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Marc Garneau sings Happy Birthday, Justin Trudeau blindsided by Martha Hall Findlay –plus MYTHissauga Lieberals at GTA debate

February 16th, 2013  

Believe it or not I was at today’s Liberal Party of Canada GTA Leadership Debate. Forked over 50-bucks BOOM like that and next thing I know I’m surrounded by Liberals.

I’ve been liberal (note small “l”) before I was even old enough to vote. To me, being liberal meant you were one of the Good Guys.

Pre-Mississauga Young Liberals and TRUDEAUMANIA 1968

Not only don’t I believe that Liberals are Good Guys anymore, it’s not possible for anyone to ever re-convince me. Screw them! And for the record, Conservatives suck worse.

At the debate there was plenty of talk about people being cynical about Government. “Cynical”? I loathe it —all three levels. Their duplicity and their litany of lies.


Right now I only have time to offer three videos of today’s Liberal GTA Leadership Debate.

Marc Garneau sings Happy Birthday to his 90 year old mother at Mississauga Liberal debate  (1:18 min)

Justin Trudeau blindsided by Martha Hall Findlay: “middle class” up close and personal  (2:58 min)

This Pierre-Trudeau-liberal reluctantly prefers Marc Garneau to Justin (GTA Liberal debate)  (2:15 min)

And gosh, you get to be in the same room with some of the slimiest people at Liberal GTA leadership debates!





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