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MISSISSAUGAWATCH report: Maui Community Correctional Center –barbed wire, surveillance –any way you look at it it’s still a jail

August 8th, 2012  

For the record, there’s lots happening —and just to give you an idea here’s a partial list:

City of Vaughan’s Council Code of Conduct, Mississauga Council Code of Conduct, George Rust-D’Eye, The LIEberals, Warren Kinsella, Rob Trewartha, City of Mississauga Corporate Security, graffiti, skateboarding,

Reading List:

“The War Room” —Warren Kinsella

“Kicking Ass in Canadian Politics” —Warren Kinsella


The Municipal Integrity Commissioner in Ontario: Role and Responsibilities  —George Rust-D’Eye, WeirFoulds

Case Law Update: Gagliano v Gomery and the Attorney General (Canada)    —WeirFoulds LLP Litigation

Not Why I Ran for Office – The Perils of a Councillor Facing Allegations of Improper Conduct  —George Rust-D’Eye, WeirFoulds

Municipal Conflict of Interest Law: A Law in Conflict Based on Interest  —Barnet Kussner, WeirFoulds

And believe it or not, all of it is related to the Roots of Youth Violence.

So. Anyway. For a slight change of pace, here’s yesterday’s walk past the Maui Community Correctional Center (aka Wailuku Jail).  I kept to the other side of the street and did my best not to look too interested. Hard to do with a video camera but—

Here’s the video complete with transcript.

Maui Correctional Center –barbed wire, surveillance –any way you look at it it’s still a jail (4:30 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)


MISSISSAUGAWATCH, reporting August 7, 2012

It is Tuesday, August the 7rh, 2012 and I’m over here at Wailuku [Maui, Hawaii] and I’m just going to document here the, well they call it a correctional center.

Barbed wire across the top.

I’m just going to take a bit of a walk here. This is in Wailuku. I looked up the name of this facility but haven’t quite remembered it. Uh, maybe it’s called Wailuku [sic] Correctional Center.

Apparently rehab programs and everything in there. But—

It also says “No Trespassing” on that side so that’s one of the things I’m going to make sure I don’t do. I’m staying on this side.

Having been researching Security in Canada —specifically municipal security, I can see the video surveillance cameras there bristling among the also-bristling barbed wire.

Maui Community Correctional Center video surveillance, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii (aka Jail)

It’s really interesting because on this side of the road is Freedom.

So it’s kind of the contrast of what a street can do. People being on the right side over here with the video surveillance cameras. Look at that. And the barbed wire.

And over on this side, hibiscus and no fence at all. So.

I also went and read what are the rules of the facility including such things as photography. There is nothing against that. But in the process I was also reading about the rules of just Visitation.

And it was really interesting because one of the things that they said was, women who are having their menstrual periods are required to take off their pads and put on new ones when they’re visiting inmates here. Possibly because they might be smuggling something personal in the pads, I’m not sure.

But what was really interesting was —they had to provide their own pads. It wouldn’t be something that the correctional facility would do on its own.

It is my understanding that women are housed here as well as men.

And yeah, it’s quite the video surveillance. Let’s see if I can get that one right there. I’m pretty good at this. Had a lot of practice with the Security hacks in my own municipality. I’m not saying the people here are of the same ilk.

But you can see here just this massive row of barbed wire all the way across. Anyway.

And over on this side. Freedom.

So. We’re parked over here.

[waiting at crosswalk]

[inaudible] That person’s letting me go. This person’s also letting me go. And now of course I’ve got to do a very quick jaywalk across the street.

But again, here’s the Maui  mountains over here. Lush, I guess it’s the Kehalani subdivision. And across the street? You would not want to rent a room on that side!

Turning camera off.





Maui Community Correctional Center, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii (aka Jail)

Female visitors will inform the female Search ACO of their menstrual period. Visitors shall be
required to remove and change sanitary supplies in the presence of a female ACO.
The used sanitary supplies will be discarded and replaced with new supplies.
It is the visitor’s responsibility to provide sanitary supplies for the change.











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