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Sammy Yatim. “Police are a Gun Culture”. BamBamBam in 0.750 seconds.

August 1st, 2013  

Just a quick update. First, the Toronto Police officer who shot and killed Sammy Yatim has been identified as Constable James Forcillo.

Today’s Globe & Mail states that “18-year-old was shot nine times by Toronto Police Constable James Forcillo after the teen brandished a knife on a streetcar Friday night.”

Next, I’ve worked up another video —because I’m still trying to make sense of it all. Once again I analyzed the YouTube video, “Enhanced video – Shooting of Sammy Yatim by Toronto Police Const. James Forcillo” by TheEditPlayer.

This time I focused on the lethal hundredths-of-a-second between 39.125 seconds when Constable James Forcillo fired his first round at Sammy Yatim to his third shot at 39.875.  I’m still astounded. Forcillo’s first three shots were fired in 0.750 seconds. Sammy Yatim could not possibly have known what hit him.

Couldn’t have even had time to ask “What the Fuck?”

0.750 seconds. BamBamBam.

Several years ago I had a conversation with a Maui Police officer. He asked what my interest was in photographing police cars and I told him that there was an entire subculture on the Internet who just love Emergency Vehicles be they police cars, fire trucks or ambulances.

I also told him that I was researching law enforcement (police/security guards) focusing on their relationships with youth. We also discussed the differences between Canadian law enforcement and American. Especially the American fascination with guns.

And the Maui officer gave me the most important insight that anyone ever revealed about police —He said to remember that “Police are a gun culture.”

“Police are a gun culture.”

And that’s certainly been replaying in my head at Sammy Yatim’s expense: “Police are a gun culture. Police are a gun culture. Police are a gun culture….”

0.750 seconds. BamBamBam.

Here’s what I worked up this morning.

Sammy Yatim shooting: Constable James Forcillo fires first three shots in 0.750 seconds.

Last. The TORONTO STAR reports that the Ontario Ombudsman “is preparing to look into whether police are properly trained in de-escalation techniques in situations of potential violence – like the Sammy Yatim shooting.”

Sammy Yatim: Ontario ombudsman considers probe into police de-escalation training

Andre Marin’s office is moving toward an investigation into how police are trained in dealing with potential violence.

Ontario Ombudsman André Marin's office is preparing to look into whether police are properly trained in de-escalation techniques in situations of potential violence - like the Sammy Yatim shooting.


By: News reporter, Published on Wed Jul 31 2013

Ontario’s ombudsman has taken steps toward launching a probe into whether and how police are trained to de-escalate potentially violent situations.

André Marin said in a news release Wednesday that he has asked his staff, to put together, as soon as possible, a “case assessment to determine whether or not an investigation is warranted in the wake of the recent Toronto Police shooting of Sammy Yatim.”





MISSISSAUGAWATCH and Maui Police cruiser, August 2008


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