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Hazel McCallion’s “Friends of Hazel” spin doctors unethically-identical to Rob Ford’s “Ford Nation” spin doctors. Same-same Shame-shame.

December 11th, 2012  

On the third anniversary of the December 2009 “Friends of Hazel” Rally, MISSISSAUGAWATCH examined Rally photographs taken by Donald Barber —just to see what could be seen.

"Friends of Hazel" NOT "grassroots". Retrospective analysis of December 2, 2009 "Friends of Hazel" Rally. (Photos taken 6 seconds apart by Donald Barber)

Click here to examine Donald Barber’s original (5184 x 8000) size photos

Three years ago, neither Barber or MISSISSAUGAWATCH knew who organized the “Friends of Hazel” Rally –a rally to oppose and stop the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry.

The December 2, 2009 Mississauga News article, “Hundreds back mayor” simply reported that “The event was hosted by The Friends of Hazel, a grassroots movement comprised of concerned residents of Mississauga.”  Real estate agent Betty Merkley was heralded as a “key organizer” of the Rally but it’s more likely that her primary role was to be the Rally’s citizen-grassroots “face”.

Three years later, MISSISSAUGAWATCH can now confidently tell you there was nothing “grassroots” about the “Friends of Hazel” hosts!

Donald Barber’s photographs provided remarkable insights into that December 2, 2009 evening —the most important being those taken after the Rally was over. Barber’s photos show row upon row upon row of empty chairs —and two groups of people engaged in what appears to be urgent discussion.

Photographs by themselves only capture the briefest of moments. Photos may be worth a thousand words but they’re not that much to go on let alone draw any conclusions.

It was the Jun 14, 2011 Mississauga News Letter to the Editor by Rob Trewartha that proved instrumental in finally confirming exactly who organized the “Friends of Hazel” Rally.

Trewartha’s letter complained about the cost of the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry as “$25 per Mississaugan” and he wrote, “I want my $25 back.”

So I Googled “Rob Trewartha”.

Long story short back in June 2011 as Trewartha wrote his Letter to the Editor creating the illusion he was just a regular Mississauga concerned resident, he was in fact, senior consultant at (Liberal insider) Warren Kinsella’s  Daisy Consulting Group. Trewartha also worked at Daisy Consulting back on December 2, 2009 as well.

Rob Trewartha’s Facebook page provided a goldmine of political information —and Trewartha proved to be one of Betty Merkley’s just five Facebook friends. What luck! But by far the most important stepping stone to researching exactly who organized the “Friends of Hazel” Rally came from Trewartha himself.


A November 26, 2010 Facebook entry has Kyle Kerr asking what Trewartha was doing in a photograph smiling next to Don Cherry. To which Trewartha replies:

“At last year’s rally for Hazel. I helped to organize it. Grapes was one of our guest speakers in support of the Mayor.”

Add to this confession photographs and video of Trewartha actively organizing at the December 2, 2009 “Friends of Hazel” Rally and Warren Kinsella’s Daisy Consulting’s Rob Trewartha is quite the spin doctor.

For example, a YouTube video featuring Warren Kinsella sketching Stephen Harper as a silly cowboy turned into a Rob Trewartha “I am Canadian and Stephen Harper is not my leader” Facebook Group.

Warren Kinsella's YouTube video "INTERVIEW WITH ANGRY COWBOY STEVE", Rob Trewartha's Facebook page confirm "Friends of Hazel" not "grassroots"

And who can forget Patrick Mendes’ memorable words to his fellow Friends of Hazel when he proclaimed, “We are the wind in Hurricane Hazel!” Truer words were never spoken. “Friends of Hazel”: So much Wind. So little Truth.

Patrick Mendes, Candidate for Ward 10 at the December 2, 2009 "Friends of Hazel" Rally

And Surprise! By December 2011 Trewartha became Councillor Bonnie Crombie’s executive assistant.

And Surprise! Surprise! By December 2012, the Toronto Star had its own experience with councillor assistants —this time Ford Nation’s.

Of a Rob Ford administration 26-name list of preferred appointees, the Star writes:

In an attempt at damage control, Ford’s backers on the civic appointments committee insisted they had no knowledge of that and accused Crean of conducting a politically motivated “witch hunt.” The mayor himself said the notion that his office had rigged the process by circulating a list was “an outright lie.”

Now, it turns out that assistants to councillors Giorgio Mammoliti, Michael Thompson and Jaye Robinson were all sent “the mayor’s choices for short-listing” by a Ford staffer. Emails, obtained through the freedom-of-information process, show the supposedly non-existent list had 30 names. All three councillors receiving the missive were on the mayor’s hand-picked executive committee and the civic appointments committee. As reported by the Star’s David Rider, all claim their assistants never showed them the list. And their assistants have somehow lost all memory of having received such an email from the mayor’s office.

It’s not the pathetic denials that shock in this case. Politicians, as a group, have a reputation for playing fast and loose with the facts. What rankles is that — even though a list had obviously been issued — certain members of the Ford administration set out to smear Crean’s reputation as an unbiased upholder of public integrity.

That’s unconscionable. These people have no shame.

Toronto’s Ford Nation Mammoliti, Thompson and Robinson’s assistants or Bonnie Crombie’s little red riding hood Rob Trewartha —identical. Identical…

"Friends of Hazel" Rally organizer Rob Trewartha (of Warren Kinsella's Daisy Consulting) stands mere feet from MISSISSAUGAWATCH Photo by Donald Barber December 2, 2009 "Friends of Hazel" Rally)



Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion makes her grand entrance at the December 2, 2009 "Friends of Hazel" Rally to stop the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry
Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion makes her grand entrance at the December 2, 2009 “Friends of Hazel” Rally to stop the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry


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