usual take on Danzig/Scarborough shootings? Here’s the TRUEth about youth violence prevention

July 21st, 2012  

It’s either no one has a memory or there’s just more of the same Pretend going on.

Reminder to readers, since no one else seems willing to do this.

What follows is a partial Youth Violence Prevention chronology.

June 11, 2007 press release:  Premier Dalton McGuinty announced that he has asked former Chief Justice and Attorney General Roy McMurtry and former Speaker of the Legislature Alvin Curling to review what more we can do, together, to ensure Ontario’s young people and our communities are safe. “We’re launching this review because no parent should ever have to worry about losing their child to violence,” said Premier McGuinty.

Yes. That Premier McGuinty. The same McGuinty whose Finance Minister admitted their campaign team decided to scrap the Mississauga power plant when the Liberals trailed in the polls just days before last fall’s election. The $190 million cost to taxpayers has been described as vote-buying at its worst.

It’s also the same Dalton McGuinty whose Ontario’s health minister refuses to take responsibility for the “extravagant, reckless and incompetent” Ornge air ambulance clusterfuckshiteri.

And it’s the same Dalton McGuinty Liberals who lavished $2.7 million on the lame McMurtry/Curling “Review of the Roots of Youth Violence” —a study that relied exclusively on public documents and interviews. “Researchers” didn’t file a single Freedom of Information request to dig up the real story.

Willful blindness.

Here’s Premier Dad’s announcement on video.

Getting To The Roots Of Youth Violence Uploaded by on June 12, 2007 (2:30 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

Four months later, October 25, 2007, Mississauga Councillor, Pat Saito, trumpeted the “phenomenal” success of the Peel Youth Violence Prevention Committee’s less than two years of operation.

The Peel Youth Violence Prevention success was so “phenomenal” that Saito used the word “phenomenal” four times mixed in with two “amazing”s in less than three minutes of pure rancid bullshit.

Here she is!

Mississauga Councillor on Peel Youth Violence Prevention Network’s “phenomenal” success. (3:07 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

Bullshit galloping. I don’t call my city “MYTHissauga” for nothing.

You want to know why so many youth violence prevention programs don’t work?

Look no further than the likes of Mississauga Councillor Pat Saito who absolutely refuses to conduct authentic assessment of program effectiveness (Can you say “Deb Matthews”?). After all, it’s far more efficient just to lie about an entity’s accomplishments (can you spell “Ornge”?).

True story.

I sat in and observed the Peel Youth Violence Prevention Network’s “Education and Policy Working Group” meetings. (So many salaries seated around a table once a month). Yet our group made so little progress I decided to sit in on the Steering Committee meetings just to see what our Working Group’s Chair was actually reporting to The Steering Suits.

And oh my! Just as I suspected! She either fabricated or inflated our Group’s “successes”.

And that’s when I knew.

Youth workers, at least in Peel, are hired for their ability sling Positive Bullshit with evangelical zeal. And just like little municipal Deb Matthews, the Politicos accepted each verbal “update” as Truth.

Any doubters out there, I have most of these Peel Youth Violence Prevention Committee meetings on audio.

As I said I was part of the Peel Youth Violence Prevention Network’s “Education and Policy Working Group”. Then it folded.

Steering Committee Chair Gael Miles insisted however that our working group didn’t “fold” but rather “merged” with another group since we completed our mandate of educating and discussing policy!

That was the Fall of 2008.

Finished discussing policy?! Aside from part of one meeting to talk about the Safe Schools Act, that was it on Policy.

And get this.

It was only two weeks ago that I learned THE REGION OF PEEL HAS NO PUBLIC COMPLAINTS POLICY!

So why weren’t we, the Network’s “Education and Policy Working Group” informed of that back in 2007-08?

Deception. Lies. Persistent pretend. Fabricating success. And the funding money wasted! The hallmarks of at-risk youth programs.

And Peel can’t be the only one.

Which brings me to the greatest truth about youth violence prevention initiatives and our Governments of Pretend.

“…all I can say is of all the panels I sit on the first question that is asked is ‘Where are the young people? We are talking about them but they’re not with us.

Young people are very frustrated because there’s a lot of panels. Oh the reports that are written about “all the money we gotta spend!” and they’re very frustrated with the system right now. That’s why they don’t come to a lot of these things because the truth is because they don’t believe in what’s happening.”

—Pastor Andrew King, speaking on Youth Violence, Brampton, November 25, 2008

The Truth about Brampton and Mississauga Youth Anti-Violence Panels. Pastor Andrew King (Etobicoke) (0:47 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

“because the truth is because they don’t believe in what’s happening.”

And you can thank the Pat Saito politicians out there —because they’re the norm.

And “Super Mayor” Hazel McCallion and her  “We should concentrate on the 98 per cent that are good youth.”

Any wonder that the anthem for the 2% “bad youth” is “They don’t give a fuck about us”?

2pac – They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us . (5:37 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

“The truth is that we, as a society—all of us—simply don’t consider children very important. We talk a good game but we don’t think kids are as important as other things, like fixing the roads.”

—a quote by Jim Paul Nevins (Ontario Court Judge October 4, 2001 report)


Take it from someone who’s filed close to $4,000 worth of Freedom of Information. “The System is corrupt. There is no way to fix it”.



MISSISSAUGA CITY HALL (AMO, OMERS, MYTHissauga Inc) ---morally beyond redemption

“…the system is CORRUPT and this is why there is youth violence this is why there are guns on the street and drugs in the hands of children the youth are fighting with the system because it is CORRUPT there is no way to fix it because the people higher up are sitting nice in their big leather chairs, driving their nice cars, living their perfect life when some people in this world have to work hard to get by and even by doing so they get nothing, and after they realize how hard they have to work to get by they break down and no longer want to live life being part of the system because they realize that living life by the rules of the system gets you no where because it is CORRUPT!” 

–email from youth (age 19)


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