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Rob Ford campaign strategists take page from Hazel McCallion’s “Friends of Hazel” –launch “Respect Democracy” petition, website….

December 1st, 2012  

Well, this was inevitable. Rob Ford’s version of the “Friends of Hazel” have come out with their own online petition and new “We support our Mayor” website.

Ah! The “Friends of Hazel” Rally!

Photographs by Donald Barber and video have confirmed that Team Crombie and Rob Trewartha (senior consultant for Warren Kinsella’s Daisy Group) organized the “Friends of Hazel” Rally. In Trewartha’s case, he actually trumpeted his role to the world via his Facebook page.

Given that tomorrow is the third anniversary of the December 2, 2009 “Friends of Hazel” Rally it’s fascinating to watch the “Friends of Rob” make the same “Defend our Mayor” noises: “He’s done so much for the city”.

Rob Ford even had Don “left-wingers out to get him” Cherry thundering to his defense just like Cherry did for Hazel McCallion at the Crombie/Mahoney-orchestrated “Friends of Hazel” Rally.

Liberal Rob Trewartha. Conservative Nick Kouvalis. SAME. Hired gun political “War Room” campaign strategists. Paid to manipulate minds. Paid to bring American-style politics right here to River City.

Thanks to their ilk, we-Canadians are no longer Liberal or Conservatives. We’re “leftists” or “rightists”.

But here’s what strikes me. How is it that Don Cherry provides unwavering support to both “leftist” Hazel McCallion (her Crombie/Mahoney support teams are both Liberal) and “rightist” Ron Ford?

The reason? What do “leftist” Hazel McCallion and “rightist” Ron Ford have in common? I won’t insult readers here by stating the obvious.

Next. Related topic.

Back in the summer, I read Liberal-insider Warren Kinsella’s “The War Room” as well as “Kicking Ass in Canadian Politics”.

So yesterday I took the “Friends of Rob Ford” video “Respect Democracy” and played Liberal spin doctor. I asked myself, “What would Warren Kinsella and Rob Trewartha do?”

This is the result. Complete with video transcript.

Respect Democracy. Mayor Rob Ford. (2:18 min)


Respect Democracy narrator.

In 2010, almost 400,000 Torontonians sent Mayor Rob Ford to clean up City Hall. Now, that election has been thrown out because of a politically motivated technical objection over how he raised money for underprivileged kids.


Rob Ford City of Toronto Council debate April 17, 2002

This is a by-law opening the door to make every ward have a shelter. That’s the black and white of the issue here.

Okay? I’m sorry to say. This is an insult to my constituents to even think about having a homeless shelter in their ward. And you —and you want me to have a public meeting? To discuss this?

Why don’t we have a public lynching!

Respect Democracy narrator

Mayor Ford gained nothing.

Rob and Doug Ford step on “Cut the Waist” Challenge scale for the last time. Rob Ford trips and hobbles back into his office.

Respect Democracy narrator

The City lost nothing. Not a penny. How is this fair? We elected Mayor Ford to bring respect for taxpayers back to City Hall. And he’s been doing just that.

Rob Ford booooooed at 100th Grey Cup Argos win.

Respect Democracy narrator

This is Canada.

Stephen Harper at Rob Ford’s backyard barbecue to 700 Conservative supporters   August 2, 2011.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper  August 2, 2011 Rob and Doug Ford barbecue

—not just for hosting us, but for, really giving us this great Conservative political dynasty —that we have here with the Fords. It’s fantastic.

Respect Democracy narrator

We decide who represents us. This is our city, too. And we support mayor Rob Ford.

Mayor Rob Ford arrives at University Avenue Courthouse and kind-of-runs to avoid media. 

Monday November 19 2012  Reporter at University Avenue Courthouse as Ford sprints by.

Guys, we have two more years of this!

Respect Democracy narrator

It’s our city, too. And we support mayor Rob Ford.

 Mayor Rob Ford slips and falls playing football during Grey Cup media event.

Respect Democracy narrator

Please visit respectdemocracy.ca


This video also includes the following prompts to Mayor Ford’s “Friends of Rob”.

Fellow Conservative robocallers please see   www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0

Fellow Conservatives please sign our petition at:   http://tinyurl.com/2g9mqh

Fellow Conservatives! Don’t let anyone tell you how to VOTE ROB FORD FOR MAYOR!

Fellow Conservatives! Ezra says VOTE ROB FORD FOR MAYOR!


Fellow Conservatives! The ARRRRRRRRRRGOS want you to VOTE ROB FORD FOR MAYOR!

Fellow Canadians! Don’t let anyone tell you how to VOTE ROB FORD FOR MAYOR!

Fellow Conservative Canadians!  Prime Minister Stephen Harper says VOTE ROB FORD FOR MAYOR!

Fellow Conservative Canadians!  Prime Minister Stephen Harper says VOTE ROB FORD FOR MAYOR!

Conservatives! Can you run this fast? DELIVER “VOTE ROB FORD!” CAMPAIGN LITERATURE!

Fellow Conservatives! “WE SUPPORT ROB FORD!” buttons and bumper stickers on sale at:  http://tinyurl.com/bpv8sxm

I learned something creating this “War Room” video. Rob Ford’s “Respect Democracy” video and RespectDemocracy.ca website are not about respecting democracy any more than the “Friends of Hazel” are about “the best interests of the city”.

Ford/McCallionCrombie, Ezra Levant/Warren Kinsella, Nick Kouvalis/Rob Trewartha —all the ghastly same.

“Politics is a nasty, unpleasant, mean-spirited business, which is presumably why some of us are drawn to it. (Many of us are nasty, unpleasant, and mean-spirited people.)“

–Warren Kinsella, The War Room, p. 72.

Finally! Truth!




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