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Mississauga News online comment, “TO REALLY SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT!” ….”I would know as I co-designed it and printed it.”

June 1st, 2013  

The Mississauga News changed its website design on May 24, 2013 and deleted all readers comments. For the record, I have not posted comments at the Mississauga News since Summer 2011. The few exceptions were those times when one of the commenters would claim that I was “ForTheTruth” or some new alias to the site.

So how could I go from being a prolific commenter at the Mississauga News to not commenting at all? It was surprisingly easy.

Today we introduce Mississauga News online commenter “Prol” who also used the alias “AV8R” until he accidentally outed himself.

Why is Prol of interest? For lots of reasons but mostly because Prol co-designed and printed the “Friends of Hazel” rally poster —The very poster that Carolyn Parrish ripped up in a restaurant back in December 2009.

For the record, here is Prol’s complete comment as posted on December 28, 2010


Dec 28, 2010 10:21 PM——-


It is NOT a myth. YOU DID IT! It is YOUR actions that made it a “legend”. It was NOT a “postcard” it was a poster. I would know as I co-designed it and printed it. What does it matter whether the poster had the Mayor’s picture on it? (That’s MAYOR with a capitol M btw) There may be some minor embellished elements to the story floating about. So what? The truth is still that you continually expose your classless side and try to mitigate it by redirecting attention and blame it on others. The voters of Ward 6 had enough of it and you lost. Now step aside. It’s time to move on!

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The following image includes photographs of Ron Starr giving Mayor Hazel McCallion an “unrippable” copy of the “Friends of Hazel” Rally poster during his campaign headquarters Open House.

A beaming Lorry Smith applauds as Starr presents this gag gift to the Mayor. Then Smith poses with both Starr and McCallion —and the “unrippable” Rally poster.

A quick Google search easily confirms that Lorry R Smith is President of Proactive Print Management and Councillor Ron Starr’s election financial statement confirms that Lorry Smith’s Proactive Print printed $1,370.00 worth of election signs for Starr in the 2010 municipal election.

Imagine. Both Prol and Lorry Smith are printers…. whodathunkit…

"It was NOT a 'postcard' it was a poster. I would know as I co-designed it and printed it." -- Prol, Mississauga News online commenter

Is the Lorry Smith who left this “the dark one” message at stopcarolynparrish.com the same Lorry Smith of Proactive Print Management, Ron Starr’s election sign printer?

Is the Lorry Smith who left a comment at stopcarolynparrish.com Ron Starr's Lorry Smith (Starrs' election sign printer?)



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