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(Video) Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s football slip, stumble and fall at a Grey Cup press event has gone viral as Twitter piles on!

November 24th, 2012  

Last week Twitter was all a-twitter about the Toronto’s football-loving Mayor slipping and falling during a pick up game at Nathan Phillips Square.

In his blog, “Twitter piles on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s football stumble” CBC’s John Bowman wrote:

When Toronto Mayor Rob Ford slipped after snapping a football to himself at a Grey Cup event at City Hall, the GIF of his fall spread far and wide across Twitter… The Score’s Scott Johnson grabbed the Citytv video and created the inevitable GIF.

Here’s that inevitable GIF courtesy of a tweet from The Score @theScore

Toronto mayor Rob Ford is taking the three step drop to a whole new level. thesco.re/QX4K81

While there are those who will take a mayor’s spill and turn it into an inevitable GIF, MISSISSAUGAWATCH created the inevitable YouTube video —complete with slow motion (10% real time) and image magnification (125% original).

And what would a mayor “taking the three step drop to a whole new level” be without the appropriate “whole new level” silly football music?

For the record, Mayor Rob Ford slipping and falling at a Grey Cup press event is funny because he didn’t get hurt! After, when asked about his fall, he handled his obvious embarrassment with class and humour.

The CBC reported:

While taking one snap, Ford lost his footing and tumbled to the turf after a failed attempt to pivot into the throwing position.

Ford’s unforced error drew laughs from the crowd and members of the media. He was out of breath, but unhurt and laughed off his gaffe.

“I’ve got a lot of padding,” the plus-sized mayor joked when asked about his fall.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Slips, Falls Down playing Football (SLOW MOTION and Magnification)

(Click here to go directly to YouTube)

Special thank you to CITY TV for the original footage which you can read and view at: Mayor Rob Ford slips during pickup football game in Toronto

I think about here I’m supposed to write something like “ARRRRRGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS”.




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