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Let’s play WHERE’S PROL? Can you find someone photographed with David Suzuki who perhaps is a printer?

June 11th, 2013  

In our June 1, 2013 blog, we introduced Mississauga News online commenter “Prol” who also used the alias “AV8R” until he accidentally outed himself.

Why is Prol of interest? For lots of reasons but mostly because Prol co-designed and printed the “Friends of Hazel” rally poster —The very poster that Carolyn Parrish ripped up in a restaurant back in December 2009.

For the record, here is Prol’s complete comment as posted on December 28, 2010


Dec 28, 2010 10:21 PM——-


It is NOT a myth. YOU DID IT! It is YOUR actions that made it a “legend”. It was NOT a “postcard” it was a poster. I would know as I co-designed it and printed it. What does it matter whether the poster had the Mayor’s picture on it? (That’s MAYOR with a capitol M btw) There may be some minor embellished elements to the story floating about. So what? The truth is still that you continually expose your classless side and try to mitigate it by redirecting attention and blame it on others. The voters of Ward 6 had enough of it and you lost. Now step aside. It’s time to move on!

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Here are just a few hints that Prol shared about his true identity in his Mississauga News online comments.

1. He co-designed and printed the Friends of Hazel Rally poster –the very poster that Ron  Starr “gifts” Hazel McCallion at the official opening of his campaign headquarters.

2. Prol implies that he’s attended at least one Mississauga Summit.

3. Best of all he announced that there are photographs with him and David Suzuki. Prol wrote, “There are pictures of me at an event celebrating with David Suzuki.”

As we all know, the word “pictures” implies more than one photo.

So for fun, let’s play WHERE’S PROL?

Can you find someone photographed with David Suzuki (below) who perhaps is a printer?….

Can YOU find Mississauga News commenter Prol in these photos of David Suzuki at Mississauga Summit 2009?

To examine these David Suzuki photographs more closely, see page 5 at:   www.flickr.com/photos/unitedwaypeel/sets/72157618922827112/page5  Enjoy!

Next. In yet another comment Prol also announced that he’s “a private pilot” —and something of an aviation buff….

More to follow…



Mississauga News online comments, "I worked for Bonnie (Crombie), but not on the front lines."  -- Prol. "The LAST thing a politician can do is tell the straight up truth." -- Prol


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