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Mayor Hazel McCallion skates New Year’s Day just one month shy of her 92nd birthday at Mississauga Celebration Square

January 3rd, 2013  

Mayor Hazel McCallion, just a month shy of her 92nd birthday welcomed in the New Year with a skate at Mississauga Celebration Square. Now the usual media outlets have plenty of video of this occasion but guaranteed it won’t be anything like the skate that MISSISSAUGAWATCH documented.

As always, the video, complete with video transcript.

Mayor Hazel McCallion skates New Year’s Day just one month shy of her 92nd birthday (1:39 min)

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MISSISSAUGAWATCH covering the Mayor’s Skate at Mississauga Celebration Square  January 1, 2013

Let’s go on out. Let’s see what we got here.

Apparently Mayor McCallion is going to be skating —or is expected to be skating. So, see what we got here. Thank you.

There’s a knob.

Once you have a knob, that’s all you need. Then you know the Mayor’s around. And there’s Mayor McCallion. And. Let’s see.

There she is.

You know, I got to say, being 91 like that.

Where is she?

Hazel McCallion.

There she is.

Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion, a month shy of her 92nd birthday, skated at Celebration Square after the Meet and Greet portion of her New Year's Levee January 1, 2013

In fact I’m going to go like this. And like this. I was right. Here it goes.

There’s the knob. Right there.

There’s the Mayor.

Mayor Hazel McCallion goes back inside Mississauga City Hall after a New Year's skate at Celebration Square, January 1, 2013


And judging by developer Victor Oh (honourary President of the Mississauga Chinese Business Association) and Peter McCallion (World Class Developments) it’s clear that the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry is FORGOTTEN.

Ardent Hazel McCallion supporter, developer Victor Oh celebrates with Mayor's son, Peter McCallion  after New Year's Levee, January 1, 2013

But that’s okay. It’s been forgotten by the City’s Governance Committee as well as its new Integrity Commissioner.

And thus we herald in the New Year…. same as the Old Year.





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