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Mayor Hazel McCallion’s Mississauga News online commenter, Mantis. “[My father] was a Toronto police officer”…

June 3rd, 2013  

Last blog, we announced that the Mississauga News changed its website design on May 24, 2013 and deleted all readers comments. In that entry, we introduced Mississauga News online commenter “Prol” who also used the alias “AV8R” until he accidentally outed himself.

I will state again for the record that I have not posted comments at the Mississauga News since Summer 2011. The few exceptions were those times when one of the commenters would claim that I was “ForTheTruth” or some new alias to the site.

We-here can never quite decide who is Mayor Hazel McCallion’s #1 online supporter —Prol or Mantis.

But it’s Mantis who defies the laws of Probability. Here’s why.

Believe it or not, two males exist, both the same age, both growing up in Mississauga, both having a father who was a Toronto Police officer patrolling the streets for looters during the 1979 Mississauga Train Derailment. That’s actually not the tough part to believe —that both hide behind the alias “Mantis” is.

Mantis at the Mississauga News:


May 4, 2013 10:05 PM


It was a great example. My father was on the scene that night too and his assessment is very different from that of RocketRoger. He was a Toronto police officer – living in Mississauga – who was one of hundreds seconded to Peel Regional Police during the emergency. He was one of those patrolling the deserted streets keeping looters out and he talks about encountering pockets of chlorine gas miles away from the derailment site – clinging to ditches and other low lying areas. There was at least one chlorine tanker that was ruptured and leaked a sizeable cloud of chlorine gas into the air. That gas posed a very serious risk to people and the only sensible decision was the one that was made – the evacuate anyone who could possibly be in the way of that cloud.

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And Mantis at zombiehunters.org

Re: Pulling the Trigger: have you ever bugged out?

Postby mantis » Tue Nov 27, 2012 11:17 pm

I did as a child – just over 33 years ago in an event that became known as “The Mississauga Miracle” or the “Mississauga Train Derailment”….

…At the time, my father was a police officer with the Toronto Police Service and he was sent to Mississauga to aid in patrolling for looters (there were none amazingly) and assisting with evacuations. I remember my mother waking us kids up in the middle of the night and getting us dressed and having us throw somes clothes and toys into suitcases. We were a good 20 miles from ground zero but the sky was bright red and there were police vehicles going up and down the streets with bull horns telling people to evacuate the area immediately. We headed north to my grandparents house in Erin, Ontario and spend the next three days watching the disaster unfold on TV. For an 8 year old, it was pretty scary but it was fun having three or four days off school!

The Mississauga News Mantis and the Zombiehunters Mantis --a comparative

That’s not all.  Both these Mantises also made the front page of the 1979 Mississauga News posing with their brother, a string of fish —and Mayor Hazel McCallion!

Here’s Mantis at the Mississauga News with his fish tale.


Feb 13, 2011 9:08 PM

Happy Birthday Mayor McCallion!

That was quite the event today and I’m glad to it did such a thorough job of exposing the lies and delusions of that band of idiots around here, one of whom just the other day claimed that there was a massive groundswell against the mayor! I shook hands with the mayor again today and I gave her a copy of an old Mississauga News picture from 1979. It was a franed front page newspaper clipping that showed my younger brother and I posing with the mayor holding a whole stringer of fish caught during the Lake Acquataine fishing derby. My mother had saved the photo and I scanned it, printed it and framed it for her. She was quite pleased with it.

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And then there’s the same two Mantises who both had an altercation with a driver flashing a fake police badge at a Mississauga Tim Hortons!…

And of course there’s more….

Here’s an example of an email that Mike “Mantis” Webster sent me back on Tuesday, September 23, 2008.

Author : Mike Webster (IP: , CPE0080c80bc00d-CM0019474d4a10.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com)
E-mail : webstermr@rogers.com
URL    :
Whois  : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=

You can’t even come up with a cogent reply to my comment – more disjointed rambling nonsense on par with the really hilarious wacky stuff on the Torstar site!

See Mantis’ reference to the Toronto Star?

Mike Mantis Webster also uses the alias “Mantis” at the Toronto Star as well.

And both the Mantises who comment at the Mississauga News and the Toronto Star are 15th generation Canadian! Imagine the odds!

Mike "Mantis" Webster (Toronto Star) "15th generation Canadian" and Mantis Mississauga News 15 generations

Follow the link and you will see Mantis comment on a Mother’s Day letter he wrote as Mike Webster:  www.thestar.com/life/parent/2013/05/09/mothers_day_messages_of_love_for_mom.html

Prol and Mantis are Mayor Hazel McCallion’s most ardent supporters —even as they hide behind their aliases. Both also regard themselves as shining examples of the kind of exemplary citizens that the Mississauga Mayor attracts to her fold.

And once again, here’s Prol (aka AV8R)…


"It was NOT a 'postcard' it was a poster. I would know as I co-designed it and printed it." -- Prol, Mississauga News online commenter



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