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Hazel McCallion asked for our New Year’s Resolutions: “1. I will not procras –I’ll finish this later.”

July 23rd, 2013  

Back on January 1, 2013 at the Mayor’s New Year’s Levee, Hazel McCallion invited Mississauga residents to share their New Year’s Resolutions with her.

The Mayor said:

“I know you all adopted resolutions. I’d like to see the list you all adopted. It would be fun. We would file them into the City Man –into the Mayor’s office and look –I’d be happy to look at them.”

And McCallion was right about us all having adopted resolutions. I sure did and what luck that the Mayor invited us to share them with her!

My first resolution back on January 1, 2013 inside that Council Chamber happened to be the same first New Year’s Resolution I’ve made since 1963!

1.  I will try not to procrastinate so much.

That it’s taken until July 2013 (perhaps even August…) to getting around to sharing my resolutions with the Mayor condemns “1.  I will try not to procrastinate so much” as EPIC FAIL.

My second resolution was to get back to an exercise regimen and especially back to strength training. Given that I am 63 years old I kept that goal modest:

2. I will complete a set of 8 reps with two 40 lb dumbbells by the end of February.

Only 8 reps.

Repeated family crises —primarily hospitalizations, got in the way but I exceeded that 8 reps goal on March 29th and shared my delight with the Ontario Ombudsman who happened to be tweeting about exercise that day!

@Ont_Ombudsman re “Next few tweets about exercise…” New Year’s Resolution was Chest press 8 reps w 40-lb dumbbells. 1st try today. 12 reps!

Andre Marin was happy for me and tweeted his congratulations.

But for me to share my New Year’s Resolution and results with Hazel McCallion I couldn’t just simply tell her. (After all, “Saying doesn’t make it so” is especially true about anything related to the City of Mississauga.)

My GoodLife gym has a policy against use of cameras so I had to wait until summer to document any heaving of two 40 lb dumbbells.  By then I’d revamped my goal to three sets of 15 reps with two 40 lb dumbbells.

So here’s the video we produced at Valley Isle Fitness, Lahaina, Maui on July 15, 2013. It documents the entire session (including three Fails).

MISSISSAUGAWATCH (63.8 yr old female) presses two 40 lb dumbbells for Hazel McCallion (3 sets x 15)

Which brings us to Resolution 3.

3. I will keep my promise to Mayor McCallion and meet with her as she invited me to do back on February 3, 2010.

Yes, it’s been that long since I promised that I’d accept Hazel McCallion’s invitation to meet with her. (Now you know the wisdom denouncing my First 2013 Resolution “I will try not to procrastinate so much” as EPIC FAIL.)

At that February 2, 2010 General Committee meeting McCallion had said:

“This morning you covered a volume of issues. So I’m going to make the offer again –that we will sit down with you, the total staff that you’ve involved, the Legal, the City Manager, the Community Services, the Security, etc. I’m prepared to do it again for you to get the issues out.

I hope you will accept it this time…”

I gave her a solemn promise that day right in front of Council.

So. Before the end of this summer, I will write the Mayor and request a meeting with her some time in September or October 2014.

Yes. 2014. I’ll need the time to work up a factum (Freedom of Information, video, audio) which I will share piecemeal starting this Fall to ensure City Staff won’t waste my October 2014 meeting time lying and denying.

For the record. I’m under no illusion. If there’s one thing I’ve learned since I began trying to change the way the City of Mississauga conducts its business is not only that ordinary people can’t, but you can actually make things worse —a whole lot worse.

So. There’s absolutely no need to be in any kind hurry for a meeting… since I’ve no expectation of any positive coming out of it.



Valley Isle Fitness Maui Lahaina. MISSISSAUGAWATCH 40 lb dumbbell presses. Last set 19th of 20 attempted.


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