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This Pierre-Trudeau-liberal reluctantly prefers Marc Garneau to Justin Trudeau (GTA Liberal leadership debate)

February 17th, 2013  

This is a follow up on yesterday’s blog. Marc Garneau sings Happy Birthday, Justin Trudeau blindsided by Martha Hall Findlay –plus MYTHissauga Lieberals at GTA debate.

It’s a video transcript of two reports recorded before and after the debate.

This Pierre-Trudeau-liberal reluctantly prefers Marc Garneau to Justin (GTA Liberal debate) (2:15 min)


MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting before the Liberal Party of Canada GTA debate begins, February 16, 2013

It is Saturday, February 15, 2013 and I’m here at the [laughs] the Liberal Convention debate and in all honesty, I really don’t know why. I guess to satisfy a curiosity.

And just for the record, I’ve been voting Liberal or cheering for Liberals since probably 1967-68 when Pierre Trudeau breezed through Mississauga [sic].

He happened to have been speaking at Dixie Mall at the time. I was there —probably 17-18 years old at the time. And now I get a chance to see Trudeau-Lite up here.

And let’s see what Justin Trudeau has for us.

MISSISSAUGAWATCH reporting after the Liberal Party of Canada GTA debate, February 16, 2013

I might as well make the point that I kinda like Marc Garneau. And yes, Justin Trudeau as well but, Marc Garneau, if I had a choice between who’s gonna lead the country, it’d probably be him.

He’s got more —insisting more on specifics, including science, as opposed to just bullshit. So I’m still not sold on Justin Trudeau but—

And no offense but a lot of the debate was more or less like listening to three of your neighbours talking about all that’s wrong with the country.

So, they’re going to have to do a lot of rebuilding. And I have to say [laughs] the funniest thing was these people talking about Integrity.

One of the reasons I’m so disillusioned with the Liberal government [sic] is that it’s completely lacking in Integrity —especially when you look at the MPs and MPPs here within the boundaries of Mississauga.

So [looks to the right] oh my Gawd. Look who else is here… [camera swings right]

[Music: Don’t Crash the Ambulance  Mark Knopfler]



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