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Jon Vezner and Kathy Mattea’s song “Where’ve You Been?” –a true story anthem for Alzheimer’s. In the End is Love.

March 1st, 2013  

If you’re an Alzheimer’s care-giver, you really really need to watch this video. I suggest you keep it for those times when you think you no longer can take it anymore. Because you can…

Kathy Mattea – Where’ve You Been? (4:21 min)

What follows is the video description written by NedNickerson2010

Uploaded on Jan 3, 2010

“Where’ve You Been?” was written by Jon Vezner and Don Henry. Jon Vezner (husband of Kathy Mattea) wrote the song about his grandparents. The song was written for Kathy Mattea, who initially refused to record it, saying it would be too difficult to sing in concerts without crying. Co-writers Jon Vezner and Don Henry pitched the song all around Nashville. Everyone loved the song, but no one wanted to record it. In the end, Mattea finally relented and recorded the song the way it had originally been presented to her – a simple arrangement with guitar, piano, and upright bass.. She recalls:

“It’s a true story about Jon’s grandparents. They had both gotten very sick and were in the same hospital, but didn’t know it. His grandmother had been slowly losing it, and she didn’t recognize anybody. She was in unfamiliar surroundings, so she finally quit talking altogether. Jon was there visiting, and he was up seeing his grandfather; he said to the nurse, “Has anybody brought him down to see her?” She said no, and he asked if he could do that.

“They said yes, so he wheeled his grandfather into his grandmother’s room. His grandfather kept stroking her hair, saying, “Look at her hair. Nobody has hair like grandma,” and she looked at him and said, “Where have you been?” It was the first thing she had said in weeks.

“When Jon told me the story for the first time, it was before we had even gotten engaged, and he just cried and cried. When he played the song for me and the first chorus came around, I knew where he was going with the lyric, and I just couldn’t believe he could be that vulnerable as a writer, to put that moment in a song.”

The song was Mattea’s biggest hit, winning her a Grammy. It also won Song of the Year (1990) at the Grammys, CMA’s and ACM’s.

“Where’ve You Been?” Lyrics from lyricsmania.com


Claire had all but given up,

When she and Edwin fell in love.

She touched his face and shook her head,

In disbelief, she sighed and said:

“In many dreams I’ve held you near,

“Now, at last, you’re really here.

“Where’ve you been?

“I’ve looked for you forever and a day.

“Where’ve you been?

“I’m just not myself when you’re away.”


He asked her for her hand for life,

And she became a salesman’s wife.

He was home each night by eight,

But one stormy evening, he was late.

Her frightened tears fell to the floor,

Until his key turned in the door.

“Where’ve you been?

“I’ve looked for you forever and a day.

“Where’ve you been?

“I’m just not myself when you’re away.”


They’d never spent a night apart,

For sixty years, she heard him snore.

Now they’re in a hospital,

In separate beds on different floors.

Claire soon lost her memory,

Forgot the names of family.

She never spoke a word again,

Then one day, they wheeled him in.

He held her hand and stroked her hair,

In a fragile voice she said:

“Where’ve you been?

“I’ve looked for you forever and a day.

“Where’ve you been?

“I’m just not myself when you’re away.”

“No, I’m just not myself when you’re away.”


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