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Mississauga Councillor Nando Iannicca on: Municipal Election Campaign Contribution Rebate Program

June 26th, 2013  

This letter from Mississauga Councillor Nando Iannicca to his Ward 7 constituents has been reproduced here with his kind permission.

Regarding the Municipal Election Campaign Contribution Rebate Program he writes:

Dear Ward 7 Ratepayers,

I bring to your attention a report on a Municipal Election Campaign Contribution Rebate Program that will be going to the Governance Committee of the City of Mississauga on Wednesday, June 12, 2013.  Once this committee has dealt with the matter their final recommendation will be coming to a future Council meeting for ratification.

First and foremost, I bring the enclosed information to your attention because I fear you otherwise may not be aware of what is being proposed.  Secondly, as both a Municipal Councillor whose first duty is to Taxpayers and not myself, and also as a private citizen, I have grave concerns at what may come to pass.  A new policy is suggested that would see all Mississauga taxpayers rebate 50% of all political campaign contributions private individuals or corporations make to a candidate’s election campaign for any contribution between $100.00 and up to $750.00.

The full report can be obtained online at
http://www7.mississauga.ca/documents/agendas/committees/governance/06_12_2013_Governance_Committee_Agenda.pdf.  I take this opportunity to highlight some of the comments directly from the report.

Through detailing the procedures and writing the draft implementing By-law, the Elections Office has identified the following concerns that relate to the Rebate Program:

Given the uncertainty of the outcomes which will be achieved from the implementation of a Rebate Program, it is recommended that the Program be undertaken as a pilot program for the 2014 Municipal Election, and that Election staff review and report back to Governance Committee following the conclusion of the 2014 Rebate Program.

Financial Impact:  The anticipated costs associated with the Rebate Program are as follows:

For my part, I am strongly opposed to the new program for the following reasons:

All told, as a politician, candidate, and taxpayer I have always taken great comfort in the fact that I play by the rules given to me, and any contributions received, in addition to the money my spouse and I put into my campaign, is in no way subsidized by any other taxpayer.

It is my strong belief that this is the system that should remain, and that you should be made aware of what is being contemplated.

Kindest personal regards,


Nando Iannicca
Councillor, Ward 7


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