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Super 8 movie of ride with Mississauga Police circa 1970’s proves welcome relief from 2012’s Alzheimer’s World

October 6th, 2012  

It’s October 6, 2012 and I’m so disconnected living so much of my life right now in Alzheimer’s World. It’s a disorienting warped hole of other-Place, other-Time, other-Rules. When I do get relieved to go home, there’s really only enough mental energy to research more on Alzheimer’s because that’s the priority.

To navigate the Dementia and then deal with the Corruption at the City of Mississauga is more than I can handle right now. When it’s not working with Alzheimer’s caregiving and Alzheimer’s research, my brain just wants to sleep —or PLAY!

A few weeks ago I took two old 1970’s films in to be converted to digital format. One of those Kodak cartons had “Peel Police” scribbled on it. So I was surprised to view the final product and find “Mississauga Police” on the officer’s uniform and “Mississauga Police” on the yellow Plymouth Fury as well.

Any help positively dating this Mississauga Police piece of history would be appreciated. Also, if anyone can identify the two officers in this film I’d welcome that too. Last. If anyone can identify any of the locations we drove through, same thing.

For the record, back in the day, you could phone the police, explain you wanted to shoot some film for a teaching aide and next thing you’d know, you’d get a ride about town inside a Police cruiser. Not now!

Viewing the early 1970’s footage you will also see how GREEN the Town of Mississauga was. (Just sayin’.)

Next. It’s unlikely you can get a more belated thank you than my thank you to Mississauga Police for driving me around one afternoon in the 1970’s.

Ride with MISSISSAUGA POLICE circa 1970’s. Super 8. Includes 1970’s Police Plymouth Fury (3:48 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

Last. For the record, here’s the semi-restored 1974 Police Plymouth Fury exhibit at the May 2012 Peel Police Day.

Peel Police Day: 1974 DODGE FURY Police Car (interior) (2:22 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

Alzheimer’s caregiver


“I hope that the people we hire are sensitive to the fact that we are dealing with the public and we should give them every understanding possible.”

—Mayor Hazel McCallion, March 17, 2008 Audit Committee meeting


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