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Mayor Rob Ford gets support from Mississauga Judicial Inquiry Judge Douglas Cunningham on 3rd anniversary of Rally to Stop Inquiry!

December 2nd, 2012  

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the December 2, 2009 “Friends of Hazel” Rally.

The Mississauga News description of the “Friends of Hazel” as a “grassroots movement” is as deceptive as the little girl coached by her photographer-daddy to hold up the “We [HEART] HAZEL” sign.

I’d already written in another blog that while I was packing up to leave the “Friends of Hazel” Rally that he continued to take photographs. As a result it was Barber who took the most important photograph that evening.

Multi-millionaire NON-grassroots "Friends of Hazel" Rally Organizers reveal themselves

Photographs by themselves aren’t really enough. However, Barber’s post-Rally image of those huddled at the back of the room and in the doorway made me examine all my December 2, 2009 video footage.

One segment, I viewed for the first time in September! It’s clear why I thought it was nothing back when I first viewed in December 2009 —boring footage of the front of the stage before the Rally even started.

But three years later, that boring “front of the stage” segment became Gold. I recognized two of the Rally organizers. And organizing they were! A Crombie, and Rob Trewartha (former senior consultant to Warren Kinsella’s Daisy Consulting and now Bonnie Crombie’s executive assistant).

When you add this photo of long-time Mahoney supporter, Murray Glassford (at the time I didn’t know who he was)

FRIENDS OF HAZEL RALLY (December 2, 2009). Organizers did their all to prevent Mississauga residents from learning about Hazel McCallion's wheelings and dealings on behalf of her son --and "her people"

and not to mention a Facebook confession by Rob Trewartha that he helped organize the Rally, it’s a safe bet that Liberals Mahoney/Crombie (with help from Daisy Consulting) did their all to try and stop the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry.

And what happens today exactly on the anniversary of the “Friends of Hazel” Rally?

Rob and Doug Ford are on their Radio Show encouraging listeners to check out the Toronto Sun article, “Province warned of ‘draconian’ conflict punishment: Retired judge”

The Sun’s Queen’s Park Bureau Chief, Antonella Artuso writes in part:

If the province had acted on recommended changes to “draconian” sanctions in Ontario’s Municipal Conflict of Interest Act Rob Ford might be fighting to remain mayor.

Former Justice Douglas Cunningham, who led an exhaustive inquiry into conflict allegations against Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion arising out of a controversial land deal, recommended a number of changes to the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act in his October 2011 report.

Those recommendations included the addition of alternative penalties such as a 120-day suspension or a formal apology.

“If the legislation had been amended as I suggested…I don’t think we would be in this situation, because one of the things that an amended piece of legislation would include would be lesser sanctions, and I think this case clearly cries out for some legislated change which would include lesser sanctions,” Cunningham told the Sunday Sun.

Antonella Artuso quotes as saying:

“But it’s just unfortunate that — if they were going to make some changes — that they hadn’t been made by the time of this lawsuit. In terms of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, this mandatory sanction it seems to me is draconian given that there are so many variations and shades of conflict — and especially in a case where there’s no financial gain, there’s no fraud, there’s nothing at all in this case to suggest that Mayor Ford was trying to feather his nest…. And I rather suspect, if I read between the lines in Justice Hackland’s decision, that if he’d had some other options, he probably would have gone to them rather than the one that he was forced, quite frankly, to engage.”

Meaning: Justice Harkland was right. Ford was in conflict, but he had no other option. The Law is an Ass.

Also meaning, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford now benefits from the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry —the same Inquiry that Mississauga Liberal Teams Crombie/Mahoney fought so hard to stop, to prevent citizens from knowing that Peter McCallion stood to make $10 million on the Mayor-promoted hotel deal. After all, he now has former Justice Douglas Cunningham in his corner.

Also for the record, last night Warren Kinsella invited anyone interested to join him in the “FORD BEGONE PARTY” at the Bovine Sex Club on Queen Street.

From warrenkinsella.com

Punk and politics: the Ford begone party (updated)

November 30th, 2012, 3:48 pm

Some of the folks who helped, pro bono, to get Rob Ford removed from office – I won’t reveal who they are – intend to come to SFH’s gig tomorrow at the Bovine Sex Club on Queen Street West.  It will therefore be a celebration of sorts.

If you want to join in, and meet some of these heretofore unknown people, c’mon by.  This political pestilence will soon be gone – because (a) he is not going to win his appeal and (b) if there is somehow a by-election, he’s going to lose that, too – and that is cause to be happy.

And for the record —this photo composite.  Yesterday’s Toronto Sun featuring Rob Ford and former Justice Douglas Cunningham and below that, the Liberal organizers of the December 2, 2009 “Friends of Hazel” Rally.

Mississauga Inquiry Judge, Douglas Cunningham defends Mayor Rob Ford --sticks it to the Liberals (Toronto Sun)

Also for the record, “Respect Democracy. Mayor Rob Ford” the Kinsella-inspired video I created had its desired effect. A Rob Ford supporter swallowed it at face value and mistook me for a Conservative!

As I tweeted earlier on:


#ONpoli #TOpoli And no! I’m not Conservative! I’m liberal and evidence-based. And *ashamed* of both the Ontario and Federal Liberal parties.

So here’s the video again —Rob Ford’s sleazy “Respect Democracy” just to remind us that spin, lies and turd-polishing ain’t just a disrespectful LIEberal thing!

Respect Democracy. Mayor Rob Ford. (2:18 min)

(Click here to go directly to YouTube)

Next, I’ll leave you with the 2nd most important photo ever taken regarding the December 2, 2009 “Friends of Hazel” Rally. I didn’t take that photograph either. Don’t know who did.

It’s from Ron Starr’s website at:  www.ronstarr.ca/wp-content/uploads/DSC_6011c.jpg and the caption reads, “Lorry Smith and Ron Starr flank Mayor Hazel McCallion, who holds an unrippable copy of…”

DSC_6011c » Councillor Ron Starr ~ Mississauga Ward 6 www.ronstarr.ca/?attachment_id=301 DSC_6011c. Categories: by Ron Starr · Lorry Smith and Ron Starr flank Mayor Hazel McCallion, who holds an unrippable copy of.

DSC_6011c » Councillor Ron Starr ~ Mississauga Ward 6

So who’s Lorry Smith?


Name: Lorry Smith

Congratulations EVERYONE! Due to a lot of hard work by Ron and his supporters from all across the city – not just ward 6 – the biggest politcal threat to our city has been de-fanged. But stay alert. She still has claws and knows how to use them. 2014 is not as far away as it seems. Nando may try to pass his seat to the dark one when he runs for Mayor. CarPar may even run for Mayor herself! This became even more likely since she declared her “retirement”. Watch for her back-stage maneuvers over the next couple years. We must be ready for her. She may be evil, but she is not stupid. For now, let us bask in the glory for a short while. But keep vigilant. Cheers, Lorry

“the dark one”… Sounds a LOT like someone I “know”…



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