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“The McGuinty we never knew” telegraphs the McCallion we never knew

July 13th, 2013  

It’s been June 29th, 2013 since my last blog and fact is, it really doesn’t matter if I ever write another one. I’ve achieved one of the goals I set out for myself and it explained precisely why it really doesn’t matter if I ever write another blog —or any other thing again.

I found The Answer. Quite literally —found it.

Back in November 2008 the Liberals released the McMurtry/Curling Review of the Roots of Youth Violence Report.

I responded with three December 2008 blogs summarizing this $2.7 million study that failed to file a single Freedom of Information request as part of its “research”.

Highlights: Executive Summary of The report of the Review of the Roots of Youth Violence  

McMurtry/Curling, Volume 1 FINDINGS, ANALYSIS AND CONCLUSIONS -in Search of “accountable” and “accountability”  

McMurtry/Curling, Volume 1 FINDINGS, ANALYSIS AND CONCLUSIONS -word-surfing for “municipal”, “municipality” and “municipalities”

In so in December 2008 I set out to find The Roots of Youth Violence and what extraordinary good fortune for me that my research base was Mississauga! Fact is I don’t think I’d have stumbled on The Answer had I not filed Freedom of Information in this, Ontario’s —possibly even Canada’s, most influential city.

As you can see even back in December 2008, I’d suspected that the Roots of Youth Violence were somehow connected to a lack of accountability at the local level, in municipal government itself. Back then Freedom of Information had already confirmed the failure of City of Mississauga staff to comply to the City’s corporate policies, procedures and even provincial legislation.

Back then I still stupidly believed that if I could just let Mayor Hazel McCallion know what I knew this “honest” Mayor would ensure a couple of heads would roll and she’d return everything back to the “tight ship” she hailed to run at the City.

Trust me, I just couldn’t have gotten stupider than that.

Think of all that’s happened politically since November 2008 in Mississauga and in Ontario. The Mississauga Judicial Inquiry revealed that the “Honest” Mayor isn’t quite so honest.

Back in the day I wrote my local MPP Bob Delaney and even approached MP Bob Dechert for help —to investigate the lack of accountability at the municipal level.

That’s right. I turned to both the Province and Feds to stop the lying and investigate the City of Mississauga’s unaccountable ways.

Fast-forward to 2013 and we see the immoral political slimefest that is Stephen Harper’s Conservative government. And Dalton McGuinty and his despicable Ontario Liberals have surely set new lows in this province.

I once referred to the City of Mississauga as disorganized white-collar crime. Little did I know at the time, “disorganized white-collar crime” was the perfect descriptor for the Harper Government —and especially Premier Dad’s.

I submit even as Premier Dalton McGuinty announced a study into the Roots of Youth Violence back in 2007, that he knew the Root! McGuinty knew and he only had to look in the mirror.

This week I stumbled on a Globe and Mail article that I read back in October 2012, but I just didn’t get its true significance at the time. But add the January 26, 2013 Ontario Liberal Party leadership convention that saw Puppet Master Hazel McCallion sit-mighty in Kathleen Wynne’s box stringing her MPP Charles Sousa into Wynne’s ranks and you can paint Mississauga Liberal-Red.

Hazel McCallion and Kathleen Wynne January 26, 2013 Ontario Liberal Party leadership convention

Now add McGuinty’s Emailgate.

From Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian’s special report “Deleting Accountability: Records Management Practices of Political Staff.”

“It truly strains credulity to think that absolutely no records … responsive to the Speaker’s ruling were retained”…

“It is difficult to accept that the routine deletion of emails was not in fact an attempt by staff … to avoid transparency and accountability.”

That’s right. I looked to MPP Bob Delaney and the Liberal government that deletes emails “to avoid transparency and accountability” to try and hold the City of Mississauga accountable!

You just can’t get stupider than me.

Re-reading Adam Radwanski’s “The McGuinty we never knew” provided the answer that zipped over my head back in October 2012.

This part:

In between his first campaign and his second, Mr. McGuinty also significantly overhauled his office. That included bringing in some cutthroat political fixers, ruthless about heading off dissent, unapologetic about stroking interest groups that needed to be stroked, and generally willing to do whatever it takes to win – a group headed by a Windsor organizer named Dave Gene, who has been in the office ever since.

“You judge a leader by the people he chooses to be around him,” a long-time insider says. “And he chose some of the most ruthless operators to be there to help him implement his vision.”

In conversations, several senior Liberals suggested that in opposition and then in government, Mr. McGuinty chose to “outsource” politics. Others would do his bidding, while he stayed on the high ground, focused on broader policy areas– health care, education, the environment – that excited him.

The KEY! To Dalton McGuinty.

To Hazel McCallion and her City of Mississauga. Same.

For the record, there's considerable evidence that the "Friends of Hazel" (McCallion) and Bonnie Crombie "political fixers" are one-and-the-same.

Both relied on “cutthroat political fixers, ruthless about heading off dissent”, “some of the most ruthless operators to be there”, “while [McGuinty/McCallion] stayed on the high ground”.

I’ve been researching Hazel McCallion’s “Friends of Hazel” since October 28, 2009 and agree with that long-time insider and several senior Liberals that the “Friends of Hazel” are indeed  “cutthroat political fixers, ruthless about heading off dissent” and “some of the most ruthless operators” this country ever crapped out.

It should comes as no surprise too, that at least some of McGuinty’s “cutthroat political fixers, ruthless about heading off dissent” and “some of the most ruthless operators” are also Hurricane Hazel’s.

And I know this sounds perverse, but I’m happier than I’ve been in years. I’ve found the Roots of Youth Violence and they are the same roots that keep the Poor poor, provide substandard care in Ontario’s nursing homes and the source of all manner of society’s ills.

Our politicians and their “political fixers”.

“Politics is a nasty, unpleasant, mean-spirited business, which is presumably why so many of us here tonight are drawn to it. Many of us are nasty, unpleasant and mean-spirited people.”  —Warren Kinsella, The War Room, p. 72.

Political fixers…



Ursula Bennett, liberal


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